Summary- Harry made a huge mistake at the end of his second year. One that followed him through the years stealing nearly everything from him. But what happens when Harry is given a chance to get it all back? A chance Harry quickly takes. However not everything turns out like Harry would have expected it to. Now how will Harry deal with being in the world of the Walking dead, even if being there did give him back what he lost? Will he find it worth it? Or will he attempt to go back to the world he was in before even when he knows what is waiting for him there?

Disclaimer- I do not own Harry Potter, or the Walking dead.


Harry stared at the veil in front of him of him, with a chillingly dead look clearly reflecting out of his hollow eyes. There wasn't a single emotion to be seen in the empty gaze Harry was giving the shroud arch in front of him.

As his eyes, that now looked more, dark grey then the emerald green color they actually were. As he looked in the thing that was possible the only thing that could change his life from what it currently was. Making it seem as if the lack of emotion he now had, had literally drained the color out of them; along with all hope he had had with it.

Sadly, this was the same stare that had been seen on Harry's face since he had turned twelve years old. Which was around the time Dumbledore had decided that it would be best to "train" him for the future he knew was coming.

In fact, most people had actually forgotten Harry originally had amazing green eyes that used to literally shine with such brilliant emotions. That he used to smile so brightly it would light up a room, and that Harry used to be so friendly he'd give the shirt off his back to help someone in need. Instead of the almost robotic like teen he was now; the one everyone seemed to know him as.

Not that many people had actually had the chance to see Harry Potter, the so-called Boy who lived. At least not since Dumbledore had decided that Harry needed to train up, and even before that not many people had seen him either because he had been pretty much locked up at his so-called family's house.

This training was something which the headmaster had decided after Harry had returned from the Chamber of secrets. Covered in his own blood and barely standing up from all the damage he had received by the Basilisk.

Yet, at the same time having managed to kill the Basilisk in question, destroy the diary that was holding what he assumed to be the spirit of Voldemort, and at the same time managing to save Ginny Weasley's life. Even if he had been severely injured and nearly killed by doing so.

Seeing this, the Leader of the light had decided, that at that moment that Harry simple wasn't strong enough to be the hero they would need in the future. And became determined to turn Harry into the hero that the wizarding world needed; in one way or another.

That he, the leader of light, would need if he wanted to be able to make things go the way he wanted them to. Something that would be just that much harder with Harry being as he had been back then. With how much it looked like he had struggled with what had needed to have been done.

Which simply wouldn't do, not when it came to the greater good. Not when it came to finally having the one who could defeat the dark lord, and anyone else who was against the light, in his grasp. Which meant that Harry would have to undergo some very serious training. Or at least that was how the headmaster's thoughts had gone back then. And continued to go during the training Harry had been put through.

Training, which unknown to Harry, who had at first pretty much jumped at the chance to said training in the beginning. Thinking that it would help him protect his friends better than he currently could; as well as finally get away from his so-called family. Was unlike anything Harry would have expected when he first agreed to the training in the first place.

Not even in Harry's wildest dreams would he have expected what actually waited for him the moment he signed that binding contract showing his agreement when it came to his training. Only that once he did Harry instantly gained a sinking feeling his gut and felt a cold chill go down his spine; as if forewarning Harry about something.

For you see, Dumbledore's, and the order members who helped the Headmaster develop Harry's training schedule, idea of training was different then what Harry's idea of training was. A whole lot different at that.

In fact, their idea of training was different from most others idea of training, and honestly could only be called helpful to Harry in the loosest of terms. As it did make Harry stronger as he had been promised. And it did make it so Harry was a lot more skilled then he would have ever been without the 'training' he had undergone.

But in the end, their idea of training was more in gear of turning Harry in to some type of living weapon, one that fought and obeyed with no hesitation whatsoever. An obedient puppet that they felt couldn't be beat. One that they would use to get the goals they want done. Or truthfully, an emotionless tool that the Headmaster could use to get what he wanted done without having to get his hands dirty to do so.

