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Young Justice-

"A cowboy rode into town on Friday. He stayed in town for three days and rode out on Friday. How is this possible?" Robin read. He looked up, excited. "Ooh! I know I heard this one before! On Google+, I think, where someone posted it and everybody tried guessing because the prize for if you were the first person who did guess the answer right was two tickets to Coachella. And I won! So Batman and I went."

"Lucky," Wally muttered. "I don't have a personal Google account other than my school one."

"So you know the answer?" Artemis pressed Robin. Robin frowned and chuckled nervously.

"Well, you see… I don't remember, because it was a few years ago…" he mumbled.

"But you remember that you got Coachella tickets from it?"

Robin scowled and was about to answer when suddenly there was darkness that covered the Team's eyes. "What the heck?" the Boy Wonder yelled instead, his eyes rapidly blinking under his mask. "This is so not asterous!"

"Stop slaughtering the English language!" A voice came from his left. Wally. Of course. Then the darkness lifted and everybody could see again.

"We are all here. But what has happened?" Kaldur asked after quickly glancing around to see if any of the Team had disappeared. None did.

"Whoa, where am I?" Everybody whirled around at the question and gave gasps of surprise when their eyes landed on Red Arrow. His found them in turn, and they widened, taken aback.

"Roy, my bro!" Wally ran to Spee - sorry, Red Arrow's side in a flash (hehe…). "What are you doing here?"

Artemis rolled her eyes in annoyance. "Obviously the ROBINFAN-TeenTitans person brought him here… How else?" Wally flushed a deep red but turned to hug Red Arrow, who looked confused. "Oh wait… a note." She reached for the paper, but Connor got ahold of it first.

"Sorry, my name isn't ROBINFAN-TeenTitans anymore. It's iLovemyRobins now," Connor read. "Robins? With a 's'? There's more than one Robin?"

"Eh. Hey, Roy! Don't forget about me!" Robin leaped over and threw his arms around the other two, although his arms weren't long enough and instead they only reached halfway across on both sides.

"Why are they hugging?" M'gann asked Artemis, who shook her head in reply.

"They're having a bromo, I guess."

"What is a bromo? Is it like… a group hug for only the 'bros'?"

"No, it's kind of like a moment you have as bros, and right now they're having one where they all hug in welcome." Artemis inwardly snorted as she watched the boys hug each other. Finally she couldn't take watching more cuddling. "Okay," she snapped. "Are we going to do this all day? Or are we going to complete this stupid riddle thing so that we can watch Robin's future? I can't wait to see what happens… hehe."

All three boys broke apart. "Uh, sorry. But, tell me what happened?" Red Arrow said. The Team explained to him, and he slowly nodded in understanding.

"So, we are solving riddles just so we can watch Robin's future," he repeated when they were finished.

"Yeah." Wally nodded enthusiastically. He speeded over to the note and showed it to Roy.

"A cowboy rode into town on Friday. He stayed in town for three days and rode out on Friday. How is this possible?" Red Arrow read aloud. He frowned. "Friday? As in, the day of the week? Isn't that also a name?"

Robin, slightly disappointed that Roy thought of that first, suddenly grasped onto an idea of some sort of answer. "A name! And a cowboy, riding on Friday…" He snapped his fingers excitedly and a teeny bit upset that he hadn't thought of it earlier. "A horse! The horse that the cowboy was riding on; it's name is Friday! That's how it's possible! Because it's not like he changed his horse's name to Monday after three days of rest in the same town each day."

"Ah," Aqualad said. "Do we all agree that this answer is correct?"

"Aye," was heard from all over the plain room.

"What would we do without you, Speedy!" Wally yelled dramatically, launching himself at Red Arrow for another hug. "We would have probably died in a very food-less room!"

"My name's Red Arrow," Roy snapped. "And no food? What're you talking about, are you blind? There's Carl's Jr. cheeseburgers and some Starbucks drinks behind you."

"WHAT?!" Everybody whirled around to see the mentioned food on a solitary folding table. There were different kinds of burgers and Starbucks drinks just like Roy had mentioned, and there were even some fries and chips.

"I call the Western Bacon Cheeseburger!" Robin shouted, leapfrogging over Red Arrow to grab a rather large burger packaged in black-and-white paper with the Carl's Jr. logo on it. (This is actually my favorite burger. :D *drools*) He opened it and breathed in the heavenly scent of BBQ sauce and more. "I love these things."

"I want all the Super Stars with cheese!" Wally screamed next, and soon the entire Team and Red Arrow were grabbing burgers and drinks.

