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My intentions for this series is to be a darker, more mature take on Naruto, with some of my own twists. Things will get pretty brutal. As for the relationships, Naruto will have a few. It won't be a one and done kind of thing. Most things don't work like that in the real world.

At the same time, I don't plan on Naruto having a harem. I don't know. It's gonna be awhile until anything happens romantically. I'm starting off with the Kyūbi, Kurama, attacking the village and Naruto's birth. I'm changing some things here, but for the most part, it's the same.

I'll stick to Romanji, for proper spelling, but I'm still stuck on whether or not the jutsus should be called out by their Japanese names or by their English names. English would be easiest to go with. It would be easiest for the readers, so I'll likely stick with that. Let me know in the reviews how you feel.

This is going to be a long series. A very long series.

Chapter #01

Parents' Sacrifice

「October 10th, Outside the walls of Konoha」

A mighty roar was released across the village. A giant orange fox howled to the moon in anger as its 9 tails swayed ominously behind it, causing death, destruction, and mayhem around it. If the villagers dared to look at it's eyes earlier, they might've noticed the eyes looked eerily similar to that of a certain Dōjutsu that was coveted across the lands.

Alas, it was no longer there. Its fury that was being displayed was no longer that of someone else's machination, but its own. Eyes as red as blood. Pupils slitted like a feral animal. The malice was nearly palpable. Countless ninja bodies were strewn across the battlefield, many whole and just as many in pieces.

"We have to hold it off as best as we can!" The Sandaime Hokage yelled as he readied against the demon. He knew that him alone would not be enough to fend off the Kyūbi, but he would be damned it he didn't try his best. He had to hold it off until his successor arrived. Surely there was something he could do. Such a brilliant child Minato was.

Alone in the distance, a shinobi stood. With his signature three-pronged kunai, the blond ninja mind drifted for only a moment as he stared at the Kyūbi in the eyes, recalling events that have just transpired as the fighting continued below him.

His wife had just given birth when an unknown Uchiha had come in and kidnapped their son. He quickly retrieved his son from the masked man and was forced to teleport away to removed the paper bomb tags, then he teleported away again to place his son in his own personal shelter, to keep his son from further harm.

He felt sick. He left his wife with that masked man, for only a moment, but he still left her, all to save their son. He knew it was the right call. The paper bombs going off there would have killed all of them. He still didn't like it.

Sadly, it seemed that small moment of time was all that was needed for the demon to be released upon Konoha. After a fierce fight, he was able to remove his control over the Kyūbi and forced the assailant to retreat. Luckily he was able to teleport his wife to the safe house before the fight.

Only a moment passed, but the demon was readying itself for an attack. It had tried to escape as soon as the influence was released. It clearly wanted its freedom, but Konoha wouldn't let it have it without a fight. So it determined to fight, rather than flee.

'Foolish mortals. I know not what transpired exactly since that Uchiha appeared, but I'm finally freed from that awful imprisonment and I will have my freedom. I refuse to let myself be a tool any further, and not a single one of you vile mortals can stop me! I WILL HAVE MY FREEDOM ONCE AGAIN!'

Once again, the mightiest of demons roared to the moon, as if calling it down. Not like the moon would fall from roar, but it most certainly did strike terror into the hearts of all before it.

The Yondaime Hokage, The Fourth Shadow, Minato Namikaze, made a motion with his kunai, cutting his palm. "I appologize Kyūbi, but I can not allow you to roam free." He started to form the necessary handsigns. Boar, Dog, Bird, Monkey, Ram. He molded his chakra, but before being able to execute the summoning technique, a giant cloud appeared immediately above the Nine-Tailed fox demon.

"GAMABUNTA! PIN HIM DOWN!" Bellowed a proud voice. A toad of unimaginable proportions felled from smoke, landing on the equally sized fox.


Minato would've been laughing, if the situation. It was always entertaining to see Jiraiya get chewed out by the boss of the toads. Sadly, with what was happening right now, it was no laughing matter. Minato instead re-absorbed the chakra he was about to use for summon the toad that his Sensei just did.

'I have to remember to treat him to some sake as thanks. That would've cost me a lot of chakra.' Minato started to mold a new amount of chakra for his next technique.

"Dammit Gamabunta! We need your help right now, not your bitching. The village is being attacked and we need some muscle!" Jiraiya fired back at his summon.

The Kyūbi growled underneath the giant toad. "I swear I'm going to devour you for stepping on me, you pathetic toad." Immediately, the fox started gathering chakra, preparing for one of its signature Bijū Bombs.

