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Chapter 2: William Jackson

A young man who seemed to be in his early 20s with short black hair wearing a black jacket with a white shirt underneath, blue jeans, and blue and white tennis shoes groaned as he returned to the waking world. As his icy blue eyes slowly opened and his blurred vision cleared up, the man noticed that he was strapped down onto a hospital gurney and that four people were looking at him.

"What the Hell? Let me go!" the man demanded of his apparent captors.

"Certainly, provided you can answer a few questions for us, and allow us to run some tests on you," said one of the people restraining the man, who was confined to an electric wheelchair, and had short dark hair, wore glasses, a black long sleeved shirt with black pants, and black and white tennis shoes.

"Like Hell I'll be your guinea pig!"

"Barry, get me a minor sedative, if he keeps struggling he's going to hurt himself."

"On it, Dr. Wells," said Barry, who was clad in a red bodysuit of some kind with a golden lightning bolt against a red background on his chest. Almost like lightning, Barry left the room and returned a heartbeat later holding a syringe of some kind, which he handed to the man he called Dr. Wells, who injected the struggling man. Within seconds, he began to slowly relax and stop struggling, but that didn't stop him from glaring angrily at his captors.

"Where the Hell am I?" the man demanded. "Who are you people?"

"You're at S.T.A.R. Labs," said the third man, who had shoulder-length black hair and wore a blue shirt with long grey sleeves, khaki pants, and blue and white tennis shoes. "I'm Cisco Ramon, that's Caitlin Snow," Cisco said gesturing to the female, "Barry Allen, and Harrison Wells." he finished pointing to the others.

"William Jackson. Call me Will," said Will introducing himself. "But, why am I here? Is this some kind of military lab or something?"

"Well… it's not any kind of lab anymore, technically speaking, not since the Particle Accelerator explosion nine months ago," said Wells.

"Particle Accelerator? What are you talking about?"

"Oh, come on, you have to remember that. The media had a field day with it," said Cisco.

Will frowned. "Actually, now that you mention it… I can't remember anything, aside from my name and… when did I learn how to do that?" he spoke as his tone went from confused speaking to asking himself in a confused, shocked, and a tad worried.

"Do what?" Barry asked Will concerned for the amnesiac Meta.

"This." Will said as his body seemed to shift immediately into the suit he was wearing prior, "For some reason, I can turn into this... demon-looking thing," explained Will, his voice turning into something befitting of a demon from the fiery depths of Hell itself.

Caitlin cautiously approached Will. "Is that… metal?" she asked in curiousity, examining the material that seemed to be grafted onto Will's skin.

"I think so. I can… manipulate it, I guess…into weapons. And, I remember running… fast. Faster than anything. And my mind feels like it's getting, I don't know… a ping, I guess, from you," said Will, pointing a talon at Barry.

"You must be sensing his powers, like you, Mister Jackson, Barry is a speedster." Harrison explained as he wheeled to another room, "Keep up people, we need to see the extent of his capabilities."

Caitlin and Barry followed Dr. Wells. Cisco meanwhile, handed Will what seemed to be a protein bar of some kind.

"What's this?" asked Will.

"Well, if your speed powers are anything like Barry's, you'll need to keep your metabolism up, otherwise you'll pass out from hypoglycemia. That protein bar has the calories of 850 tacos, minus cheese and guac, as I'm still working on the formula for that," explained Cisco.

"I see," said Will as he followed Cisco out of the Cortex and into another room with a large treadmill. "What's that for, traveling between dimensions and time?"

"Uh… no. That's just a treadmill I modified to be able to test Barry's speeds, and therefore your speeds," explained Cisco. "Why did you think it could send people to different dimensions?"

"Something I read in a comic book… I think." Will said as he hopped up onto the modified exercise machine. "Do you mind starting it up?"

The treadmill started out at a slow pace, almost like an easy jog for a normal person, before speeding up drastically. As Will ran, blood red lightning emanated from his body.

From a nearby observation booth, Caitlin, Dr. Wells, and Cisco observed several different monitors and screens, each displaying William's vitals.

"Brainwave patterns, nerve conduction, and blood flow are all a perfect match for Barry," said Caitlin.

"His glucose levels are starting to bottom out faster than Barry's," said Dr. Wells.

The words had barely left his mouth before Will grew weak, tripped, and was sent flying off the treadmill, hit the cushioning boxes, before smashing into the wall behind it, leaving an imprint in the concrete half a foot deep.

Will groaned as the world continued to spin around him. "Ouch…" he said before he fell out of the imprint on the wall and onto the ground, unconscious.

It had taken an hour for William to fully regain consciousness.

"Alright, ability-wise you're a perfect clone of Barry in the speed department but your body uses up glucose faster, possibly due to the other abilities you have or from an unseen genetic trait." Cisco said as he handed William, who had lost the transformation, another protein bar.

"From the imprint you left on the wall, every bone in your body should have shattered," said Caitlin. "But, you barely even had a scratch thanks to the metal that was infused in your demon form's skin."

"Speed Demon!" said Cisco, grinning broadly.

"Uh, Cisco, I think that name's already been taken," said Barry.

"And what did we say about naming Metahumans?" added Caitlin.

"Uh… Metahuman?" asked Will, confused.

"That's what we're calling people like you and Barry. People who gained very powerful abilities from the Particle Accelerator explosion. We've found two others so far. They… weren't the nicest people," explained Cisco. "They're also kinda… dead."

"Dead? So you guys kill Metas that misuse their powers?"

"What? No! God, no," said Cisco. "Clyde Mardon got shot by a cop and Danton Black committed suicide after he fell out a window. Killing Metas would make us no better than the evil ones out there. In fact, that'd probably make us worse."

