Becoming an adult(erer)

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Pairing: Chelia x Natsu

Modern AU

Summary: Growing up can be an awkward affair, especially if you're in love with your coach and even more so when that coach is a happily married man. Read as Chelia stumbles her way into the strange world of adults and takes her first steps to adulthood.

Saint Mavis's Academy was a small, but prestigious girls school and the crown jewel of the town of Magnolia. The school had a reputation for producing some of the finest athletes and academics. Families with talented daughters had somewhat of an edge in getting admitted, but even that couldn't guarantee admission. The school had high standards and aimed to admit girls with a good combination of character and altitude. This stance allowed girls that didn't come from wealth to attend the illustrious school.

Chelia Blendy was one such student. She had lived in Magnolia for pretty much all her life and had attended the school since she started her education. The headmaster had seen some potential when she was younger and admitted her to the school. Not wanting to squander her opportunity, Chelia had spent most of her schooling working hard. She was now in her last year of high school and she'd certainly earned her reputation as one of the academy's most diligent students. While she excelled in academics, her real strength came in the athletics department. Chelia had been so good that she'd been named the captain of the track and field team.

"Chelia, shouldn't you be heading home now?" A masculine voice questioned. The voice belonged to her P.E teacher and coach, Natsu Dragneel. The younger of the pink-haired duo quickly looked around and noticed that all of her clubmates had left. Chelia looked around for a few moments, before realising that the older pinkette was telling the truth. "Working hard's good and all, but I really don't want you overworking yourself." Natsu told the young woman as he approached her.

Chelia found herself getting rather embarrassed by the older man's kind, yet concerned words. "I guess I did get a little carried away, but would you mind timing one more lap?" Chelia asked rather meekly. Natsu smiled at his student's request and gave her a quick nod. "Thank you for staying behind by the way." She thanked, trying her best to hide her increasing embarrassment.

"Nah, it's no problem... If you wanna practice, I gotta support you, it's what a coach does." Natsu declared, sounding extra sure of himself. The teen felt her heart skip a beat and she quickly looked away from the older man. Despite her attempts to hide it, it was a pretty well-known fact that the pink-haired maiden had a major crush on her teacher. It was so bad that she found herself unable to even look at the man as they made their way to the other side of the track. "Let's see if you can beat your record today, you were pretty close before."

"Of course Natsu-sensei, I'll give it my all." Chelia cheered, snapping out of her state. She almost reverted back to that state when she caught a glimpse of the older man's smile. Through sheer willpower, she managed to stop her face from exploding in a massive blush and smiled back at Natsu. "Alright Natsu-sensei, get ready to be impressed." She said, with a smile.

The school was also quite selective with their teachers, with Natsu being no exception. Before he'd taken a job at the school, Natsu was an Olympic-level athlete and had made quite the name for himself on the world stage. Unfortunately, an injury resulted in his career coming to a very premature end. Luckily enough, the headmaster had offered him a place at her school and he was more than happy to offer his expertise.

Though he'd been teaching for a relatively short time teaching, he'd been able to help kickstart a lot of athletic careers. He took a great deal of pride in what he did now and watching Chelia race around the track was brought a big wide smile to his face. "That's my star pupil for you... New record." Natsu congratulated as the woman finished her lap.

A strong blush once again overtook her face at her teacher's compliment. She'd be first to admit that she wasn't great when she'd started on the team, so the older man's words truly meant a lot. She managed to compose herself enough to speak, but the blush simply refused to go away. "Thank you, Natsu-sensei, I couldn't have done it if you hadn't been so patient with me." Chelia admitted, once again looking away from the older man.

"I'm pretty great, but you really need to give yourself a bit more credit." Natsu replied before handing the maiden her water bottle. The pinkette couldn't help but see a little bit of himself in the woman. She had the same determination and drive that he had back when he was still competing. "Anyway, you've put in more than enough for today, you really should be heading home." He continued, sounding more stern than usual. However, this sternness was countered when Natsu rustled her hair.

"Would you mind walking me home?" Chelia requested shyly. Natsu gave her a quick nod. The sun was setting and the pink-haired maiden did live on the other side of town, so he was more than happy to escort her home. "Thank you Natsu-sensei." She replied before running off to get changed. Natsu used this time to pack away what little equipment remained and lock up the school. By the time he was done, Chelia was back and dressed in her uniform. It was the classic sailor uniform with a white shirt, navy skirt, and red neckerchief.

"We're probably gonna have to run, I'm pretty sure there was a storm warning for tonight." Natsu told the younger woman. The two both looked up at darkened clouds and before either of them could comment further, it started to rain. It was only light for a few seconds before it started to pour. "Crap." He muttered.

Chelia ran over to her bag and Natsu hastily started closing up what he could. The two were already drenched by the time they reached the gate, and the wheater was only going to get worse. The winds were starting to get wild and by the time they reached Chelia's home, the storm would be in full swing. Realizing this, Chelia decided to make a bold call. "Your house is pretty close right, maybe we should go there." Chelia suggested, barely managing to speak over the howling winds.

"Good idea, you'll probably be able to wait out the storm there." Natsu replied. With a goal in mind, the pink-haired duo started to run as fast as they could. Even with their speed, it took the student and teacher five minutes to get to Natsu's rather impressive three-story home. The two were soaked head to toe, and they wasted no time getting inside. As the pair made it inside, they heard a loud crack of thunder behind them. Both of them breathed a sigh of relief as they entered. "You alright Chelia?" He asked, looking over.

A small blush overtook Natsu's face when he eyed the slightly out of breath teen. Thanks to the rain, her shirt was mostly transparent and clung to her figure, mainly her perky developments. They weren't the biggest he'd seen, but they were still rather sizeable, especially on her small frame. It was even harder for the pinkette to look away when noticed her racy choice of underwear. Luckily, his perversion went unnoticed since Chelia found herself completely distracted.

The maiden was drinking in the sight and smell of her crush. "I'm ok Natsu-sensei... Just wet." Chelia muttered, barely stopping herself from drooling. Even on a normal day, Natsu's tracksuit didn't much to hide just how well endowed the man was or his athletic body. But now that the pink-haired man was soaked, everything was exposed and the musk she'd grown to love. 'Wonder if I can sneak a picture.' She pondered. The woman would have kept staring at the older man if it hadn't started speaking again.