Opposed to what Harry himself had in mind when it came to training, opposed to what Harry had been originally told his training would actually be when he had first agreed to everything. That he had been led to believe would be happening when he had signed that twice-damned contract to begin with.

As what Harry had thought he would learn was more along the lines of helping him learn the skills he would need to prepare him for the future. Things that would tough him up quite a bit but at the same time would still let him have his own life when it was over. A training that would turn him into a strong warrior for the light side; like he had been told his parents had been. Only to find that it wasn't going to be quite like that and that he couldn't escape the others idea of training.

Meaning, no matter how badly he had been lied and tricked onto it, or the fact as he had later found out there had been several spells thrown at him to make sure he agreed to the contract he signed, Harry did have to put up with the other's idea of how he should be trained.

Even if their idea of training was something Harry would never have agreed to in the least bit if he had known just what said training entitled. However, by the time Harry had figured this out, it was too late for him to back out, and he was under both a contract as well as an unbreakable vow; both of which had hidden section that Harry hadn't been able to see tied into them.

A contract vow combination, that was tied not to his own life, like most oaths were, but those he cared for, those he called both friends and family as well. Meaning that if he tried to flee before the training was finished all those he cared about would die in his stead; leaving their death, their blood, on his hands. Or that was what Harry had been told after the contract had already been signed.

Something Harry wasn't willing to have happen, no matter how bad things got for him. He just couldn't lose them like he had lost his parents. Even if Harry had lost the majority of those he had cared about due to the level of 'training' he was undergoing, and the actual lack of time he had to spend with them.

When it came to said training there was absolutely no mercy for Harry when it came to what they had him doing. And to make matters even worse there wasn't much that was considered to be too much when it came to helping 'prepare' him for his so-called destiny.

Especially when you consider just how much magic could heal and just how much damage a magical body could take altogether before it even needed said healing. Not to mention the fact Harry magic also seemed to instinctively heal Harry from most injuries because of his time with his so-called family. Making it so Harry could take even more damage, could go even further, than a normal witch or wizard could; without the help of potions or other spells at least.

Because of this, Harry suffered through several years of what most would consider out and out hell on earth. All under the supposed 'kind' headmaster's 'gentle' touch. All for the greater good of course. All of which Harry was unable to inform anyone about or escape from because of several clauses that were added to the contract and vow he was under.

Clauses Harry would swear hadn't been there when he had first signed the contract in question but at the same time could feel an almost warning buzz when he got close to breaking said clauses. Leaving Harry to believe that the clauses in question had been hidden from him in some way as he signed said contract. Reminding Harry of the saying to always read the small print; much too late to be of any help to him. Leaving Harry all but mute to anyone that wasn't one of his trainers.

Something that was only further helped by the spells that had been added to him, to make sure he stayed silent. About anything that could remotely deal with his training and since the only thing he was really able to do was train; this left him with nothing to talk about.

Leaving him unable to tell anyone else in the school just what was happening to him; even those he was suffering under everything for. So, everyone was unaware that Harry was being trained, and no one was aware of just how fake his public face now was, and just how much he suffered for the so called greater good. Just how much he bled for those he cared for, even if those he cared for didn't seem to care the same about him.

Or at least not the majority of them. As they majority of them never even question where Harry was almost all the time, or the fact that sometimes he came back covered in healing injuries; that his trainers felt no need to heal. As they felt it was a waste of magic as Harry would heal them on his own sooner or later. Plus is supposedly helped with his training in one way or another.

This nightmarish training included things such as strengthening his pain resistance, or pain tolerance as some knew it, by making him face different forms of torture. A new one each day, every day until they didn't affect his as much as they should.

Including leaving him with the injuries he received as previously mentioned, as apparently it was supposed to teach him to fight through his injures. To not let his injuries stop him from completing whatever mission that he would be given. And that was only the tip of the iceberg that made up the daily torture that was called his training program.

