Author's note:

This is my version of the field trip au (duh), so if you don't like (or are sick of this au) then fuck off you won't like this story so read something else. This is my first fic (even if I'm redoing it) and I'm open to criticism (not flames you do that shit and I'll block your ass and be deleting the comment/PM), I also like compliments if I deserve them (I swear to the gods don't give me fake compliments that's worse than flames). BTW this is going to be a long story and I'm not good at righting fast (that's why I fail English all the time) so that means my updates will be a few thousand words but they'll only come every few months or at least a few times a year. My dear readers please, please tell me when I fuck up a name, grammar, selling, etc.

Guys, I need a beta reader PM me if you want to I might want a few (for different opinions), anyway, right now all I have is google doc and a not premium Grammarly.

Pairings: Danny/Sam, Tucker/Valerie, Star/Paliena (one-sided), Jazz/Clockwork, Jazz/Clockwork/Danny (Mother/Father/Son face it Maddie and Jack aren't fit to be parents Jazz acts like a mom), Paliena/Phantom (one-sided), Danny/Sam/Dani (Dad/Mom/Daughter), I've decided there will be a secret couple if you can guess the couple before I reveal it I'll give you a shout out (at the end of the chapter so people won't know when it'll happen) please PM me when you guess because I'll only be able to say if you're right or wrong in PMs.


1.Danny/Sam started in 8th grade

2.Sam's a halfa (Undergrowth will make one/two-shot about it). Her name's Black Orchid (I'm open to suggestions for her name and costume.)

3.Danny (for 1 has a lot of new powers) and one of them (Sam has this one too) mind link (if you've seen Young Justice it's the thing M'gann M'orzz does also someone tell me what that's actually called.) when they talk like that it'll look like this, hello.

4.It's Senior year

5.Valerie is part of the trio

6.Jazz and Clockwork are Secondary characters

Names: Valerie=Val, Tucker=Tuck, Sam=Sammy (only for Danny), Mr. & Miss. Fenton=Jack & Maddie, Ghost Zone=GZ, Dani=Ellie, Most people call the group of 3 The Mysterious Trio and so since it's a group of 4 now I'm going to call them the mysterious 4 sorry that's the best I could come up with if you can think of something better go ahead and tell me I might add it in (Depending on how late in the story we are because I'll have to change a lot of chapters just to add in a better name the mysterious 4)

Ages: mysterious 4=18, Jazz=21, Clockwork=3,750,000,000 (he's the 4th master of time and there has been time for about 15 billion years), Jack=42, Maddie=43, Mr. Lancer=40, Star=17, Pauliena=18 (older by a month), Kwan=18, Dash=18, Mikey=17, Lester=18, Nathan=17, Dale=17 (he's the dude that admired Skulky's "high-quality bullying"), Sarah=17 (the girl Tuck went out with once), Ellie=4.

What the way I write means

Warning sometimes I'll write in languages from google translate and Translate back in ( ) later




(thoughts after someone else talks)


("I talk too")