"Hey, Jenny! Chelia is staying until the storm passes." Natsu called out to his wife. Chelia quickly snapped back to reality. She'd completely forgotten that Natsu was married and to a supermodel no less. "The storm got us and we're both soaked." He continued as he started to make his way to the living room. The maiden wanted to run away in embarrassment. She'd been so busy lusting after him as a teacher, she'd forgotten that he was a married man. However, she couldn't bring herself to leave the older man's side just yet.

"It's no problem dear, I think I can get some clothes her size ready." Jenny replied as the two drenched pinkette's entered the room. Chelia found herself feeling rather insecure as laid eyes on the blonde bombshell. Jenny Realight was looked as if she'd been plucked out of the imagination of a very horny teenager. The petite pinkette couldn't help feeling jealous as she looked at the former athlete's wife. It only got worse when she noticed the other equally beautiful woman.

Chelia recognized this woman as well. This woman was Mirajane Strauss, another supermodel, and the close friend and business partner of Jenny. The two were some of the most famous people to come out of Magnolia and had modeled around the world with their own joint clothing line. They've even modeled for most of the sportswear she wore and damn did they look good in those. It only got worse for the poor girl who became aware of just how exposed she was. "You really should be more careful Natsu-kun, that little cutie is shivering." Mirajane greeted. The pink-haired maiden felt a pang of jealousy at how casual the woman older woman was talking to her crush.

"No, it's not Natsu-sensei's fault, I was the one who wanted to do extra practice." Chelia declared, failing to hide just how flustered she was. Mirajane nearly squealed at how adorable she found the young girl. Natsu sighed at Mirajane's reaction and attempted to calm both his guests. Jenny just smiled at the awkward little interaction before she eventually started to step in.

"Mira, stop teasing the poor girl... Come Chelia, let's get some clothes picked out and then I can show you to the bathroom." Jenny stated, standing up. The busty blonde made her way towards the younger pinkette and started leading her along.

Mirajane pouted at her close friend's order, but she complied nonetheless and turned her attention to Natsu. A devilish smirk crept onto the platinum-haired woman's face before she began to tease her long-time friend. The white-haired woman was relentless with it, getting nervous reactions from Natsu and giggles from Jenny. Chelia felt bad about leaving her coach alone with this dangerous woman, but it's not like she could be much help. Leaving Natsu to his fate, Chelia turned her attention to her guide. "Thank you for letting me into your home Jenny-san." Chelia said, looking towards the blonde.

"It's no issue Chelia, you've been an exceptional guest in the past and you're my husband's star pupil." Jenny replied, guiding the young woman upstairs. The younger woman smiled at the comment, but at the same time feelings of insecurity crept up on her once more. Jenny was both incredibly beautiful and exceptionally kind, it was no wonder she'd won Natsu's heart. The two continued on their way, enjoying a bit of silence before arriving in front of the bathroom door. "Is there anything you'd like to wear? I sure we've got something in your size."

"Anything would be fine Jenny-san, thank you for guiding me... This place is so big." Chelia replied. Despite being here on a few other occasions, the pink-haired maiden still always found herself in awe because of the size of the couple's home. "I won't take too much time." She claimed.

"Please take all the time you need dear, the storm doesn't seem to be going anywhere." Jenny replied. The older woman then opened up the door, exposing a rather small room. The room was a small and neat room, consisting of vanity, a mirror, and a laundry basket. There was also another door, which Jenny wasted no time opening.

This revealed the actual bathroom, which was surprisingly small. But despite its size, Chelia still found herself awestruck by just how lavish the room was. The blonde-haired woman noted the reaction. "As I said, there's no need to rush... You'll be able to find your new clothes in the vanity." The older woman reminded with a smile. The blonde then left the petite pinkette to her own devices.

Chelia stripped herself of her wet clothes and quickly placing them into the vanity. Initially, she was just going to take a quick shower, but the longer she took the room in, the more alluring the bathtub looked. The prospect of using the bathtub became even harder to resist when she noticed the array of salts and oils near the bathtub. She'd stayed at a few high-end hotels thanks to the competitions she'd competed in, and developed somewhat of an eye for this kind of stuff. Everything here was top quality and so it was too good for someone like her to pass up. The pinkette quickly started running the water and looked over the collection of salts and oils.

As the bathtub slowly filled up with water, Chelia started choosing from the large collection. Given the circumstances, the maiden decided to experiment a little and went for the more expensive stuff. She could barely contain herself by the time the bath was filled. She slowly slid into the warm lavender scented water and instantly found herself relaxed. The teen sat there for a couple of moments, simply relishing the feeling of the warm bath. "I really need to thank Jenny-san." Chelia muttered as she sunk into the water.

The pinkette could feel all the stress and fatigue from today fading away. Natsu had been working her much harder than usual, which was no real surprise; Her final track meet was fast approaching. Even though she had already been scouted and approached a number of times, she was still rather nervous. She knew everyone's eyes would be on her, especially those of her beloved coach. Chelia felt her heartbeat quicken at the thought of Natsu cheering her on during her final meet.

A bright blush appeared on her face as she imagined celebrating with Natsu. It started with her simply being embraced by her coach. 'Well since it's a big event, maybe he'd do something special, like a one-on-one dinner.' Chelia thought, making her blush intensify. These weren't new thoughts for the young maiden, but they were certainly more intense at the moment. It could have been the fact she'd seen her teacher's clothes clinging to his well-trained body so recently or the fact she was in his home, or maybe she was just a straight-up pervert. Whatever it was, the hormonal teen's needs were starting to get the best of her. "No, I can't... What if he walked in?" She muttered.

While that was meant to calm her down, the thought of Natsu walking in only excited her more. The pinkette reclined and one of her hands made the journey down south. "Now that I think about it... This bath could fit two people." Chelia continued as she started picturing the older man. Her imagination started to run wild, and her left hand found its mark. A couple of digits slipped into her needy flower. She let out a small gasp and her other hand instinctively reached for one of her breasts.

