Chapter 2: A year Later

A/N: Quick note, as I stated in the summary, the destruction of planet Vageta was pushed back just a little before the beginning of DBZ. Everything will play out the same until the Cell Games, after that I will start to deviate from cannon. Disclaimer I do not own DBZ or any of the characters presented thus far.

A year had passed since Arko had been taken in by the Son family and the mega powerful toddler was fitting right in. Even as young as she was the Saiyajin blood in her veins pumped hot and strong. Goku had taken to training his children on Saturday and Sunday afternoons, it became clear to the Earth raised Saiyajin who of the two was the better fighter. It was worth noting that while Arko was stronger and a natural fighter, her progress was much slower than Gohan's. Even with the sizeable lead she had on his son, with these rates, with proper training Gohan could match her and then some. However at the moment Arko was moping the floor with Gohan, he could hardly put his hands up. To her credit Arko was holding back enough to not scar her brother's face. Gohan stood up and took the stance his father had taught him.

"That's good hustle son, and Arko good job on restraining yourself, okay now Arko you are free to go." Goku said with a smile at his adoptive daughter. Who in turn looked at Gohan and stuck her tongue out, she was making all kinds of grimaces at him. She was happy after being praised by her father, but she could tell that as strong as she was there was something hindering her. She shook off the thought and headed home, where Chi-Chi had food ready. Gohan looked up at his father a little defeated, he'd been beaten by a girl and his sister no less.

"Okay son, the wager was a ten mile hike, with the 40 kilo turtle shell" he said a little solemn, he didn't like to be this hard on Gohan, but he knew that there was a lot of ground for him to cover. "I will be following closely behind, in case anything happens" Gohan nodded "Alright dad". Gohan trudged his way up the mountain that was sitting behind them, he was going up to half and back. A 20-mile hike up and down, he was daunted by the task, but much rather it than all those books his mother would have him read. He liked studying but it could be a little much, and now he thought the same about his father's training.

In a far off wasteland the green son of the demon lord Piccolo, Ma Junior. However he went with Piccolo. The green skinned warrior was training as a warrior should, when something disturbed the peace of his home. His senses told him to prepare himself, a strong power level was coming this way. He pursued the unknown level to a crash site. A metallic pod resided in the crater, the pod hissed open. Piccolo could feel himself being overwhelmed by this new entity. Fear itself flowed out of the ajar pod, a strong muscular leg materialized and was followed by another. Out stepped a man dressed in some peculiar armor, quickly he tapped the device on his head. He looked up at the green skinned warrior and saw his power level. "A Namekian? In this backwater planet? You're not who I'm looking for, step aside" said the invader as he shot upwards. Piccolo was left baffled. Raditz used his scouter to once again to scan for a power level akin to a saiyajin. When a malfunction surely caught his attention "10,650" he scuffed this planet wasn't nearly that strong. Then a power level of around three hundred caught his eye. This was certainly a Saiyajin, he flew full speed ahead.

In the mountain Gohan was struggling to move another step, he was halfway done but the weight was getting to be too much. Goku was quickly at his son's side, he kneeled on the graveled path. A strong hand gripped the heavy shell and lifted off his sons back "You did great Gohan, I think it's time we head back home, I'm hungry" he laughed rubbing his stomach, when suddenly he flinched someone was approaching fast. It was too late, Raditz now hovered over the mountain and would soon found the pair with his scouter. He looked down and smiled, this had to be him, Kakarot. "I see you have failed to exterminate this planets population. It isn't that pressing a matter now that Vageta-sei has been destroyed. It's more important to gather the remaining saiyajins." Goku looked at this man like he had grown another head. What was he going on about and what was a Saiyajin? " Excuse, but what are you talking about? Why would I exterminate the people of Earth?" he asked dropping his nonchalant tone. This person was strong and whats was even more important Gohan was here, vulnerable. Down the mountain Arko had gotten curious as to what was delaying her father and brother in that mountain. Even if Gohan was that weak, her father could just rush him down. Something wasn't right, her gut just told her so. It was either that or she had eaten too much, she began her trek up.

"You don't remember do you Kakkarot? The reason you were send here to this rock? It must have been thirty years ago, even for low class scum such as yourself it's more than enough time. You were sent here to eradicate the planets life forms, but I suppose you might have suffered head trauma" he paused and looked at the child next to his brothers leg, he had a tail, it was another saiyajin, well at least a halve breed. "It seems you chose to fraternize and procreate with its population, so listen here baby brother, do I have a deal for you. There is something big coming and I need all the Saiyajins I can gather. I can sense your son would make a great soldier. So I'll take him now" he sped past Goku, driving a fist into his stomach "and I will task you with killing 100 inhabitants of this planet, if you don't I kill your son. You have three hours" and with that Raditz flew away carrying his nephew. Arko managed to reach them, not in time however, she only saw her father (adoptive) clutching the ground. He was gasping and coughing up blood, who could have hurt him like that? He could take her punches, even if he did say she wasn't hitting him right. Goku looked up at his adoptive daughter and had alarm on his face. " Tell your mother that Gohan and I went to Bulmas for a while, she would freak out if she knew" he stood up and called nimbus over to himself. After that he left to capsule corp. He would borrow the radar and track Gohan through the 4 star ball. Bulma was reluctant at first, skeptical would be the word. She didn't beneath Goku to borrow the radar and ask for a silly wish. She relented after hearing what had happened and then seeing the panic in her old friends face. Goku left in a hurry leaving west city in his dust, and much to his surprise Piccolo had joined hadn't said a word. He was coming to get his son, and he would need all the help he could get.