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Authors note: This is an idea borrowed from writer 'Harem Master123' story, titled 'Fastest Angel Alive'. This will be totally different as it will take the Time Remnant version of Barry Allen, and transport him to the Highschool DXD Universe after his death, aiding Flash 'Prime' aka Barry Allen 'Prime' against Hunter Soloman alias Zoom.

This is so that the remnant can take the opportunity to actually live a life of his own and begin anew, despite not really living since he only existed for a short time. And in the process, aid the DXD universes Angels Michael and Gabriel create and rebuild Heavens forces. The pairing will be for you to decide, but I'm trying to keep an open mind about what characters this version of Barry Allen will be eligible to be paired with. I hope you enjoy as your reviews will determine if this goes anywhere.


Pain. Unimaginable pain was the last thing he had felt since he had existed for only a short moment in time to aid the 'Barry Allen Prime' or the 'Flash' as he was known to those who knew him, in his race to stop Zoom. Using their combined speed to destroy the machine that would have destroyed the Multiverse in of itself, saving the Infinite Earths in the process. 'So why am I now feeling the phantom pains?' he asked himself as he forced his hurting body to stop and held himself up against a wall with one arm. Better yet, he was beginning to wonder just how was he alive, when he knew he should be dead.

Peeling back his mask, he took a few breaths. His back leaned heavily against the wall as he turned his head left to right and realized he was within an empty alleyway between two separate brick buildings.

"Where am I?" he panted to himself as he tried to slow his heartbeat and his breathing.

A 'crinkling' sound got his attention as he snapped his head downward to look into his left hand as a slip of folded paper that was not there before, now had his attention. Opening it up and holding it before him with both hands, he read:

'Dear Barry,

You're probably asking yourself, how are you alive and how all of this is possible. Consider this our gift to you, for the courageous action and noble sacrifice you gave in stopping Soloman. You're actions have insured that many Earths will continue to exist, and that the Multiverse is safe.

This new world that you are in has no heroes, but it does have its share of problems, namely of the Supernatural element. We'll leave it to you to find out what that means as it is all that we can tell you without you learning about this new world on your own. Good luck Barry and please, live if not for yourself, than for those whom you will come to know and cherish. We're counting on you.

Sincerely and with Love,


It took the Time Remnant a moment to come to grips with what he had just read as he looked up and began to despair as he slid down the wall and held his face in his hands as his body shook. Not from his speed, but from learning that not only was he alive, but that he was in an entirely new world. This in of itself, caused the young hero to break down. Never again would he get a chance to see his parents graves, his friends, his remaining family. Never again would he get to see Iris the love of his life, or Joe, his adopted father, though for all intents and purposes, Iris and Joe was never his, but the original Barry Allens. Still, the fact remained that he was Barry Allen, even if he was a Time Remnant. He was still able to feel and express emotions since he knew what Barry Allen knew, felt what he felt, loved as he loved, and so on and so on.

He was now the only one of his kind in this new world, both a hero, and a meta-human. After a few moments in coming to terms with his new predicament and pulling himself together, the Speedster lowered his hands, though his head still hung low for a few moments as he began to think up a plan of what he had to do in this new world and his new life.

He had to first, find out where and when he was. Second, he needed an identity. Without Cisco, Caitlyn, and or Felicity to aid him, he'd have to make do with what limited skills he had in hacking in order to falsify and create an identity and a paper trail so that no authorities would be the wiser.

Second, he had to find a job and eventually, a home. 'Barry' carried some money on his person when he wasn't in the suit, but because he himself was a Time Remnant, he doubted he had any form of currency and or identification on him.

Replacing his mask over his face, he ran, leaving a trail of lightning streaking in his wake as he left the alleyway.