"Sensei." Chelia moaned as her fingers struck a sweet spot. The sudden burst of pleasure drove her to seek more. Even though she knew the feeling well, she could never get enough of it, especially when Natsu was on the mind. She was quick to lose control over her voice and she made no attempts to regain it. The pink-haired beauty had hit her stride and she'd never been so desperate for a release.

Chelia let herself be taken away by the pleasure and her imagination completely ran wild. All she could think about was what Natsu would do to her. She wanted the older man to pin her down and ravage her from dusk to dawn. She wanted to be left a sweaty cum-filled mess by the man she held such deep admiration for. Her body seemed to act on its own as she completely indulged herself in her lewd fantasy. With very little control over herself, her climax hit her harder and faster than she was expecting.

"Wow." Chelia moaned out, simply amazed by the pleasure. While that experience had been a short and sweet one, it wasn't one that she'd forget any time soon. She sat there for a few minutes, attempting to collect herself. However, it was proving to be a lot harder than it normally was. Her face was still flushed and she was struggling to fight back the evergrowing heat in her core. The woman knew her hands weren't going to be enough for her tonight, she needed something more powerful. Her mind instantly went to her favorite toy and all the pleasure it'd brought her. "I need to get home." She muttered to herself before getting up.

The young woman pulled the plug from the tub and started drying herself off. Chelia decided to check the window and she noticed that the storm had calmed down somewhat. It was not enough for her to walk home, but driving wouldn't be too troublesome. She let a frustrated sigh and focused on simply getting herself dressed. As she continued to dry herself off, she tried her best to keep Natsu out of her head.

Chelia eventually did dry herself up and she made herself to the smaller room. "I wonder what kind of clothes Jenny-san put out." Chelia pondered as she started looking through the vanity. She quickly found the neatly folded clothes. Much to her delight, the clothes were simple and they were her style. She happily donned the lacey white bra and panties, and the matching thigh-high socks. The girl couldn't help checking herself out in the mirror. Everything she wore worked to accentuate her features. "If Sensei saw me like this..." The woman thought aloud.

The woman quickly shook her head and went back to dressing herself. She grabbed the white pleated skirt and a navy long-sleeved top. Once again she was pleasantly surprised by what the clothes did for her. The skirt was just the right length. It was long enough that she'd still have her modesty but short enough that a strong gust of wind would give someone a short but sweet show. The navy top did an excellent job of showing off just enough of her blossoming bosom. There was enough on display to entice any man with a pulse while not giving everything away.

"Wow, Jenny-san really knows what she's doing." Chelia said as she continued to look at herself. Now beaming with confidence, she tied her hair up in its usual pigtails and made her way out. She looked great and she knew it, and she'd be damned if she didn't show off to Natsu. "But where is he?" She wondered. The teen knew standing around wouldn't do her much good and she started making her way back downstairs.

This turned out to be a little harder than she expected because on the rare occasions she'd visited, she'd never been upstairs. So it was no surprise that she had been turned around a number of times. Chelia did eventually manage to get downstairs and back to the living room. Unfortunately, the room was completely empty. "Maybe I should wait here." Chelia huffed before going to take a seat and getting out her phone.


A fair amount of time had passed and Chelia was still the only one in the room. She had called Sherry to tell her about picking her up, only to find out that the older woman was currently out. The maiden had passed most of the time by taking a few pictures with herself and chatting to some of her friends.

She was now a little bored and started wondering where everyone was. She'd assumed that Mirajane had left some time ago, which left Natsu and Jenny alone. Still a little worked up from before, her thoughts instantly went to the couple having hot steamy sex. A blush instantly covered her face and her curiosity quickly got the best of her. "Maybe I should look around, they might need me for something." Chelia told herself, standing up.

Chelia would spend the next few minutes exploring the bottom floor of this large multistoried house. She did her best to remain quiet the entire time while trying her best not to get lost or sidetracked. The pinkette found no luck, but that only made her more curious about what could be happening. Knowing that they likely weren't on the second floor, she decided to head to the third. 'The bedrooms are on the third floor... So they must be doing... That.' Chelia thought as a blush overtook her place. The thought was quite embarrassing, but she couldn't blame either of them. Jenny was a supermodel and Natsu was an ex-olympian, she was surprised that they could keep their hands off each other.

"I should just wait." Chelia told herself as she eyed the next set of stairs. Every sensible bone in her body was telling her to sit and wait downstairs. However, she was feeling exceptionally bold today, and she started moving further upstairs. When she did, she was greeted with a long dark hallway and she froze up a little when she saw a faint light at the end of the doorway. The pinkette's heart was beating a mile a minute; She felt as if she was about to witness something truly great. 'An Olympian and a supermodel... who could resist.' She told herself as she steeled her nerves.

The busty teen carefully took a few steps down the hallway but stopped the instant she picked up on a few sounds. The more prominent one was the sound of the slapping of skin. The slaps were harsh, fast and despite the distance, they echoed throughout the hall. The second was quieter sounds were the grunts and moans of the couple. The moans sounded muffled, but they were still managing to overpower grunts of the man. She wondered Natsu could possibly doing to his wife to get a reaction like this, but she was now certain what her hosts were doing. 'They're really going at it... I should really go back.' Chelia told herself as she moved to a crawl.

However, she kept moving forward, her curiosity and lust were overriding any thoughts of reason and caution. As she neared the preverbal door to the world of adults, those sounds only got louder. Her ears weren't the only things being exposed to whatever was happening in the room. "Strong perfume... Sweat, and Natsu." Chelia muttered as the scents invaded her. The teen's body quivered at the familiar musk of the older man and she needed a moment to take all of it in. The door was so close and she was just a short crawl from witnessing the man she loved in all his glory.

The teen reached into her pocket and grabbed her phone. This was a once in a lifetime opportunity for the girl and she wasn't going to be satisfied with a simple memory. She needed something concrete, something that she could watch over and over, and truly burn into her mind. The young woman peeked through with her phone in hand, finally exposing herself to the world of adults.

Chelia's pressed record as she took in the scene in front of her. She instantly focused on the man she'd grown so attracted to. His naked, sweat covered form was even better than she could have hoped. The pinkette's physique clearly hadn't wained since his premature retirement and Chelia drank it all in. An expression of pleasure, effort, and aggression was plastered on the older man's face, which gave him a primal aura that sent shivers down the woman's spine. The teen was completely fixated on the man and she simply couldn't stop her hands from slithering down, as Natsu continued to make his supermodel lover cry out like a bitch in heat.

