After being gone once again for another two years and letting people vote it has come down to this. Tsume Inuzuka, Yoshino Nara and Mebuki Haruno come forth to get destroyed by our favorite tyrannosaurus dicked blonde Naruto! Also before we start this fuck fest I will start a new poll on who Naruto shall destroy next so go ahead and vote once you're done reading. I'll leave the poll running for a bit and also for anyone who wants to complain about how big Naruto is and how he would injure the ladies this is fanfiction therefore I can bend and alter the rules of anatomy.

Chapter 22: MILF Mania

-Konoha Shopping District-

Tsume Inuzuka, Yoshino Nara and Mebuki Haruno were seen shopping together in Konoha's shopping district and while they were all women in their late 30's to early 40's now if anyone actually paid attention to what they were buying it would cause anyone to raise an eyebrow at the MILFs. Tsume hasn't had a child since Kiba who were her youngest, Yoshino only had Shikamaru and even she said her own son's laziness was a huge drag and Mebuki had only one child being the pink-howler monkey Sakura Haruno. When Minato was back from the dead the three women's pussies dripped seeing their handsome classmate and fourth Hokage alive but when they found out about the Clan Restoration Act being put in place for his son Naruto and that the younger blonde inseminated his own mother and Mikoto Uchiha made the older women giddy.

The items the three women were going to purchase were all children's clothes for their children that they will bear for Naruto after he destroys their needy MILF pussies.

''Do any of you remember back in the day when Minato would fuck all of us in one night? I loved that glorious dick of his.'' Tsume said dreamily.

''Oh yes, I loved how he would leave us bowlegged for a few days. He was such a stud!'' Mebuki declared happily.

''I know! Out of all the boys from our class at the time he had a biggest dick anyone had ever seen! My husband Shikaku's one micrometer twig of a dick was such a drag. I only got pregnant by him because I jerked him off and put some of his cum inside my pussy.'' Yoshino said.

The three women pick out the clothes they wanted for their new children and they had clothes for both genders depending on what gender their new babies would be with Naruto and after paying for them the three MILFs made their way toward the Namikaze estate.

-Namikaze Estate-

The three women finally reached the street the Namikaze estate was and the giant water dome on the other side where the backyard would was so noticeable it grabbed their attention and before they can even question it they heard what sounded like an earthquake hitting the area.

''Huh!? An earthquake?!'' Mebuki shouted in surprise.

''No no, it can't be. It's coming from the backyard.'' Tsume said as she sniffed the air, ''Something is happening back there so let's go check.''

Making their way around they finally reached the backyard and what they saw made their MILF pussies drip instantly. They knew of Naruto's porn flick with Koyuki Kazehana but they never saw it so to say they were amazed at the size of Naruto's huge ass cock was an understatement!

''Oh my Kami! Look at the size of that dick!'' Yoshino said in amazement.

''Holy crap! Minato's cock doesn't compare to that!'' Mebuki exclaimed.

''Hot damn! Inuzuka men have such little cocks but what the fuck! Look at that monster!'' Tsume growled in pleasure.

They dropped their grocery bags and went to hide in the bushes to watch the show before them as they witnessed Naruto and a hundred of his clones jerk themselves off for the MILF in front of him being Tsunami from Wave country. The moment they saw Naruto's massive cunt pounder their needy MILF cunts began to leak like a nosebleed and for Tsume her enhanced smelling allowed her to get a good whiff of the cock's manly scent making her mouth water and cunt wetter than the other two MILFs.

-With Naruto and Tsunami-

Naruto only responded by performing a shadow clone jutsu and summoned a huge amount of clones and if Tsunami had to guess there were at least five-hundred Naruto's standing in front of her. Tsunami was about to ask why he summoned so many clones but when she saw that they were all beginning to jack their pricks she knew what was coming. Smiling lustfully she opened her mouth wide and stuck her tongue out as the clones continued to masturbate themselves to orgasm.