"This is the perfect lunch ever," Artemis sighed happily, looking at her Teriyaki burger with a Green Tea Crème Frappuccino® Blended Crème. (Btw, obviously, I do not own Carl's Jr. or Starbucks, which is a shame, 'cuz COFFEE! BURGERS! HAPPINESS! I also had to google these places' menus because I wasn't completely sure of the food items' names. Lol.) It was seldom that she had such luxurious foods - besides at the Cave - with the limited amount of money that she and her mom had. She'd learned to enjoy it whenever she could.

"Yes, this is delicious!" M'gann agreed as she sipped her own Double Chocolaty Chip Crème Frappuccino® Blended Crème. She clutched a Grilled Steak Burrito and was blissfully staring at it with anticipation glistening in her amber eyes.

Robin smirked at them around his Midnight Mint Mocha Frappuccino® Blended Crème. (This is my most FAVORITE Starbucks drink ever… u) Wally just ignored them all as he devoured his seventh Super Star, and three empty cups that once held Caramel Cocoa Cluster Frappuccino® Blended Coffees were carelessly rolling around his feet; which he ignored.

It was only ten minutes later when they were almost done with their food that Kid Flash noticed a note beneath his ever-growing collection of Starbucks beverage cups, which had grown to a pile of around twelve cups. "There's a note!" He plunged his hand into the messy pile and pulled out the slip of paper that was still somehow miraculously clean. Wally skimmed the notes at a speedster's pace and then reported, "We got the question right, and the meal was our 'reward of some kind because I don't know what else to give a hungry speedster and his Team'." Wally made air quotes to accompany his last words with one hand as he quoted directly from the note.

"These riddles are kinda easy compared to the ones the Riddler gives Bats and I," Robin admitted as he dutifully stuffed his burger wrap into his Starbucks cup to throw it away as one item. "The Riddler gives really hard riddles, but I'm used to them now."

"I wonder what your future will be like," Red Arrow wondered out loud, peering closely at Robin through the lenses of his domino mask.

"Yeah, like will you pull a Red Arrow or something?" Wally asked seriously, although he shot a playful look at Roy.

"You little!" Roy jumped onto Wally in a harsh tackle and the Team laughed as the two redheads began wrestling on the ground, the older boy obviously winning against the younger.

But Robin was not really paying attention. But will I really? Robin thought to himself. Is Wally right? Will I actually ditch them like Red Arrow did with us?

(He had no idea how right Wally was, even though the ginger was unaware of it.)

Behind the teen vigilantes, a glowing W burned itself into the floor next to the 7 and A.

(So I realized that I made Aqualad kind of OOC. I've made him more formal now.)

Teen Titans-

"A cowboy riding into town on Friday…" Robin said slowly.

"Friday? Do you know what that reminds me of?" Beast Boy said excitedly. But when the Titans looked at him with hope that he'd gotten an answer, he burst into song. "TODAY IS FRIDAY, FRIDAY, FRIDAY - "

Suddenly a clawed hand formed with dark magic wound itself around Beast Boy's face to cover his mouth. "Shut up," Raven growled.

"Such a killjoy," Beast Boy muttered as the black energy swept back towards Raven.

"So who has the real idea of an answer?" Starfire asked the others.

"I feel like I should know this, and it's at the tip of my tongue. But I just can't find myself saying it. Ugh, I hate that feeling." Cyborg groaned into the metal crook of his arm.

"I could read your mind," Raven offered to him monotonously yet seriously, "And find the answer to the riddle."

"Yeah, could she?" Robin stared into Cyborg's eyes - the one real one and the other a bionic red - with a small air of pleading around him. Cyborg could almost see the puppy dog eyes the younger teen was probably giving him behind the mask, which was totally out of character for the normally strict and no-nonsense leader. But how could Cyborg say no with those hidden, but still obviously begging eyes?

"Fine," he said with his hands held up. "But only her in there. I don't want you guys looking into my private life because of… well, personal reasons."

"But - " Beast Boy tried, and Starfire interrupted him.

"Of course, friend Cyborg! We shall respect your wishes!" She pulled Robin and Beast Boy to the side and happily gestured for Raven to go ahead with the mind reading process.

"Yes, we will wait," Robin said, trying to regain his posture. He straightened up as high as he could - which wasn't very high, unfortunately - and also waved a hand at Raven to proceed.

"Alright. Are you ready, Cyborg?" Raven asked, delicate, pale long fingers hovering near Cyborg's forehead, ready to begin the mind reading.

Cyborg nodded and closed his eyes to brace himself. "Yeah."

Raven's eyes glowed as she set her fingertips gently against the skin/metal of Cyborg's forehead and soon both were deathly still.

The other Titans waited.

And waited.

And waited.

And -

"How long does reading a mind for a simple answer to a riddle take?" Beast Boy demanded. He was getting incredibly bored and dare he say it, he was beginning to crave some pizza right now.

Robin seemed to be ignoring him though.

