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As Luffy and Rapunzel walked through the tunnel, they had no way of knowing that Gothel was spying on them. Now, she wanted to know where did that tunnel lead to. As if in reply to her question, a drunken old man wandered out of the bar singing "I got a dream! I got a dream!"

Gothel smiled to herself, looks like things were going her way after all.

Meanwhile, back in the tunnel. Luffy laughed as he said "That was amazing!"

"I KNOW!" Rapunzel cried out with joy. Then she blushed at the loud tone she used before lowering her voice as she repeated "I know." Then she added "For a pirate, you sure are very nice."

Luffy chuckled as he answered "Well, not all pirates are mean, at least the ones on my crew aren't."

"What is your crew like?" Rapunzel inquired.

"They're all nice, but Nami has a bit of a temper." Luffy replied.

"Who's Nami?" Rapunzel asked.

"She's our navigator." Luffy explained.

"What does a navigator do?" Rapunzel questioned.

Before Luffy could reply, he and Rapunzel suddenly heard the sound of the guards approaching them.

"Luffy!" Rapunzel cried out in shock as she herself behind him.

Luffy just grinned as he said "Gum-Gum Rocket!"

A few moments later, Luffy's arm stretched as it flew at the guards.

At once, they loaded their guns as quickly as they could, but they weren't quick enough for Luffy's Gum-Gum Rocket. Just as before, they were all knocked out unconscious.

"Why do you call out, Gum-Gum Rocket?" Rapunzel inquired.

Luffy was about to answer when they suddenly heard a horse neighing down the tunnel.

"What was that?!" Rapunzel cried out in shock and fear.

As if in response to her question, the sound of galloping echoed throughout the tunnel. A few seconds, they saw a white stallion charging towards them.

"You can't punch a horse!" Rapunzel protested.

"Wasn't going to." Luffy answered as he turned to Rapunzel and asked "How much do you and Pascal weigh?"

"I don't know, why do you ask….AH!" Rapunzel screamed as Luffy picked her up and carried her down the tunnel as she screamed in shock.

As they ran towards the end of the tunnel, they were greeted with a nasty shock.

"Hello there, Rapunzel!" Gothel greeted with a frown on her face.

"Mother?!" Rapunzel greeted in a frightened and surprised tone.

Luffy frowned as he said "So you're the lady who's been keeping your own daughter from following her dreams."

"And you know too much." Gothel replied as she withdrew a dagger.

"Mother no!" Rapunzel cried out as she threw herself in front of Luffy.

"Out of the way, Rapunzel. It must be done." Gothel stated. Before Rapunzel could continue to protest, a hand suddenly appeared on Gothel's right shoulder. Gothel grabbed the hand and pulled it towards her, only to discover that it had no body!

As both Gothel and Rapunzel began to scream, many more hands began to appear all over the secretly centuries old woman's body.

"What is this?!" Gothel cried out in horror as more disembodied hands continued appear.

Then a tough feminine voice called out "Let them go, or I will kill you."

Luffy and Rapunzel looked ahead of Gothel to see a group of people coming towards them.

"Guys, you found me!" Luffy called out to his crew.

Rapunzel felt her jaw drop. This is was Luffy's crew?! They were nothing like she imaged a pirate's crew to be. Than again, Luffy was unlike any pirate she heard of. At once, she pulled herself out of her thoughts and took a second look at Luffy's crew.

There was a muscular man with short green hair and matching eyes. He also had three swords. Standing behind was a tall young woman with short orange hair, a skinny man with curly black hair and a long noise, a man with short blonde hair and a tall woman with shoulder length black hair, blue eyes and tanned skin that seemed to match the many hands that were holding her mother in place. Rapunzel blinked as she realized that the tanned woman was responsible for what was happening.

"Stop! Don't kill my mother! She was only trying to protect me!" Rapunzel begged.

"She threatened to kill my captain and who are you?" The woman replied.

Before either Luffy or Rapunzel could answer her question, Gothel interjected with "Please don't kill me! I'm just a mother who only wants to protect her daughter! Just let us go home and we won't say anything!"

"Luffy didn't kidnap me mother, I went with him of my own free will. I made him promise to me to see the floating lanterns." Rapunzel explained.

"Floating lanterns?" The Strawhats muttered in confusion.

"They're some kind of thing that happens on Rapunzel's birthday." Luffy explained as he added "Rapunzel, this my crew. This is Zoro…"

The green haired man nodded his head.

"I'm Usopp." The man with the long noise stated.

"I'm Nami." The orange girl spoke up.

"Hey there, I'm Sanji." The blonde haired guy said as hearts appeared in his eyes.

"And I'm Robin." The black haired woman stated.

"Is Sanji okay?" Rapunzel whispered to Luffy.

"Don't worry about him, he always fawns over any pretty woman he sees." Nami pipped up.

"You really think I'm pretty?" Rapunzel asked Sanji as she suddenly felt shy.

Sanji nodded as he turned to Luffy and said "Ask her to join us, please?"