''Ugh, fuck it's been a while since we've beaten our own cocks.'' a clone grunted.

''Y-yeah, but it'll be worth it when we finished.'' groaned another.

The clones and the real Naruto continued pumping their dicks and they all felt their spunk building up once again in their testicles.

''Ooooh shiiiit, okay guys cum on 3...2...1...NOW!'' shouted the real Naruto.

''Aaaaaagh, we're cumming!" all the Naruto clones shouted.

Just then it felt like a mini earthquake struck the area and Tsunami watched all the Naruto's halt their stroking and at the same time a huge wave of sperm came her direction with a massive shadow being casted over her and she held her hands out waiting for the impending cum tsunami to crash down on her. With a huge splash the spunk came crashing down on her like a tidal wave with enough force that she was swept into the pool.

With their ejaculation complete the clones dispelled and the real Naruto watched as Tsunami was seen floating harmlessly in the pool which with the amount of cum that came her way it replaced the pool water and she was currently basking in silent pleasure at what just happened.

''So...much...cum.'' the woman thought to herself as she soon passed out from immense pleasure.

Heh heh, guess that adds another one to my harem!'' declared the blonde as the water dome then dispels.

Naruto then grabs the fuck drunk MILF and carries her back to the mansion and failed to realized he was being watched by not only his other wives who were watching the whole fuck fest from the kitchen windows, but a certain sage emerged from the bushes near the pool.

''Oh yeah! What a hot performance! Naruto you lucky brat you've learned.'' said the perv, a huge amount of wetness where his crotch would be with his nostrils gushing out blood.

Naruto never knew it but for a few weeks now Jiraiya has been conducting research and after knowing how he had scored with his own mom Jiraiya left to find Minato and Kakashi to share his amazing observations with them, though he failed to know that the older blonde already had an idea of what Naruto has done since he started bagging all the women.

-With Tsume, Yoshino and Mebuki-

The appearance of the perverted sage caught the three MILFs by surprise and they almost ganged up on him and beat him into oblivion and almost went to chase after the old perverted bastard.

"Oh my look at that perverted hermit over there! Master Jiraiya you idiot!" Tsume screamed angrily.

"How dare you watch our new husband fucking another woman!" Mebuki sneered.

"You are such a drag Master Jiraiya, always perving on women no matter what." Yoshino said.

Despite the anger they were in they soon realized that they weren't any better than the pervert at the moment as they were also spying on Naruto savagely pummeling Tsunami's horny and needy MILF cunt and they blushed realizing how foolish they looked.

"Well, looks who's talking I guess.'' Tsume chuckled.

The three horny MILFs watched as Naruto dispels all five hundred of his clones before walking back into the Namikaze estate leaving the sex crazed and dazed Tsunami floating in the pool. The women noticed that she wasn't floating in water as the sheer volume of baby making spooge Naruto and his clones expelled replaced the water. With Naruto back in the estate the needy MILFs ran over out from the bushes and went to the edge of the pool with Yoshino and Mebuki taking out beakers and began to scoop a cup's worth of Naruto's cum and drank it all in one gulp. Tsume on the other hand was on all fours and uses her tongue to scoop up bits of the semen and drank it like a dog would out of its water bowl and the site proved to be amusing for the other two moms.

''Wow! This is the tastiest semen I've ever had! Much better than Inuzuka semen!" Tsume declared gleefully.

"Oh yes! Nara semen tastes so much like a drag." Yoshino seconded.

"Ooooh, yum! It tastes better than my husband's! Well, now he's my ex-husband hehe!" Mebuki said.

The three needy MILFs took a few more scoops from the pool filled with Naruto's semen and drank a bit more before putting the beakers away and made their way up the stairs that led to the backdoor of the estate so they can commence intense coitus with the blonde asshole.

