The Celestian Alliance and their friends were at a Glitter Force Concert in Kyoto. Onstage came 5 girls in colorful outfits.

"A fabulous shimmer, a glow in your heart!" said the pink girl, "I'm "Glitter Lucky!"

"When you mess with me, your playing with fire!" said the orange one, "I'm Glitter Sunny!"

"Puppies and Kittens, the power of love!" said the yellow one, "I'm Glitter Peace!"

"A force as strong as life itself!" said the green one, "I'm Glitter Spring!"

"Cool and swift as the winter wind!" said the blue one, "I'm Glitter Breeze!"

"Time to blaze away to a happy ending!" "Shining bright, here comes the Glitter Force!"

They sang numerous songs about girl time and after their theme song, they closed with a white and yellow creature popping out. "Goodnight Kyoto!"

After their concert, they ran into 3 familiar faces. It was Big Bird, Kubo, and Barkley. Kubo thought about giving Big Bird and Barkley a trip to Kyoto to meet the legendary Kaguya Hime. Also, he invited Ling, Chien-Po, and Yao to the human world too, "Those 3 stooges thought they would check it out too" Kubo explained.

"Where are they now?" Gary asked.

"Get out and stay out!" shouted the noodle shop owner. "This is the last time I let in moochers!"

"That was some really good ramen." Chien Po commented.

"Another restaurant banment." Ling whined, "What's wrong with these people?"

"And as usual, they keep messing up." Kubo said, "Which is another reason the emperor made them join the army."

"It was either this or spend the rest or your lives in the dungeon," Ling said.

"You guys sure know how to eat a lot," Daniel commented.

Tucker was starting to get really tired. Jin suggested they should find an affordable hotel to spend the night in since it will be a while to get from Kyoto to Tokyo.

Then a letter appeared out of nowhere by Sakura's foot. She started to read it.

"If you want a place to stay while being welcomed.

Come to the Mūn banbū inn where there's all you can eat

Also, we provide a tour while listening to Kaguya Hime's tale

Take the red bus with a moon on it to get there


The hotel manager."

They decided to tack a crack at it.

Meanwhile, Darkrai was looking down on some teenagers who were at the Glitter Force concert. He thought it would be a good time to give them horrible nightmares. After a hit with his Dark Void, the teenagers started to fall asleep. Now all he needed to do is find The Celestian Alliance, steal their rings, and destroy them.