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Chapter 22


Five days later word had spread that Edward Zolgen had been found dead among members of a notorious drug ring chiefly responsible for the sell of Refrain, but this was almost overshadowed by the news that Ultimate Despair, in an apparent act of retaliation, destroyed a military base near the town of Takahama.

This was not something Cornelia wanted to hear especially when information about new Knightmare Frames that outperformed their Sutherlands was alarming, to say the least, included with that report. Meeting privately with her most trusted subordinates inside her office along with her sister Euphy present to discuss their next course of action.

Every single one of them incompetent, Cornelia thought angrily while maintaining a calm expression.

The four had spent a long morning in meetings with the heads of military and intelligence. Had it been within Cornelia's power she would've had all of them arrested and locked away for incompetence. Her mood only worsened upon recalling that these were the people deemed competent and capable enough compared to the hundred civil and military officers Cornelia had removed because of their usage of bribes and blood relations coupled with the fact they were utterly incompetent.

"We must deal with Ultimate Despair," Cornelia said, although she would've preferred dealing with them once she dealt with other terrorist groups aware of the fact they would be the most difficult given they had not more members, but far more considerable resources at their disposal.

However, their retaliation on a military base using new machines that outperformed their mainstay Knightmare Frame, the Sutherland, made it clear that Cornelia couldn't risk ignoring them for much longer.

But if we focus our attention on Ultimate Despair, then that could allow the JLF time to recover, and the Black Knights time to grow, Cornelia reasoned internally.

It was apparent that Ultimate Despair was the most significant threat, but Cornelia understood the dangers of focusing her attention on one group while ignoring the other two. She couldn't predict how much time, resources and men would have to be committed to finding and destroying Ultimate Despair, which was confounded by how little they knew about the organization, its structure and who their leaders, besides Monokuma, were.

It didn't help Cornelia that most of the intelligence officers she had under her command from the time Clovis was Viceroy were virtually useless, although working to tirelessly replace them, the agents loaned to her from the Homeland were the only ones she could count.

Seemingly aware of the difficulties Cornelia was facing Dalton stepped forward.

"I may have some good news and an opportunity," Dalton offered opening up a small folder he had been carrying. "The intelligence agents loaned to us from the Homeland have confirmed the location of the headquarters of the Japan Liberation Front."

"Where are they?"

"In the Narita Mountains," Dalton answered before handing the folding containing additional information to Cornelia. "This has the details and estimates of the forces they have gathered and possible locations of their base since they weren't able to determine their headquarters exact location. Yet they have confirmed beyond a doubt they are hiding in those mountains."

Cornelia took a moment to study the folder's contents. More than five minutes would pass before Cornelia would place the folder upon the table at which point she addressed Dalton.

"Gather Alex and the others," Cornelia began, "we'll hit the JLF hard and fast so we can wipe them out in one fell swoop. Then we can focus more of our attention on Ultimate Despair and then the Black Knights."

"Yes Princess Cornelia," Dalton replied with a crisp salute.

"If we can not only crush the JLF now we could obtain useful intelligence from them and their leaders that could give us the edge we need to deal with Ultimate Despair and the Black Knights," Cornelia with a small smirk on her face.

In a best-case scenario if Cornelia could capture their leadership and their base intact to seize whatever documents and files they had would greatly aid Cornelia's efforts in wiping out terrorism in Area 11. Part of it was rumored that the NAC, led by former Japanese industrialists, we're providing funding and weapons to Area 11's terrorist groups. Such actions wouldn't shock her as Cornelia doubted those industrialists were pleased with the loss of their previous prestige and power despite as leaders of the NAC they were afforded the most power an Honorary Britannian could receive.

Despite her suspicions, Cornelia had no evidence of any wrongdoing, and her efforts to pursue them more aggressively were prevented by the prime minister and other officials due to her lack of evidence. The excuse they offered was suppressing them would lead to the collapse of the Elevens' economy thus no taxes to send back to the Homeland, which to Cornelia meant to money to fill their pockets. The only thing that stopped her was causing fiasco similar to the one surrounding Suzaku Kururugi, especially on the slim, if highly unlikely, chance the NAC was innocent.