-Inside Naruto's Room-

Tayuya, Yugao, Shizune, Kurenai, Karin, Zombina, Koyuki, Kurotsuchi, Fu, Konan, Samui, Yugito, Tsunade, Mei, Temari, Hana, Matsuri, Yukata, Kushina, Mikoto, Zinnia, Anko, Karui, Mabui, Shizuka, Rin and Tsunami were sitting in the blonde's massive room all butt ass naked ready to be fucked into a coma again by their blonde boyfriend and were eager to be filled to maximum capacity with Naruto's white egg cell fertilizer cream.

Mebuki, Tsume, and Yoshino opened the door to the room the MILFs giggled evilly to themselves as they know in a few short moments they will be reduced to to a fucked stupid mess. The entire harem spots them and they all sported perverted grins on their faces and they instantly knew why the three MILFs appeared before them.

''Well well lookie here! It's our old classmates Miko-chan!'' Kushina exclaimed happily.

''It seems like you ladies came here to get pregnant by the sexy blonde am I right?'' Mikoto giggled.

''''Damn right sister! I can't wait to have that Uzumaki cock in my pussy!'' Tsume declared.

''Nara men have micro-dicks so I want a real one. What a drag!'' Yoshino chimed.

''Oh yes! Time to give that useless and stupid daughter of mine a sibling.'' Mebuki added.

They then heard the door to the bathroom that was in the room open and out walked the hung, spiky blonde haired bastard butt naked as he had just freshened himself up a bit in the shower and when Yoshino, Mebuki, and Tsume saw his 17-inch long and 4-inch wide vagina dilater they instantaneously creamed their panties and the wetness that emerged from their lovely MILF lips leaked through their pants.

"Ah, showering right after sex is such a nice feeling!" the blonde bastard declared.

He then opened his eyes and saw the three horny MILFs standing before him eyeing him like a piece of meat and he instantly recognized them as Kiba, Sakura, and Shikamaru's mom.

Without needing any temptation the blonde, spiky-haired hung bastard unwrapped his towel and revealed himself to the women before him and his cock was erect to its full length and width which caught the MILFs completely by surprise. Men from the Inuzuka, Nara clans and Sakura's dad all had little dicks that women just couldn't feel it in them but when they've read up on how men from the Uzumaki and Namikaze clans had the biggest cocks in all the ninja world. The fact that he is a mix of both clans meant that his cock size would be doubled in length and width and the sight of the erect spear of a cock made the MILFs drip down there.

''Holy shit what a dick!" Tsume thought as she began to drool.

''That's not a drag.'' Yoshino thought with a blush.

''Well goddamn!'' Mebuki thought with a smirk.

Naruto could only laugh at the reactions he got from the MILFs and he already knew this meant that he will score with three more MILFs and three more kids to his family.

''So which MILF wants superior Uzumaki cock and cum?'' he asked.

Tsume, Yoshino, and Mebuki looked at each other and while they were confident and the type of women to make men putty in their bed they were all scared of the big Uzumaki cock before them and were afraid that it would literally rip their vaginas apart and impale them to death. In the end it would be Mebuki who would volunteer first to take that big ass cock in her pussy since Sakura's dad's cock needed a microscope to be seen since it was that small.

''I'll go first!'' Mebuki declared cheerfully.

''Very well then let's go!'' Naruto said before summoning a wrestling ring with him and the former in the middle of it.

The whole harem then summoned chairs to they can have a front row seat at the onslaught to come and some of them were eating popcorn while a few were walking around handing out snacks to the rest of the harem.

''Give us a good show shithead!'' Tayuya exclaimed.

''Let's see if these ladies can last in the ring with you!'' Konan shouted.

[Let the lemon begin!]

*WrestleMania bell sound effect*

Naruto inwardly laughed at how for a few years he tried to chase after this women's daughter and never got any affection or attention back but here Sakura's mom was already wiling to get with him and the thought of being Sakura's father in law was awesome. Tsume and Yoshino were laughing as well as they realized that this wouldn't just be any kind of sex, it would be almost like a wrestling match and it proved to be very comedic to the MILFs.