In the Heavens

Michael, the Archangel and the current overseer of Heaven itself, was going over some important paperwork. He didn't mind it unlike most people. When he had to attend important meetings that went from quaint to shouting and arguing, he'd find himself dragging his tired Angelic visage back to his office and searching for anything to stave off or even to kill the pain in his head as the meetings left him tired and worn out, and as in most cases, with a headache or even a migraine the size of the sun. He would choose paperwork over business meetings any day. Oh, how he missed the creator and often at times, wondered just how did he do it all.

He was just going over another bit of paperwork when the doors to his office slammed open, causing him to jump up in his seat.

Standing at his office doors, panting and taking in deep breaths, was his sister, Gabriel in all her heavenly glory, her armor sleek and as always, looking as if it was brand new with the attention she showed in caring for her armor, with her golden locks of hair in a somewhat mess, with the front sticking to her forehead with a hint of sweat.

"Michael," she gasped, quickly staggering to the front of his desk.

"Yes Gabriel, what is it?" he asked, alerted at the look of panic on her face.

"There was...some unknown...anomaly appearing down on...Earth. A rift in time...and space opened. Something...unknown came out."

Michael stood from his chair with a wide-eyed expression that showed her that she had his undivided attention, "Did you see what it was?"

"No, it was too fast. It left a trail of yellow lightning in its wake. I could barely make out a red blur ahead of the lightning when I reviewed the image at a much slower pace back at Control." she answered as she finally got her breathing under control.

"And the rift?"

"Well, that's just it, it closed just as soon as the thing came out as it looked like the body was reintegrating itself upon entering our Dimension. It stopped beside two buildings where I lost visual of the subject. When I went to focus on another angle, the unknown entity sped off in another burst of speed."

"Hhmmm, have our best eyes and ears watching for this thing and see where it stops. The moment we know where it stops, is the moment we apprehend it."

"I already did." she said as he walked around his desk and headed towards his office doors, with her trailing behind him.

"Good. I want to know what this thing is and what we're dealing with. I want to know if it is friend or foe." he said as the doors closed behind them both with a wave of his hand as he headed to Heavens main lookout.

"What if it's a friend?" she asked, keeping pace with her brother.

"Then we'll see if we can convince it to join our side and use our own weapons against the Devils in order to rebuild our ranks."

"And, if it's an enemy?"

"Then we kill it, with extreme prejudice. We can not let the Devils get their hands on this...thing, whatever it is."

"Understood." replied the fellow Archangel.

Meanwhile, within the Underworld, they too had felt the presence and went down the same road of thought as Michael, as they began their to put together their own team of trackers.

Back on Earth

The former Time Remnant known as Barry Allen was forced to do one of the worst things he ever imagined doing in his short life. He stole. Since the he should stop thinking of himself as if he was still a Time Remnant or duplicate of Barry Allen. He was now Barry Allen of this reality, by the will of the Speed Force. He quickly learned he was in Japan, in a town called Kuoh.

Finding a clothing store, he quickly sped out with several sets of clothes and a blue lightweight duffle bag before speeding down several blocks and back into another deserted alley. He managed to find himself several sets of pants, shirts, two bags of undergarments from T-shirts, boxers, socks, and underwear, and two set of sneakers. He had left a note with a cashier within the clothing store he had stolen from, that he would pay them back with interest as soon as he had the appropriate funds.

He then double checked his cargo before hefting the bag onto his shoulders and exiting the alleyway. He searched several blocks before he found a town library where upon entering, he went and found a table to begin his work as he searched and found the books he needed and began to speed read through several books on Japanese to English translations as well as books on Japanese dialects in order to better understand the language barrier. He even opened a book on the Japanese culture.

With his powers, his brain was hardwired to learn and understand many things thousands of times faster than a normal man. Once his reading through the books was complete, he collected his things after returning the books to their racks and in the correct order of which he found them, exited the library and began walking. His stomach began to 'gurgle', letting him know just how hungry he was.

He then found himself minutes later, standing before a restaurant, a McDonald's to be precise. His mouth watering and his stomach 'churning' to the point it was becoming unbearable. The curse of being a Speedster was the fact that in order to keep on the go, he was forced to eat well beyond ten thousand calories a day, and more the faster he got.