Furthermore, such a repeat of that disaster could destroy any chance Cornelia could have of restoring faith in the colonial government of Area 11, which could only complicate her efforts to bring Area 11 under their complete control.

"I'll be traveling to the Homeland tomorrow to appeal to my father for additional troops. As well as replacements for certain positions within our administration follow their dismissal," Cornelia explained before adding. "In the meantime, I want preparations for our attack on Narita to be underway."

"What is the plan, your highness?" Guildford inquired, although he had a good idea what Cornelia had in mind.

"Aside from wiping out the JLF, I wish to capture as much of their leadership alive as possible along with seizing any evidence from their base before they have a chance to destroy it," Cornelia explained. "To do that we'll need a considerable number of troops and Knightmare Frames to surround the Narita Mountains."

"We'll need to rapidly deploy them as well," Dalton said recognizing what Cornelia was planning.

What Cornelia had in mind was bringing in not only a massive force that wouldn't encircle the Narita Mountains, but they could quickly close the noose around the JLF and crush all resistance allowing the opportunity to not only capture their leaders but seize any useful evidence, both electronically and physical files, before the JLF could destroy them.

Of course, that was the best case scenario, but the encirclement would also ensure that no one could escape the noose she would create and close as the battle proceeded until it was over.

If Cornelia were successful in not only crushing the JLF but if she could get extra information from them about who was supplying them with their funding and weapons would give her the means to shut it down. If the ones responsible turned out to be those of the Kyoto Group, then many terrorist organizations would lose their means of gaining new supplies, funds, and weapons that would significantly accelerate her plans to pacify Area 11. If the JLF even had intelligence on Ultimate Despair that could be of use then even better, although Cornelia wasn't expecting the group to have that much, however…

Being a terrorist organization there is a chance they could have information we don't, and considering what happened to Kusakabe I can't imagine the JLF had any intention of allowing Ultimate Despair to go unpunished, Cornelia reasoned internally, but regardless she was hopeful at the prospect.

"Launching such an attack will require some considerable preparation that could take more than a week, especially if we want to ensure we can catch the JLF off guard," Guildford noted.

"Yes and I would like Alex and Dalton to oversee all necessary preparations for our attack, but we'll discuss the more in detail once Alex and the others arrive," Cornelia said before asking. "Before we adjoin for the time being was there anything else?"

"Actually Princess Cornelia if I might suggest there is a matter regarding Princess Euphemia we should address," Guildford said as he readied a binder he had prepared for this moment.

"Huh," Euphy said slightly surprised.

"Go on," Cornelia offered with gesturing for Guildford to continue.

"I know this is a delicate matter, but in light of events surrounding Monokuma and the Black Knights, I do feel, with all due respect, that Princess Euphemia should appoint a Knight."

Euphy was surprised by the suggestion as was her older sister.

"A knight," Euphy asked which Guilford confirmed by nodding his head.

"By appointing a knight, we can organize a royal guard around him or her. As a member of the royal family Sub-Viceroy Euphemia, you already have that entitlement.

"I see," Cornelia said while her expression was of one in deep thought.

"Cornelia," Euphy asked uncertainly of how to respond.

Cornelia noticed her sister's gaze before turning to smile at her softly, "it's something that is necessary Euphy."


Euphy's elder sister raised her hand politely interrupting her, "I am not going to force the issue. It is our entitlement as members of the royal family to choose a knight. Only you can decide if you wish to make use of that entitlement, however…"

Euphy silently listened as her sister paused to give her next words some careful thought.

"Personally, I would be relieved if there was someone who had the same wishes as me by your side so please remember that."

Yet Cornelia didn't recognize it that for Euphy to choose a knight, it would mean replacing Cornelia who had always protected her with someone else, but she wondered what kind of person her chosen knight should be?

