Chapter 10: Time

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The harsh earth was baked with an intense wave of heat, emanating from the star we call a sun. The wind carried with it dry grass and dead seeds, buffeting any living creature. It was a silent place, even the animals were quiet, and they could feel it in their cores. Something big was coming, the Kchuc were preparing to hide away. Their innate connection with nature synchronized the fear of mother earth in their hearts. All but one that is, the courage of a certain hopeless four year old had rubbed off on her. Fill-A gathered supplies as they had been required. Hunt was to be ceased until further notice, she didn't understand why. Their elder had spoken of unity and solidarity towards mother earth in her time of need. What could put her at risk though? Fill-A could not understand. Was it to do with Gohan? Context would point it so, a strange boy with a tail and inhuman power? Could something like that be what caused this? She recalled that a few days after Gohan had mysteriously departed their seer, she had prophesized a great cataclysm, and it was to be soon. She talked about other worldly visitors and of great apes, much like Gohan.

Fill-A was a little irked at the thought of them hiding, instead of fighting for their mother, they were a powerful people after all. One of the oldest civilizations of planet earth and the closets to it. They could practically bend the elements to their will, she disliked the cowardice in the mentality of passivity. Later that night in the sky, she could spot flashes of light just over the horizon, soon followed by a strong push. These had become a lot more common after her friend disappeared. She had to return inside for the night, but now she was curious as to what was beyond the horizon, could it be heroes preparing to defend earth? Like Gohan's dad

The ground moistened as it dripped, sweat diffused from the skin and into the world, the scattered pattern of darkened dirt was a familiar visage. A strong blow from the sensei caused a quick evacuation of the lungs and the stomach. Diaphragm in overdrive but no air ever filled the lungs. Seconds of breathless hell enveloped and subdued, finally after an eternity a gasp, the chest expanding and inflating the breathing organs. Arko collapsed clutching at her small stomach, Tien had become incredibly brutal over the past two months. She imagined it to be a sort of muscle memory, she could see now, why her father could never properly train her or Gohan. Arko was in the middle of realizing how much she loved to breathe, while Tien approached ready to win the match. "Goku never really prepared you for the pain of combat did him? Of course not, were he alive, you and Gohan could have lived a much different year" he chuckled much to her chagrin. All she could do was groan, but even then the four year old staggered to her feet. "One… more time" she spoke dividing into three and rushing at Tien. He simply smirked and readied himself.

Arko had progressed fairly well, she had mastered the Multi-Form, Dodon Ray, and even the Kikou-Ho. Even if the latter was just an early and underdeveloped version of it, he was a little curious about the green tint in it however. At this point they were simply going over tactics and more practical hand to hand approach. One could not always rely on Ki to win every battle, and a strong body was just as good as a strong mind. He did feel sorry about hurting the girl so much. It was obvious her heritage was the only thing keeping her up at the moment. It kept her coming, always innovating her offence and keeping him on his toes.

Her attacks grew more ferocious the closer she got to him, the more she got behind his guard. Was this pride in his pupil? She had yet to lay a hand on him however. That was the whole point of this exercise, she needed to combine all the techniques she learned over time, and at the moment there was three Arkos one was locked in close quarter combat with himself. The second was firing a very tight loop of Dodon Ray, and the last was charging the Kikou-ho. The sequence had fallen into a pattern, and Tien was caught in blocking and dodging. His only concern was the Tri-Beam, he knew the effects of that. Arko smirked, she cut the Ki flow to her doubles and they faded into the Tri-Beam. "Fire!" she shouted.

A green diamond zoomed towards Tien at a faster speed than he himself had not mustered. It was of course too slow, he jumped back. The resulting explosion was greater than he could have predicted, the destructive power of it all was astounding. He had to brace himself. Suddenly as the smoke cleared and he shook the shockwave something dropped on his shoulders "Haha! Baka Sensei! I tricked you!" she shouted happily losing a Ki blast on Tien face.

"You increased to three copies?!" he exclaimed excited "I win! Sensei is so slow!" she bragged dancing circles around him. "Well done Arko, there isn't much to teach you now" he said confidently. Hardly faced by the Ki blast. "Now we just keep practicing"

His face was throbbing, no longer was it a smooth surface, hell even his mother could not recognize him. Rough and worn, jaded with lumps, blood dripping from his busted lip. Gohan struggled to stay up, he was sparring with Piccolo, but unlike other times there was a catch. Piccolo had sent hundreds of Ki blast into the sky, they would be raining down periodically during the match. They were locked into the child's Ki signature. Gohan had done an amazing job, even landing a few strong hits. Piccolo could not lie, he resented them. The kid had grown pretty strong, vicious on the offensive, smart and aware of his surroundings. This was the kid's final exam so to speak. Under Piccolo's tutelage Gohan had learned a few different styles and mastered the basics of KI, learning a few tactical uses for it too. He was decent in the weaponization of Ki, but Piccolo felt that was not where the kid excelled.

Gohan swung his fist at Piccolo hard and connected once again. However it seemed Piccolo was expecting that, since he was smiling. The poor kid's wrist was locked in Piccolos iron grip, crushing it slowly. He was pulled in, colliding with the Namekian's head. His vision fuzzed "Ah!" His scream was caught short, a devastating blow to his solar plexus silenced him. With one move he had been slammed into the ground, breaking it apart. Gohan had been officially suffocated, all he could see was the night sky, and what seemed to stars getting bigger. Ten Ki blast descended simultaneously detonating on his body. Even then battered and brusied he stood. That could be really useful in combat, I should learn that "Get up Gohan! You did well, but we still need to work on your reflexes, you need to dodge"

"Sensei! I have learned everything else, can we just let this dodging thing go?" he asked whining "No!" shouted Piccolo throwing a ki blast his way, which Gohan dodged out of instinct "Just stay out of your head and you will be fine" Piccolo advised before bringing up something he had been wanting too for a while "Gohan there is something I wanna try, I have noticed this with your Ki, and I believe you can multi-task with it" Gohan looked at his sensei processing what he had just said "So you think I could do two things at once with it?" Piccolo simply nodded "Let's try something, I want you to charge the Special Beam Cannon, and when I try to attack you, fire a ki blast" it was simple. Gohan assumed the position, index and middle finger on his forehead, blue ki sparked to life. Gohan held his focus there, but seeing the incoming Piccolo forced him to split it. Half of it was on the growing mass of Ki on his forehead and the other on his sensei.

Piccolo connected his fist on Gohan's jaw, but not before a Ki blast exploded on his chest…

Well looks like this kid is a prodigy