The pink-haired teen eyes went wide and froze when her tunnel vision finally cleared. Her teacher was fucking a stunning supermodel's brains out but said supermodel wasn't his wife. Rather it as the platinum-haired beauty, Mirajane Strauss. Chelia's were now glued to the woman on all fours. Mirajane's sweat-covered face was completely wrecked with pleasure, her body seemed to quiver with every powerful thrust and her cries rang throughout the room spacious room and down the hall. She looked as if she was trapped in a never-ending state of euphoria as the man continued to mount and bred like a broodmare. "Oh fuck, right there!" Mirajane screamed as Natsu once again struck a sweet spot.

Chelia's eyes moved from the sweat-covered, pleasure riddled mess known as Mirajane Strauss back to Natsu. The kind teacher that'd molded her into star athlete looked more beast than man at this point. He treated the smaller white-haired woman as if she was his personal fuck toy. Chelia watched as the man she admired and loved, grabbed, groped and nibbled at the woman's soft porcelain skin, leaving her usually flawless skin marked. Even though it was still playing right in front of her, she still couldn't believe what she was seeing; She didn't know what was surprising her more; the adultery or animalistic vigor it was committed with. The teen felt as if she had no choice but to keep watching.

Mirajane let out another scream and the spasms intensified before she lost strength in her arms and her upper body slumped onto the bed. This led to the action stopping for a few moments. The blue-eyed beauty didn't get much of a chance to catch her breath as Natsu used to stoppage to reposition them a little. He picked up the model's somewhat limp body, getting her in a chokehold and started moving even more vigorously than before. "Fu-uck, YES!" Mirajane eeked out, as the pink-haired man continued to ravage him. As for the arm that he wasn't using to support and choke his partner in crime, he was using it to tease her bouncy breasts.

This revealed two things to the voyeuristic teen. The first being the fact that Mirajane Strauss was getting fucked in the ass, and reveling in it. However, it wasn't as if Mirajane's womanhood had gone unattended. Her pristine pussy was overflowing with a married man's seed and spilling onto the white satin sheets. This led her to realize that the pair had been going at it for quite a while. Despite the state of Mirajane's pussy, the number of discarded used condoms made it clear that the couple had been using protection. 'Poor Jenny, they probably started when she was helping me out.' Chelia thought as she continued to watch the two.

Chelia remained enthralled by the adulterous displayed. Natsu continued to choke and fuck his masochistic lover, who could only squeal and squirt a mixture of her and Natsu's essences onto the bed. The teen would have felt a little worried about Mirajane's health if it wasn't for expression plastered on her reddening face and the ceaseless moans. The young woman could have kept watching this sinful display forever, but her phone had other ideas when her text tone went off. Luckily enough, the two were making so much noise that she doubted they'd notice. 'I need to speak to Jenny.' Chelia thought as she started backing away from the door.

She quickly, but stealthy made her way back downstairs. The young woman's mind was a complete mess and she felt a strange pit in her stomach as she journeyed back down to the living room. By the time she got back to the couch, she still hadn't processed what she'd just seen, let alone how she felt about it. As she slumped onto the couch, she let out a loud defeated sigh.

Questions swirled in her head as she started to think about what she'd stumbled on to. Despite her own feelings, she was stuck between feelings of disgust and arousal. It was by far the most exciting thing she'd seen in her young life, she was likely never going to see that level of passion and intensity again. However, it was all soured knowing it was done behind Jenny's back; a woman who'd been nothing but kind to her, a long time friend to Mirajane and caring wife to Natsu. She couldn't imagine how the two justified betraying such a woman. "I wonder how long this has been going on for?" Chelia pondered. This didn't really get her anywhere, but she felt pretty safe in assuming this wasn't the first time.

Chelia tried to move her mind away from this, which did very little. Her thoughts went to Mirajane. The pink-haired maiden didn't know if she felt anger towards the woman for being a homewrecker, or if she was jealous that it wasn't her. "Natsu-sensei, why is this happening?" Chelia questioned as she started to curl up into a ball. It hurt to think that the man she loves would do something like this, and she felt extra shitty since her feelings for the man hadn't seemed to change. Even though she knew telling Jenny was the right thing, she didn't want to be the one to ruin everything.

She sat there for a few minutes trying to figure out what to do, but she stopped when Jenny ran the room, looking a little out of breath. "There you are, I thought you had gotten lost." Jenny said, making her presence known. Chelia nearly jumped out of her skin at the woman's sudden appearance. "I got caught up in work downstairs that I forgot to check on you." She excused as she managed to catch her breath.

"You have a downstairs?" Chelia questioned, her surprise getting a small laugh out of the blonde-haired beauty. The teen couldn't help but blush at this. Maybe if she'd searched harder, she wouldn't have been thrust into this situation. "Thank you for the clothes, they're nice." She said, trying to collect herself.

"If you're wondering where Natsu is, he's upstairs with Mira." Jenny claimed with a smile on her face. The pinkette almost started to freak out as the two adulterers were mentioned. However, she managed to keep it inside for the time being. "Natsu is an amazing personal trainer, his tough, but very effective... He's a really amazing husband." The blonde swooned. The teen felt even worse as the older woman started to sing her husband's praises. For the moment, Chelia decided against speaking on the issue.

"So what where you doing downstairs?" Chelia asked, her genuine curiosity managing to overpower her guilt. The blonde was a little confused by the sudden question, but Jenny appeared to be happy with the question.

"Well you'll have to keep this a secret, but Mira and I are working on a new line of sportswear." Jenny revealed, barely being able to contain her excitement obvious. This, in turn, excited the young woman. While she didn't have too much interest in fashion, Jenny and Mirajane's clothing line had always appealed to her. So when the older woman started talking, she listened intently. Chelia was sucked into the conversation and she started to forget about her little crisis. "Actually, I'm wondering if you'd be willing to model for us... Atheltic with curves is the look we're looking for." She proposed rather shamelessly.

