Sex and Education

Disclaimer: I don't own Fairy Tail or any of the things affiliated with it.

Pairing: Natsu x Erza

Summary: After Lucy's complaints about a 'lack of boundaries' with Natsu, Erza decides to rehabilitate and reeducate him. Unfortunately, the old method of 'fear and pain' doesn't seem to work anymore, so she switches things up and tries a completely different method. This proves to be very effective, and both get way more out of it than they expected. (Idea by Lizardon888X)

It was a rather peaceful and quite morning in Fairy Tail. Erza was sat her usual table, enjoying her favourite treat like she normally did. She was in a state of pure bliss. Unfortunately, all good things had to come to an end. Her state of bliss was interrupted by her busty blonde guildmate. "I need your help Erza." Lucy requested. Erza was unsurprisingly annoyed that her peace was interrupted.

She turned to face her blonde friend, before seeing the distressed look on her face. This caught the attention of the knight. "What's the matter, Lucy?" Erza questioned. There seemed something weighing on holder mage's mind. Being the friend that she was, Erza was more than willing to offer her assistance.

Lucy spoke up, but Erza was no longer listening to her. Her attention was directed towards the latest brawl that had just broken out. Much to no one's surprise, the two instigators were Natsu and Gray. The redhead wasn't sure why the two were fighting, but she was certain it was something stupid or petty.

Lucy continued to talk, unaware of Erza's change in interest. She only stopped talking when Natsu came barreling towards her and landed on top of the unsuspecting blonde. "Yo Luce." Natsu greeted, completely oblivious to his friend's discomfort. However, he wasn't oblivious to the wonderfully soft feeling in his hands, so he didn't hesitate to give the source a squeeze. 'Did they get bigger again?' He wondered.

"See Erza, this is what I'm talking about." Lucy squealed as a massive blush covered her face. Erza examined the situation, it was nothing she hadn't seen before. Natsu was on top of the blonde, grabbing onto and squeezing her plentiful breasts. "Don't just stand there, do something." She pleaded, turning a darker shade of red.

The Queen of the Fairies put her hand on her chin. "What exactly is the problem here?" Erza asked. Natsu shrugged his shoulders and Lucy freaked out even more. Not wanting to be on one of the blonde's signatures 'Lucy Kicks', Natsu got off the blonde being heading off. Lucy pouted at the redhead. "Oh, I see, you're tired of the brawls, thank you for bringing this concern to me, I'll make sure to deal with them." The knight said.

"No! That's not the problem, it's the lack of boundaries, and I swear he's doing it on purpose at this point." Lucy corrected. She wasn't sure why she didn't expect such a nonchalant reaction. This was the same person who would constantly offer to bathe with her two male teammates and often wore skimpy outfits into battle. Lucy let out a distraught huff, making the redhead feel a strong pang of guilt.

"Sorry for losing track of our conversation, but please, tell me your problem and I will do everything in my power to solve it." Erza proclaimed. Lucy could practically feel the conviction coming from the woman. Now knowing that she could count on her scarlet haired companion, she started explaining her situation to Erza. The redhead visibly struggled to understand her friend's plight at first, due to her appreciation for skinship, but as the blonde went on, she eventually came to understand. "I see, I'll make sure he gets the message loud and clear." The Queen of the Faries said before cracking her knuckles.

"No, that never works... Can't you try another, less violent approach." Lucy rejected. She knew first hand that attacking and scream at the Dragon Slayer was well and truly a waste of time and it would only annoy and frustrate the redhead.

"Why don't you teach him like when you two were kids, that worked very well before." Mirajane chimed in. She had been watching the blondes ordeal since it started a few weeks ago. The former S-class mage was a little offended that Lucy hadn't come to her for advice, but she was happy to help regardless.

"You know, that sounds like a great idea, would you mind Erza?" Lucy asked, giving the knight puppy dog eyes. Erza didn't really need much convincing, she had been thinking about teaching the Dragon Slayer about the opposite sex for quite a while, and this was the perfect excuse.

"Of course I will, but I need to do some reading... I'm not exactly an expert with this sort of stuff." Erza admitted with a blush before getting up. Lucy shot Mirajane a confused look.

"Something tells me we might not be on the same page." Lucy deduced. The blonde wasn't wrong, there was a very real possibility that Erza had greatly misunderstood the situation. However, that might not be a bad thing since Natsu learning something about women was a lot better than him remaining so ignorant.

"Don't worry Lucy, I'm sure things will work out great." The white haired barkeep reassured. Lucy found some comfort in the woman's words and just hoped for the best.

~Later that week~

It was another bright day in the Fairy Tail. Mirajane was serving the members of the guild, Cana was drinking, Happy was eating fish and Natsu and Gray were both fighting. Erza finally returned to the guild after taking a few days to prepare herself. She spotted her target and marched towards him with a strong aura of authority and purpose surrounding her.