With a grunt, Gamabunta pinned the fox down even further. "I would love to see you try, you overgrown fox." Gamabunta started to struggle with the demon beneath him, but still able to keep him in place. 'Actually, I hope it doesn't get the chance to try. I rather not get eaten by this damned demon.'

"Gamabunta!" Minato called out to the summon. "Just hold the Kyūbi still a little bit longer. I'll teleport it away and seal it away."

"Got it! Now quit squirming, you damn fox!" Gamabunta bellowed out. Suddenly, the mass before him disappeared. With an amphibious croak, Gamabunta yelped at the fox disappearing and gravity instantly pulling him closer to the ground.

Dust kicked up around Gamabunta as Jiraiya surveyed the area from ontop of the toad's head, searching for where the demon was teleported to. He would be damned if he let his apprentice seal that fox away without him there to help. Besides. How hard can it be to spot a giant orange fox.

The Legendary Toad Sage spotted the fox in a few seconds and directed his summon towards it. "There it is Gamabunta! We have to hurry over there and help out Minato!"

"Are you really trying to kill me?! Do I have to go fight that freaking demon. You know I would lose in a fight against that thing. He said he was going to seal it. He should be able to handle it from here." Gamabunta grunted out, but already knowing what the answer was going to be, so he began to lower his body for a mighty leap.

Jiraiya smirked. He knew that the Boss Toad was scared of the Nine-Tailed demon. The greatest of all demons. He couldn't blame him. You would have to be absolutely stupid to not be afraid of that demon. Of any demon. But he knew where his loyalty laid. "Yes Gamabunta. We do have to fight that demon. Now hop to it!" Jiraiya smirk grew larger has he heard a groan in response to his lame pun right before the giant toad lept.

Even if the situation was deadly serious, who said you can't crack a joke or two?

In the background was the Sandaime Hokage, The Third, following the leaps of the Toad. 'I retire from being Hokage and this happens... ' Hiruzen let out a heavy sigh as he ran to the next battlefield. 'I'm getting too old for this, but it won't stop me from helping where I can.'

Through the trees, The Third, and his trusty summon, went, seeking to help his successor as much as he could.

「October 10th, Far outside of Konoha, "The Safe-House"」

Minato let out a breath as he and the Kyūbi appeared as far away from Konoha he could manage. He noticed just in time that the Bijū Bomb was ready and teleported away to his shelter. Luckily the fox was facing away from the safe house, making the explosion go off at a safe distance from the shelter.

Minato warped inside the room and looked at his wife and child. He was torn at the sight of his beloved wife. Worn and torn, he was hovering over her son, being as gentle as possible, disregarding the blood she was coughing up. She wanted to make sure her poor Naruto was as safe as possible.

In all likelihood, she should've died when the Kyūbi was extracted from her. What a painful process that was. She felt her bones creak and her muscles scream as her organs bled. But she knew she was going to die. She only survived this long, all thanks to the Uzumaki blood.

This was the worst she ever felt in her life, but she ignored everything else and focused on her son. She didn't care about the demon. The only thing important to her was in front of her, and she would do everything to keep him safe.

"Kushina…" Minato whispered out, sadden at the sight. He knew what had to be done.

Kushina turned around at the sound of her name by the voice she held dear. She saw her husband's face and dashed to him. Hugging him. Crying at the situation. She saw that look in his eyes. She knew what it meant. She knew what he was thinking.

Minato grabbed his wife and his son. "We have to go." And the three left in a flash of yellow.

「October 10th, Far outside of Konoha, "The Sealing Grounds"」

The Namikaze family appeared near the demon as it was walking towards the village. Vengeance on its mind, ready to burn the village that had attacked it.

"Put up a barrier."

"My chakra is almost drained, so it won't hold long." Chakra chains flowed out of her back as blood flowed from her mouth. The Adamantine Sealing Chains wrapped around the Kyūbi and creating a barrier, enclosing just the 4 of them inside. Separating them from outside influences.

"Minato…" Kushina called out quietly. "I'll drag the demon back inside me."

"You can't do that. You'll die if you seal the Kyūbi inside you as you are now!"

"At least that will keep it from coming back for a while… It;s the most I can do to keep the both of you alive…" Kushina shuddered as she began tightening the chains even more around the demon, dragging it closer to her. "Thank you… For everything…"

"I can't let you do that! You made me your husband. You made me the Yondaime. You made me this boy's father."

"Minato. I'm happy that you loved me. I'm happy that today is our son's birthday. If I had one regret, it would be that I couldn't see him grow up. I'm already dying, so please let me do this."