Later that afternoon Lelouch as Zero was observing Kallen and Mukuro training to use their new machines. The Black Knights were occupying an old underground shelter within the Shinjuku Ghetto, which served as a suitable secondary base useful for training the new recruits. Mukuro and Kallen were inside simulation pods, pods designed for training Knightmare Frame pilots, connected to their new machines enabling them to learn how to pilot the machines. Although they could've taken them out into the ghetto, Lelouch was worried they would draw too much attention and chose using simulators as both a safer alternative and one that wouldn't attract attention.

Simulation Pods were used by not only the military but the police academy as well for their Knightpolice Units, so obtaining some off the black market or even stealing them from storage warehouses made them relatively easy to get. Regardless, and at the same time, fortunately, the two new machines because their unusual cockpit and controls were radically different from most Knightmare Frames, so Simulation Pods modeled after the new cockpit controls were provided for training.

Regardless Lelouch knew the performance of the new machines were well beyond what the even the Sutherlands were capable of, which both intrigued and brought a smile to Lelouch's face.

These machines will be very handy, Lelouch thought as he smiled underneath his mask.

Kallen was chosen for the pilot of the Type-02 Guren or preferably called the Guren Mk II, which was a marvel from an engineering standpoint. Even though he had yet to see the machine in combat, but from reading the manual, Lelouch realized its performance was well beyond any other machine he had seen except for the Lancelot. Its trump card, the Radiation Wave Unit built into its right arm, was a potent weapon that could make the Guren Mk II with the right pilot a force to be reckoned with.

Of course, no one could forget Mukuro, whose own skills with a Knightmare Frame seemed to be on par with Kallen's. Lelouch considered giving the Guren-Mk II to Mukuro but was talked out of it by Mukuro herself.

"Lelouch, may I suggest giving the Guren-Mk II to Kallen?"

"May I ask why?"

"Kallen skills indicate her being more of a close ranged fighter which fits the combat design and weapons of the Guren-Mk II. I am more well rounded, and I prefer a machine that can I customize for specific combat roles."

Lelouch decided against arguing with Mukuro and conceded to her suggestion, which Lelouch thought was fair because he failed to account for the possibility of a corrupt police officer and his Knightpolice Unit being there that cost Kallen her new Glasgow.

Still the Guren-Mk I, despite being the predecessor of the Mk II, was virtually identical to the Guren-Mk II in everywhere way with the sole exception of lacking the claw-like Radiant Wave Surger possessing a regular arm instead. However, as a tradeoff, it could use a wider range of preexisting Knightmare Frame weapons and could be further customized by the pilot.

We'll need something to give them an opportunity to test them under combat conditions, but what?

Granted Lelouch could unleash them during another raid, but while he had no doubt they would be useful he was concerned if Britannia learned about the new machines it would likely prompt the authorities to hunt them more aggressively because they have Knightmare Frames more advanced than any other group.

I'll have to find a situation where we could test them, but leave no witnesses or save them for a more critical operation, Lelouch thought.

Meanwhile, Nagito approached Lelouch as he was in deep thought.

"Hey Zero do you have a moment," the Ultimate Lucky Student called.

"Is there something I can help you with Nagito?"

"Yes," Nagito replied before adding, "but mind if we talk in private?"

Lelouch was suspicious, wondering what Nagito wanted to talk about.

Sensing his uncertainty, Nagito moved in closer to whisper, "Its a few things that should stay behind closed doors, Ultimate Strategist."

Under his mask, Lelouch's eyes went wide in shock while trying to grasp how Nagito deduced his true identity.

"Very well," Lelouch answered calmly before gesturing for Nagito to follow him.

The two reached Lelouch's office on the second floor of their mobile base. Once inside Lelouch locked the door behind them ensuring that no one could walk in on them.

"You know you shouldn't have mentioned Chiaki. As beloved and cherished she is by our class she never once mentioned Hajime to us, so more than likely only a select few were made aware of that. Beyond our teacher, I can't think of anyone else but one person who could've known that" Nagito pointed out sensing Lelouch's hesitation and intent of diverting suspicion away from him. "And it's nothing something the administrations of Hope's Peak would keep a record of if they did go through the trouble of covering up Hajime Hinata's involvement in the project."