Not being as dumb as most suspected, Natsu stopped fighting his rival and faced the redhead. He shivered when he saw the stern look on Erza's face. She wanted something and it looked like nothing was going to stop her from getting it. "Hello, Erza... What do you want?" Natsu asked.

"Come with me, we need to do something very important." Erza ordered. Unsure if he was supposed to be terrified or excited, Natsu just nodded at the woman. He could be going on an exciting job or he could be getting punished for just about anything. In his state of panic, he failed to notice the faint blush on Erza's face. "Good choice, we have a lot of work to do." She said, worrying the pinkette even more.

~East Forest~

Natsu now found himself seated in a secluded clearing, it what could be described as an outdoor classroom. This was all very reminiscent of when Erza taught him during their childhood, but not everything was the same. While the chalkboard and large stacks of books had made a return, things were very different. The knight now had her own desk, he had a large table and chair, but the biggest difference was his teacher.

Erza had forgone wearing her regular set of armour and opted to dress for the role. She wore a white button-up blouse, which had the first few buttons missing. This gave Natsu an unobscured view of her cleavage, he was even treated to a small glimpse of the black and red lacy bra restraining her ample assets. She also wore a tight black miniskirt, that with a pair of red heels, made her large heart-shaped butt look even better. The scarlet haired woman's long luscious legs were covered by black pantyhose. She kept her hair in a low bun with a pair of bangs cascading on each side and framing her face. The woman's look was completed her look with a pair of thinly framed glasses that gave her a much more mature look.

Even someone like as fortified as Natsu struggled to keep his eyes away from the woman. "Now, are you ready to start our lesson?" Erza asked, sitting cross-legged on her desk. The woman didn't speak in her usual stern and authoritative tone. Instead, she spoke in a lower, more inviting tone, Natsu quite liked this. 'I thought this was all a little much, but it seems to be working, those books Mirajane gave me seem to be effective.' She told herself before getting off the desk.

She walked over to the board, swaying her hips more than usual and making her large firm ass look even better. 'Damn that feeling is back.' Natsu thought as an uncontrollable urge began to rise. He wasn't sure where it had come from, but it had become a reoccurring problem for the teen. This had made it infinitely harder for him to concentrate whenever he had taken on a mission with the redhead. 'Just concentrate Natsu, at least you'll have something to think about later.' He told himself. He shook his head, allowing to focus and ask a very important question. "What am I doing here anyway, you already taught me how to read and write?"

Erza simply smiled before pulling out a piece of chalk and writing on the board. "I'm going to teach you about the feelings you've been having lately, they seem to not only affecting you but also your relationships with your guildmates." Erza explained. Wanting to solve his problem, he became more attentive.

"If you think you can help, I'm willing to listen Erza." Natsu replied, making a smile appear on the woman's face.

"Good, but before we really start, you will only refer to me as one of the following: Ms Scarelt, Erza-sensei or Scarlet-sensei. I personally prefer the second one." Erza stated. She hoped the pinkette played along, from what she had read, the way the teacher was addressed was very important to the student's education.

"I guess I'm calling you Erza-sensei then." Natsu answered. Happy with the Dragon Slayer's compliance, she began to their lesson. Much to the bane of Natsu's concentration, Erza's skirt started to ride up a little when she went back to the board. This was very bad since the skirt was already tiny, to begin with, so he got a glimpse of her tightly packed away ass. 'Is she doing this on purpose?' He wondered, trying and failing to avert his eyes.

Luckily, Erza eventually felt the light draft and adjusted her skirt. 'Maybe this skirt was a little short... No, this is what the books said to do.' Erza reminded herself. Her face quickly turned to the shade of her hair when she remembered what she would eventually have to do according to the books. However, she was Titania and she never went back on her word and she had done too much preparation to turn back now. She steeled her nerves and started mentally preparing herself.


It had been quite a while since the two had started their lesson. Unsurprisingly, both mages had gotten fairly hot and bothered as the lesson went on. Natsu hadn't been able to stop staring at the woman for many reasons. One of them being that every time she went to write something on the board, he would see her amazing ass and every time she told him to write something, her cleavage would be in full view. In all honestly, he hadn't been able to learn much.

Erza was not fairing much better, Natsu's gaze was having a very strong effect on her. 'He looks like he's going jump up and ravage me... Dear Mavis, why hasn't he done it already... Dammit, Erza, concentrate, it's time for the last stage.' Erza told herself as she leant over and handed Natsu a piece of paper. This gave Natsu a perfect view of her breasts, making his gaze even more intense. "Please write down the names of the first five female guildmates that come to your mind." She instructed.

Natsu started writing, but he once again found himself distracted when he saw Erza sitting cross-legged on the table once more. Even though it had become somewhat of a common sight, it hadn't lost effect, especially when she would switch which leg was crossed, flashing her panties every so often. 'She's got to be doing this on purpose.' Natsu thought. The short answer was yes, the scarlet haired temptress was doing everything aside from stripping and smothering him in her boobs to get the pinkette going. After a couple of seconds, Erza began to approach him, so he quickly wrote down the last name.