Because not only was this daily torture a way to help increase the amount of pain Harry could take while still continue to fight. Something his so-called trainer really wanted him to do; as they felt Harry should only stop fighting when they wanted wiled it.

It was also way, in the mind of his trainers at least, to ensure that if Harry was ever captured by the opposite side, he wouldn't spill any information that he shouldn't. Something else they saw as rather important. As being on the front line, like they wanted Harry to be, had a high chance of being caught and tortured; meaning he needed to be immune to most pain geared spells.

Not to mention they also wanted him to be able to ignore or push past, the potions, curse, runes or even more mundane methods of torture that could be used against him. Meaning on top of the spell resistance torture he was going though Harry also had to go through training that would make it so other methods of torture didn't work on him as well.

Which was something that Snape seemed to find a good amount of pleasure in preparing Harry for. Often times, going above and beyond what had been asked of him to begin with; leaving Harry quite literally on the verge of death multiple times while doing so. Or if not that, he was offering even more painful ideas then what had been first suggested. All in the name of teaching Harry; or as Snape called it making the Potter learn his place.

Honestly, if Harry needed any prove of Snape's out right hatred of him, he didn't need to look any further than the first week alone of his training; forget the last several years of it. Not to mention, Harry got the feeling he took the fact that Harry's eyes now looked to be grey more then their original green as some sort of slight against his mother. And worst was enraged by this fact.

Even if he was one of the main reasons Harry's eyes had gone more grey then green to begin with. Even if Harry's eyes would go back to their originally green when he felt more positive emotions. Something that had happened less and less over the last couple of years. Until it seemed that it didn't happen at all anymore; leaving Harry with those sad emotionless grey eyes.

After the training, that in Harry's mind was mockingly called pain tolerance, Harry was started on, and finished with, different potions. These potions weren't made to inflect pain; unlike the potions that had been forced down his throat before.

No, this time the potions that were used on him were more what people thought of when they thought of potions in the first place; even if he was tested with them in varies state of stress. All of it being used to make sure that Harry was able to fight off the effects of said potions that were used on them. Or at least fight of the majority of them, while not being as strongly affect by the others.

Which ended up giving him a good resistance to most, if not all, mind altering and controlling potions; which included to Harry's relief different love potions. Even if he did hate, no utterly loth, how he ended up getting said resistance.

When it came to these potions, what they did was put the potions in question in either his food or drinks; however little that may have been. Which in itself served two different purposes. One it made him slowly able to distinguish the taste of the potions in question, so he didn't ingest them in the first place.

And two, in putting the potion in question in his system they were making it so he would have to fight against them, so they didn't control him. Or at least control him more than they already were. As Harry was fiercely protective of the little amount of freedom he currently did have.

To further drive in the need for resistance for these potions, when he was under the control of said potions, they had Harry do either pain filled or humiliating and self-degrading task that he would never, in a million years at that do of his own free will. Most of the time not stopping until Harry passed out often covered in his own blood as he did so. Something they told him was a hard lesson learned and to try harder next time to ensure that it didn't happen again.

And they continued to do so, and continued to force the potions on him, until Harry built up the necessary resistance to the potion to fight them of completely. Again, this was something that Snape seemed to take great pleasure in doing, and in return gained Harry's utter loathing; more so than anything else he had ever done. Which seemed to match the feelings that Snape had for Harry in return.

It even got worse when it came to Snape and the other parts of Harry's potion training. Or to be more precise the making of them under stressful stations, mainly because after a certain amount of time even Snape couldn't find anything wrong with the potions he made.

Which seemed to only infuriate the man in question even further and make him try harder to get Harry to fail. More often the not added explosive ingredients into the potion Harry was attempting to make that would hurt Harry badly if they went off. To test if Harry really knew his potion and how to fix them if something just 'happened' to fall in them. Luckily, Harry had been able to both fix and neutralize the things that had been added.