Lelouch sighed internally, but it seemed that Nagito was trying to beat down any attempt of his to refute his claims. On the other hand, Lelouch reasoned that if perhaps this could work to his favor even though it could be possible for him to devise an intelligent counter to Nagito's claims.

Perhaps this is just my stroke of bad luck…

He hesitated at first about removing his mask, but after carefully weighing his options Lelouch removed his masked.

"You know I could've come up with a way to redirect suspicion, but this might work out better if someone else who attends Hope's Peak knows who I am," Lelouch admitted although for his own pride he did make it clear he could've devised a plausible counter.

"Maybe, but there was another fact that gave you away. Mukuro," Nagito replied with a smile. "How many people would possess the level of combat ability she has especially given how well she handled herself against armed and experienced members of Area 11's criminal underbelly?"

Lelouch was surprised by this, but he kept his expression neutral to hide it.

Nagito merely laughed at this, "oh relax, but if it is any consolation trying to deduce your identity would've been possible without your friendship with Chiaki, and you knew something that she didn't share with any of her own classmates."

Lelouch merely smirked, "well I suppose that business with Izuru was a huge risk, but I suppose this is acceptable as long as he is out of Britannian hands at least."

"After seeing what Izuru Kamakura was capable of, I can see why you wanted to address the danger he could pose before he could be unleashed against you."

Even through Nagito found the idea of creating artificial hope blasphemous for one such as he who believed in hope so firmly, but Nagito couldn't deny how formidable Izuru's integrated collection of talents made him. This merely convinced him that Lelouch made a wise choice in intervening, although it would've been far more beneficial if Lelouch recruited Izuru to their cause yet having him out of reach of enemy parties who would've used him was an acceptable outcome.

"I am not sure if setting him on the loose like that would benefit me in the long run or not," Lelouch admitted because he had no way to monitor Izuru's movements.

"Well, he did go to Chiaki because there was a sudden and unexplained shift in her compared to how she normally acts," Nagito said reminding Lelouch of a likely indicator of Chiaki and Izuru meeting.

"Yes, that is true, although her mood following their reunion is to be expected given what she likely learned."

Lelouch felt slightly guilty over setting up Chiaki learning about what became of her friend, which likely changed how she would see Hope's Peak Academy from now on.

"So what are your plans?" Nagito thought deciding to change the subject.

"Aside from expanding our ranks and gathering more resources, but with our numbers growing we'll need to select leaders to help with our expansion and create bases in different regions of Japan," Lelouch explained.

"Of course," Nagito said in agreement folding both arms over his chest, "But were you planning on recruiting Ultimates into the Black Knights?"

"Yes, although it's not so much about finding those with the right talents that could help further our goals," Lelouch answered. "It's finding those who would be willing to join our cause."

"That is true," Nagito said, although a part of him believed that if the Ultimate Students of Hope's Peak Academy believed in hope, they should join the Black Knights. Of course, Nagito knew that wasn't true for most of the students because of their varied motivations.

Some enjoyed the privileges and promises of a more comfortable lifestyle upon graduating, but others were motivated because it meant a possible escape from discrimination which has driven many Japanese to Refrain or even worse joining Ultimate Despair. Just as the possibility of some Ultimate-level students willing to help their rebellion there was the possibility that there were those who were loyal to Britannia or some more likely to sell them out for their own benefit.

It was a problematic issue that annoyed Nagito, but logically neither he nor Lelouch could deny it.

"However we can perhaps begin screening for potential recruits because we need not only leaders but specialists," Lelouch said before explaining. "Now that we have two high-performance machines we'll need someone not only skilled at maintaining such a machine but who could understand a pilot's concerns."

"Right especially since Tamaki and others aren't trained mechanics, and what they know came from self-teaching," Nagito said nodding his head in agreement.

The new machines weren't like the Glasgows they have tinkered, and we're going to require more specialized maintenance and care to keep them performing at their best. Lelouch did try to inquire to the messenger from Kyoto about anyone who could be sent to them to help with the new Knightmare Frames' upkeep, but sadly he had no information.