"Hungry?" a male voice called out, causing Barry to jump nearly a mile high, emphasis on the term, 'Mile High'.

Turning to the location of the voice that stood on his right, Barry asked, "You nearly gave me a heart-attack."

Laughing in spite of himself, the man apologized with a hand out, "My apologies. You looked hungry, and despite the obviousness, your stomach is clearly saying, 'Give me food.'

With a bashful expression, Barry nodded while rubbing the back of his head in nervousness, "Yeah, sorry about that. Wait, speak English?"

The man speaking to him had long, blond hair and wore what appeared to be an expensive white two piece suit and white, very pricey, shoes. His skin tone appeared caucasian and had an air that just felt like one could trust him.

"Is that what you're hearing? Hhmmm. I'm Michael. And you are?"

Grasping the outstretched appendage, the displaced Speedster replied, "Oh, I'm Barry. Barry Allen."

"Nice to meet you Mr. Allen. Why don't I buy you some lunch and then find somewhere we can talk alone."

"Ah, no. That's ok. You don't..."

"No, no, it's no problem. Trust me."

"Well, if you're sure?" Barry murmured as he hefted the bag further on his shoulder.

Michael only nodded as he opened the door to the packed restaurant. To Barry's astonishment, the people took one look towards Michael and stepped out of his way as he looked at Barry, then turned back to the cashier, and ordered a tremendous amount of food as he figured that Barry would need it somehow.

Half an hour later, Michael sat with a cup of juice in his hand that he was currently drinking from while watching Barry scarf down most of the food while hastily chugging down his fifth drink.

"You must be starving."

Coughing a bit at the forwardness of the statement, Barry had to take a moment to calm himself and get the coughing under control before nodding at the man assumption. The man watched this as Barry used a napkin to wipe his mouth.

"You ok?"

"Mmhmm. Yeah. Thank you."

"It was my pleasure."

"I hope you don't mind me asking but, why? Why the sudden interest in me?"

"When I don't even know who or what you are, Mr. Allen?" the man continued, a bit bemused.

Seeing Barry get a bit tense, Michael raised a hand, "Easy, easy, Mr. Allen. I'm not here to hurt you or pick a fight. Actually, I'm wondering how you got here from...wherever it is you are from."

"Who are you?" Barry asked, leaning back in his seat.

"I am Michael."

"Yeah, you already said that."

Leaning forward, Michael repeated himself a bit more clearly, "No, what I mean is, I am Michael."

A small flicker and Barry, with his abilities was able to catch what seemed a minutes worth of enough to get what Michael was telling him as he saw as the mans clothing shifted from his casual suit wear, to an white and golden armor with glorious wings on his back, the mans body glowing as with the power of the Heavens precious light itself before resorting back to his casual look.

"Yo..You...You're an Angel? The Archangel?" Barry stuttered.

"I am." the celestial being answered.

"How...How are Why reveal yourself to me? Why isn't my eyes burning or my brain turning to mush? How am I not dead yet?"

"Easy Mr. Allen, we'll get to all that. The question is, why are you here, and how did you get here?"

With a sigh, Barry looked at all of the people around them both as if unsure he should be speaking about this, but noticed no one was paying any attention to him or the being with him.

"Do not worry, they cannot hear or see us."

"Thank God. God is still around, isn't he?" He asked when he saw Michael wince at the praise of the creator.

"I wish I had an answer for that question, Mr. Allen. I really do. Father" he sighed, "he hasn't been seen for quite some time, at least not in this universe."

"You know about the multiverse?"

"And the Mega-Verse and the Omni-Verse, yes. Scientists, even in this universe have long theorized and suspected the existence of the other dimensions, and we, the forces of Heaven, have known of them for quite some time. Now, are we going to continue changing the subject, or are you going to tell me why you are here?"

"I'm not sure where to start."

"The beginning is usually the best, I always say."

