another scene that wouldn't fit in anything i'd written but keeps coming back.

- break -

"Well, well, Harry Potter, you thought you were so clever but we captured you easily enough."

Harry sighed. "Seriously? Hire a script writer if you're going to do this. You guys suck."

"So confident, but we have you at our mercy," pointed out one of the twenty Death Eaters in the graveyard. "We have your wand, your friends are nowhere near, the Vicar is nowhere to be found, and-"

Harry drew the gemstone from under the leather wristband that held his now-defunct watch. With the same two fingers, he flicked it towards the crowd. Then he smirked and disappeared.

"What was-" began Lucius Malfoy before the little gem burst open and released the creature sealed within.

There was abruptly a creature there, reptile from the scales but with a horned head. Long claws dug into the ground. It sniffed the air a few times and then looked down at the masked individuals before it.

"He's still here," said Malfoy. "Deal with the beast and find him."

"Some stupid lizard?" asked a Death Eater. "Reducto!"

The red blast hit the lizard, rocking it back under the force of impact.

It got pissed.

Throwing back its head, the beast roared with such fury and power that grass was flattened in a circle twelve feet around it. Then it moved, apparently taking only minor damage as spell after spell slammed into it.

Harry had enlarged his previously shrunken invisibility cloak, knife, and broom. Invisible, free, and now hovering a good hundred feet up - he had absolutely no desire to get any closer.


Harry was glad Hermione wasn't here. If she had been - most likely she'd be throwing up and giving away her position.




Huh. That was Lucius Malfoy's arm over there, Harry wondered where the rest of him was.

Oh, what did it matter?

Ah, someone finally tried a Finite on the Deathclaw and managed to dispel it back to its world.

Of course, now the four remaining Death Eaters were departing and had apparently forgotten all about him. A wandless spell brought his wand back to him and that was the only thing they had taken that would be difficult to replace.

Well, best he be off before they remembered.

- take 2 -

"So, Harry Potter, my spies tell me that you have the ability to summon 'heroes' from other worlds," said Lord Voldemort. "I will let you summon one just to prove that I am indeed beyond such trickery."

"My Lord, I do not believe this is a wise choice," offered a Death Eater who sounded just like Lucius Malfoy under that mask. "And it was a single 'hero' though what hero seems entirely random."

"Well, if you insist," said Harry. "Summoning!"

"Wait, what?" asked the skinny-looking man in muggle-clothing.

"Avada Kedavra!" cast Voldemort, instantly killing the fellow. "I expected more. Well, that's enough."

"Grrrr," growled the corpse, turning green and gaining mass rapidly.

"Oh, that's interesting, but ultimately of no use. Avada Kedavra!" cast Voldemort again. "Now where were - how is it still alive?"

The now-much-larger green muggle had staggered under the spell, but now looked absolutely furious.


The spells from two of the Death Eaters impacted the green muggle but the only effect seemed to be that he had just gone from Furious to Enraged-Beyond-All-Reason.

"Avada-" began Voldemort.

Moving quickly, the green man ripped a headstone out of the ground and flung it like a frisbee - going completely through Lord Voldemort and heading off into the distance.

"RAGHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" declared the Hulk, having determined that the time had come to do something he did very very well indeed. "HULK SMASH!"

"I AM LORD VOLDEMORT, YOU SIMPLE BRUTE!" said the de-legged villain. "A MUGGLE LIKE..."


* take 3 *

Lord Voldemort blinked at the "summon hero" ability he'd been told about that Harry Potter had developed. Swirling gate forming in mid-air. Nothing that a well-placed Killing Curse couldn't solve, of course, but it WAS intriguing. Looked as if it basically stuck a tube of magical energy into a point smaller than a grain of sand then expanded outward to link a space here with some non-Euclidean space. The part of him that had come to appreciate magic was quite intrigued.

What stepped forth was NOT a hero.

"Harry Potter, did you summon an avatar of Death itself? That IS rather impressive for one of your age," admitted Lord Voldemort. "Avada Kedavra."

The beam hit the skeleton in the elaborate robe and fizzled.

"As I am already undead," said the skeleton, "that doesn't work so well. I heard the call that someone was calling themselves an all-powerful dark wizard. I am Ainz Ooal Gown, and I would like to see how your magic matches against my own."

"My Lord, let ME deal with this-" began the smooth voice of Lucius Malfoy.

"Thousand Bone Lance," said Ainz Ooal Gown, making a sweeping motion with one bony hand. There were brief screams as most of the Death Eaters were suddenly transfixed with sharpened bone spears. "It is quite annoying when the small fry interrupt their betters, isn't it?"
"What?" asked Lucius Malfoy, realizing he was very nearly alone at this point.

"You, on the other hand," said Ainz, pointing. "You volunteered to demonstrate what I'm going to do to your master if he fails to interest me. This is going to hurt, so be ready for it."

"Maybe if I kill your summoner... where did Potter go?" asked Lord Voldemort.

"Oh, he left awhile ago, prudent of him," said Ainz, turning away from the pulsing green pustule that still wore Lucius Malfoy's face. "Now. I believe the appropriate phrase is 'come at me, bro' or something like that."

* break *

"Well, he's gone," said Harry. "I felt my summon return. So that's it."

"Harry, your scar is bleeding," pointed out Ron.

"So, you summoned a great hero?" asked Dumbledore.

"More an anti-hero, I think," said Harry. "I don't have any control over who shows up, after all. I just knew it had to be someone fairly strong."

* break *