They want us to prove ourselves by making effective use of those new machines first, Lelouch reasoned internally.

It was a logical conclusion since the Black Knights have only proven effective in small-scale engagements and their only major operations have been in Shinjuku Ghetto, the rescue of Suzaku Kururugi and the incident at Lake Kawaguchi Hotel their only big successes so far.

This is our trial period to prove if we are worth any further support, Lelouch thought.

The following afternoon, with Cornelia preparing to visit the Britannian Homeland for official business, Euphemia in the company of Dalton was conducting a tour of the Clovis Memorial Museum. The Museum was being dedicated in the memory of Clovis who was well known by many as a patron of the fine arts, especially being a surprisingly talented artist himself.

Originally the dedication was going to happen sometime next month, but plans were in motion for a soft opening and dedication ceremony with Sub-Viceroy Euphemia as a special guest.

Many were concerned the event would become a target for terrorists, especially Ultimate Despair given Euphemia's face-to-face encounter with Monokuma. Naturally, Dalton brought in his best men and had more stationed nearby as reserves just in case, but as an extra precaution given the existence and capabilities of Monokuma's Monobeasts Dalton had the Lancelot sand its pilot on standby fully aware the Lancelot possessed combat performance superior to their current machines.

He knew Cornelia wouldn't approve of such a move, but he was willing to bear her displeasure for Euphy's safety.

"These are the works that have made it to the final round," a man wearing a suit announced as he led Euphy and Dalton to a wall with a dozen different works of art displayed.

"I see," Euphy replied.

"We've carefully selected the finest pieces for you to award one that will be the grand prize winner," the curator explained while one piece caught her eye.

"This is nice," Euphy commented upon the painting of countryside scenery.

"It's regrettable that our investigation revealed that the artist happens to be one-quarter Eleven," the curator admitted with barely contained disgust.

"Perhaps it shouldn't have been displayed here in the first place then," Euphemia replied sternly causing the older man to sweat a little.

"Well, it's a delicate balance with our public," the curator said visibly swearing before quickly recovering by pointing out another painting. "Anyway, take a look at that painting right there. It was painted by the son of Marquess Nicolai."

Euphy was shown a painting of her father the Emperor, but unlike the other painting she had been looking at both this one lacked feeling. Adding to Euphy's feelings about the portrait she observed the arms didn't seem to be equally propionate either, so Euphy suspected someone was likely bribed to press her into selecting this painting as the grand prize. In fact despite having the honor of choosing the grand prize winner of the museum's opening ceremony contest she had no involvement whatsoever in selecting the winning painting.

Despite wishing to prove helpful to her sister Cornelia, Euphy felt useless and nothing more than what some people have come to regard her…a figurehead.

As the sun was beginning to set Chiaki Nanami returned home, and unsurprisingly found Izuru inside the spare room. He had left the door open and from what Chiaki could glance he was seemingly examining different news articles judging by the media and news outlet groups titles she saw.

When he didn't seem to notice her presence, Chiaki began to walk away before…

"You shouldn't go out tonight," Izuru said, which the suddenness of the comment surprised Chiaki.


"Ultimate Despair will be making a move upon the Clovis Memorial Museum," Izuru answered.

"I thought that place wasn't going to open for another month or two?"

"They secretly moved the opening ceremony date up to minimize the risk it would become a target for terrorist groups in Area 11, but Ultimate Despair is likely aware of this thanks to a high probability of the information being leaked to them. No doubt it will be through someone either part of the military, and someone who has too much of a casual relationship with the media due to the fact members of Area's major media outlets will be in attendance."

"What's the point of that?"

"Their likely objective is to spread chaos and to break the people's faith in the colonial government. No matter how much damage the military does to them to incite panic. However, Princess Euphemia's presence and the fact she will be in danger will be distressing to her older sister Cornelia. Cornelia's weakness is her own younger sister, something Ultimate Despair is likely to exploit." Izuru explained which only caused Chiaki to lose blood in her cheeks.