The red haired teacher took the paper before she sat on Natsu's desk. "Move your chair back a little." Erza instructed. Still helplessly under captivated by the redhead, Natsu did as he was told. The pinkette was treated to a nearly unobstructed view of his friend's panties for a couple of seconds. The beauty had to calm herself when she saw the look of lust and want on the pinkette's face. 'There it is again, has he always looked at me like that?' She wondered before crossing her legs once more. Curious to see the full effect she was having on the hormonal teen, she looked down and noticed the very large bulge. "Oh, my." The knight gasped. As the woman said this, an unfamiliar, but lovely scent invaded the Dragon Slayer's nose.

"What's wrong Ezra-sensei?" Natsu asked. Erza just looked at him with big curious eyes and ignored the question. The longer the older woman looked at him, the strong the inviting scent got, which made more blood rush south. The knight watched as her childhood friend struggled to keep himself from getting to full mast. "Don't you have something to teach me, Erza-sensei?" He asked, snapping the sword mage out of her state. To the detriment of his sanity, he the scent didn't stop, it only got strong.

"Sorry about that, our next lesson will be fantasies and sexual relief." Ezra said after readjusting her glasses. This was the most important lesson in Erza's mind, so she was going to pull out all the stops. As she looked down at the paper, she flicked off her heels. As she read down, she was surprised that the fire mage had actually written down five girls, there were some she expected, there were also some that really surprised her, but the last one made her feel a little embarrassed. Realising she still had a very important role to play, she regained her composure. "Now, do you know why I got you to write these names down?" She quizzed as she ran her leg thinly covered foot on Natsu's thigh.

"Ummm... No, I don't know why you made me do it." Natsu replied with a stutter. The urge was back and even stronger than ever. Erza could see and feel this, and her foot moved closer to her student's member. The Dragon Slayer attempted to move.

"Stay seated, our class isn't over." Erza ordered, calming Natsu down a little. In an effort to pacify the pinkette more, she leant forward, once again giving him a good view of her bust. This proved effective as she was now able to get much closer now. "Now, have you ever fantasised about any of these girls when you... pleasured yourself?" She asked, her low sultry tone making a return.

Natsu face exploded into a massive blush. "Of course I haven't!" Natsu denied as he vigorously shook his head.

"Oh really?" Erza questioned as her foot brushed over the bulge in Natsu's pants. The woman began to rub the area, causing the teen's cock to swell even more and make it generate even more heat. She was surprised that his pant's hadn't ripped open from the sheer size or burnt off. "I feel like you're lying to me Natsu, this thing over here tells me a completely different story." She continued before adding her other foot into the equation. Instead of using it to entertain his hardening cock, she used it to pull his pants down, allowing it sweet freedom. "W-w-wow." The beauty stuttered.

Natsu's blush deepened when he saw the wide eyed stare. Despite her act, it was still Erza's first time seeing a man's erection, and she needed a few moments to process the size. 'It's even bigger than it was in his pants, it's so thick and long, the books didn't warn me about this.' Erza thought as she attempted to calm herself. Luckily for her, Natsu didn't notice her current state due to his own embarrassment. She used this her advantage and calmed herself. She pressed the man's behemoth of a cock against his stomach and slowly started rubbing the soft sole of her foot against it. "Now Natsu, are you ready to tell me the truth, or are you going to keep lying to me?"

"I'm not lying..." Natsu claimed before a small grunt escaped his mouth. Erza just smirked and continued to rub his manhood with her foot. The pinkette had never expected something like this to feel so good. The soft nylon combined with the feeling of her even softer feet were slowly driving him crazy.

"So you're going to be like that? at least tell me this, how does it feel?" Erza asked, pushing a little harder and focusing on the sensitive tip of the man's cock. She was used to feeling power over the slightly younger man, but this kind of power was different. This power excited her, it excited her more than she would ever admit, but this excitement helped her get into character even more. "Come on Natsu, tell your Sensei that you like feeling her feet on that cock of yours." She teased with a lick of her lips.

Not wanting Erza to win, Natsu did his best to resist the building pleasure. "No, it doesn't... feel good." Natsu lied. Erza was not a fool and she saw right passed his terrible lie, and she became a little more enthusiastic.

"Don't give me that Natsu... You know, I can make this feel even better." Erza claimed as her toes began to dance around the man's tip and moistening her pantyhose with Dragon Slayer's pre-cum. Natsu gritted his teeth at this claim. He was already struggling with the woman's current efforts, and the fact she was holding back was almost too much. "Just tell me Natsu, do your sensei's feet feel good?"

"No, it do-" The prideful Dragon Slayer started.