Chelia's face exploded into a blush at the proposal, but she didn't hate the idea. Unfortunately, the older woman didn't stop speaking and she would quickly learn that the woman had little to no filter. Jenny started to speak about a number of her features and how she could market them. Chelia was even instructed to model her current outfit for the enterprising woman. Despite how embarrassing some of the poses she struck were, she found herself being swept along and admiring the woman's passion. "You're a natural, I should really ask Mira... I can't believe they're still up there, I hope Natsu isn't working her too hard." Jenny said.

Chelia's expression darkened when she remembered her dilemma. Jenny shot her a concerned look at her guest's sudden change. The pink-haired athlete found herself feeling even worse and decided that a woman like Jenny really deserved better, even if it could hurt the man she loved. "Jenny-san, there's something I need to talk to you about." Chelia spoke.

Jenny perked up a little as she noticed the strange shift in the girl's tone. However, she didn't get a chance to ask as Natsu and Mirajane descended from the upstairs. Jenny's attention went to her business partner and husband, so she failed to notice the teen freezing up. "You really should tone down the intensity, Mira looks like she can barely walk, we're not going to get any more work done" Jenny claimed upon seeing the sorry state of her friend.

"I'll be fine Jenny, if you think I look bad now, you should have seen what I looked like when we finished." Mirajane replied, attempting to calm her friend. Jenny gave Natsu a stern look and directed him to take a seat next to her. The pinkette moved to his wife's side, who started clinging to him. Natsu returned her affection, embracing the lovely blonde and sending her into a blissful state. Chelia was surprised by how easy it was to calm the blonde, and Mirajane giggled at this small interaction. "The storm seems to be clearing out, so I think I'll be heading home... Chelia-chan, I can give you a lift back home and those two some alone time." She offered as sat across from the couple

Chelia perked up a little at the woman's suggestion and shot her a somewhat confused look. The maiden couldn't believe that this was the same woman who was getting fucked stupid only ten minutes ago. The athlete was astounded by how naturally Mirajane could act to the woman she'd just cuckolded. "Oh, don't tease the poor girl like that, she actually had something to tell me before you came in." Jenny said, turning her attention to said girl. The others followed suit and now all attention was on the pink-haired teen.

She was quick to realize that this was all too much for the young girl. It'd been hard enough to build the strength to tell Jenny on her own, but now it was downright impossible for her. She looked over at Mirajane, before quickly turning her gaze to the loving couple of Natsu and Jenny. The young woman continued to stare at the pair. Things quickly became awkward as she attempted to choose a course of action. "Actually, I was going to ask if I could stay over and practice some modeling." Chelia requested as her face.

She got a range of reactions. Natsu was confused, Mirajane was surprised and Jenny was delighted. "Such a bold request... I wish I could be around for this, but I really do need to get home." Mirajane claimed as she got up. The platinum-haired woman moved towards the couple before quickly embracing Jenny and planting a kiss on Natsu's cheek. Chelia was surprised, but the couple reacted as if this was the standard goodbye. "I think you'll make an adorable model Chelia-chan, I hope to work with you sometime." She said as she started to make her leave.

Now that Mirajane was out, all attention was back on the pink-haired teen. Natsu was the first to speak up. "So are you bored with track? Damn, this puts me in a tough spot for the finals." Natsu said, sounding a little annoyed about this revelation. Losing his star athlete would make pulling out a win nearly impossible, especially since the competition was extra tough this year. "But hey, I can't stop you from doing what you want." He huffed.

Chelia instantly began to panic and Jenny decided to clear things up to her husband. "Natsu, I think she just wants to do as a side thing. A bit of extra money doesn't hurt, especially for a girl her age." Jenny explained, calming her husband down. The maiden let out a small sigh of relief before giving the older woman an expecting look. "I'm happy you really considered my proposal, we can begin after dinner... You are going to deal with my cooking though, our maid is on vacation still." She said excitedly.

"Give yourself some credit, you're a great cook Jenny." Natsu claimed, flashing his pearly whites. His wife fawned over his compliment and the couple started rather shamelessly flirting with each other. Chelia stayed silent and awkwardly watched as the two acted as she wasn't even there. Her face got a little red when she noticed how grabby the blonde was being with Natsu.

The older pinkette reciprocated his wife's affection, but he was a lot more controlled than the stunning woman. This was more like the man she actually knew, rather than the adulterous beast she'd walked in on. Eventually, the couple did snap out of their little trance and Jenny turned her attention to Chelia. "I'll get dinner started, Natsu can you show Chelia to one of the guest rooms and make sure she's comfortable." Jenny requested before planting a kiss on his cheek.

"No problem." Natsu replied as he watched voluptuous blonde leave. Chelia noticed the hungry stare he gave the woman, it sent shivers down her spine and brought an unmistakable heat to her core. The maiden couldn't imagine what she'd do if that look was directed to her. Chelia wanted it so bad, and her jealously for the pinkette's mistress only grew. "Yo Chelia, everything alright?" The older man asked, waving his hand in front of the maiden.

"Sorry, I was just a little distracted... I'm just thinking about a lot of things." Chelia replied as she got up. The two started to make their way upstairs. Normally, the maiden would have been talking Natsu's ear off, but given recent events, she found herself having a hard time starting a conversation. She tried multiple times, but she couldn't get the image of Natsu and Mirajane out of her mind. So the two had a very quiet and awkward trip to one of the guest bedrooms. As they entered, Chelia launched herself onto the large comfortable bed. Even in her current mood, she couldn't resist the urge. "Wow, it's like a big cloud."

"You gotta thank Mira for that one, she hooked us up with these mattresses... She's the best." Natsu said, taking a seat on the adjacent chair. Chelia's mood instantly darkened at the mention of Mirajane, which went unnoticed by the older man. It only got worse as Natsu continued to sing Mirajane's praises to the point that she started to tune out her coach. She eventually rolled onto her back and started staring at Natsu. "Seriously is everything ok?" Natsu questioned, sounding completely caught off guard. For the first time since he'd met the girl, she looked annoyed with him.