"Shouldn't we warn them?"

Izuru looked over his shoulder at Chiaki, with a cold expression before asking, "Why?"

Even if Chiaki convinced him otherwise, it wouldn't matter if Izuru had decided to warn the Britannians, because as the day was giving way to night, the Warriors of Hope were gathered. The children and their repaired and upgraded machines were being prepared by members of Ultimate Despair. Inside her mobile command center, Monaca was earlier preparing to observe the coming clash on the multiple monitors linked to the cameras on the Warriors of Hope's machines, and remotely connected to the cameras of the location they were targeting enabling her to observe the clash through different angles.

Both for her entertainment and for her to observe the improved machines she made for the Warriors of Hope.

"Are you all ready," Monaca asked cheerfully, despite knowing the answer.

"Everything is ready Monaca," Nagisa Shingetsu said upon completing a system's check within his cockpit.

"Monaca is glad to hear it, but I hope all of you will do better this time. Considering the improvements I made to your machines."

"Don't worry about that, this time our performance will be picture perfect!" Kotoko Utsugi added with a cheerful smile.

Contrary to the cheerful and confidence showed by two of her friends, Masaru Daimon was notably both eager and yet bloodthirsty at the same time if his expression and mood was an indicator.

"I'll be the hero THIS TIME," Masaru shouted.

"Don't let what happened in Shinjuku get you down Masaru. You'll have plenty to," Monaca said sweetly before adding with a sinister smile, "vent your frustrations upon."

"Anyway," Nagisa said adopting a serious tone, "you three will hit the target while I'll hang back and provide ranged support with my rifle."

"Right let's smash and burn everything leaving behind smoldering corpses covered in broken stone and glass!" Jataro Kemuri said joining the group's conversation.

"Then let's get started!" Masaru declared.

"So you're C.C.," Nagito said to the green haired immortal in front of him.

Although Nagito didn't insist of it as a condition for his silence he did ask Lelouch if he could meet the one who granted Lelouch his Geass.

Gundham would be quite jealous if he knew, Nagito internally mused jokingly.

Of all of the things that could happen in his, as he saw it, own unremarkable life meeting an immortal who has possibly been alive for over a hundred years was indeed not something he could've foreseen.

I must be truly lucky today!

"You seem to be introducing more people to me lately," C.C. commented before tilting her head to one side while an open box of pizza lay before her on the dining room table.

"Not exactly my intention, but certain things happened beyond my control," Lelouch answered.

A part of him was slightly annoyed that someone else knew his secrets, although Nagito didn't know that Lelouch was a former prince of Britannia. Nevertheless, Lelouch, it was best to do what he could to cement trust between him and Nagito concerned that if he didn't then that lack of faith could become a dangerous liability especially since he knew his true identity.

Furthermore, Lelouch was curious if Nagito was going to have any better luck getting any information out of C.C. regarding her life and Geass.

How often do you get to meet someone who has lived through and experienced so much, she might be an Ultimate, but there is value in someone who has lived for so long.

Those were Nagito's words when Lelouch warned him that C.C. might not be so forthcoming about details regarding herself despite attempts from him and Junko.

I guess I'll see how this plays out, Lelouch thought with his arms folded across his chest.

It was close to nine o'clock that same night when the main reception area of the newly opened museum was hosting, in secret, the opening ceremony of the art museum dedicated in honor of Clovis la Britannia. Presiding over the event was Euphemia, but beyond that Euphy had done little other than be present and smile.

It was depressing really, she was the Sub-Viceroy yet she had virtually no authority or power to make decisions that were more meaningful. Now on top of it, she was being pushed to choose a Knight, but accurately her older sister was urging her to chose a knight she deems acceptable.

Euphy knew Cornelia meant well, but the lack of control over her life and being treated like a doll without any way to offer up her own thoughts only cemented this perception.

The fact that she wasn't involved in choosing the winner of the contest only made the feeling even worse.