"Uh uh, no lying, I thought we already we through this." The knight interrupted increasing the speed of her feet just a little more. Much to the delight of the redhead, Natsu let out a small moan, which she found especially cute since he was doing his best to maintain a strong look. "This is quite a shame, not only are you extremely sexually frustrated, you've developed a bad habit of lying." She said, continuing to run her foot along her teammate's throbbing cock.

She eventually broke her very resilient target down and he decided to finally come clean. Seeing this, she asked one more time. "Now Natsu, tell me, do my feet feel good?" Erza asked, feeling more powerful than ever. The fire mage found no point in lying.

"Y-yes, it feels good Erza-sensei." Natsu finally admitted. Deciding to reward the man's honestly, she sandwiched his cock between the soft soles of her feet, rubbing up and down at a slow but steady pace. As she expected, the teen let out a moan, which further bolstered her pride. She decided to use Natsu's newfound honesty to her advantage.

"So it feels better than when you use your hands?" Erza quizzed, not breaking contact with the teen's lust-hazed eyes. The answer was obvious, but she wanted to hear the man say it.

"Yeah, it's way better." Natsu admitted, without a second of hesitation. While it was crushing his pride, it was worth it just so he could enjoy the woman's incredible touch more.

"For us to continue our lesson, I'm going to need you to close your eyes." Erza instructed. Not in a position to say no, he nodded and shut his eyes. Erza increased the speed of her feet a little as a reward for his quick compliance. She looked at the list and picked one of the names. "Tell me what you'd do to Lucy's body?" She asked, managing to mask her own embarrassment.

"I want to play with those boobs, they're so big and bouncy." Natsu shamelessly admitted. Though she was his friend and trusted teammate, he couldn't deny that she had one hell of a rack. So he really didn't mind the recent incidents since it allowed him more contact with them. To him, they were happy accidents, very happy accidents. "They're also super soft." He continued.

"I bet you want to pin her down and slid that massive cock of yours between them, don't you?" Erza asked, wanting to hear more. Natsu continued, he talked about what he'd do to blonde. The knight was honestly a little jealous hearing the unspeakable things he wanted to do to his friend. However, that jealously was outdone by her arousal, which was quickly getting out of hand. She wanted the pinkette to confess more of his sexual fantasies and she picked another name on the list. "What about Cana? Tell me how Cana drives you crazy?"

"She's always walking around in that bikini top, it's like she's teasing me with it, you don't understand how many times that thing almost came off." Natsu started, his cock getting harder at the thought of the drunk's top falling and her breasts being out for the world to see. His imagination didn't stop there, as he imagined the cute and embarrassed expression that would appear when she tried to cover herself.

"You're such a naughty boy Natsu. You just want to burn it off yourself and grab a big handful, right?" Erza suggested, moving her feet even faster. She was a little surprised to find out about this side of her friend, but now that she'd seen it, she wanted to bring it out. She moved to next girl, who she was shocked to see on the list. "What about Juvia, my perverted student?"

"Her ass, it's got to be the biggest one in the guild, and she always looks amazing in swimsuits." Natsu grunted, struggling not to blow his load on the spot. The bluenette was just that little more attractive due to how unobtainable the water mage was. But if ever got to do what he wanted to do with her booty, he would never be able to look her in eyes again. "Crap, I'm gonna cum soon." He announced.

Unfortunately for Natsu, Erza wasn't ready for him yet. There were still two names and one was very important to her. The beauty then realised how vigorous her feet had been moving and she slowed down, allowing Natsu to calm down enough to prevent a climax. Making up her mind on her to progress Erza discarded the list. She prepared spoke up once again while maintaining a much more gentle pace. "Open your eyes, the last girl really got my interest."

Natsu quickly remembered who he wrote last, and he would have been a blushing mess if he hadn't just admitted to wanting to bang several of his guildmates for the past few minutes. The Dragon Slayer tapped into every last bit of bravery he had so he could continue. "Yeah, that's the one I think about most." Natsu confessed, making a strong healthy blush appear on Erza's face. She started moving her feet faster once again.

"Really now, what kind of things do you want to do to her?" Erza asked, her calm facade quickly breaking away. While she had come to terms with the fact her childhood friend had a very lustful side to him, she was struggling with the fact that most of his lust was directed towards her.

Feeling a chance to turn the tables on the woman, he decided to use it. "The thing is, I don't think she'd let me do half the stuff I want to." Natsu said, gaining even more attention from the woman.

"Hmmm, she might be more willing than you think." Erza encouraged. The pinkette caught yet another waft of the strong alluring scent when she said, which nearly sent him into a frenzy. "In fact, I'll do my best to help you once you cum for me." The beauty proposed, applying just a little more pressure and speed. Natsu let out another moan as his climax began to approach once again. Erza brought her skill up to a whole new level and it was only a matter of moments before her partner's cock felt as if it was ready to burst.