''Alright then if that's the case you're now Mrs. Uzumaki. By the way ladies did you know Uzumaki semen is different cause it's rich, powerful, and premium quality and will never fail to impregnate a woman. Even women in menopause will get pregnant.'' Naruto said as he went to sit on the bed.

Tsume and Yoshino nodded and then sat on the bed beside the two to watch and wait for their turn to get destroyed and observe Naruto's huge dick up close. Mebuki, being the horny and naughty MILF she was walked over to Naruto and the two began a sloppy make out session and while they were doing it Naruto literally ripped her clothes off leaving the MILF in her natural naked state and his aggression turned her on as Sakura's dad was never like this when they concieved the annoying pink girl.

''Oh wow Naruto you're so aggressive I love it. Men who do that to me are worthy of my womb.'' Mebuki said as she began to stroke his big cock.

The feeling of her MILF hands struggling to wrap and grip his massive schlong made him moan as he absolutely loved it when older woman touched it.

''Damn, that feels nice and I can feel the experience in them.'' Naruto groaned.

Mebuki wasted no time as her pussy was just completely drenched and almost immediately after she began to stroke him she bent over and lowered her head so it can be above his groin and she took in five inches of his penis and the warm feeling of her mouth made him almost scream in pleasure despite feeling that a bunch of times already with the other MILFs he had in his harem.

''Holy shit! Why do MILFs always have the best feeling mouths?!'' Naruto thought in pleasure.

Being a very experienced cock sucker Mebuki managed to gulp down his entire pole and began to suck him off so sloppy that her spit was pouring out of her mouth in between her lips and his cock and the sheer volume of it was enough to fill up an entire pool.

''Wow, my now ex-husband's cock was non-existent and tasted so bad but this young man's cock tastes amazing!'' Mebuki thought as she continued to suck him off.

Tsume and Yoshino felt even more turned seeing their friend suck on the bastard's cock so they began strip out their clothes and began to fist their pussies and assholes trying to emulate what it would feel like to have that big dick inside them.

Feeling like he was leaving Mebuki without pleasure the blonde asshole began to fist her in the ass and the feeling of it stuffing her behind made her cease her sucking and she began to scream in pleasure at having something so big going in her ass instead of coming out.

''Oh fuck! That's right Naruto fist my butthole!'' Mebuki screamed.

The two would continue to pleasure each other in that position for another thirty minutes before Mebuki finally came and she squirted so much pussy fluid it came out like a pressure washer. At the same time Naruto felt his balls begin to boil and he grabbed Mebuki by the head holding it in place and began to thrust into her mouth faster than his father when he used the Hiraishin.

''Oh fuck, you ever had Uzumaki sperm before? If not you're gonna get it! Fuck! Gotta blast!" Naruto cried out.

The force in his thrusts were enough to cause the entire estate to shake to its very foundation and soon enough he felt his spem travel from his testicles through his urethra before erupting out his little pee hole and Mebuki was not prepared for the next action as the power of his ejaculation shot her off his cock but Naruto caught her allowing his spooge to land on her face covering it in a nice gooey mask. Mebuki came once again at the feeling of having his superior cum splattering her face and he came for ten straight minutes and when he was done there was cum on the walls, floor and ceiling.

''Wow young man you sure know how to cum.'' Mebuki said as she used her finger to scoop up the cum from her face and ate it, ''Delicious.''

''Gee, thanks.'' Naruto chuckled.

''I can't wait to have that Uzumaki sperm in my Inuzuka womb!'' Tsume thought as she shoved her own fist into her womb for maximum pleasure.

''A Nara/Uzumaki baby would be one of the smartest people ever!'' Yoshino thought with a grin.

With the foreplay out of the way Mebuki then laid on her back for the missionary position and spread her sexy, clean shaven MILF lips for the young hung fucker to fuck and she motioned for him to come for it.