Though, at the same time, that didn't stop Snape from failing and vanishing the potions Harry made in his classes. Mostly because while he was in said classes Harry had been ordered to keep up the boy who lived mask Dumbledore wanted to public to see; mainly so they didn't question just where Harry was.

A mask that apparently wasn't good at potions; most likely at Snape's request. As he seemed to really love spitting out insults at Harry about his lack of skills and intelligence while in these class. Not that he was really that much different in his training either. Well besides that at least in his classes he couldn't spit out literal curses at him to doge along with the slurs he also threw out.

There were many other things that Harry suffered through, all in the name of his so-called training. Be it mentally, emotionally, physically or magically, Harry most likely suffered through it in some way. And then had to get up and pretend that nothing was going on after taking a trip through the time turner to take the same day over, only to put a show as the Harry Potter the boy-who-lived.

But in all honestly whatever the order, and the headmaster, could get away with, while calling it training, they did. Then, unknown to anyone ese, they added just that much more on top of it, because Harry couldn't speak out against what they were doing to him; not in the least bit. All because of the badly worded vow he had taken when he had been twelve years old; before he even really knew just what vows were or what they entitled.

And when you consider the fact that the headmaster, one Albus Dumbledore, was pretty much the leader of the wizarding world. What with all his positions and the fact so many different people looking up to him, not to mention the favors owed to him by the people who didn't do so, there really wasn't much he couldn't get away with.

Nor was there really that many people who could stand against him when he wanted to get something done; even less so if it was for Harry. Which meant that when it came to actually getting help, or even someone or something to stop what they were doing to him in the name of training, Harry was pretty much screwed in that regard.

In fact, he had pretty much been screwed in that regard since he had ended up in the Headmaster's hands all those years ago when his parents had died. As it seemed the Headmaster in question had plans for him even that far back. Something he had only found out after he had agreed with the hellish training, he was now taking part in.

Things only got worse for Harry during his fourth year of Hogwarts. Which at first didn't seem like it was going to be that bad, or at least that different from his other years; not at first it hadn't. Even if he did have a bit of good luck as he has been able to avoid being part of the tournament. As it seems that being in an already preexisting contract keep him from getting into another while it was still active, who knew?

But after that it was during this year that things turned to hell for Harry; more so then he had already been going through. Something Harry hadn't thought possible until it had actually happened to him; making him sometime actual wish for his death instead of continuing as he was.

Making him almost tempted to break the contract he was under just to taste a fleeting taste of his own freedom. Seeing it was after two years of hellish training, the order found what they called the room of requirements; with the reluctant help of a house elf.

This was an immensely powerful magical room that could bring a lot of different things into existence especially in the name of training. This also included much to Harry's horror as well as a bit of reluctant amazement, both time and gravity manipulation magics that could be used within the room in question.

Which meant that when asked the room in question allowed the order, or the headmaster, to control the gravity in the room or the quite literally the time in the room. Or at least control it in certain parts of the room in question, the parts where Harry was located in; usually being forcefully trained as harshly as possible.

Harry hadn't known just how bad his training was going to be, but what he did know was that when he had seen this and seen the look on his so-called trainer's faces knew things were going to get a lot worse for him than they already were. How he wasn't exactly sure, but he knew that somehow it was going to get a lot worse; the gleeful looks on several of his trainer's faces told him that much.

Which was how Harry found himself spending more time in that room, usually under twice the normal gravity. Or at least to begin with it had been twice as much gravity as once he had gotten used to that it had increased.

Worst yet, despite having so much time in what he had taken to call the hell room he still had to repeat the days. And since there was time manipulation in the room, he could spend literally days in there without having a break, and still be expected to go on with the day like nothing had happened.

However, due to all of this training and the utter lack of empathy of any sort that was given to Harry by every single one of the members that were training him. Harry found it hard, if not nearly impossible at times, to connect to anyone or anything for that matter; including his emotions the majority of the times. And the less said about him connecting to the people around him the better.

