The next day, Lionblaze was, of course, the first to wake up. At least, he thought he was, until he saw Anakin had woken up before him.

"This isn't possible!" shouted Lionblaze. "I'm always the first to get up!"

"Actually that's not true," said Jayfeather, who had also woken up before Lionblaze, "you're always the last to get up."

"What?!" said the very confused Lionblaze, who had thought his awesome self always got up early.

"Anyway, what's for breakfast?" asked Jayfeather.

"Ice cream?" Anakin asked hopefully.

"Absolutely not!" said Lionblaze, taking out his backpack. "I have brought food for us to have for breakfast, lunch and dinner!"

Anakin stared at Lionblaze with disgust as he pulled vegetables out of his backpack.

"That's for breakfast?!" asked Anakin, looking at the broccoli in horror.

"I can't help it! It was Jayfeather's idea!" exclaimed Lionblaze.

Jayfeather smiled evilly, "I just love torturing little kids."

"What?!" said Lionblaze.


"Well, anyway, we can't eat broccoli for breakfast, unless that's some weird thing they do here, which I doubt. So what do we do now?"

"We could order pizza!" suggested Anakin.

"Not for breakfast!" said Lionblaze.

"Why do kids always want pizza? And ice cream. Seriously?!" said Jayfeather (Jayfeather doesn't like kids.)

"Because it's good, Mr. Blind Guy," said Anakin.

"I'm going to the store!" Lionblaze announced suddenly.

"But we're not allowed to leave the house." Jayfeather stated uncaringly.

"Yeah, but we can't let ourselves or Anakin starve, so I have no choice," said Lionblaze, wiping away a tear.

"Um, okaaaay," said Jayfeather, who was very sure there would be food in the fridge.

But Lionblaze didn't think of that, so he went out to go shopping.

Lionblaze walked around looking for a store, but apparently, all the stores on Tatooine (which is, like, one) only sell bananas.

Lionblaze was very shocked at this fact and since he had no choice, he bought some bananas. Or at least he was going to, until he realized he didn't bring his wallet (which only had like $1).

"Omg, I am so sorry!" he said to the checkout lady. "I have no money!"

"Well, then you can't buy bananas, imbecile!" she said. "So leave."

"But I'm babysitting a kid who doesn't have any food, and we're starving to death! And I'm awesome so I should get bananas for free!" Lionblaze said.

The lady thought for a moment.

"How many bananas do you need?" she asked.

Lionblaze scratched his head, thinking, "Well, there are three of us so. . Um.."

"Three." she said and gave him three bananas. "One for each of you."

"Yay!" said Lionblaze and he ran back to Anakin's house.

"Hey guys, I'm back and I brought bananas!" said Lionblaze, out of breath from running all that way.

But then he saw that they already had bananas, and pancakes too!

"What the how?!" shouted Lionblaze.

"There were bananas and pancake mix in the kitchen," explained Jayfeather, "you should have checked there first."

"Oh," said Lionblaze.

"But it was funny to see you run around like that," said Anakin.

"What do you mean?"

"Well, most of the time you were running around in circles," said Jayfeather.

"Oh," Lionblaze said again.

Then Lionblaze sat down at the table and ate his pancakes.

To be continued...