''Come to me young man, I want that young cum in my fertile womb. We can get married after so you can become Sakura's father in law while at the same time being her half brother.'' Mebuki said seductively.

''Say no more Sakura's mom!''

Naruto then summoned a clone and before Mebuki could question it the clone grabbed Naruto by the feet and spun around a few times and after finding the right velocity he used a Galm Palm jutsu sending the real Naruto flying high speed at Mebuki and a second later he was quite literally balls deep in the Haruno MILFs and the feeling of being stretched out by a real man's ding dong made her scream like a banshee as her ex-husband never filled her up like this.

''Chya! That hurts so good!'' Mebuki cried out, ''Fuck me as hard and fast as you can young man! Give Sakura a brother!''

''That's the plan.'' Naruto said with a laugh.

The blonde stud then got himself into a comfortable position on top of the MILF and finding a comfortable angle he began to mercilessly pound away at the MILFs before him and the power of his thrusting was so strong that an small earthquake struck the area much to Tsume and Yoshino's amusement.

''That's a new form of Earth Release if you ask me.'' Tsume whispered to Yoshino who nodded in agreement.

Naruto then withdrew out of Mebuki making her groan in annoyance and before she can voice her concern Naruto summoned a clone and she was picked up by the latter. The real Naruto thrust back into her pussy tunnels while the clone thrusts into her super tight butt cavern and she was unable to moan from being stretched by two massive cocks.

''Oh fuck, I think I'm gonna be dead when we're done.'' Mebuki thought as a fucked stupid look formed on her face.

The real Naruto would pull his shaft out just as the clone thrusts his in and they repeated the cycle in a rhythm that caused the ring to shake incredibly violently from it and the other two MILFs swore it would cause a 10 magnitude earthquake in the area with the combined power of the blonde and his clone but nonetheless they found it fucking hot as fuck. Going back to the thought of her dying at the end Mebuki realized that she probably wouldn't even care anyway because she always wanted to get destroyed like this so as long as she died happy she didn't care. She just didn't want Naruto and the clone to stop giving her pussy destruction and if they did they'll regret it with a case of blue balls. As she was fading away into darkness she felt the clone grab her big jugs, a pair of D-cup sized boobies being groped and played with before the real Naruto lowered his head to start sucking on her nipples and actually got a bit of milk from them and he licked it all up happily.

''Delish! Our son is gonna have enough milk to help him grow!'' Naruto declared with his signature grin.

After pummeling the fucked stupid MILF for an hour straight Naruto and the clone felt their ballsacks boiling in overload and they picked up their thrusting to even more super human speeds but Mebuki wouldn't feel it as she was already fucked into unconsciousness. The sight of their knocked out friend was so hot Yoshino and Tsume's solos came to an end when they squirted on each other.

''Ah shit, here we go again!'' Naruto declared as he and the clone came.

A second later the blonde cocks swelled within their respective fuck holes and their dicks flooded her inner tunnels with fifteen gallons worth of cum. The real Naruto's spunk swimming through Mebuki's cervix going straight into her uterus where her womb welcomed it with open arms successfully impregnating her with Sakura's new sibling.

After they finished cumming both Naruto's withdrew from Mebuki and set her down gently on the bed before turning to face the other two MILFs.

''So who's next? I got more Uzumaki sperm is ready for more MILFs.'' Naruto joked.

Yoshino raised her hand and walked into the ring with Naruto who by then summoned another clone giving the Nara MILF three big dicks to destroy her interal organs but the thought of taking a combined total 51-inches and 12-inch girths made her pussy drip in preparation for coitus.

[Let the second lemon begin!]

*WrestleMania bell sound effect*

''Naruto would you do the honors and give Shikamaru a sibling like you did Mebuki?'' Yoshino asked seductively.

''Damn right and I ain't gonna drag my cock in you I'm gonna destroy the fuck out of it as I fuck it.'' Naruto laughed as he nodded to his clones.

