i've seen various challenge-fics out there, so thought i'd try one.

Potter Replacement Duties

A setup for a challenge.

"Problem, sir."

Chrono nodded at her subordinate. "What is it, Bat?"

Bat made a gesture to bring up two holographic displays. "Harry Potter timeline. Failure node. Interference pattern two line delta mauve."

"So send him back along his past to incarnate," said Chrono, shrugging one shoulder. Not exactly standard practice but they'd had to do that a few times. What did the mortals call it? A 'Peggy Sue' or something like that. Weird as there were no pegs or lawsuits involved.

"He refuses."

"Oh?" asked Chrono. The subject had to give some indication of wanting to fix things - even if they didn't use certain words to express that precise desire. Well, there was always a work-around. "Who can we insert in his place?" If you couldn't use the original Harry Potter - make one.

"Already checked," said Bat. "First volunteer to be reincarnated into place was a 'Prince Vegeta' as long as he can remain a 'Saiyajin' or so."

Chrono looked over the display and nodded. "Well, his hair's messy enough and adding the genetic markers is easy. Who else?"

"Second volunteer was a Shiro Emiya. He put in a request that a Saber named Arturia be incarnated there as well."

"I suppose that wouldn't be a problem," said Chrono, looking over the second profile. "Ah, he's already familiar with some form of magic. That's good. Any others on this volunteer list?"

"Obito Uchiha. Says he got screwed over on his last life and wants to try being the Big Hero," supplied Bat.

"Everyone gets screwed over. That's life," commented Chrono, squinting at the picture. "Odd looking eyes."

"There's this guy," said Bat, bringing up the next profile.

"Rei Suicho Ken? Martial artist type?" asked Chrono. "Don't know how well that would work in a wizard war."

"Izayoi Sakamaki," said Bat, bringing up another holographic image. "He's a bit of a difficult case though."

"Couldn't do worse than a Harry Potter that just refuses to show up," grumped Chrono. Why did some people just HAVE to be sticks-in-the-mud and get all bent out of shape because of trivial concerns anyway? He could have just gone back after making a deal for some power-up instead of flat out refusing.

"Kara Zor-el, who insists on being a girl if you're going to insert her, apparently she's been kind of lost since her universe got erased or something," said Bat.

"Well, I can see where that would be the case," agreed Chrono, still a bit distracted.

Bat brought up three more candidates.

"Ranma Saotome? That's been done before, hasn't it?"

"I don't think so," responded Bat. "What about her?"

Chrono glanced at the image and this one actually managed to shock her a bit. "Seriously? Isn't England an island? Would there be anything left?"

"Well, there's this one," said Bat, bringing up another profile.

"Okay. Let's go with..."

So, basic setup. Someone who is not even remotely like Harry Potter ends up being inserted into Harry Potter's life. Things don't quite fit, with the intent that Hilarity Ensues.