Time passed as Barry Allen talked. About his parents, his mothers murder, the Reverse Flash, Harrison Wells, the Particle Accelerator, Zoom, all of it. Even his creation, in that Barry Allen Prime traveled back in time to create him in order stop Zooms plan in destroying his weapon, and his own Death as he gave his very life to stop Zooms device from destroying the Multiverse while he assumed Barry Prime beat Zoom. He then spoke of how for reasons he could only assume, the Speed Force, in all of its infinite wisdom, thought he was deserving of a second chance, and brought him back to life in this world. He even handed over the note that was given to him upon his arrival in this world.

Michael took it all in as he then took the note and read it. 'So it was him.' he thought as he remembered the trembling of the higher dimensional planes throughout the infinite cosmos. He could sense the honesty and purity of heart in the Speedster as he returned the note, leaned back, and began to think for a moment. This boy, no, young man, saved all reality at the cost of his own life, and not asking for anything in return except to stop a madman from destroying all of reality. This world and many millions of others owed this boy their very lives, despite being what is basically termed as a Time Remnant or a temporal clone.

Then, an idea dawned on him. For some time now, he and the Research Department of the Heavenly Realm had been working on a prototype 'Peerage System' of their own in order to counter the Devils in recruiting mortals to their side. And maybe even bringing in and saving stray demons, and swaying them to their side by giving them new causes to live and fight for.

A set of Nekomata sisters came to mind when he thought of the idea of turning the strays to Heavens cause. 'Maybe,' he thought, 'just maybe, it might work.'

"Mr. Allen, you've left me with quite the conundrum."

"I'm sorry."

"Oh, don't be. I owe you my life. The whole world does in point of fact."

"It was nothing, really. I had to stop Zoom, or he would have done to the Multiverse what he did to my dad, or Barry Primes dad." he said as he fidgeted a bit.

"He was your father as well, despite what you are, Mr. Allen. Never let anyone ever tell you otherwise. Now," he said as he leaned forward with both of his hands before him, fingers of both hands clasped, "how would you like to come to Heaven and test out a project of mine as well as to learn more of what you really need to know of this reality?"

"Go to Heaven, but wouldn't I have to be..."

"Dead?" Michael finished for him, cutting him off. "Technically, you did die, and was brought back by this 'Speed Force' of yours. You died performing a heroic act, and asking for nothing in return except to avenge your father. If this little project of mine works, consider it a chance to get to know your new world here and as a thank you for the deeds you've done in the name of Justice, as well as a chance to once more create a team to aid you in your struggles so that you won't have to go about things alone. Plus, once there, you'll finally be able to find some form of peace as you learn all about our world."

"What's the project?" Barry asked, now somewhat intrigued while also being cautious.

"You will just have to trust me. Come with me, let me show you something that will blow your mind."

Sighing, Barry let out, "The last two time someone said to trust them, they both turned out to be the villains who made my life a nightmare. It cost me my dad, and nearly my friends."

"I know, and for that, you have my condolences. I swear, I and my people within the heavens, will never freely turn against you, Barry. I promise."

The Archangel was standing when he said this. Barry too stood up with a hand grasping the handles of his duffle bag as the Angel vanished the tray and its items with one hand, only to hold out the other hand for Barry to grasp.

Barry, looking at the outstretched hand, shook his head and smiled as he grasped it, "I hope you don't make me regret this!"

"Trust me Barry, you'll thank me later." Michael said as he and the Speedster from another dimension disappeared in a blinding flash of light that none within the immediate facility noticed due to the Angels power.

A couple of seconds later, and several girls wearing matching uniforms from the Kuoh Town Academy, entered the business with several members of their peerage in tow. The one with the red hair and green eyes, looked around as she stretched out her senses, "It seems we missed them, Sona-chan."

"Indeed, Gremory-Sempai." the other girl with short black hair and glasses answered rather dully.