"You don't have to. We can use the last of our chakra to see Naruto one more time."

Kushina looked shocked, afraid of what her husband was implying. "...What are you saying Minato."

"I'll use the Reaper's Death Seal so seal the Kyūbi inside of Naruto. Then I'll seal a portion of us inside with him the Eight Trigrams Seal."

"Why Minato?! I don't want our son to be a Jinchūriki. I don't want him to be an orphan! I don't want him to go through what I've gone though, so please… Let me do this."

"I can't. The man who attacked us tonight. The man who orchestrated this whole thing. He will be back, and he will bring disaster to the world. I know Naruto will be the one to save the world from him…"


"We have to. We can't upset the balance of Jinchūriki between villages. If Konoha doesn't have a Jinchūriki, they will be wiped out. Our village will be gone."

With a thunderous sound, Gamabunta and Jiraiya arrived, with the Sandaime closely following behind.

"Minato!" Both Jiraiya and The Sandaime cried out at the same time."

The Third pressed his hand firmly against the tangible barrier, prodding it lightly.

"Dammit Minato, Kushina. Open up this barrier and let me in. I can help!"

"Sorry Jiraiya… I can't. I would have to undo it completely to let anyone in, and if I did that, the Kyūbi will be set free again." Kushina strained her response, as the chains made more eerily noises as it tightened around the Kyūbi again, bring it closer to her.

"Dammit Minato. Why did you have to teleport so freaking far away. I couldn't catch up to you guys in time!"

The Sandaime observed his successors actions. Trying to figure out the situation. He could tell that Kushina was on Death's doorstep at just a glance. She was using the last of her strength to keep the demon at bay as Minato began performing some handsigns.

Suddenly a ceremonial throne was summoned before Minato and Naruto was laid upon it. 'Go ahead and hate me, Kyūbi. But to maintain the balance between the nations, we have to seal you away again.'

Snake, Boar, Ram, Rabbit, Dog, Rat, Bird, Horse, Snake. Minator performed the handsigns perfectly and clapped his hands together. The temperature dropped at an alarming rate as the Shinigami himself arrived, visible only to those who summoned him, and other demons.

The Sandaime's blood ran cold as he recognized those handsigns. 'He couldn't… No. He definitely is. He plans to call the Shinigami himself here to seal away the demon… I guess even the most forbidden of techniques must be used to hold back the most powerful of demons.'

Jiraiya had a chill run down his spine. He wasn't familiar with what seal Minato was doing, never able to learn all of the Uzumaki's seals, but his teacher, The Sandaime certainly knew what was up. Something felt wrong with the world. It was almost as if he was suffocating, despite nothing being around his throat.

"Sealing Jutsu: Reaper's Death Seal." Minato clearly announced his technique almost silently.

'Reaper's Death Seal… No. The seal that even Kushina wouldn't let me see. No!' "NO! What are you doing you IDIOT! Cancel that shit right now! You trying to kill yourself!"

"He can't cancel it Jiraiya." The Sandaime replied in a controlled voice. "The Reaper has already been summoned. His life is already forfeited."

Jiraiya started furiously bashing on the barrier, trying his hardest to get in there. "Dammit Minato! You fucking IDIOT! What are you thinking!" Tears started streaming down his face uncontrollably. He already knew what was going to happen. He recalled everything Kushina told him about the seal.

The Sandaime lowered his head and let out a heavy sigh. His successor was going to die. Just as he became a father.

"Shinigami. I offer my soul to you as payment. Seal the Kyūbi within my son."

"You think a single human soul is equal to that of a demon?" The Kyūbi snidely remarked. "Not all souls are equal you vile human. You'll be lucky if you can get half of me for a human soul!"

Minato paled a little as he stared at the Shinigami. Without saying a single word, the Shinigami simply shook his head. Stating that one soul was not enough to seal the demon away. "D-Dammit…" Minato frowned. He wasn't expecting this. He thought that all souls were equal to the Shinigami. Guess life just wasn't that fair.

"I told you mortal. Your pathetic soul isn't close to being worth-WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU ARE DOING! YOU DARE-"

A resounding clap was heard as a certain red haired kunoichi finished her jutsu. "I do dare, you monster. Shinigami!" Kushina roared at the Reaper himself, as she could see its daunting figure. "I too offer my soul to seal this demon away in my son!"

"Kushina!" Minato stared at his wife in disbelief. "Why?"

"Because I'm already dying Minato. You know this. At least with this, I can still be with you, trapped within the Shinigami forever." A tear fell down her face as she coughed up. Kushina looked to the Reaper one last time. "Please…"

The Shinigami gave a single response. A simple nod.

