Chapter 12: Invasion

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The smirk on his face was chilling, the taller of the two Saiyajins had a brutal love for decimation. The action was reckless however, a dragon ball could have been caught in the blast. The shorter Saiyajin scolded him for that, but soon after took into the air, using his scouter to search for the planets defense line. Someone on this rock, could give Raditz a fight, granted he was a weakling, but a Saiyajin none the less. As the got closer to cruising speed, the spiky haired Saiyajin's scouter picked up a couple of signatures behind them, and getting closer. They were however pathetic, and in due time he spotted an airplane on his peripheral. It was much akin to a fighter jet, so this was the homegrown talent. A cold smile appeared on both their faces, they were craving a little action, and so after the opening shots were fired on them, the two began their assault.

Fifteen minutes earlier

The control room is silent as on screen two spacecraft break into the atmosphere with ease and appear to take no damage. A man at the console is quick with the calculation of the arriving coordinates, trying to beat them there. However they are traveling far too fast, before an accurate read can be made. The feed shifts fast, as the camera system are rigged to all be connected. They are also capable of filtering through keywords and sounds. The arrival of them triggering the system to switch the feeds, the angle is high enough to clear the crater, in time to see the two exit. "General? Are you seeing this?" asks a man controlling the cameras.

"Yes… what are they here for?"

At that time they hear the taller of the two shout and raise his hand into the air. Before the feeds flashes white and then the transmission drops, leaving only the annoying sound of static. "Have an air squadron patrol the area, they are to shoot on sight, these two cannot be allowed to roam freely" The general commands with everyone scrambling to relay orders. They were facing an invasion, and a powerful one at that. Far out in the sea an Aircraft Carrier prepares to launch two pilots for reconnaissance

"You have the greenlight for takeoff" says a voice on their communication device, prompting the pilots to take off in succession. With their jets reaching incredible speeds the pair should arrive soon "You really think they are aliens?" asked one pilot into the mic of his head set "Could be, but whatever they are, they can't just show up here and nuke a small city" the other replied.

Not long after their brief conversation they had found themselves at the crash site, only to relay back with information "Sir, its gone, there is nothing left but ash and rubble, no signs of survivors either" he reported back shocked at the destruction he was witnessing. There was just a hole, were a city had been before. The visor on their helmets was also wired into the camera network, for situations like these, so he switched it on. The people at the command center were appalled, the invaders had been here no more than ten minutes. "Sir I have the sons of bitches in my sights, raining hell on the bastards now!" shouted one of the pilots and the other began as well.

Much to the surprise of everyone when the smoke cleared and the targets were not only unharmed but smiling, did they understand how useless it all had been.

The shorter one mocked one pilot and goaded him into racing after the Saiyajin, for a while the two were neck and neck. Usually with the Saiyajin pulling ahead, until he grew bored and accelerated far beyond the top speed of the aircraft. He was gone into the horizon before long "Sir I think I scared…"

A deafening boom filled the ear of said pilot, as glass from the windshield surrounding the cock pit shattered. Metal twisted out of place and bend under the immense force applied on it. Flashing lights riddled the console of the now falling vehicle. Turning to look ahead, there was the Saiyajin, with a blood curding smile. A dead look in his eyes, as he looked into the visor. Hands outstretched just underneath, gripping tightly until the man's windpipe had cracked with a hollow and nasty sound. The perspective tilted to the side as the lifeless body limped. Once again another hand gripped the helmet and blackened the screen, with only a high pressure warning flashing on and off. The red counter going haywire measuring the PSI, until finally it gave out and cut to static. Blood and brains spattered all over the trashed jet. He turned to see the bald and taller Saiyajin simply opt for splitting his assailant's vehicle in half and letting it explode.

The brute spoke "That was fun Vageta"

"You said it Nappa" replied Vageta still hunting for the ones who knew of the Dragon Balls.

Krillen had too finished his training earlier than usual, since he and Yamcha had been enlisted to hunt the Dragon Balls down, in order to revive Goku and hopefully fight off the Saiyajins, but it wasn't until a few days after the seventh and last ball had been gathered that something caught his attention. The sudden appearance of two daunting signatures, coming to earth. Yamcha being there as well, was on high alert. The two the rushed out to meet Tien and Piccolo. Yamcha had yet to trust the Namekian, but at the moment the earth was more important. Especially after the events that took place on that fighter jet, these two were monsters. Krillen and Yamcha had improved since the last year, both confident that they could at the very least not be a burden to the rest of the team. Six two if which were children, not even five yet. That was some front line thought Krillen as the two sped up. They had no time to waste the fight was here and the whole world in danger.

Soon they had found the remaining four members, each looking paler than the next, the shock was slowly fading "Gohan, Arko would you snap out of it!" shouted Piccolo, he was back to his drill sergeant mode "The enemy is here, we need to be on our toes, ready for anything!" he shouted making the two young ones stand up straight. "Those two are complete and utter monsters, they destroyed and entire city and killed two more. They haven't even been here an hour" Said Yamcha standing next to Tien and Krillen approached the younger ones. "Gohan, I can feel that you have gotten stronger, and Arko you as well" he complimented the kids "If you two are anything like your old man, we will need you" he said joking.

Piccolo prepared to send the invitation, it was better than having them run around and destroy city after city. His Ki spiked enough to alert the scouters of his presence. All they had to do now was wait. An entire year had lead up to this moment, and they could only hope that they were ready. The feeling of dread was strong, but inside them all was a dragon soul ready to fight despite the odds. They would defend their home to their last breath. "Get ready here they come!"

Beyond the human realm was the coveted heaven, where one would be judge by King Yemma and be either granted access to heaven or sentenced to hell. Beyond that laid the Snake Way a road of million miles that was shaped like a snake, hence the name. Few were ever given the opportunity to run this track and even fewer making it to the end. Goku being amongst those, the task had been grueling and tasking. Exhaustion had set in countless times, and he even fell off once on his journey. Never the less he had finished the journey that began with a single step, and was trained by the great King Kai, he was now running the one million miles back. His friends had wished Goku back and all he needed now was to arrive on earth

Vageta and Nappa descended on the barren wasteland that was their battlefield, by his part he was glad all this hunting around was over. He looked over at their opposition, by his count there was three humans, two infant Saiyajins, and a Namekian. Something was missing. "I thought there was an adult Saiyajin here as well, where is he?" asked Vageta.

"He will be joining us soon, I'm afraid that until then we will have to do" Piccolo spoke with confidence Vageta simply chuckled. As a Saiyajin he enjoyed a challenge, and this Namekian was looking for one. "I suppose you are correct, but we don't just fight anyone" he said laughing "Nappa the Saibamen" he snapped as Nappa planted and watered the seeds. Before long from the seeds spawned little green men. "Let the cream rise to the top, then we talk about fighting" he cackled.

"Who will fight them first?" asked Vageta

"I will!" Called out Yamcha stepping out and waiting for the miniature men to do the same