They had done it, every single disaster, every single malicious scheme or vengeful deity was met with miracle after miracle. And while he had no small role in the conflict, the glory belonged to team seven, his little brother Sasuke, Sakura the girl who was probably going to be his sister in law, and Naruto the beaming hyperactive blond ball of pure joy and energy that he was so going to marry.

He had told her to stay safe, that he would be to tempted to try and protect her on the battlefield. She told him to fuck off and that she was going to fight in the war even if she had to castrate him. In the end, they compromised and she was allowed to fight, and he was allowed to keep his balls.

It was worth it though, Naruto had never looked more beautiful than she did right now, basking in victory and radiating power as she smiled proudly atop a defeated deity.

"She sure is something huh?" Itachi turned to his right where his reanimated predecessor stood. It was the Fourth Hokage, well most of him, he was missing a few limbs, and was literally falling apart as they talked.

"Yea," Itachi smiled as Naruto danced hugging Sasuke and Sakura as she basked in the praise of the ninja world. "She would make an excellent Hokage to lead the ninja world into an era of peace."

"Maybe." Minato shrugged. "But she's a bit too much like Kushina, wild, unpredictable, and emotional as well, she'd follow her heart every step of the way, and while that can lead us to peace, it's the same thing that once destroyed the Uzumaki."

Itachi clenched his fists a spike of anger flared through him. "You don't think your own can become Hokage?"

"No, that's not it at all." Minato moved the stub where his arm should have been as though he was scratching his head. "I think that she'd be a great Hokage, but she'd be a better Hokage with the right Husband behind her."

Itachi looked back over his shoulder, this had his mother written all over it. "Did my mother put you up to this?"

"Kushina did actually. One of her last words to me was to make sure that Naruto married either you or Sasuke cause Mikoto wouldn't raise any crappy kids." Great, he was getting permission to marry his girlfriend from her dead father. "So when I heard that you were in a relationship with her I was kind of happy, and a little bit angry at the same time. But it sounds like you were a good Hokage too."

"Thank you?" This was awkward. This was really really awkward. And he lived in awkwardness, hell he thrived in it. "But shouldn't you be spending what time you had left with your daughter? I'm sure she'd appreciate that more, than you setting her up for marriage."

Minato shrugged. "Call it a selfish request, but if you're my daughter's future, well."

That caused Itachi to laugh. "Me in charge of Naruto's future? Ha, she's the one that has my future in her hands."

"All the more reason to marry her then." Minato winked at him a coy smile on his face as he walked towards his daughter.

Somedays, actually every day, it felt like the entire universe was hellbent on making him get together. Something he was becoming increasingly okay with. He already loved waking up with Naruto in his arms, to have her long golden hair, tangled around him, the way she mewled when he had to leave early in the morning. The way she managed to pull him back in for just a few more moments.

He wanted those moments every day of his life.

Fuck it, Naruto was going to say yes. How could she not, besides his own mother she was the one that had been pressing their relationship forward. But would it be stealing away her glory if he was to propose right now?

"Itachi?" Naruto appeared in front of him, her yellow hair was slick with sweat, and her outfit was torn in multiple places, but she was alive and victorious. She practically glowed, well she was glowing a few minutes ago as some kind of Kyuubi reincarnated god thing thanks to sage mode. But that wasn't important, what was important is that Itachi was now face to face with the most beautiful woman in the world.

"I saved the world," She stood proud hands on her hips, only serving to make their height difference all the more apparent. "I think that deserves a massage and a bunch of kisses. Maybe even a funny shaped hat and your office?"

"I have a better idea." Itachi smiled, slowly bending down onto one knee he pulled out a kunai and offered her the ring on the handle. "Naruto Uzumaki will you marry me?"

Glomped. That was the only word that could accurately describe what Naruto did to him. With a high pitched squee, she tackled him onto the ground yanking the Kunai from his hand and throwing it far away, hopefully not hitting anybody. She sat on his chest, her small body feeling deceptively heavy as she pinned him to the ground.