"Ah Erza!" Natsu grunted seconds before his release. The redhead smirked as Natsu's hot sticky seed shot out and covered her pantyhose. Despite being surprised by how much there was, she kept fairly calm. Well, that was until a bit of it splashed onto her face. Natsu didn't notice the surprised look on Erza's face since he was still too busy cumming harder than he had ever in his life. "That was great." He said when his climax finally subsided.

Now that he was done, he noticed the mess he had on his 'teacher'. The redhead's pantyhose were the most affected, they were covered in the teen's cum in various places. However, Natsu's didn't concentrate on the leggings for very long when he saw the white substance splattered on Erza's face. The Dragon Slayer's member instantly rose back to attention when he saw his seed on the face of his instructor. Seeing the reaction, she decided to do something rather daring. She took the pinkette's seed with two fingers before moving it into her mouth and sucking on the sticky fingers. "Mmmm." Erza moaned, liking the new taste. She proceeded to clean the rest of the face, much to the arousal of the teen.

"It's even hotter than I thought it'd be." Natsu admitted. This came as no surprise to Erza at this point. She thought it was safe to assume that one of the Dragon Slayer's greatest fantasies was dominating her, and covering her with cum was a very good sign of his dominance. "We can keep going, right Erza-sensei?"

"Of course we can... I've concluded that your lust is out of control, and I'm the only one who can calm you down." Erza claimed. Natsu's face instantly turned from pleased to distressed when he heard this. The pinkette may know what he wanted, but he was still very much on the gullible side. Erza did feel a little guilty lying to the fire mage but wanted to prevent creating another pervert. "Stand up, I'm going to do something very special for you." She offered.

Curious to what new pleasure awaited him, Natsu stood up, while the redhead stripped herself of the stained pantyhose. This revealed her long toned legs, giving the pink haired man a good look at her lacy panties and also letting him get even more of her intoxicating scent. "So, what are you going to do Erza?" Natsu asked. The re-quip mage simply smiled before getting on her knees in front of the teen.

Erza hadn't expected to go this far, but she was glad she had prepared, even if what she had practised with seemed very inadequate at the moment. The woman felt her already sodden maidenhood get even so more when she inhaled the strong musk coming from the teen. She instinctively rubbed her thighs together in a fruitless attempt to contain her excitement. Instead, she tried to distract herself by look up at her partner, which only had an adverse effect on her self-control as she could practically feel the lust radiating from his warm dark eyes. 'This is a lot more difficult than I thought it would be, however, I still have a responsibility.' Erza told herself. The woman started to mentally prepare herself once more, but Natsu became impatient.

"All that staring is making me nervous, Erza-sensei." Natsu complained. This would have normally annoyed the woman, but in this case, it encouraged her. Just to tease the pinkette, she gave the teen's cock a quick kiss. It was a peculiar and pleasurable feeling for Natsu, but it was quickly overshadowed when Erza wrapped her luscious lips around the bulbous head of his thick throbbing cock.

She didn't stop there though, as he felt the woman's strong well-trained arm wrap around the shaft of raging member and start jerking him off. Despite the redhead being clumsy due to the overwhelming size, the feeling of her tongue twirling around his tip was mindblowing. "Fuck! This is even better than your feet, you're amazing." The pink haired teen groaned.

Fueled by the praise, Erza started to bob up and down, allowing the teen's member to touch the back of her mouth and her hands moved even faster with a strengthened grip. 'What an addicting taste and this smell is driving me crazy... I can't believe I didn't try this earlier.' Erza thought, loving her this new experience more and more. The beauty had been struggling with her own lust though her lesson with Natsu, and it had finally got the better of her. One of her hands had slid underneath her panties and she was enjoying a very familiar pleasure. This was good for both of them since her moans sent pleasurable vibrations along his cock. 'The books said that I should be taking it deeper, but he seems to be loving it so far.'

Erza couldn't be more correct, the pinkette was loving his first blowjob, especially since it was at the hands and mouth of Titania herself. Simply the thought would have driven him crazy, so the fact it was actually happening was a dream come true. Even though she was inexperienced, the woman bridged the gap with pure diligence. Since she had started, there hadn't been a second where the sound of sloppy slurping hadn't been ringing through the forest. However, the woman still had a few ways to blow the man's mind, among other things.

"You're so dirty Erza-sensei, aren't you?' Natsu groaned when he noticed where her second had disappeared to. While he could smell the sweet scent permeating from her nether regions, he could only imagine just how wet she was. "Only dirty teachers get off to sucking off their students." He continued as something new began to stir inside him. His urge for sexual relief as rapidly becoming an afterthought as the need for dominance.

Not knowing the change she was triggering inside Natsu, she cranked up her eroticism and forced even more of the teen's thick cock into her gullet, while still maintaining a sexy stare. To her dismay, she was only able to get half of it down before she would have started gagging. The woman made up for this by moving her hands even faster and sucking even harder. 'How do you like that Dragon boy... You better give more of that tasty cum of yours.' Erza thought, intensifying the erotic stare. The face was told Natsu exactly what she was going to do to the pinkette.

