Reaching For the Light

Warning: The following fanfiction contains scenes of graphic violence and gore and may affect the appreciation of Naruto/Elfen Lied Characters, viewer discretion is advised.

OOOKAY… so I'm starting this story… and I'm pretty sure it's not gonna make a lot of sense but I wanna have fun with this and give some of my favorite characters some justice! It's going to be a crossover between Naruto and Elfen Lied, but some of my own OC's are gonna be in it too because why not? Anywho-zy Doozy, it's gonna be different from SOME canon, for example, I'm gonna try to follow the Naruto timeline as good as I can starting from the Chunin Exams, but the Elfen Lied characters are gonna be a LITTLE different from Canon. Lucy will still be 18, Nana will be aged up to 14 (because I might pair her up with another character), and Yuka and Kouta will be absent from this fanfiction because quite frankly I'm not a fan of either of them, they're quite bland compared to the other characters in Elfen Lied. Oh! And Mariko, Nyu, Nozomi, Kakuzawa, Shirakawa, Kurama, Kisaragi and Arakawa will be present too! And some other Elfen Lied characters as well~.

Main Characters: Nana, Zaku Abumi, Lucy/Nyuu/Kaede, Kidomaru, Mayu, Nozomi, Kurama, Kimimaro

Main OC's: Kuro Yozakura, Haruhi Noibara, Jun Nikko, Tooru Ootori, Ran Fujiwara and Hiroshi 'Hiro' Kitamura

OC's: Diclonius #6 (Roku), Diclonius #2 (Luke), Diclonius #5 (Kasumi), Kuro Yozakura, Haruhi Noibara, Jun Nikko, Tooru Ootori, Ran Fujiwara

Allrighty… I don't expect this to be good but I hope this first chapter will get me started… and this chapter begins 2 years before the story of Naruto begins, so all of the Sound Genin and Sound Ninja 4 are 12, with only Kimimaro and Juugo being 13, Nana is only 12 too, Lucy is 16, Mariko is 3, Mayu is 11 and my OC's are 14, so uh… enjoy it~ :3

Hello darkness, my old friend
I've come to talk with you again
Because a vision softly creeping
Left its seeds while I was sleeping
And the vision that was planted in my brain
Still remains
Within the sound of silence

-The Sound of Silence by Disturbed


You don't belong here.


These words were haunting to any young child, and yet they were repeated day after day to unfortunate ones who had no one to care for them, and they were forgotten by people of society.

Darkness is all the forgotten knew. Cast away and lost in the shadows of isolation, loneliness and misery. And yet they were here, taken in by a demonic man that was one of the Legendary Sannin, some called him the Snake Lord, Orochimaru. She had seen it coming for miles, and yet there was nothing the 8 year Lucy could have done to flee, she hadn't known the full extent of her powers yet. But she now knew exactly who he was, just a snake in a human's body pretending to be some benevolent zookeeper for strays on the street when he was nothing but a waste of breath and a monster who prayed upon children with nobody. Manipulative like a viper in the grass, they were all just mice for him to feed on until he found the apple of immortality.

But what did they do to deserve such a fate? Why were they doomed to live such harsh lives? And why were they here now? In a gloomy place, where the forgotten were worse off, tortured, butchered and experimented on.

Her reason was because of the two unusual things that were sticking out of her head, two things that didn't belong on any human head, her horns. All they did was remind her of the fact that she couldn't have been fully human. But why did she feel all of these emotions? She hoped that maybe… it could have been some shred of humanity she still had left. Because on some level, Lucy knew that she was human compared to Orochimaru, a true monster who felt nothing for anyone other than himself.

All these thoughts ran through the girl's head as she hung in her entrapment, bounded up in the cage that had been her home for the past 8 years. The helmet she wore did nothing to cover her visage; she could still see and hear clearly, that medic ninja Kabuto Yakushi was a fool. She could never be caged, not for long… she would break out… and there was nothing these measly ninja that dared to challenge her could do to stop her. And a filthy curse mark on her neck wouldn't do anything to stop her, nothing would.


She knew of Orochimaru's 'pets', those bloody Sound Ninja Five. How she hated the lot of them. She hated those bloody smirks they almost all wore on their ugly faces. She was going to kill them slowly and painfully… except for one…


The only one she planned on sparing. Though the big one, Jirobo showed traits that she considered worth sparing, he wasn't annoying or arrogant like that bitch Tayuya or those sadistic twins Sakon and Ukon. But the worst of the bunch was that Kimimaro. She hated him the most because of how much he looked up to that devil Orochimaru. Yet, she almost felt sorry the poor idiots. Orochimaru did a magnificent job in brainwashing him… he had brainwashed most of these pathetic children. The other three new sound ninja she had heard of, Dosu Kinuta, Zaku Abumi and Kin Tsuchi… they wouldn't stand a chance. That she knew…

Footsteps interrupted her train of thought, but she didn't dare look up to see a face that wasn't worth the acknowledgement, it was Kabuto. For a moment, she heard his footsteps come to a halt, he had stopped walking and made sure that he stood back 2 meters away from her.

"Someone's behaving rather well today." He said to her in a casual, polite tone that made her sick, he was so fake it was almost amusing. She could feel his cruel smirk from 2 meters away.

"You know… if you plan to cooperate… we might let you out again. Just remember to play well with the others… otherwise…" He chuckled a little bit, "Well you know the consequences of misbehaving… I'm sure you would rather not have to go through such trouble." Kabuto smiled as his glasses shone in the dim lighting provided in the room, and Lucy remained silent. She was thinking for a moment before she finally spoke.

"Fine." She stated simply and monotonously, and Kabuto's smile twisted into a satisfied one… for some reason, he didn't expect a few people to come out alive after he lets her out to train the new sound recruits. Lucy was always one of Lord Orochimaru's most willful recruits, but she had no place to go, there was no reason for her to betray him. She had no place in this world, her curse mark was her reminder of her place in the world. Just another slave.

"Very good." He said before making two other ninja guards go over to open her cage. They were right there… and yet Lucy didn't make her move yet…

She waited for a moment and picked up her head to stare at one of the guards, and soon… the sound of heavy blood was heard spilling and splashing on the floor, along with the agonized screams of the other guards which stopped momentarily as flesh was torn and ripped apart.

Upon hearing the screams, Kabuto ceased his walk, and he chuckled at the sound before continuing to walk again, she wouldn't go far…

He thought…

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