Her sparkling blue eyes looked down at him as her hair created a golden curtain that hid them from the world. "Sure, but I still want to be the Hokage, so we'll say that's your proposal thing instead of a ring?... especially not a kunai ring."

"I'm starting to think you're just with me because I'm the Hokage." Itachi smiled, his hand finding its way to Naruto's cheek. With the wars over and the greatest threats to their peace vanquished it was time to focus on what really matters. "Naruto, I love you."

She snorted. "Duh, I know that." With a smile full of mirth she kissed him, it was the small delicate kind of kiss, the kind she gave him every morning when he woke up and every night when they went to bed. He needed those kisses like he needed air. "I guess I love you too."

"Can you two get a room!" Shisui shouted, serving as a wonderful reminder that they were in a public area surrounded by numerous Ninja.


The blaring of their alarm clock signaled that it was Naruto's favorite time in the morning. Sure waking up sucked, but when she woke up to her future husband's arms wrapped tightly around her it felt so wonderful. With a lazy slap, she silenced the offensive clock and turned to snuggle into Itachi's warm muscular chest.

The no shirt rule was definitely one of her better ideas, who cares if he got to ogle her boobs, she got his gloriously (If slightly pale) Uchiha chest all to herself.

She felt Itachi's lip touch the tip of her head, he was better at waking up than her, that's why he always helped her. It was a long, relaxing process that was well worth the thirty minutes. "Naruto it's timed to wake up."

"A few more minutes, Tachi," The I of his name was too much work this early in the morning. "I want my snuggles."

He began to massage her back with small precise circles that were a thousand times better than sleep. His strong hands working miraculous circles into her that left every muscle in her body wide awake.

All good things had to come to an end and Itachi's responsibilities took over dragging him out of bed, and her along with him as she refused to let go of him until it was officially wake up time. He sat her down in front of the mirror and began to comb her ridiculously long hair.

Itachi was a man that enjoyed the simple things that quite frankly drove her nuts. He liked doing paperwork. He liked doing her hair. He was happy to do the dishes, laundry, and basically all that girly stuff that she hated. Especially paperwork.

As Sakura put it, she was spoiled rotten.

"What's on the agenda for today," Naruto yawned at the Itachi in the mirror as he straightened her hair, it was longer than Inos at this point, maybe she should get it cut. Nah, Itachi would probably have a heart attack if she did that.

"I have a meeting with the civilian construction corps, Something about expanding out behind the Hokage Mountain and building on top of it as well."

Boring crap.

"Shikamaru wants to talk about the chunin exams, from the sounds of things All the other Kage will be participating as well, which means that the smaller villages will want to join in as well."

Naruto blinked, she was dressed now, Itachi must have used some ninja fuckery to do it, she looked good in the Kage robes. Hers had flames on it much like her fathers once had, honestly the gown was cool and all but it wasn't her style. She needed something cooler than that. "Sounds like its going to be the biggest Chunin exam ever!"

"Which is why Shikamaru wants help with it, Says the stress is going to make him go bald."

"Shame, if that happens I'll have to find a new backup husband," She smiled up at him as he rolled his eyes. "Don't worry, I'll make sure that he doesn't die from stress, oh and should we start operation Shikatem now?"

"That's up to you." Itachi kissed her forehead gently before he placed her Hokage hat on her now beautifully straight hair. "Now then, let's start the day Mrs. Hokage."

With a smile, Naruto hoped up to place Itachi's Hat on his head. "After you Mr. Hokage."

It started out as a joke on Naruto's part. She'd sit at Itachi's desk wearing his hat and his robe doing the Hokage's duties. Nobody thought this was strange, and before either of them knew it, her face was on the Hokage mountain and Konoha was blessed with two Hokages.

They'd make it official at some point, just like their marriage. But for now, they would simply live their lives and let the world think what it wants.

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