One clone pushed Yoshino onto toward the other clone and he laid down back first onto the floor so he was under her and the other clone positioned himself on top of her face with his prick pointed downward with his cock positioned near her mouth and she felt the clone below her rub his cock head against her cute puckered butthole. The real Naruto then positions himself on top of Yoshino and she had to mentally prepare herself or the onslaught to come so Naruto gave her a minute to get ready.

''Okay Naruto, I'm ready so give it to me.'' Yoshino ordered.

Naruto and his clones all nodded to each other.

''Okay boys, on 3...2...1...Thrust!''

At the same time Naruto and his clones thrust their huge freaking dicks into her pussy, mouth and asshole respectively and the Nara woman literally squealed and cry in pain at having the meat rams forcibly shoved into her dark tunnels and she had a lewd smile plastered on her face.

''Holy fuck! Shikaku never filled me up like this! You and your son are both such drags.'' Yoshino thought in bliss.

The three hung blonde bastards thrust with all their might in a different rhythm than what they did with Mebuki moments before so instead of each of them taking turns thrusting in and out they would all withdraw and thrust back in in unison causing Yoshino to cry in pleasure as the feeling was just too fucking good for her own good. Each time the real Naruto thrusted back in his cock tip would penetrate her womb and when the clone who fucked her asshole went back in he would reach deep into her ass that she almost creamed and when the clone fucking her cute mouth thrusted back in he would reach deep into her throat and all the way down into her stomach and she relished in such a feeling.

''Sorry Shikaku, Shikamaru but I'm an Uzumaki clan cock sleeve.'' Yoshino thought in pleasure.

With each passing minute of the furious cock thrusting in her Yoshino, despite having her mouth stuffed also noticed that even if she wanted too she couldn't even scream in joy as each thrust from the three blonde coitus gods knocked the air out of her lungs making her annoyed as she wanted to scream and moan so loud her ex-husband and Shikamaru could hear it. Yoshino, despite feeling numb and dead from the amount of pleasure she was receiving reached up and began to tickle and fondle with the clone's balls and the clone moaned in delight at the feeling.

''Fuck boss you see this shit? She's playing with my balls!'' said the clone.

''Speaking of clones I got an idea!'' Naruto said.

The blonde then summoned two more clones on Yoshino's left and right and whipping out their massive wiener schnitzels they took the rock hard sex organ and began slapping Yoshino's titties directly on the nipple giving her even more stimulation and she moaned despite having a Naruto clones shoving his cock down her gullet and she began to cry tears of joy at being destroyed by five big dicked blondes.

''Fuuuuuuuck! This is the best experience of my life!'' Yoshino thought.

On the sideline Tsume just couldn't hold in her laughter at watching how Naruto was destroying her Nara friend and while she thought it was hot she as an Inuzuka bitch in heat wanted to get straight to fucking him and having him inseminate her fertile womb and skip the foreplay.

''That's quite a site and fucking hilarious!'' She said to herself as she continued to masturbate.

Feeling that having her nipples slapped with cock wasn't enough Naruto began to sit up in a way that allowed him to still pummel the Nara cunt and summoned one more clone right in front of him and he was positioned in a way that allowed himself to stick his own big cock in between Yoshino's boobies and as the two clones slapping her nipples with cock were continuing the action he began to thrust furiously to match the thrusting from the three Naruto's fucking all her holes.

''Now this is what I call a good time.'' declared the real Naruto as he began to rub her clit fast and hard.

By this point Yoshino's face was so lewd it was almost comedic from the intense experience before her and her eyes began to roll into her skull and she just couldn't moan anymore and even though the pleasure was so great from having six big dicked blonde men pounding and slapping her body into complete annihilation she just didn't want them to stop because it felt that good!

After a good hour of fucking the shit out of Yoshino like that Naruto and all his clones then began to feel their scrotums boil in overdrive and this only prompted all of them to pick up the pace to near light speed level that would make actual light speed look like a snail race. Not wanting this to end yet Naruto ordered all the clones to stop which only served to annoy his fellow blonde bastards.