This look sent the fire mage did more of the pinkette than she intended. His heart quickened, his breaths became more ragged and his natural need for dominance intensified. The need was too much for the teen and a lustful smile appeared on his face before an equally sinful idea popped into his head. Erza remained hard at work and unassuming. "Hey, wide." Natsu warned before grabbing the sides of the beauties head and thrusting his entire length down his teacher's throat.

Erza's eyes opened wide at the sudden invader and if it weren't for her preparation, she would have started to gag and choke on the thick piece of man. Not seeing much discomfort on the great Titania's face, Natsu began to slide out of her tight warm throat, making it much easier to breathe. A look of relief appeared on her face as he moved out, but that disappeared as soon as it appeared due to the teen jamming it back in. Erza's mouth and throat were rather accommodating to the Dragon Slayer's rough treatment, which only encouraged the teen to go harder. 'Oh, so you want to play rough Natsu.' Erza thought, managing to regain her composure.

"I ain't losing to you this time, Erza." Natsu thought before he starting bucking his hips in tandem with the movement of Erza's head. He strengthened his grip on her hair so he could force himself even deeper. Not only did it work in breaking the woman's composure, it also felt amazing to him. He loved the dominance he felt over the busty knight. It was truly liberating after being her personal punching bag for so many years.

The beauty attempted to counter the fire mage, but he proved to be much stronger than her in her lust fueled haze. At first, she wasn't sure how she felt about being under the thumb of the teen, but the more they stayed like this, the more she started liking it. It could be said that she started liking it a little too much. She was so used to being the dominate one in whatever she did, having the teen flip the tables on her, and show her his strength. 'Where the hell did this come from... Not that I mind.' Erza thought. The teen could see the woman's expression softening and becoming a lot more submissive towards him.

"You're liking this aren't you, my slutty Sensei?" Natsu teased, getting even more violent with his thrusts. As he hoped, more and more of the woman's rough exterior melted away and was replaced with a wanting almost helpless expression. Thoughts entered the Dragon Slayer's mind, thoughts of him doing unspeakably lewd things to the red haired knight, sometimes right out here in the woods where only he could hear her sweet moans and scream, and sometimes right in the middle of the guild, allowing everyone to see his victory over the queen of the Fairies. More thoughts like these clouded normally carefree mind of the pinkette as he closed in on what would be a very large and messy orgasm.

Every instinct told him to drop his load right down her throat, but he suppressed it so he could see one of the best sights of the day once more. Just as he was about to empty the contents of his balls deep down the wanting woman's throat, he pulled his entire length out before letting it out all over her unsuspecting face and cleavage. Though initially taken by surprise, she quickly adapted and accepted the Dragon Slayer's load, even after receiving such rough treatment from the teen. Erza mewled as her pretty face and ample assets were coated in the teen's seed.

"Dear Mavis, this one was bigger than the last, you're such a naughty boy, cumming all over me and messing up my hair." Erza teased as she began to slowly clean herself. Once again Natsu found himself harder than ever. This was a sight he never thought he'd ever get to see, but he was so glad that he had. While the woman did look a little rough, with her glasses a little out of place and her bun becoming a lot looser almost to the point that it had been undone. Natsu still wanted more from the woman, and it was obvious she was more than happy to keep going judging from how happily she was cleaning herself. "It seems as it is time to continue our lesson." She said before giving the teen's cock head another kiss before getting up.

The woman perched herself back on her desk, before coaxing him towards her after instructing him to bring his chair. The pinkette did as he was told, and found himself treated to yet another reward once he had seated. Erza started to unbutton her blouse before she completely discarding it, but she wasn't done there and she slipped out of her skirt. Erza was now only in her matching black lacy bra and panties. He wasn't sure where he wanted to look more, her thick thighs that were now out in the open, or the huge set of twins that were begging to be set free. "Wow." Natsu gasped. He had seen this sight a few times, in fact, he had seen her naked before. Maybe it was because she was doing it just for him or it could have been her stare. The teen didn't care, all he cared about was the woman sitting and ready for him. "You smell and look amazing, Erza."

"Why thank you Natsu, but remember, it's Erza-sensei." Erza corrected before opening up her legs more. The fire mage loved getting another whiff of the addicting scent. "Let's move onto the final part of this lesson, but before that, I'll need you to get the rest of these clothes off me... use whatever method you please and once you do, feel free to do whatever you want... Just enjoy yourself, Natsu." She said, ready for whatever the pinkette had in store for her. Taking the woman's word to mind, he got up and burnt her bra clean off before finally getting his hands on her boobs.