"That was a pointless question to ask a puppet," Euphy thought while recalling a reporter had said to a colleague, although it hurt she knew it was in a sense true.

"Princess Euphemia," The curator of the museum, said as he gestured to her shaking Euphy from her thoughts. "The time has come to award the first prize winner of the contest."

"Oh," Euphy replied slowly rising to her feet with the decorative horseshoe in her hands.

She tried her best to smile, Euphy couldn't do it.

The Princess made her way from seat off to the side to the center of the stage where the audience behind her, consisting of mostly reporters and other VIP guests, watched and waited for her to pin the decorative marker on the prized painting.

The apparent choice the curator and others picked was the one of Euphy's father, which they tried to push her to admire yet they failed miserably at it.

I highly doubt my father would've liked it, Euphy thought.

Euphy stood in front of the painting, but she unknowingly lost track of time Euphy was shaken from her thoughts by the curator.

"Please, Princess Euphemia we cannot wait in suspense any longer."

Suddenly a very familiar voice echoed through the room.

"Suspense, oh please we all know this contest was rigged from the start. The princess probably didn't even choose the winning piece, did she? I mean a little kid with a box of crayons could do a better job!"

"WHO!?" Curator shouted who not only recognized the voice but quickly sought out the source.

The reporters and those in the audience looked at one another until finally one of them found the source of the familiar voice. Monokuma was seated in the middle of the audience wearing a black cape draped around his body wearing a fake pair of glasses with a white beard attached to it. Upon realizing who they were sitting next to the people near Monokuma quickly scrambled to get away from him leaving him openly exposed before he stood upon the chair he was seated on casting off his cape and disguise.

"And Monokuma makes another dashing appearance that leaves the crowd speechless," Monokuma declared.

Euphy, like everyone else, was stunned yet no one could even begin to grasp how not only did Monokuma know about the secret ceremony, but how did he get past all of their security measures.

It didn't take long for the guards to rush to the area, leveling their weapons at Monokuma.

"Come on," Monokuma said assuming a cutesy poise, "you know the law says you cannot shoot any wild bears unless they are coming right for you. At least try to scream its coming right for us!"

"Why are you here!?" Euphy demanded of Monokuma while her bodyguards quickly surrounded her with weapons drawn.

"You looked so depressed tonight I thought tonight I could not only help broaden your mind, but I could make things a little more exciting tonight." Monokuma began before laughing followed by an explosion that rocked the museum grounds.

That came from outside, Euphy thought while wondering what Monokuma had in mind.

And the sadistic bear was just getting started.

Monokuma Theater: (Bachelor Edition Killing Game Part 5)

The following morning everything seemed to be normal with everyone gathering at the cafeteria, although understandably moods were rather low given the circumstances and the likely content of the videos they watched.

But one thing became quickly apparent during breakfast, someone was unaccounted for.

"Hey has anyone seen Kotomi?"

In response to Kirko's question, a familiar chime played before Monokuma's visage appeared on the monitors.

"You girls might want to start looking around for your missing friend," Monokuma offered ominously.

A chill ran down their spines as it likely meant that Kotomi was probably no longer among the living, but still, they didn't know for sure until they began their search. They started in the cafeteria before spreading out to the kitchen and other nearby rooms. They grew closer to the gym when a scream was heard from the women's bathroom.

"What happened!?" Seiko asked as she followed by everyone else arrived at the bathroom where they saw Sayaka and Natsumi had made the grisly discovery.

Lying in a pool of her own blood was Kotomi who, judging by the knife stuck in her was stabbed multiple times in the stomach with the frozen expression of horror on her face indicating she had been caught completely off guard. Sayaka immediately felt sick to her stomach and hurried to the nearest trash can while others found it difficult no to follow suit.

As if to pour salt in their wounds Monokuma's voice echoed throughout the school via the PA system.

"Attention, a body, has been discovered," Monokuma announced. "After a set amount of time we shall begin the Class Trial, so please refer to your E-handbook for the Monokuma File to help get started on investigating the murder. You better hurry because the class trial will start once I get bored."

The first murder investigation had begun.

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