The rest of the Straw hats rolled their eyes at Sanji's behavior, but before they could say anything more. The group suddenly heard, footsteps approaching them. Rapunzel let out a gasp of shock as she muttered "It's the guards!"

"What?!" The Straw hats aside from Robin yelled.

Gothel then smirked and resumed her fight against Robin's many hands as she cried out "Help! The Straw hat pirates kidnapped me and my daughter! Help!"

At once, Luffy shoved Rapunzel behind him as the rest of the Strawhats got ready for battle. As soon as the guards arrived, Luffy got ready to call out his attack. However, this time the guards were prepared for Luffy. Still that didn't mean that they were prepared for the rest of the Strawhats, Zoro, Usopp and Sanji got right to work, while both Nami and Robin knocked out Gothel. Once, the evil woman was out cold, Robin and Nami secretly led Luffy and Rapunzel away from the action.

As they headed back towards, the Thousand Sunny, Rapunzel asked Robin "How did you do that?"

"I ate a devil's fruit when I was a kid." Robin answered in a bored tone.

"How did you meet Luffy anyway?" Nami asked.

"He crashed into my tower." Rapunzel replied in a matter of fact tone.

At once, Zoro, Robin, Franky, Sanji and Usopp all turned to look at Nami who suddenly became embarrassed.

"Sorry." She muttered under her breath.

"We can't hear you Nami." All of the Straw hats said at the same time.

"I said 'Sorry!'" Nami yelled then they heard the guards started to come to the end of the tunnel.

"We better go now!" Robin advised.

At once, all of the Straw hats and Rapunzel began to run for their lives.

After awhile, they were sure that lost both Gothel and the guards.

"She won't stop until she find us." Rapunzel muttered.

"I know which is why we have to get out of here." Luffy said.

At his words, Rapunzel looked crestfallen. "But you promised me that you would take me to see the lanterns." She protested.

"Look, we're wanted pirates and it's only a matter of time before the guards catch up to us, so we need to get out of here now!" Nami explained in a harsh manner.

However, upon seeing the sad look on Rapunzel's face, she added "We can take you back to see the lanterns once this all dies down."

Some time later, Rapunzel found herself on the Straw Hat's ship.

"Say, hello to the Thousand Sunny." Luffy announced cheerfully.

"Hi." Rapunzel said as she shyly waved at the boat.

"Get up here!" Nami called from the main deck.

At once, Rapunzel took a long sad look at the kingdom she had briefly visited. It was such a shame to, they all seemed so nice.

Well, Rapunzel you got what you wished for. You wanted to leave the tower and you did. She thought to herself as she began to climb up the walkway. Once she was on the main deck, Rapunzel took one more look st the small kingdom she briefly visited before it disappeared from sight. Suddenly she heard a new voice behind her say "Hi, I'm Tony Tony Chopper, What's your name?"

Rapunzel turned around to see a reindeer like being who appeared to be a little boy. She let out a gasp of shock before she attempted to hide herself on the stairs.

Chopper turned to Luffy and asked "Are we really this desperate for new members captain?"

"She's just shy, but she's tough when she needs to be." Luffy assured him.

"Who or what is that?" Rapunzel questioned in spite of herself.

Chopper frowned as he replied "I'm reindeer and you don't have to be so rude."

In spite of the strange yet sad situation she found herself in, Rapunzel said "You're right. I'm sorry. I'm Rapunzel, by the way."

"What brings to the Straw hats?" Chopper asked.

Rapunzel frowned as she said "I didn't have any choice."

Chopper frowned. That didn't sound at all like Luffy, he always gave the people he met the choice to join their crew out of their free will.

Robin then spoke up as she clarified "Luffy landed in her house and she helped in exchange for taking her to see this floating lanterns that only appear on her birthday. Sadly when they stopped at a bar for detections, Luffy was recognized and someone went to get the guards and turn him for the bounty."

"Thankfully, Rapunzel managed to convince them not too with a song and dance number." Luffy explained.

"What?" The whole crew muttered at once. Then at that moment, a walking talking skeleton dressed in a suit and Afro walked towards the crew and Rapunzel and said "I wish I could've seen that."

Unable to contain her shock and fear, Rapunzel started to scream at the sight of the skeleton.

Luffy quickly ran over to her and said "Rapunzel, it's okay. It's just Brooke he's our musician and he's harmless."

Brooke looked at Rapunzel as he said "I can see your panties!"

Rapunzel threw her frying pan at him.

"Except for that little detail." Nami spoke up with a hint of annoyance on her face.

Rapunzel could only stare at Brooke for a few minutes before she asked "How did he and Chopper end up like this?"

"We both ate Devil fruits like Luffy and Robin did." Chopper answered.

"I ate a fruit called the Human-Human fruit which allowed me to become human-like, before that I was just an ordinary reindeer." Chopper explained.

"And I ate a fruit called the Reive-Reive fruit, it brought me back from the dead." Brooke explained.

"How these devil fruits work?" Rapunzel wondered as she scratched her head in confusion.