"SHINIGAMI! YOU… YOU FUCKING TRAITOR! YOU DARE ATTEMPT TO GO AGAINST ME?! YOU, WHO CONTROL LIFE AND DEATH, DARE TO GO AGAINST THAT WHICH IS IMMORTAL?! I'LL RIP YOU TO SHRED-" That was all the Kyūbi could get out before the chains around him tightened even further, silencing his demonic howling.

Kushina knew that it didn't matter any more. No reason to prolong it. She started using all of her remaining strength to keep the demon at bay. The Shinigami reached through both parents and grabbed a firm grasp of the demon. Slowly, the Shinigami ripped the demon's soul in half, pulling each half to and through each parent. A third ghastly arm touched the newborn baby before him, creating a pair of seals never before seen. Once the sealing circuits was complete, both halves of the Kyūbi was sealed within the child.

At last, the Nine-Tailed demon was sealed once again. Minato summoned forth a toad that had the shape of a scroll.

"Gamatora… Here are the keys to my son's seals." Minato mumbled as he pressed his hand on the scroll, imprinting the design of the seal the Shinigami used on his son. "I entrust it to you. Make sure it gets to Jiraiya."

"G-Got it!"Gamatora, the scroll toad, was stunned, but accepted the seals' keyes and disappeared just as he appeared.

Both parents grieved over what they have done. They knew what was in store for their child, so they each left a message.

"Naruto… Please eat your veggies. And go to bed early. And make friends. Real friends. Ones that will be by your side. And be sure to study. Take baths. Pay attention in class. Don't be be disappointed if you can't do everything. Find what you are good at and become better at it. And when you find a girl… Make sure she loves you for who you are… Just like Mommy does."

Uncontrollable tears started to flow from Kushina. "Find a goal and don't stop until you achieve it. There's so much more I want to say. So much more I want to do. Just know, that Mommy loves you."

"I'm sorry son. It seems like your mother already said almost everything. Just promise me one thing. Please listen to her." Minato glanced to his predecessor and mentor. "Sorry Sandaime. It seems like you'll have to be in charge again. Please. Both of you. Look after our son..."

The Shinigami grabbed the knife from his mouth and licked his lips. Soon, very soon, he would consume 2 souls for the price of sealing 1.

With his last breath, the Yondaime used his last jutsu just before the Shinigami cut loose their souls from the mortal realm. "Eight Trigrams Seal!"

Forever, a piece of them will stay with their beloved son.

Author's Notes

To those who read the whole chapter, thank you. I'm sorry that this turned out to be a shorter chapter than expected. Not much to really here, just some key changes. I never expected it to be long in the first place, since it's almost a recap. I didn't want to drag you through 10k+ words of what is essentially a recap of events that most people know with small changes. The next chapter is going to be over the childhood. This is where things will be brutal, in my opinion at least.

I've been meaning to start this story off for a long time. A very long time. Life has just been too busy, being in the Navy and all. The next couple of years is looking like a lot of down time, so I plan on doing this frequently. An update every week or less is the pace I plan to go at. We'll see. I'm only in the States for a month before I'm off to Japan again for another 2 years, so it might be a bit hectic at first. I apologize in advance for any delays.

But seriously, I mean it this time. Might even release Chapter 09 of the other story I started 3 freaking years ago… I'll have to go through the other chapters and fix anything I cringe at though… Perspectives changes a lot over 3 years...

Back to this story… I really wanted to do a story where Naruto has the whole Kyūbi sealed within him. But if you paid attention, you would've realised that the Kyūbi isn't whole. The demon was split in half and was sealed separately. I plan on this being a major point later.

But yeah, as for romance, which is always a big thing for me, that won't be happening much as a kid. Just doesn't make any sense. I'll try to build some stuff up between people as they grow up, but yeah. Romance is for more when they are teens and older. I do want this to be more action/romance, so we'll see how it goes. I have a mild idea as to what direction to take this story. I hope you'll enjoy.

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They certainly aren't human. They aren't normal animals either. Beasts with such power can, in the human mind at least, can only be described as demons. I won't say that there isn't actual demons, or that there is. Its just what the humans call them, and what they believe them to be.

insanemaelstorm: I'm happy you like how Crazywizard73: Minato and Kushina were portrayed. I wanted to give a little insight on them. Just a little. I'm not terribly good at these sorts of things though. As for the 2 different seals, you'll find out. Eventually. I don't see it being too long though.

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