Many months later

A red streak followed by yellow lightning could be seen running through Kuoh Town, running through traffic, stopping the occasional accidents and mishaps, while also stopping many crimes from muggings, robberies, drug deals, gang fights, and the occasional gun fights with the law and those who continued to break the law.

All the while, many of those within both the mundane and supernatural communities were keeping their eyes glued to their televisions, cell phones, computers, and yes, even their newspapers as stories of the red streak was continuously reported all throughout Japan, and not just the town of Kuoh.

Many tried to stick close to the street in order to get either a picture or even a cell video to capture the blurs image, not that it ever worked as either 'it' or 'he' never showed, or was so fast that he was essentially as his current name suggested, a 'Blur'. They figured it was a man from what most could figure as the Blurs image showed a build like that of an average man in his prime, despite the blurring distortion.

To those within the Law Enforcement and Fire Fighting communities, he was looked upon as a shining beacon of hope, to the local citizenry, he was a hero, to those within the criminal element, he was a menace. And still, there were those within the Devil and Fallen Angel Factions that wondered, just who or what was this entity that had entered their world, and did it pose a threat to their world in keeping hidden from most mortal eyes?

As for Barry, he was just receiving a cup of coffee from a receptionist, glad that despite being stuck in the country and town he was in, they still had a coffee shop nearby. Savoring the morning hot beverage, he looked around as the news constantly displayed their reports of his alter-egos many heroics and feats of mind bending proportions.

Having spent some time training above within the Heavens had improved his speed by a factor of 2 as he even received a boost in power thanks to the gift given to him by the ever beautiful and amazing Archangel, Gabriel.

It was shortly after his arrival that Michael introduced him to the blond Angel and explained things to her about Barry, and after using a special bit of her powers, in creating a visual bubble that replayed Barrys life as he knew it from his minds eye, that she was able to confirm that Barry was indeed a hero from another dimension, with great power and in being so, was a prime candidate in testing their own version of a Peerage System or in this case, a Brave Saints Deck.

The deck acted much like the Devils Evil Chess pieces, only they were cards, and unlike playing cards, there were '14' in total. They were all standard King, Queen, Jack, Ace, Joker, with numerical cards from 1-10. all of which he kept in a pocket pack attached to the hip on the left side of his suit. The Angels, after walking Barry through much of their world and how it differed from his original home reality, realized that he could help make a difference once more in this world and so, volunteered to undergo the testing needed in order to see if he could handle the influx of power the deck provided as its King piece.

Once Barry got the handle of the Brave Saints prototype and was tested and found compatible, the King Card was placed upon his chest and was absorbed into his being. His body underwent a transformation process, allowing him to gain an extra inch in height, more muscle mass, greater speed, and to suddenly possess white wings that he needed to get control over quickly. His increase in his speed and his wings would take some time before both Michael and Gabriel felt he was capable enough to return to Earth. Time passed as he learned to harness the gift of flight, relearned to control his speed due to the increase in power, and even use both when in the air and what would take people years to learn in history, language, and more, took the former Time Remnant mere months.

Once Michael and Gabriel deemed him ready, they redeposited him on Earth with an acquired identity with a subtle shift of Gabriels power, a home, and since he was required to now absorb over 20,000 calories a day in order to continue his crusade, his refrigerator was magically charmed with everlasting food and beverages. Gabriel even went so far as to create a bank account within a nearby Bank for Barry, within the town of Kuoh. The account itself was a sizable one with a bit of money to allow Barry to live comfortably for a while.

After a brief collaboration with her brother, it was decided that Gabriel would act as Barrys Operator, much like Cisco and Caitlyn were when his 'other' operated from STAR Labs. This would aid him in ensuring he never got lost when he needed to be somewhere quick while in costume.

His suit was further upgraded with lightning bolts at the end of his gloves and a lightning bolt themed belt with an miniature copy of his chests insignia for a buckle.