"Robin! Dude! Are you listenin - " Suddenly blackness filled the white room and the young heroes were all but blind. "Seriously, is this Cut-Beast-Boy-off Day? Every time I try to say something, someone or something interrupts me! Dudes! Not funny!"

"Beast Boy, this is serious. Something bad could be happening right now," Robin said sternly. "Can either of you create light?"

There were some noises, but no light.

"Fried Robin, Friend Beast Boy, I have created a starbolt around my fist, but nothing has happened. There is no light being created!" Starfire exclaimed.

"Same here, dude. I'm a tiny firefly right now and my butt is not lighting up." Beast Boy's annoyed voice wafted through the air. "I mean, usually my butt lights up when I clench that one muscle, but it's not working - "

"Too much information, BB." Robin winced at the idea of clenching a muscle in your butt to create light. "So now we know that light doesn't work, and both Raven and Cyborg are still under. What the heck's happening!"

"There you go again, interrupting me," Beast Boy muttered, when the light turned back on again. "Dudes, hallelujah! We can see again! No more butts needing to be lit up! Gosh, my butt sure was getting sore and tired…"

Robin really wanted to cut the changeling off again because TMI again, but Beast Boy was right. Everybody really was cutting his sentences off today, so he'd decided to let him complete his sentences for once, unless he began singing annoying songs again…


The three Titans that were still fully, 100% functioning turned to see Speedy with his back to them, staring around in confusion.

"Friend Speedy!" Starfire called happily. "You are here as well!"

Speedy whirled around, hand creeping to his bow and an arrow, but relaxed when he saw the familiar heroes and let his arms fall to his sides. "Oh, hey, guys! Where's here, though?" Then he caught sight of Raven and Cyborg, still under with Raven still holding the larger male's head. "What're they doing? Is Raven feeling him up or something?"

Beast Boy gagged at that sentence while Robin and Starfire explained to Speedy where 'here' was and what they were doing.

"So we are solving riddles to watch Robin's past, which I was a part of. And Raven is not feeling Cyborg up or anything, but is instead reading his mind to find the answer to the riddle," Speedy repeated slowly. "Is that right?"

"That's correct," Robin informed him.

"Then why is there pizza and soda over there?"

"Excuse me?"

"Over there."

Speedy was right. There was Northwood Pizza and some Cherry Coca Cola vanilla ice cream floats. (You can get Cherry Coca Cola vanilla ice cream floats at the Coca Cola store in Las Vegas, where I just had vacation at, near the M&M store on the Las Vegas Strip. It's really good… :3 I also do not own Northwood Pizza or Coca Cola products of any kind.) The pizzas included Northwood Special, Chicken Delight, White Pizza, and Meat Eater. Among the Cherry Coca Cola floats was also Sprite, normal Coca Cola, and some orange Fanta.

"Heaven~!" Beast Boy whooped, carefully avoiding the Meat Eater pizza, and grabbed a White Pizza slice as it didn't have any meat on it. He also grabbed a Sprite and a Cherry Coca Cola float. "I think I'm going to enjoy this… a lot."

"Okay. That wasn't there before," said Robin, still processing the fact that there was food and a certain Roy Harper in the plain room so suddenly. "Well, I guess we're going to eat while we wait for Raven and Cyborg."

"Oh, let's!" Starfire squealed and grabbed many different pizza slices - needing to fill up her nine Tamaranean stomachs - and began squirting mustard from a bottle that appeared out of the blue all over her pizza. She also began guzzling down orange Fanta and snatched a couple Cherry Coca Cola floats. "This is the most delicious, Friends Beast Boy, Robin, and Speedy!" She sat on the floor next to Beast Boy and began to eat her massive meal.

The two remaining Titans that weren't eating glanced at each other, and then shrugged.

"Why not?" Speedy said.

So the two also got some pizza, and a minute later they were settling down next to Starfire and Beast Boy enjoying the food and drinks.

Suddenly Raven and Cyborg lurched back to the land of the living.

"Friends, you are done?" Starfire asked, on her ninth Northwood Special pizza slice.

"Yea - wait, you guys are enjoying pizza without me? I feel betrayed!" Cyborg lumbered hastily towards the pizza and began filling himself up. "Oh, hi Speedy."


Raven merely sighed but also approached the other Titans. "The answer's that Friday is a horse's name. That's how it's possible." Then she also began nibbling on a slice of Chicken Delight pizza (my favorite pizza of all).

"Okay. So is it right?" Robin said, and the Titans ceased their eating to look at where the 7 and A were on the ground; the first digits of the alphanumerical password to the TV.

A calligraphic W etched itself slowly into the ground, and blazed with light before fading to look the same as the two other digits.

"So it is right. Now, pizza party!"

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