Because in all honestly Harry felt like he couldn't do connections; at all. Which when it came to the consequences of breaking the vow and contract, he was still under. Well it suddenly became a lot easier to no longer care about said consequences.

Especially as the people he had accepted the vow for had quickly grown apart soon after his fourth year. Just when Harry began to really show the way his training was affecting him emotionally. Just when Harry, if he was honest with himself, really needed someone at his side trying to help him; even if it was to ask if he was okay.

Harry, despite himself, found himself constantly asking why he keep training as harshly as he did. When he could no longer really bring himself to care about those lives that were under risk because of the vow he had made a couple of years ago.

When simply breaking the contract would finally free him from being under the thumb of the ones who had supposed to have cared for him; yet where the worst ones out there when it came to attacking him. The ones Harry had thought would finally offer him a life where he could just be Harry but seemed geared to completely destroying Harry and making him nothing but a weapon.

Only to get a rather cold feeling in his chest he couldn't quite explain whenever he had thought about breaking the contract in question. Not to mention found himself throw himself harder into whatever training he had been doing at the moment; as if to punish himself for thinking such things.

So perhaps he did still care; even if it was small part buried deep inside himself. Not to mention Harry knew that there was a part in the contract that the others seemed to have forgotten. A part in the contract Harry could easily use to free himself and a part of the contract that was semi-quickly coming to a close as well.

At the same time even knowing that the hidden clause was reaching a point where he could use it, Harry felt himself rather upset about the fact he had let the training he had been forced through effect himself so much. Especially the difficulty he had when it came to expressing or even feeling his emotion at times. Something Harry felt really showed when he continued to think about breaking the contract like he was despite he knew about the clause.

Then again, seeing as the Headmaster wanted Harry to become as close to a living weapon as he could get him, then perhaps having Harry seem emotionless was part of the plans he had all along. Harry really wouldn't put it past the headmaster to plan something like that; not in the least bit.

In fact, Harry found himself being disappointed in himself for falling for the headmaster's plan and become what he wanted in the first place. Even if at the same time he didn't feel like exactly changing his emotional states either; as it proved to be more helpful in his training the having emotions currently would.

This feeling that the Headmaster was happy about Harry's currently lack of emotions was something that only seemed to be proven further when Dumbledore didn't seem to be upset in the least bit about the lack of reaction he could get out of Harry.

In fact, if Harry was reading the look on the headmaster's face correctly than Dumbledore looked to be rather pleased at Harry's lack of emotional response than anything else. Rather satisfied as he looked into Harry's cold grey eyes that seemed to reflect nothing but a readiness to attack if needed. Or at least that was how it looked like to the Headmaster when he looked at Harry, and Harry for the sake of keeping what sanity he had left let the man continue to believe that.

However, no matter how grueling or outright cruel the utter hell that the order dared called training had been. Harry could very reluctantly say one thing; it most certainly did have some amazing results. Especially after five long and hard, break less, years of this so-called training. That due to a certain Hell room was likely closer to twice that, even if only five years showed in his psychical age.

Because of this 'training' Harry had gone through the years, with no real breaks or honestly any real healing. Well, unless it was a life or death situation with rather lethal injuries where involved, and the times Harry's body quite literally collapsed under him from utter exhaustion.

However, the results showed for themselves as, Harry was now five foot eleven, a good eight inches taller than what the healers predicted he would grow to. Mainly due to the malnourishment he had suffered through during the majority of his childhood. Which fortunately Harry had managed to mostly recover from due to the training he had undergone. With the gain in height being one of the very few things that made him grateful for the training he had been through; as otherwise he would have barely been above five feet high.

He was also rather happy with the lean muscular Olympic gymnast build he had. One that was built for mainly speed but at the same time still packed one hell of a punch; a punch that could match the speed Harry had if it had to.