Fueled by a combination of guilt and jealously, she brought out her phone and started approaching the older man. "I think you and Mirajane are a little too close." Chelia claimed, turning the phone towards Natsu. She quickly pressed play and Natsu's infidelity was played back to him. His confused and concerned expression quickly turned to one of shock. He continued to watch and Chelia started to think about her next move.

Chelia knew that telling Jenny was the right thing to do, but the more she listened to the video, the more worked up she got. Feelings of guilt quickly gave way to burning lust and jealously. As she listened, she realized that she could never bring herself to expose the man. She simply loved the man too much, and she'd be damned if she didn't let him know that. Mustering another burst of confidence, she made her move. She pulled the phone away from Natsu's face and tossed it onto the bed. "How about you get that close with me?" Chelia suggested before boldly stripping herself of her pleated skirt. As the article hit the ground, Natsu stood up, maintaining a strong gaze on the teen.

Chelia felt a very familiar shiver run down her spine as the older pinkette stood over her. This was the moment she'd never thought would come, Natsu was finally looking at her like a woman. She was excited and nervous at the same time, which was only amplified when she felt a pair of warm strong hands grip her hips. "Is that what you really want Chelia?" Natsu asked, looking down at his prized pupil. The excited athlete managed a rather meek nod as Natsu's started running along her body. He quickly asserted a strong grip on the neckline of the teen's top. "Looks like I need to teach you a thing or two about adults." He claimed before ripping open the top.

An audible gasp escaped Chelia's mouth as her blossoming bust was exposed in such an aggressive fashion. Natsu didn't give the woman time to process this, instead, he swooped her off her feet. The maiden's face was turned a bright red as Natsu carried her as if she was his bride. She'd expected to be guided to the bed, but she watched as Natsu marched out of the room. "Where are we going?" Chelia asked before holding onto the man.

"We're gonna need a sturdy bed for this lesson... You saw what I did to Mira." Natsu replied, bee-lining to the master bedroom. Chelia didn't know if she was scared or aroused that the prospect of getting the same treatment as her teacher's platinum-haired mistress. "Unless you want to turn back now, and forget what you saw." He added as they entered the luxurious bedroom. The maiden definitely shook her head and did her best to let natsu know she wasn't backing down. Natsu moved towards the large King-sized before gently dropping his prized pupil onto the bed.

The older man backed off a little and started disrobing. This was a sight Chelia simply refused to miss, and the maiden sat up instantly. She watched him like a starved beast eyeing its first meal in ages. Chelia wished that Natsu had made a little more of a show of it, but it's not like she could complain about what she got. "Wow." Chelia muttered when the older man stood completely bare. The sight really lite a fire inside the maiden, who quickly started stripping herself of her white lacey underwear, but she decided to keep the kneesocks.

Natsu eyed his student as she stripped, and he liked what he saw. Despite her small build, the pink-haired woman was rather stacked, not on the same level as his wife or mistress, but there was still plenty to play with. Much to his surprise, other parts of Chelia's thighs and ass were still rather plump. The maiden noticed Natsu's eyes lingered and decided to give him an even better view. She bent over, getting her face down and ass up, and using her flexibility to form a perfect arc. Chelia turned back and she was delighted to see that the hunger in Natsu's eyes had grown tenfold and his manhood looked even more rigid. Chelia loved the attention and gave her ass a little shake before climbing off the bed. She moved to the nearest wall, placed her hands on it and stuck her plump rear end out. "Come on Natsu-sensei, give me a long hard lesson." Chelia teased, giving her ass another shake.

Completely enthralled, the older man rushed climbed over the bed and positioned himself right behind his star student. Natsu grabbed the woman's shapely hips with nearly inhuman strength and pressed his head against his student's weeping flower. "Looks like we aren't gonna need to do any warming up... Hope you're ready." Natsu said with a wild grin. Not having an ounce of self-control left, Natsu thrust his length into Chelia, deflowering his prized student. He grunted at the feeling of the maiden's wet cunt wrapping around his member. Natsu's grip on Chelia's womanly hips tightened as he attempted to acclimate himself to the tightest pussy he'd ever felt. The feeling of his student's fleshy vice caught him completely off guard, which proved to turn him on more. "Looks like I shouldn't hold back with you." He grunted.

The words bearly reached Chelia's ears. She was completely struck by this honestly overwhelming feeling. All her toys and fantasies couldn't compete with the feelings of her teacher's thick raw cock splitting her in half. She cried out at the incredible feeling of being completely stuffed full of her teacher's cock, only for the older man to start pulling out. The maiden couldn't help feeling rather empty as a result, but the man behind her fixed that right away. With another strong thrust, Natsu re-entered her, reaching even deeper than before. The teen was instantly hooked on the feeling of Natsu and being the overachiever she was, an idea entered her mind. "Natsu-sensei, let me do something... Just back out a little." Chelia managed to say.

Curious, Natsu entertained his student's request. The younger pinkette effortlessly performed and held a vertical split while he was still inside her. Natsu was equal parts impressed and aroused by the feat. It was now clearer than ever that Chelia didn't want to be coddled, she was a woman and she wanted to be treated like one. "It's your first time and you're already pulling something like this... You never let me down." Natsu told the maiden, thrusting into her once again.

Natsu started at a relatively slow pace, making sure the woman could actually hold the position. However, he was quick to speed up when he realized how incredibly stable the woman was. He also found himself completely drawn in by the sound of Chelia's moans. The teen completely gave herself to the feeling of her teacher's thick cock stabbing into her soaked depths. It only took a couple of minutes for her gentle moans to become loud unbridled screams of passion. "Right there... Yes!" Chelia screamed as a rather prominent blush took her face. Natsu let out a rather beastly grunt, upon hearing this declaration and kicked it up a few gears.

The pinkettes found that they were a lot more compatible than they expected. The younger woman had used plenty of toys and techniques in her alone time, but none of them could compare to the feeling of her teacher's cock ramming into her maidenhood. It was stretched her in ways she never thought possible and touched sweet spots she never thought existed. Things only got better when she felt a strong rough hand grab one of her bouncing breasts. Unfortunately, the notable difference in size meant, she couldn't take her teacher's entire mamoth. However, she wasn't too focused on that, it was the fact she was maintaining her balance against this onslaught of pleasure. Natsu also took note of this rather impressive feat.