''Yo why did you want us to stop boss? I was about to cum all over her face.'' the clone who was titty fucking Yoshino complained.

''Yeah! We were about to cover her jugs with cum!" one of the clones slapping her breasts said.

''What does it look like? We're edging for a minute or two.'' Naruto said rolling his eyes.

The blonde studs all just sat and laid there with Yoshino and made light conversation much to Tsume's amusement as she found the whole thing hilarious.

''So if a clone of me came inside a woman is it really my baby or the clone's?'' Naruto asked.

''I mean I guess it's still yours?'' answered a clone.

Naruto then looked at the clock and after seeing about three minutes had passed he turned to his clones and nodded.

''Let's go! Finish this Nara MILF off boys and let's finish her good!''

Yoshino was able to regain a bit of consciousness and before she could realize or remember where she was she was fucked and slapped with cock super hard that she was knocked out again from the power of the thrusting she received and after a few more minutes of playing with her body all the Naruto's felt their orgasm coming.

''Oooooh shit! Time for Mrs. Nara to become another Mrs. Uzumaki! Here we cum!''

Naruto, the clone who was titty fucking Yoshino, the one who was giving her anal and the one who was fucking her mouth all came at the same time and the amount they shot out was just unreal compared to some of the last women Naruto had fucked. Her stomach, ass tunnels and her womb were painted white with his cum and the two clones slapping their cocks against her nipples jacked themselves off for a second before they came as well covering her entire chest area with cum. They all withdrew from the fuck drunk Yoshino and allowed her to rest in the ring and the blondes all bro fisted each other for a job well done.

All of them but one clone dispelled and they both turned to see Tsume who was making her way into the ring butt ass naked and ready for mating to produce the perfect offspring and another sibling for Hana and Kiba.

[Let the third lemon begin!]

*WrestleMania bell sound effect*

''Alright Tsume you ready for a round with me? Let's see what you got.'' Naruto said with a smirk.

Before Tsume could answer the clone rushed toward her and positioning himself behind her he picked her up and went to the ring post and held her high for all to see. The real Naruto then laid on the mat with his massive schlong pointed skyward and soon it became clear to Tsume on what Naruto had planned and she was giddy with excitement.

''You dirty bastard.'' Tsume giggled.

With a nod the Naruto clone leaps off of the post and holding her legs wide open and at the same time Naruto elbows the pad below him with enough power to launch him upward and about five feet in the air Tsume was impaled on his cock and all three bodies fell back onto the mat with a slam causing even his ballsack to enter her vagina making him go literally balls deep in his new Inuzuka bitch.

Tsume howled in pleasure and pain at the feeling of being stuffed by a real dick and giving the real Naruto a thumbs up the clone vanished knowing his boss would do just fine in pleasing Tsume.

''Oh god my pussy!'' Tsume cried out in pleasure.

Without warning Naruto then began to pummel the bitch in the cowgirl position with such power and fluidity her world was literally rocked with each thrust and his ass slamming against the mat when he pulled out shook the entire ring to its very foundation.

''This is gonna be the ride of your life Tsume.'' Naruto said mischeviously.

The blonde stud always had a smug grin full of pride whenever he fucked MILFs and cougars into the next century and that only happened when they revealed they love to have a younger cock stuffed inside them. Tsume and the last two women were no different from when he fucked Tsunade, Mei, Kushina, and Mikoto into a coma because he wanted to send a message to all middle-aged women that younger cock was the best cock.

''Oh fuck yes! Mark me as your new bitch like you did to my daughter!''

''If that's what you really want I'll seriously do it by leaving an imprint of my cock inside your pussy.'' Naruto declared.

Naruto furiously fucked the hell out of her and much like he did with his mommy a few weeks ago every time he thrusted upward it was strong enough to send Tsume flying completely off his cock and when she fell down he wouldn't thrust back in as he would just let gravity take her down onto his shaft and the force of her landing was enough to get all 17 inches plus his scrotum inside her walls making her orgasm each and every time it happened with each raising and lowering of her sexy curvy body. Plus her masive boobies flailing around on her chest with each thrust added to Naruto's visual enjoyment.