The Straw Hat pirates turned to look at each other in confusion. To be honest, they never thought about how the devil fruits worked either. To them, they were just normal, like the trees they grew up on the various islands of the world nobles.

Robin was the first to speak with "To be honest, no one knows how devil fruits work. They just do and that's not my specialty."

"What is your specialty?" Rapunzel inquired.

"My specialty is reading Poneglyphs." Robin answered.

"What's Poneglyphs?" Rapunzel wondered.

"It's a lost language that tells the true history of the void century." Robin explained.

"What's the void century?" Rapunzel questioned.

At once, all of the Straw hats bust out laughing. Then Robin said "Guys, she's serious. She really doesn't know what the void century is."

"How long have you been in that tower?" Luffy asked as his face slid into a rare frown.

"My whole life." Rapunzel answered.

"Why would she lock you up?" A horrified Nami demanded.

Rapunzel felt torn, all her life she was told never to tell anyone about what her hair could and yet here was a bunch of people who had extraordinary abilities and seemed to only be worried about the bounty on their heads.

Rapunzel took a deep breath as she sang "Flower, gleam and glow. Let your power shine."

As her hair glowed, Rapunzel could see that the crew wasn't freaked out.

Maybe this could work out for the best. She thought to herself.

Then Rapunzel pulled herself out her thoughts as she looked at Luffy and said "Where's my room?"

A few minutes later, Robin led Rapunzel to a spare room that they had. Then she randomly said "I don't like talking about this much, But I know how you feel. I've been forced to leave behind the only home I ever known. In fact, many of us had to make that same choice when we all became pirates."

"Do you ever regret being a pirate and never being able to see your loved ones again?" Rapunzel asked softly and carefully.

"No, because they are the only loved ones I have right now." Robin said.

"Mother loves and she's out there looking for me." Rapunzel muttered forelorely.

"She tried to kill our captain and bring you back by force, I may not have experienced a lot of love in my life, but I can spot the real thing. The love she had for you wasn't that of a mother's love, it was the love for a valued object." Robin said a very firm manner.

"What do you know about love?" Rapunzel fired back, refusing to believe what she was hearing.

"I know enough." Robin stated as she left Rapunzel in her new room. Once Robin was gone, Rapunzel looked at Pascal who had been asleep on her shoulder all this time.

The long haired blonde let out another sigh as she whispered "Pascal, what have I gotten us into?"

As Rapunzel started to talk over her feelings with a still sleeping Pascal, back on the main deck the straw hat pirates were talking amongst themselves. Luffy had mixed feelings about Rapunzel joining the Straw Hats, on one hand, he was always happy to have new members join, on the other hand, she was forced into joining them all because they had run from both the guards and her mother who unexpectedly returned from her trip and tried to kill him!

Pulling himself out of his thoughts, Luffy said "I think we should talk to Rapunzel and ask if she wants to stay with us or take her back to Corona as soon as this all dies down."

"I don't think it's a good idea. What if her crazy mother's looking for her?" Robin added as Sanji nodded in agreement.

"Besides, What we've seen of her. It's for the best that she gets away from her." Nami added.

"But that's her mom and she loves her. She probably was just being overprotective of Rapunzel." Luffy repiled. "Are you going to tell that all moms aren't like that?"

"No, they're not!" Zoro, Nami Usopp and Robin all replied at once.

"You told us that Rapunzel's kept her in a tower all her life and never let her have any friends. I would have fights with Bellemere, but she would let me and my sister go outside and play with other kids and let talk to people and definitely didn't try to kill in front of us despite is pleading her not too." Nami stated as Zoro and Usopp added "Same thing with our moms."

"My mom may not have been around much for my childhood, but during that brief time I met her and knew her, I know she would never do the things that Rapunzel's did." Robin explained firmly.

"Well said." Brooke, Chopper, Franky, Nami, Sanji, Usopp and Zoro stated as they all started to clap at once.

Luffy could only stand there in amazement. From what he heard about them, Nami, Robin's and Usopp's mom's all sounded like incredible people and then he realized he had no idea who his mom is. It never bothered him before just not knowing who is father never bothered him before either. However, he was starting to think about and wished he knew more about his parents and wished he wasn't afraid of his grandfather so he could ask them. Then the captain of the Strawhat pirates decided right then and there that if he ever ran into his grandfather again, he would ask all the questions he could think of about his parents.

Meanwhile back in the forest, Gothel had woken up to discover that Rapunzel, the pirates and the guards were all gone!

No! This can't be happening! No! No! Gothel thought to herself with horror and dismay and as she began to run through the woods calling "Rapunzel! Rapunzel! Rapunzel! Rapunzel, come back! I changed my mind, your friend doesn't have to die as long as he can keep a secret!"

"Hang on? What secret? Where you planning to kill someone?" A voice asked.

Gothel turned around with her knife, only to find herself face to face with several suspicious looking guards.

Gothel felt her face turn pale as she thought to herself How am going to get out this, Get my flower back and take revenge on those accursed pirates?!

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