"Girls get pretty weak in legs when I fuck em, but you're keeping balance and position... You could have been an amazing gymnast." Natsu mentioned as he continued to pound the everliving hell out of the teen. The compliment delighted Chelia to no end, as did her teacher's increased efforts. The older man felt the woman's honey trap tighten a little, and a devilish smirk appeared on his face. "But you choose to do track and field... Why?" Natsu questioned, thrusting harder and harder.

The blush on the woman's face grew stronger as she was questioned. Normally she would have stammered and stuttered her way around the question. However, now as she was getting fucked stupid, those inhibitions were completely gone. "I wanted... to get close... to you Natsu-sensei." Chelia confessed through moans. Her confession excited the married man more, who started fucking the girl even harder than before. The shift in gear was a surprise to the teen, who could only moan and cry in response. She could tell something big was coming, something that could sate her desires. "Sensei... I'm gonna cum." She cried out, barely holding it together. Her raised leg quickly dropped to the ground, right before the dam broke.

Catching on, Natsu reaffirmed his grasp of Chelia's hips. The man then crammed as much of his manhood into the woman as he could. The teen let out a loud pleasured scream as her best climax hit her. The pleasure washed over her body in strong seemingly unending waves. Chelia found herself in a satisfied daze as she finally reached that feeling of euphoria that'd alluded her in the bath. She found herself unable to properly stand and slumped onto the wall. "Natsu-sensei." Chelia muttered as she twitched and shook from the feeling.

The older man used this change in position to get close and enjoy his handy work. He certainly didn't think he'd ever see Chelia like this, but he was more than happy about this outcome. Her muttering and loud labored breathes excited him to no end. "This is what you dreamed about right... You better not better be able to keep going." Natsu said, only getting a few lazy mutters. Seeing his chance, he started teasing the teen, peppering her neck with kisses and bites. As he decorated her neck, he slowly pulled away from the wall and started guiding her back to centre of the room. "You're supposed to be my prized student, but you can't even stand on your own... Looks like I'm gonna have to do all the work." He continued, before repositioning her into a full-nelson.

Chelia's flexible body had no trouble changing to match the man's desires. The sudden change helped the young woman recover from her daze. She looked down to see Natsu's fat cockhead pressed against her awaiting flower. Her heart started beating a mile a minute as she attempted to prepare herself for another brutal fucking. "Natsu-sensei... I haven't learned my lesson yet, you need to really drill it into me." Chelia mutter once again. Nothing could ruin this moment for the teen. The young woman went to look up and was greeted by the unexpected sight of Natsu's beautiful wife sitting on the bed.

The poor maiden was suddenly overwhelmed by an array of feelings. Initially was the shock and horror of being caught in the act, which quickly transitioned into a horrible shame and guilt for selfishly indulging her lewd fantasy and potentially destroying a marriage. However, all those feelings were drowned out by a familiar feeling of pleasure as Natsu speared his cock into her tight hot cunt. "SENSEI!" Chelia cried, her eyes widening in shock. The older man didn't give her a chance as he started moving her up and down, almost as if she was his own personal sex toy. She gritted her teeth and in a futile attempt to hold herself back. However, trying to hold back only made things worse for her.

Chelia now found herself passionately shrieking, screaming and moaning right in front of Jenny. She couldn't properly make out what kind of reaction the blue-eyed blonde simply because she was being moved far too fast. The maiden only attempted to focus for a few seconds before she fully gave herself to the pleasure. The maiden's face contorted with pleasure as the man she loved continued to brutally fuck her brains out. Chelia knew that she would never be the same after this, her toys and fantasies would never be enough for the teen. Nothing could satisfy her in the same way as her teacher's raw cock plunging into her depths could.

Soon everything became a euphoric haze for the young woman as Natsu continued to fuck like a beast in heat. She had no idea how much time passed, but she enjoyed every second of it. It was only when she heard Natsu grunting and cursing did she slightly come to. Natsu manhood seemed to be heating and expanding inside her tight warm cavern. She knew what it meant and her excitement triggered yet another explosive climax for her. "So fucking tight." Natsu grunted before releasing.

Chelia cried out as her cunt was flooded by Natsu's thick seed. Though she didn't have anything to compare it to, she could tell this one was a large one. The feeling was a pleasant and unique one, one that she let herself be taken by. Natsu moved them onto the bed before repositioning the woman onto her back. "Sensei's cum." Chelia muttered as Natsu started pulling out. As she started to come to, things began to sink in. Everything hit her at once and if she had the strength to, she would have started panicking.

"So, how does my husband's dick feel?" Jenny asked, drawing Chelia's attention to the blonde. Now that she wasn't getting fucked into the oblivion, she could finally see the older woman. Not only was Jenny wearing a rather calm expression, but the only things covering her goddess-like body were also a blue lacey bra and panties. Chelia stuttered and stammered over Jenny's question and quickly looked away. "Sure fucking my husband is fine, but answering my question is too much." The blonde said with a sigh. The woman then turned her attention to her husband who's manhood was still raging on. "So how was she dear?" She questioned.

"Flexible, tight as hell and a real screamer." Natsu said as he hungrily looked over the teen. Jenny's face adopted a rather strong blush as took in her husband's reaction. Natsu looked ready to pounce and give the younger pinkette another thick load. "But you know that already, you've been here pretty much the whole time, how was that for you?" He added, before moving his hand down the woman's panties. Wet wouldn't begin to describe the state of his wife's pussy.

Natsu decided to play around a little, teasing Jenny's womanhood with his talented fingers. Chelia watched as the calm look on Jenny's quickly broke down and she started panting like a bitch in heat. "Amazing dear... Stop wasting time with me and get back to fucking her." Jenny pleaded, completely catching Chelia off guard. The elegance and coolness that had surrounded the supermodel were suddenly gone, replaced by something that could only be described as masochistic. Natsu pulled his hand back and his fingers were completely soaked in the woman's essence. He then gave his wife a quick, but passionate kiss before turning his attention to Chelia, who was visibly confused.

"I should probably tell you about our situation." Natsu said before pressing his manhood against his student's flower. He then looked back over at his wife, who had a look of pure excitement on her face. "It's gonna sound weird if I say it, tell her Jenny." He requested.