Something that most of the people in the wizarding world didn't have as most wouldn't put the work or effort into getting into the shape Harry was and relied so much on their magic that they used it for nearly everything; unlike Harry himself.

In all honestly, Harry was deadly, both looking and literally, especially since he took care to be ready at all times for any attack that may come; thus he always had a wand or weapon ready to be used. More often than not having both out and ready to launch out whatever was needed to best protect himself.

Having been 'trained' in perpetration by Mad-eye Moody himself; and repeatedly punished when he wasn't as prepared as he should be until the 'lesson' truly sunk in. With several different scars on his body to remind him of those lessons, and this was even with his advance healing.

To top it all off Harry wasn't just deadly in a physically sense but he was also had a deadly beauty to back up the skills he had; making him double dangerous to others. Something that Harry had gained from both his parents as both Lily and James where known to be exceptionally good looking on their own and rather popular because of this. Though with his training these good looks were brought to the front and made Harry aware of it.

Seeing as he had to seduction and other things similar to it right along with the physically abilities he had. Something which, much to Harry's complete and utter horror, Dumbledore had insisted he both learned and mastered.

Not to mention had added a potion regiment that would make it so Harry's looks where the best that he could afford. While at the same time making sure the scars Harry had stayed where they were, saying that as the Boy-who-lived and the warrior of the light that harry was supposed to be he should look heroic, and scars helped with that looked. In fact, the Headmaster seemed to be rather obsessed with making sure Harry looked as good as he could, while remaining as skilled as Dumbledore wanted him to be.

Making Harry dread just why Dumbledore wanted him to look the way he did, as well as learn the seduction skills he had in the first place. Seeing as Harry never seemed to use it any of the seduction training, he had been given as of yet; despite having been trained in it since he was thirteen.

Though at the same time this did make Harry belief that the Headmaster was attempting to turn him into his own personal assassin, just that much more believable. At least to Harry it did. After all, from what Harry remembered from what he had been able to see about spies and assassins on Tv being able to seduce had been an important part in letting them get closer to those they had killed.

Something Harry really wasn't looking forward to in the least bit, or even wanted to think about doing; however helpful the others may think it would be in his 'missions'. As, even before he had even begun the so-called training, Harry had really never been one for physically touching others.

Or being touched by others for that matter and the seduction training he had been forced to undergo didn't change that in the least bit. If anything, it made Harry even more reluctant to touch others and had him fighting against the instinct to lash out when others touched him without warning.

Only doing so if he had no choice whatsoever, and even then, Harry tried to be as quick as possible about it as he could get. Harry didn't like skin on skin contact which was one of the main reasons he took to wearing skintight black gloves, and clothes that covered his entire body' at least did when he was around others, and when he could get away with it.

Not to look more intimidation or anything else like that, like the order seemed to think when he started to dress that way. Hell had started ordering him to dress that way most of the time, at least when he was outside of training they did. Which did end up causing Harry a small amount of inward humor; even if he didn't allow it to show on his face.

Currently, Harry knew more spells then most wizards ever thought of learning; both in light and dark Magic. Hell, he knew more spells the most people actually knew existed for that matter, except perhaps the headmaster and Voldemort.

Not to mention he had been made to cast them all over and over again until Harry felt he could do them in his sleep if he actually wanted to. Which unfortunately several times it seemed he had to quite literally had to preform them that way; or at least being able to perform them before they had been able to attack him in his sleep.

After all mistakes weren't allowed when it came to spell work, or anything else for that matter. Not when Harry was involved it wasn't, something that often had Harry feeling rather jealous of how the other students were treated with the spells they were learning. Spell that, on days he was playing the so-called boy-who-lived Harry had to pretend to struggle with or get quickly; depending on what class it was in

Either way he wasn't treated with the same warmth the other students were; something that only Harry really seemed to notice. And something that caused him to both loath and look forward to the days he was playing Harry Potter to the public. As usually those days gave Harry the rest his body so desperately needed. Even if he did end up right back in his training every night being treated worse than ever afterwards. Most often in the room of requirement to make up for lost time.