''Oh my god you're so big I love it!''

Naruto reached up and grabbed a handful of her massive mammaries and began to tickle and fondle her nipples making her shiver from the sensation.

''I sure hope she has PTO because I'm gonna make sure she doesn't walk right for a week.'' thought the smug blonde.

Naruto continued to thrust into her in the cowgirl position and after she went through several dozen orgasms she then sported the long awaited fucked stupid face and wanting to try a new position Naruto withdrew from her and set her on all fours.

Seeing what he was doing Tsume couldn't help but chuckle lightly at the position she was in as it was ironic that she and her daughter would be wrecked doggystyle.

''Of course you would try that you hung stud.'' she said with a laugh.

''You know it. I fucked and gave your daughter a creampie in this position so you'll get the same like a good bitch.'' Naruto said before grabbing both her wrists and uses them as leverage as he reenters his newest bitch's pussy and the intrusion from the big cock made Tsume howl in pleasure once more.

''Goddamn tight pussied bitch!'' Naruto said through gritted teeth before he resumed his cunt pounding.

Naruto pulled back her wrists and arms even harder to where she was almost resting her back against his muscular chest and while the MILF would enjoy kissing him she was experiencing so much pleasure she could only leave her head drooping and the face she had on was one of where she had her tongue hanging out of her mouth and she couldn't moan from the pounding as she could only pant like a dog. Hearing her slow and steadied pants Naruto decided to pick up the pace and began to pound her pussy even faster and harder which was enough to cause Tsume to pant louder and faster.

The ring shook violently from his thrusting and he continued to fuck the hell out of her for a few hours to the point she passed out from her orgasms and soon he felt his balls boiling again. and picked up the pace even faster where you could only see the blonde stud he was literally a blur to the human eye. Tsume was just barely hanging on to her consciousness and felt his huge cock twitching sporadically within her tunnel and she was able to form a smile despite her heavy and fast panting.

''Here it comes Tsume! Hope Kiba doesn't mind being my son-in-law and half brother!''

Naruto then let out a rather animalistic growl as his cock expelled the biggest load of spooge he fired for the day causing Tsume's belly to expand to where she looked like she was about to deliver her baby and deliver she will in nine months. The cum filling her uterus whole before what couldn't fit in spilled out of her opening. The blonde came for a few more minutes before it finally stopped and he pulled out the fuck drunk bitch and laughed at the look on her face knowing he completely and utterly satisfied the bitch.

''Naruto Uzumaki wins! That's three more wives for me!'' declared the happy blonde.

Dispelling the ring Naruto took Tsume, Yoshino, and Mebuki and set them down on the bed with the rest of his harem joining in and laid down all around him and soon fell asleep with their blonde big dicked husband.

''We love you Naruto-kun.'' the entire harem declared.

-Konoha Main Gate, several hours later-

''Oh yeah! That was a great vacation wasn't it?'' Minato said as he, Kakashi and Ebisu walked through the gate.

''Heck yeah Minato-sensei I finally got pussy after Anko left for Naruto!'' Kakashi declared with happiness in his voice.

''Yes, I shall one day score as much as you Hokage-sama! Perhaps you can give me a few pointers.'' Ebisu said.

For the past several days the three Konoha men went to Iron country to score with the entire female samurai population and while Ebisu didn't score because he was pathetically bad at sex Kakashi was able to have one samurai woman to himself. However that didn't even come close to Minato as he masterfully destroyed a dozen samurai women in one round and he couldn't wait to try out Tsume, Mebuki, and Yoshino. Bidding his ninja farewell Minato went to look for the three MILFs he planned on plowing but little did he know what happened to them while he was gone and when he got home he would be in for a helluva surprise!