Barry, having answered an ad online, was heading towards Kuoh Academy for an interview. When he got there, he felt the presence of the Devils he was informed had attended the Academy. He was warned that he could align with the Devils there and act as an educator and friend due to the truce that Heaven currently shared with the Devils, but would never be able to be turned into a said Devil himself.

Having no wish to be a Devil, but not minding the the possibility of a future friendly alliance due to what he had learned of the Devils mellowing out within the last few thousand years, Barry continued on his way into the school, and by the end of the day, was hired as the new science teacher.

Later that night, as he was patrolling the streets, he realized, everything was pretty quiet as he began reminiscing on how lucky he was to have everything go so smoothly since his untimely arrival and especially with the aid he was provided with the Angels of the Heavens above. He smiled on how, even in costume, he had to keep himself from thinking about how much he had to keep Gabriel at bay on several occasions as she apparently liked a man in a costume as she was a bit of an Otaku and cosplayer. With his speed greatly enhanced with his Angelic half increasing them, cars no longer slowed to a crawl while he ran, but seemed to have stopped all together.

He then began to wonder how Barry Prime and the others were doing and if they were alright. He thought of them often, hoping that Zoom was finally put down like the monster he was.

"I really hope everyone's ok back on Earth 1." he said aloud. "Now that I'm alone and no longer having to train my speed half as much as I used to, let alone my new abilities that comes with being a half-Angel and half-Meta."

His trip down memory lane was interrupted as a cry of "Help!" caught his attention, forcing him to alter his trajectory and turn down another road, towards the voice as it continued screaming for 'Help!'

"'Sigh', never a dull day." he said as he had turned down an alleyway, seeing a thug with a knife held against a womans throat with one hand while trying to molest her person with the other. Running at the would be rapist, he quickly removed the punk from the woman, disarming him, and then running him to the closest precinct, all the while having conjured a set of chains that he wrapped the wanna be rapist with and left a note pinned to the guys chest, explaining to the police just what the man was doing when he was apprehended. He even left them with an even better name on the end of the note than what the community had named him. He hoped in time, the people would know that he wasn't the 'Blur', but the 'Flash'.

He returned to the woman in mere seconds and slowed his speed to the point where he was able to look at her to see if she was alright, and then once he was sure she would be fine, continued on his way, picking his speed back up along the way.

He continued his patrol when he heard a loud roar coming from another location, "Could that be a stray Devil?" he asked himself. Running to the source of the inhuman roar, he quickly arrived at an old, abandoned warehouse. Cautiously, he slowly walked in, "Hello, is there anybody here?" he called out, his vocal cords vibrating so fast as to disguise his normal human voice. This would be his first one on one confrontation with a stray Devil, leaving him a bit nervous about what could possibly be hiding within the warehouse.

He continued in as a strong smell of iron in the air hit his nose. His eyes narrowed at the scent as he realized just what it was he was smelling. Taking a risk, he began running around within the warehouse, seeing if there were any innocents with whom may have been hurt or otherwise deceased when a voice forced him to pause, "I smell something bad, and yet, something delicious. I wonder if it's sweet or bitter." The voice it seemed, belonged to a deranged female from what he could tell, and spoke in such a way that it caused Barry to shudder as he thought back to all the monster/thriller films he had ever watched, and wondered if this was how the bad guys felt when facing their own monsters. He didn't have to wait long for the threat to present itself.

With Barry Primes memories, he'd done seen many strange and ridiculous things in his day, but what he was seeing, took the cake, as he looked upon what appeared to be a monstrous female centaur with a naked torso, walking out of darkened shadows, with long black hair, and gray eyes. She had a sultry expression on her face, but he could see the underlying threat hidden in her eyes.

As the rest of her came out, he could see more of her Centaur half as it had four legs, the front two having humanoid hands with red claws. Her stomach on the Centaur part had a cavity with razor sharp teeth. Truly, she was the most terrifying sight he had ever seen, despite knowing he knew that he had more than enough power to wipe her out.

"Oh, boy. You gotta be kidding me!"

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