Because of this, and because of the consequences of doing so, Harry had learned very quickly to do his best to never make mistakes; especially during missions. Which were anything that was 'assigned' to him during his training. As he simply didn't want to take the punishment that making a mistake would bring him. After all. as Dumbledore often said under his breath when he thought Harry couldn't hear him, the weapon of the light wasn't allowed to make any mistakes.

Something that was made just that much more difficult when Moody was finally able to get Dumbledore permission to teach Harry to fight fire with fire. Something about how knowledge was power, or at least it was when Harry was concerned.

Moody had managed to make the headmaster agree to this during the beginning of Harry's fifth year and into his third year of training; until then Harry had only gone as far as grey magic where Dumbledore was concerned. Or at least HE had only used grey magics, while having some rather dark magic used against him; all for training of course.

But to being with, learning this dark magic wasn't something Harry was too tickled about doing; and not for the reason most people seemed to assume. Seeing as most the time Harry had to learn the spells, and their counter-curses, by actually having them hit him in some way.

A quick and efficient way to make sure he knew his counter curse, as that was often the only way of stopping the curse, he had been hit with in the first place. It was a quick, extremely stressful, and painful way to makes sure Harry knew both the curse and the counter curse. But it made sure Harry definitely knew the spell and how to undo it.

Even if this was one of the parts of his training that had nearly killed him the most; just like his pain resistance training had been. Only during this he had to actively use his magic to try to fix what was happening to him instead of baring through the pain.

This knowledge combined with the pure physically skills and the out of the box way of think that Harry usually used his magic with. Along with the unbelievable amount of power Harry had with said magic, left the majority of the wizarding world utterly terrified of Harry once they saw or heard of his skills. At least they did, once the Headmaster released Harry to finally start doing the fighting, they wanted him to do; shortly after he had turned sixteen.

Be it against death eaters or anything else that the order, and therefore Dumbledore, deemed a threat. Especially when the noticed how quickly and efficiently he did everything. Not to mention how utterly unstoppable Harry looked, or seemed to be, while doing so.

They often spoke about him in hushed whispered and even went as far to move to the opposite side of the hall or street if they saw him coming around. They all seemed to be either that terrified of him, or if not that in complete awe of the Headmaster for controlling him.

All of this, and even more, was what led Harry to his currently situation. After everything he had been put through Harry honestly couldn't think of anything else that would either help him or free him more then what he was about to do.

After all the loophole in the contract had come and gone, freeing Harry to a degree; but at the same time not enough. At least not enough while he remained in the situation he was in, it wasn't. Meaning he had to find another way to free him; one he believed he had at long last found.

At the moment Harry stood in front of what the wizarding world called the veil of death of his own free will. Wanting the one thing the veil promised him more than anything; wanting the one thing that the wizarding world had long since denied him. Wanting his freedom. Even if he had to potentially go to his own death to get it; or he would be if it didn't know a certain thing that could stop that.

You see, while the majority of the wizarding world thought the veil lead to the death of anyone who went through it, Harry knew the truth; having learned if form the Black Library. Which was something he had inherited after the death of his Godfather, Sirius Black, who had died after challenging Dumbledore for Harry's freedom. He had lost, and it had cost him his life in return.

But at the same time the idea that someone cared so much about him that they would actually risk their own life for him, to get him the freedom he had long since craved, warmed Harry's shielded heart; just as the death of said person made him colder than ever.

A coldness that went to downright blizzard conditions when the headmaster brought up his parent's death and how it was so similar to that of his Godfather's. And how anyone and everyone who comes to love Harry always seemed to die in such similar ways; always dying to save him in some way.

How none of them seemed to actual live long enough to do anything, to be with him in the least bit; how Harry was always left completely alone after they died. It was as if the headmaster was trying, and succeeding for the most part, to warn Harry away from caring about others; or at the very least scare him from forming connections with anyone.

