Gardner's Point of View

9:05 am

The night was cold that day. I felt a cold breeze rushing over my body. I tried rubbing my both hands with each other to conserve more heat, hugged myself as I entered to my apartment.

The apartment where I rent in is only filled with six rooms. Two at the first floor and four at the second floor. My room is located at the second floor. Its the smallest among the rest thus the cheapest. The apartment wasn't either. The trashcan in the first floor was lying on the floor, making a big mess, and no one seems to care. Several trash or garbages like crumpled paper, leftover canned goods, food wrappers and the likes are found upstairs. The Apartment's wall paint looks really old and the paint looks like fading. I guess it was late 90s when this apartment last painted.

I jogged my way up to the second floor and went directly to my room's door. I took out my key from my right pocket to unlock the door, then I heard someone called to me.

"Mister Gardner," a voice of an old woman who I think her age is around 60s called me. I turned away from the door and saw Ms. Hills, the owner of the apartment where I rent, standing. She has a white short hair and wears a round eyeglasses before her blue eyes.

"Yes, Miss Hills?" I replied, smiling.

"Going home late again, are we?" She asked me while scratching her head.

"Yeah, I took an overtime from my work to earn extra income," I explained.

"I see..." she said then she took out three white envelopes from her pink pouch and handed it out to me.

"I gotta go. Good night, Mr. Gardner," she said to me, walked up to stairs then waved me goodbye. I waved back and entered my room. I clicked the switch and closed the door.

"Messy as ever, huh?" I muttered to myself.

I checked the three envelopes. it's probably bills or late payments this month. I sighed and threw them at the table. I changed my clothes and I went back to the kitchen to read the letters. I sat down and read the first two letters. It's the electric bill and the bill of rent to my messy and cramped apartment. Just as I thought.

I looked at the last letter, opened it and silently read it.

Skeelz Academy

Dear Mr. Gardner Bernstein,

Hello and it's nice to meet you. The reason why you have receive this letter is because you have an unique ability, you may say super powers or there is something peculiar about you. In other words, the persons who receive this letter are chosen only, like you Mr. Gardner. If you still haven't been able to discover it, We, the teachers in Skeelz Academy, will gladly offer you assistance. We will also help you control it. We'll make you understand why is it important and the reason why you have this kind of peculiarity.

If you wish to join, just write your full name with your signature at the bottom of the paper. If you think this is fake, a scam, you may discard or throw this letter away.

We thank you for giving time for reading our letter and we would like to see you soon in Skeelz Academy.

Sincerely Yours,


Headminister of Skeelz Academy

I really don't know what happened but I rushed in my desk. Opening every drawer and found myself looking for a pen. All I felt was excitement and I was being thrilled.

Finally I found a pen and wrote my full name on the letter and signed it.

But after I signed the letter nothing happened. I was expecting a message will appear thanking me for enrolling.

"Yeah... This letter is probably a scam or some kind of prank." I muttered then threw the letter back at the table and went straight to bed.

7:10 am

The morning was hot when I woke up. I could feel sweat dripping from my forehead and my back was sweating wet. I got up, fixed my bed, went straight to the kitchen to eat breakfast.

I noticed there's a new letter beside the letter from the Skeelz Academy.

"How did this letter got here?" I thought. I sat down at the kitchen table and opened the envelope. Afterwards, I read the letter.

Thank you for enrolling at Skeelz Academy. Go to the bus station in Clint City on June 7, 8:00 am. School opens on June 9.

To be continued.

A/N: Hello. Thank you for reading for viewing my book. I would like to thank those who inspired me for making a book and I'm really a beginner. The reason why this story is a crossover is because Harry Potter series (My favorite book ) and Urban Rivals (If you ever played the game).The characters in urban rivals are peculiar and has powers, and they attended a wizardly school. In Harry Potter series there is a school called Hogwarts; School of witchcraft and wizards and in the urban rivals game, there is a school called Skeelz Academy where students with powers attend. So basically the both stories has similar themes. So yeah. Enjoy reading. I'll update soon.