Sonic and the others were coughing and stumbling before they could regain their composure. Sonic shook his arms and bent his legs.

"I can move again!"

"Me too!" Tails said. The others were doing the same, testing that they could move their limbs.

They standing where Central City used to be. The dark clouds were clearing from the sky.

"I can see a light in the sky!" Tails cried out and pointed. Sonic, Rouge, and Eggman looked up. There was a small golden spark of light moving about in the sky, like a hyperactive shooting star.

"Aww man… now I know how everyone felt when I was up there with Shadow…" Sonic said, tensing up and watching impatiently.

"Don't you have faith in Shadow?" Rouge asked. Sonic smiled nervously.

"Well… I'm kinda worried for 'im," he said. "I think he's tried to move that comet himself… and it's huge."

"He can do it!" Rouge argued. "He's Shadow!"

"The Shadow that 'died' last time he was in his super form," Sonic pointed out. Rouge looked worried.

"I hope he's okay."

There was an explosion in the sky.


Shadow collapsed onto the floor, jet black again. The chaos emeralds were in the eclipse cannon. Shadow heard the sound of a large blast, the cannon had fired.

"I… I hope Black Doom was… still in that comet…" Shadow said as he sunk from his hands and knees. He flipped over onto this back and looked up at the ceiling… it began fading.


Sonic and Co ran into the Eclipse cannon control room.

"He must be in here!" Rouge called out frantically. Then she saw him. Shadow, on the floor. Eyes closed. Not moving. Rouge's heart wrenched when she noticed that not even Shadow's chest was moving up and down. He wasn't breathing. Rouge ran over to him, dropped to her knees and began shaking him. He didn't wake up. "Shadow! Please!"

Eggman walked up behind her.

"This is what he did last time, when I found him. It took him a short while to wake up," Eggman said.

"And then what?" Rouge asked.

"I put him into stasis before he was aware of anything," Eggman said. Rouge grit her teeth, swung around and hit Eggman. The scientist stumbled backwards.

"Is that all you Robotnik's do to him!? Freeze him until her can serve you better!?" Rouge yelled.

"Woah, calm down," Sonic ran over and stepped between them.

Rouge turned and looked at the control panel.

"The Chaos Emeralds. Maybe they'll do something," she said. Then she flew up towards them. She tried to grab one, but as soon as she touched it, all of them disappeared.

Rouge gasped.

"They've powered a superform. They need time to recharge," Sonic said. "We can find them again if we need to."


The group turned and looked at Shadow. He was stirring. He scrunched his eyes tight as he winced and took in a sharp breath of air.

"Shadow!" Rouge cried out and ran to him.

Shadow didn't respond, he just continued groaning and gasping in pain.

"My head… it…" He pushed his palms into the side of his skull; it helped to alleviate some of splitting pain that was pulsing through his brain. He sat up and the lids of his eyes slowly opened. He looked at Rouge, but instead of acknowledging her presence, he seemed to look straight through her.

"Shadow!" Rouge said and grabbed the hedgehog's shoulder.

"A shadow? Where?" Shadow rasped and looked around the room with tired eyes. "W-where am I?"

"The ARK."

Shadow shook his head slightly, as if that meant nothing to him.

"Shadow…" Rouge said, worriedly. Shadow looked around the room again.

"Where…? Why are you…?"

"No. Shadow is your name!" Rouge cried out. Tears made her eyes sting.

"Shadow? That's not my name… my name is-" He stopped, then looked down whilst searching his mind for an answer.

"Your name is Shadow," Rouge said and squeezed Shadow's shoulder supportively. "And you… are a cure."

Shadow looked at Rouge with soft, inspired eyes.