They were much firmer than Lucy's, maintaining their shape as he played with them, but they still managed to stay soft. The large full breasts were quickly becoming the horny teen's favourite playthings and Erza really didn't mind. After servicing and playing with the young man for so long, she had been getting very worked up and thanks to his sudden decision to take charge, she hadn't been able to finish herself off. Luckily, Natsu's hands were a perfect supplement and a strong feeling was building up in her core. All she could wish for was that her womanhood was getting more attention. "You're boobs feel fucking amazing." Natsu declared as he watched the s-class mage's brain slowly turn to mush at his hands.

The need for domination slowly started to creep up on him again. The redhead was happy to give him a new way to fulfil that lust, mainly because she would get something great out of it. "My pussy... please play with it too." Erza begged through her moans. Natsu didn't hesitate for a second, and he burnt away his teacher's panties before his fingers delved deep inside her attention starved snatch. Much to the woman's surprise, the Dragon Slayer was a natural and she was writhing with pleasure within seconds. His curiosity was his greatest asset as it encouraged him to explore more. "That's good Natsu~ Keep going." The knight moaned.

The teen worked hard and it well and truly paid off. He could hardly believe it, with his own two hands, he was able to break the through the tough exterior of the Queen of the Fairies. She was now nothing more than a moaning, mumbling mess at this point. While she had managed to keep her glasses one, her hair had returned to its natural flowing state, albeit a little wilder. "Ah~ I'm gonna... I'm gonna cum Natsu... Your slutty Sensei is going to cum like a bitch in heat." Erza screamed, using what semblance of brain power she had. She was both happy and cursed the fact that Natsu had become such a quick learner, as he had discovered each and very one of her weak spots, all of which, he exploited without mercy.

With a few more fast movements, he pushed the woman over the edge, allowing him to hear more of the harmonious screams he had grown to love. He had also got an unfamiliar liquid from it. It had been gushing out of the woman for quite some time now, but he still had no idea what it was. Curious, he took a taste and he found himself loving the flavour. "You taste like strawberries." Natsu admitted before he started descending down the woman's body, hoping to get more of her essence.

But to his surprise, Erza stopped him before he could. "This isn't part of today's class, we've got something much more important to take care of... We can do that lesson later." Erza told her student, leaving him a little annoyed. She was also annoyed about missing out on more of the pinkette's attention, but she had a plan that she intended on sticking to as much as possible. "Stand over there and let me get ready." The beauty instructed, even if she had no authority left in her voice. Despite this, he what she wanted to. Wasting no time, she bent herself over the desk and presented her big doughy ass and tight glistening pussy to the Dragon Slayer, whose dick throbbed in excitement. "This may be my first time, but I don't want you to start treating me like I'm made of glass... I want you to give it your all, or I might have to claim this win as well."

Natsu didn't take the last comment well and his instincts took control once more. The pinkette thrust his entire length into the redhead with one swift motion and like a lock to a key, it was a perfect fit. Due to it being her first time, she did feel some discomfort, but the abundance of her slick essence made it a lot easier for her. The pinkette began to pull out of the woman, letting him see his cock covered in a layer of Erza Scarlet's strawberry essence. Despite loving the evidence of his conquest he loved the newfound pleasure so much more and he thrust back into her. He started off at a steady pace so he could properly adjust to the new pleasure. "Fuck, this is good." Natsu grunted as his hands found their way to the wide hips of the recently deflowered Titania.

A moan escaped the now submissive woman when she felt the strong pair of hands grip her sides. The red haired teen could feel her ass ripple with each one of Natsu's strong movements. The feeling of having her untouched maidenhood violated with such force and by something as big as Natsu was driving her up the wall. Even the feeling of her nipples and clit rubbing against the hard wooden table. All these sensations were, making her more and more susceptible to the submissive side she desperately kept hidden away. "Keep going Natsu! Fuck me! Fuck me harder!" Erza bellowed. She meant what she said, earlier. If her guildmate wanted control, he would have to prove he deserved it.

Happy to assert more dominance over the lovely redhead, he put more power into his movements, forcing her further against the desk. Seeing how much the woman had enjoyed the treatment he'd been giving her, a bright idea popped into his mind. He lifted his hand up before giving her ass a very strong flame-infused slap. Erza let out a scream, which was a mixture of both pain and pleasure, but the latter was still the dominant feeling for the woman. "I guess this means your ass is mine." Natsu joked, admiring the bright red hand print he had left.

Natsu continued to move within the beauty, loving every second of it. Due to the sheer strength of the Dragon Slayer's movements, Erza had to hold onto the desk with all her might, it was an honest mystery how she hadn't broken it. However, neither of the concerned themselves with that, both were wondering why they hadn't done this earlier. Their bodies were very compatible and their personalities seemed to blend together very well. "Yes, right there." Erza moaned when she felt the teen's manhood prod her sweet spot. wanting even more for the pinkette, she began to move her reddened ass back in time with the man's movements, only for Natsu to move with even more speed and strength.