"So, what, you guys just give them slaps on the wrist and let them go?" asked Will.

Barry, Caitlin, and Cisco looked at each other, unsure how to answer the question.

"We… haven't really gotten that far yet," said Barry.

"So, how many Metas are there currently?"

"We don't know, that's the main problem."

Will nodded to show he understood. "So, how can I help round these supervillains up?" he asked.

Cisco, Caitlin, and Barry blinked in surprise a couple of times. "You... want to help us?" asked Caitlin.

"Well, seeing as I have these superpowers and I have nothing better to do with my time, or anything else to do with my time aside from looking for a job and a place to call home, I don't see why not. Besides, I must have these powers for a reason, so why not use them to save people and kick some ass?" said Will. "Plus, it'd help our social lives if there were two of us on duty… Once I have a social life anyway."

That gave Barry an idea. "Hey, come with me," he told Will.

"Where are we going?" asked Will.

"I'm gonna show you around Central City, introduce you to a few people, see if we can't get a jumpstart on that social life of yours," explained Barry.

Will shrugged. "Alright, cool," he said, transforming into his demon form once more and taking a handful more of the protein bars for the road.

In a flash of yellow and red lightning, the two speedsters were off.

Inside Jitters it was as lively as usual, that is to say they had the same amount of customers as usual. Inside the coffee shop, a pretty young woman in her early twenties with brown skin, and long dark hair wearing the coffee shop's required uniform hustled and bustled about, taking orders and making coffee. Her name was Iris West.

Barry and Will walked through the door of the coffee shop, Will taking a look around as he walked up to the counter.

"Hey, Iris," said Barry.

"Hi, Barry. Who's your new friend?" Iris asked, looking at Will.

Barry was about to introduce Will, before he beat him to the punch, "Hi, I'm William Jackson." Will said holding out his hand.

"Iris West," said Iris, shaking Will's hand.

"Will just moved here from Gotham City," explained Barry.

Iris winced at the name 'Gotham City', "Tough neighborhood. How do people even survive there?"

"Hell if I know, and I was born there." Will said going along with Barry's ruse. "Admittedly, I'm enjoying Central City already. Well, at least, I haven't been mugged every few feet."

Barry and Iris chuckled. Will and Barry ordered their coffees and went to take a see once they had them. However, when Will turned to go sit down, he bumped into someone, a young woman around his age with shoulder-length copper hair, glasses, and bright green eyes wearing an outfit not dissimilar to the one Iris was currently wearing.

"Oof! I'm sorry," the woman said before looking up at Will.

"Hey, it's okay, probably my fault," said Will before making eye contact with the woman.

Both of them found themselves rooted to the spot, unable to look anywhere else.

"I'm William Jackson," said Will, holding out his hand.

"Lillian Green," said Lillian, shaking it. "I've never seen you around here before, did you just move to Central City?"

"Yeah, from Gotham, just got here yesterday as a matter of fact." Will told Lillian who winced at the mention of Gotham like Iris did.

"Gotham? How did you even get out of there?" asked Lillian. "Do they really have a giant bat flying around fighting crime?"

Will was unsure how answer the question. Thankfully, he didn't have to as Barry called out his name from the table where he and Iris were sitting.

"Well, I hope to see you again," said Will, shaking Lillian's hand again.

"Later Will Jack." she said heading off.

Will turned towards Barry's table before what he was called processed, "Will Jack"? Why'd she call me that? he thought as he joined Iris and Barry. "Sorry to keep you waiting," Will said aloud.

Iris chuckled. "You just got here, and already you've found a girlfriend," she joked.

"Pfft! Come on, what is this, a cheesy romance movie? You don't get the feels for someone just by bumping into them," said Will, chuckling nervously, although part of him told that he might not actually be being completely honest with anyone present, himself included.

"People don't give people they don't have the feels for nicknames based off their favorite cartoon character," said Iris.

Barry and Will looked at each other. They both knew someone who'd do something like that, feels or not.

"So, Will, can I call you Will?" asked Iris, to which Will nodded. "So, Will, what did you do in Gotham?"

"I didn't exactly work in Gotham, I mostly worried about staying alive and keeping out of trouble. Place was Hell on Earth."

"So I've heard. Rumors are going around everywhere that a vigilante has taken it upon himself to rid Gotham of its criminals. Some are even calling him a vampire because of his appearance."

"The giant bat thing that what was her name, Lillian, mentioned?" asked Will.

"Yeah. There's even a rumor or two that mentions him driving some kind of black vehicle that can turn into a tank and a fighter jet shaped like a bat," said Iris.

"Sounds like my fellow Gothamites have been hitting the bottle pretty hard if they're coming up with stuff like that, or else someone's got a lot of money and lots of spare time on their hands."

"Speaking of the supernatural, The Risen Dead's out in the theatres, and I was wondering if you two would like to join me?" said Barry.

"I'd love to come with you, Barry." Iris said happily, but Will gave the opposite answer.

"Sorry, Barry, but I got to find a job somewhere in town or I won't get any money."

"You know, Will, the Forensics Lab at the CCPD could always use some help." Barry told him.

"I'll think about it, now why are we just sitting around here, you said you'd be willing to show me around the city."

"Right, you are, Will. I'll see you later tonight Iris," said Barry as he, Will, and Iris stood up from their table and departed. As they walked outside, Barry turned to Will.

"Okay, how did you know so much about Gotham City?" he asked Will.

Will stared at him and blinked in surprise a couple of times. "Gotham's really like that? I just went with the first things that popped into my head. But, wow… poor Gotham. Well, shall we?" said Will.

As he and Will walked down the street, Barry couldn't help but wonder just how damaged his new friend's memory really was.

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