Jenny shifted in her spot a little and started explaining. "Back when Natsu was still active and we had to spend a lot of time apart, I was always worried that he'd cheat on me." Jenny started as her blush intensified. Her eyes were clearly locked on were Natsu and Chelia were 'connected'. "I knew I could trust him, but I couldn't get the idea out of my head. Then I started fantasizing about it... A lot." She continued as her breathing became louder and heavier. The teen found herself enthralled by the story, but bewildered by Jenny's rapidly escalating arousal. "Then I found out that Mirajane was staying in the same place Natsu was competing... So I asked them to fuck, film it and send it to me, didn't take much since they were fuck buddies back in high school." She added, clearly becoming overwhelmed by the memories.

Chelia was even more confused and looked to Natsu for some sort of guidance. "Turns out Jenny really likes watching me fuck other girls, can't remember that's called though." Natsu said before thrusting as much as he could into the woman. The younger pinkette cried out once again and Jenny went right to playing with herself. He didn't waste any time warming up and kick right into top gear. Chelia was surprised and delighted by the sudden and rough treatment.

Jenny somehow seemed more excited than the girl getting her brains fucked out. Which made it all the crueler when Natsu grabbed her hand and stopped her from playing with herself. "Remember Jenny, you've just gotta sit and watch." He reminded, seemingly arousing the blonde more.

"How am I supposed to hold back when you're fucking her like that." Jenny mewled as she made her way to her husband's side. She then looked down at Chelia and really took in the maiden's expression and reactions. "Look at her, she can't even take all of it, but she's so eager... Oh god, my husband is fucking a younger tighter girl, completely bareback." She claimed, barely managing to get the sentence together. Jenny's words only made the pink-haired man work even harder, which in turn fueled her arousal. "Please Natsu, you've gotta let me get off." She continued, her face completely engulfed a blush.

If Chelia wasn't receiving the fucking of a lifetime, she would have questioned Jenny's perversion. So instead she decided to make the most of her current situation, using what little strength she had in her legs, she attempted to wrap her them around the older man's length. She did the same with her arms and to her delight, Natsu accepted the embrace. This quickly became even more intimate as Natsu went in for a deep heated kiss. Chelia was honestly a little taken aback by this, but fully immersed herself in it. It certainly wasn't how she expected her first kiss to go, but it didn't stop her from enjoying every second of it. "A kiss from Sensei." Chelia moaned, tightening her embrace.

Jenny was having the time of her life as she watched the teacher and student share the intimate moment together. Watching her husband not only lay hands on a student but do it with such vigor. "Please Natsu, I can't hold back anymore." Jenny pleaded, only to be ignored by her husband. Natsu seemed to be completely focused on the girl beneath him. It'd been a while since she'd seen the man in this sort of mood, which only made it harder keeping her hands

The blonde watched as two pinkettes fucked like a pair of wild animals. Her husband ravaged the teen as if his life depended on knocking up the younger woman. Chelia responded by screaming like a banshee, enjoying every single thrust. Jenny was so enthralled by the erotic display between her husband and his protege that she'd completely lost track of time. The two had even switched position, Chelia was on all fours with Natsu mercilessly giving to her from behind. Despite being right at her husband's side, the man's eyes were glued to his student's tight ass. The only real attention Jenny had gotten was when Natsu occasionally squeezed her glorious melons. This was heaven for the blonde woman. "Come on dear, give her another big thick load." Jenny pleaded, noticing her husband's labored breaths.

"Like I have a choice, she's so fucking tight." Natsu grunted as he buried himself as deep as possible before cumming. Jenny then turned her lustful gaze to Chelia, who looked and sounded more like a common whore than the star athlete as her husband shot thick sticky ropes into the teen's mess of a cunt. Both pinkette's rode their high together, while the voyeuristic blonde simply watched. Once their shared bliss started to die down, Chelia's tired sweat covered body went limp, and she fell forward. "Need to work on your stamina, but pretty good for your first time." He told his exhausted student. The teen just twitched and muttered in response.

His attention was then drawn back to his wife, who was no eagerly stroking his cock. "Let me clean this up for you and hopefully I can tide you over until she recovers." Jenny told her husband before heading south. Natsu smirked and let his wonderful wife do as she pleased.


Natsu, Chelia, and Jenny were now gathered around the dinner table, enjoying a rather large dinner. Natsu and Jenny were chatting away and back to being a cutesy perfect couple. Chelia was trying to enjoy her dinner and process the whole situation. She'd certainly enjoyed herself. The sex had been otherworldly and Jenny's presence had admittedly made things hotter. However, she still had a lot of questions. "So um, what happens now?" Chelia asked, interrupting the couple.

"Well, I'd expect that you and my Natsu start having a few more private training sessions after school... With right kind of protection of course." Jenny said, half-joking and half-serious. Chelia blushed at the suggestion, which only intensified when Natsu shot her a suggestive look. "Looks like Natsu can't wait to get his hands on you again... Can't blame him though, you are a cutie." She added, eyeing up the petite pinkette.

"Thanks, Jenny-san." Chelia stuttered. She still wasn't used to how forward Jenny was about sex. It made her both confused and aroused. Luckily she managed to focus since her curiosity hadn't been sated just yet. "So how many others are there?"

"Well, there's Mira, my old manager, our maid and the principle." Natsu listed off before going back to his meal. Chelia was a little surprised by the last one considering how uptight the school's principal was. Said woman also seemed to be in a permanent bad mood. The young woman brought this up almost instantly. "Yeah, she's a bigger matchstick than Jenny... A good spanking always puts her in the right mood." He said rather proudly.

"Natsu the word is masochist." Jenny corrected, with a giggle. The maiden found herself even more confused. The world of adults was a strange one. It was only an hour ago was she having sex with this woman's husband, and now she was enjoying a very nice dinner with the couple. It was obvious she still had a lot to learn, and she wasn't going to waste any time. Chelia got beneath the table and crawled towards the older man. This didn't go unnoticed by Jenny who decided to join the teen. "Going for one of those private lessons already, mind if I sit in?"

"Of course Jenny-san, I still have a lot to learn." Chelia said as she continued her strange journey into womanhood.


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