There was no doubt felt better to have the woman join in, but he couldn't risk having her turn the table on him. Erza tried to talk back, but all that came from her mouth were incoherent murmurs and moans the second she felt Natsu's warm play with her pearl. 'This feels so much better than the books said it would.' The crimson haired beauty thought, with her soft expression contorting into a lewd one as she came again.

Natsu tensed up a bit when he felt a sudden increase in pressure, but he kept going despite it. His relentless movements added with her heightened sensitivity triggered another orgasm for the S-class mage, with this one hitting even harder than the last. "Fuck!" Natsu groaned as he felt his cock squeezed for all it was worth. Nothing could really compare to the feeling, and he came even harder than before. Due to their shared state of bliss, neither of them realised the gravity of what had just happened.

In fact, neither of them really cared, Natsu was far too enthralled with the magnificent feeling of the Queen's maidenhood wringing him out, while Erza simply loved the feel of her student's essence flooding her womb. After calming himself down, he losing his strength and he slouched over onto the woman panting woman. "That was awesome Erza-sensei." Natsu huffed, with his cock still nestled deep inside Erza.

"Just Erza now, today's class is over." Erza corrected with ragged breaths before taking her glasses off. She looked back and saw the look on Natsu's face. She had seen it plenty of times before, it was the same kind of face he would make when he wanted to fight her. "However, just because our lesson is over, it doesn't mean we have to stop."

"Really?" Natsu asked clearly excited by the prospect of going another round with Erza.

"Of course, we need to see if you understood everything you learnt in our final lesson." Erza said before moving herself onto her back, even with mage's cock jammed in her. The pinkette was going to miss the view of the redhead's massive round ass, but fortunately, it was substituted with a look at her large firm breasts. "Don't worry, just because we're no long in class, it doesn't mean anything has changed... I'm still all yours." The beauty reminded. She let out a delighted moan when she felt her teammate's cock swell up inside her once more.

~A few weeks later~

"Why do you look so glum, Lucy?" Mirajane asked the bummed out blonde, who was currently slouched over the bar. The holder mage had been having a rough couple of weeks, not only did a number of times Natsu would be thrown into her increase, she was also struggling to get money for her rent. She explained this to the white haired woman, who was still happily cleaning mugs. "Well, at least Erza is trying to help him."

"No, that's part of the problem, every time she helps, those two disappear and come back too tired to go on a job." Lucy corrected. Instead of the compassionate look she usually gave her guildmates when they were troubled, she let out a small giggle. "What's so funny?"

"It's just nice to see those two getting along so well, it's rather cute if you ask me." Mirajane admitted. The holder mage felt as if something was wrong here. Normally, the former demon of Fairy Tail would be the first to offer assistance, but she seemed rather nonplussed about this issue. Lucy went to question the bartender, but she was stopped when Natsu was sent barreling towards her, courtesy of a certain ice mage, making the two smash into the nearest wall. Just like every other time, the pinkette found himself nestled in the beauties breasts. The fire user didn't get to stay there for long since Erza picked him up by the scarf. 'Oh, Erza looks so jealous, how cute.'

"Come on Natsu, it seems you still haven't learnt your lesson." Erza ordered, sounding more demanding than usual. Like every other time, he followed her outside, acting annoyed just like he used to a few weeks before. Lucy sat there and watched as the two left the guild. She felt bad for her friend, but that was only because she didn't know the new nature of their relationship. The blonde looked over to the bartender and noticed she was talking to Gray. This wasn't too surprising to the spirit mage, Mirajane was nice to everyone, but what was surprising was the fact she handed the ice mage bag a large sum of money.

"I'm actually starting to feel kinda bad, it's been like three weeks and she's still making him do those lessons." Gray confessed, accepting the money. Mirajane shot him a strong scary glare when she heard the hesitation in the man's voice.

"Don't tell me you're going to back out, we have an agreement, you get to see Natsu in pain and I get what." Mirajane replied, maintain a sickeningly sweet voice.

"What exactly do you want anyway?" Gray question. Mirajane just laughed and told the man to go away. 'I guess this is why they said don't make a deal with the devil.' He thought before moving away, even more, scared of the woman than before.


"Come on Natsu, hurry up, people will get suspicious if you don't move fast enough." Erza told the man, urgency clear in her voice. It had taken so much longer for any sort of incident to occur in the guild. It annoyed her since it meant she had to go longer without her favourite pinkette. "Plus, as both your teacher and girlfriend, it is my responsibility that your lust is kept and bay, and it must be pretty bad since we haven't done it since yesterday." She added before giving the man a quick kiss on the cheek.

Natsu clutched his ears a few seconds after kiss. His lover asked what was wrong. "I think I just heard a really high pitched scream and a camera go off." Natsu replied still holding his ears. He wasn't entirely sure who it was, but they sounded very happy. "Just forget about it, let's get going, Erza-sensei." The teen teased before they disappeared into the forest once more.

The End

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