Which Harry could admit when combined together with his training did seem to work as Harry didn't have any connections to anyone; at least not any willing ones. And certainly not ones that would stop him from putting his current plan in to motion.

Plans that Harry had because of the library he had been left, by the only person he knew genuinely cared about him. A library, that despite what Dumbledore tried to do, Harry treasured more than anything else he had on him, and even managed to hide from all the others.

Leaving it as a small sanctuary for him during the rather minimum amounts of time he had actually managed to get away from his training. Even if his so-called trainers actually though he was healing or sleeping during that time. What Harry had learned because of this, completely unknown to everyone else, was that the veil wasn't an instrument of death, but actually one of transportation.

Though this wasn't like the transportation that was currently offered in the wizarding world. In fact, the veil wouldn't transport you anywhere in this world, rather it would take you to a whole other world altogether.

With the only reason that the veil in question being labeled the veil of death was because in the last couple of hundred years, not one single person had managed to come back from where they veil had sent them; most likely not knowing how to. Which given the fact the veils history had been 'lost' could explain why it had earned the moniker that in now carried.

At the same time, especially to Harry's mind, being transported to a different world sounded a lot better than what he knew the wizarding world had planned for him. Even when you added in the facts that he had no idea where he was going to be transported to. Or what changes he might undergo to best fit into whatever world he was going to be transported into for that matter; as the books he read informed him would most likely happen.

Even going as far as to give an example of someone who had come back from the world they had been sent to. Which from what the writer had said had been a female who had been sent to a world mainly made of water and had become something similar to mundane version of a mermaid as a result of it. Which Harry felt, even if he never really wanted to be turned into something close to out of Disney, would still be better than the hell he currently lived in.

After all, anything was better then what the wizarding world had planned for him. The chance of a new life, or even the slight chance of freedom, that the Veil offered him, no matter what changes could occur, was better than the slave/master collar that the wizarding world was planning on putting on him. For the safety of the wizarding world, and for the greater good, of course.

This plan was something Harry was determined to have nothing to do with; just as any relatively sane person would feel the same about it. More so then ever considering everything else Harry had suffered without the damn collar in the first place.

Harry had already given up so much, way too much in fact, for the wizarding world to even remotely be willing to do something like that. As it was, he wasn't going to give up the little free will he still had. Nor was he going to let anyone trap him in his own mind while they did what ever they wanted with both his body and magic; like the collar would allow.

Harry had finally been pushed too far; he had long since reached his breaking point. Now he wasn't going to take any more of it; not now that his oath had finally been released. Seeing as just recently they had finally deemed his training to be complete.

Which was why, at close to three o'clock in the morning, when there was absolutely no one else even remotely near the chamber, Harry was standing in front of the veil. He had everything he needed, or at least everything he felt that he may need, and he was prepared as much as he could be to jump through the veil.

Which now that he thought about, he needed to do so rather quickly before anyone came to stop him. As he was sure someone had already found that he was missing from his room. Especially when you consider how his luck had always been; or rather poor his luck seemed to be in the last couple of year.

Knowing this, and knowing that he didn't have any time left to debate or question just what he was going to do any further than he had, Harry took off running at his top speeds before taking a flying leap into the veil. Making it just as the doors behind him burst open letting Dumbledore, collar in hand, in said room.

Not that it mattered to Harry as he was already in the veil and had at long last finally got his freedom. Now all he had to do was see just where the veil was going to drop him off at, he hoped it was place that he could do the most help at.

As Harry wasn't quite sure he'd manage to stay sane in a world where he had nothing to do, or nothing to fight. As after everything he had been put through fighting, helping and surviving where things that now came to him rather instinctively. Though he did feel a vague sense of amusement go through him when just as he fully fell through the veil he heard the curse Dumbledore let loose as Harry was finally free of the leash the headmaster had on him.