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The alarm blared loudly as the ship shook from taking another hit. Arcee grunted as the shockwave knocked her down onto the floor. "Blast it!" She grunted as she got back up and was almost knocked back down when the ship shook again. What was supposed to be a celebration after striking a decisive victory was now a fight to escape.

By luck would have it, they intercepted a transmission that The Nemesis, Megatron's prized command ship, the symbol of his power, and the bane of every Autobot out there, was docked in a deep space repair dock near the end of the system for retrofitting.

While most of the crew was gone, Arcee and a small squad from the Autobots cruiser Monrovia, snuck aboard and crippled the ship with well-placed explosives. And most importantly, they stole The Heart of Cybertron, an ancient crystal that held immense power, and had been powering the Nemesis since it was put into service thousands of years ago.

With the Nemesis heavily damaged and its power source gone, the crew broadcasted their victorious act across cybertron. It was huge moral boost for every Autobot on Cybertron. But the crew of the Monrovia had little time to celebrate. Soon afterwards, they were under attack by a Decepticon heavy frigate. They couldn't match it in fire power so they tried to flee, and failed.

"Alert. Engines offline. Shield failure imminent-t-t-t," The ship's computer blared over the intercoms before stuttering and failing.

"Arcee!" Nova's voice roared through her comlink. "Are you still functional?"

"Yes," Arcee replied as she put two fingers against the side of her head, "a little shaken but I'm ok."

"Good," she replied. The ship shook again from another impact. "Scrap! Arcee get here to the bridge as fast as you can!"

"Roger!" Arcee transformed into her alt-mode and speed down the hallway. If she remembered correctly, the bridge wasn't far away, just down this corridor, and around another hall.

"This is Nova, all hands prepare to repel boarders!" No sooner had Nova's voices echoed over the intercom, Arcee felt several smaller shockwaves shake the ship and heard gunfire around the corner ahead of her. Right as she rounded the corner, she accelerated and prepared for combat.

A Decepticon boarding pod pierced through the hull and unloaded a squad of a dozen Decepticon Vehicons that were exchanging gunfire with other Autobots in the hallway. When she got close enough, she transformed into her bipedal mode and shifted her left hand into a blaster and her right forearm into a large arm blade.

With her momentum, she crashed into the back on one of the Vehicons and landed on top of it, slicing into another on the side while opening fire and killing two more instantly. The Vehicons panicked and turned to attack her, but she was too quick for them to counter properly and her shield protected her from what hits they did get on her. The Vehicons turning around made them vulnerable to the Autobots they were engaging earlier. The fight didn't even last fifteen seconds and the Vehicons became nothing but smoking scrap heaps..

These weren't regular Decepticons. Vehicons were sparkless drones created by Megatron's top scientist, Shockwave, in order to boost their numbers by an extraordinary number. The Autobots were eventually forced to copy them and make their drones to even the tide, but they treated their drone like actual people. However, the drones weren't as smart or strong as regular cybertronians and thus were easy to take down, especially if you have decades worth of combat experience.

"Arcee," one of the Autobot drones ran up to her. "Thanks for the assistants," he said with gratitude.

"No problem trooper," Arcee replied as she turned her hands back to normal.

"Nova is in the bridge," another drone motioned to the door behind him. "We'll keep the hallway secure. Go."

"Thank you," she nodded and sprinted past them.

"Sections 1-A and 2-B have been over run. The rest of sections 1, 2-C and 2-D, and 3-A are reporting engagements with the enemy." Nova sighed as her ensign read her a status report. They were close, they were so close to escaping with the one power source that could tip the balance of the war, only to be caught and be facing certain doom.

"Scrap!" She slammed her fist down on the terminal in front of her, causing it to dent, before turning to her ensign. "And what about Arcee?"

"She's-" her ensign paused as he turned to the opening door, "right here." Nova turned and smiled when she saw Arcee sprint in and stop right in front of her.

"Ma'am," Arcee stood at attention in front of the ship's captain.

"Arcee," Nova nodded, "follow me." Nova motioned for Arcee to follow her. "I'll keep this short, we're not going to last long. It's only a matter of time until we're overrun. So I need you to do something for me, something very important."

"Certainly," Arcee nodded. "What do you need me to do?" They stopped in front of a heavy duty crate. Nova typed in a code on the panel and the crate opened with a hiss and a bright, ominus lime green glow illuminated from inside. Arcee looked inside and her optics widened in shock. It was the Heart of Cybertron.

It was a unique crystal that, to Arcee, looked like a star. Rumor was that it was one of the main sources of power on Cybertron before Megatron got his clutches on it and used it to power the Nemesis to near invincible power. She heard that members from her strike force secured it, but seeing it up close…

She was thrown out of her stumper when the crystal seemed to hover in mid air Nova placed a protective, non transparent square casing around it. She took the cube with both hands and turned to her.

"If the Decepticons were to get their claws back on this the war will tip back in their favor." It was no secret that ever so slowly, the Decepticons were gaining ground and had the edge in the war. "Arcee, I know you fought alongside Optimus Prime many times before. Which is why I trust you with this." She held the cube towards her. "Arcee, get this back to Optimus. If you can't, do everything necessary to keep it out of the Decepticon's hands."

Arcee stared into Nova's optics for a moment before her expression hardened. "Yes ma'am," she said with vigor in her spark as she took the cube and attached it securely to her back. "I won't let you down." Nova nodded with a smile and turned around.

"Ensign, what's the status of the hanger 3-C?" she asked.

"One moment," he replied as he checked a terminal. "3-C is clear. We still have a cargo shuttle in there."

"Thank you. Arcee take the shuttle and get out of here. Quickly, go!" Arcee didn't take the time to salute or respond, she was already sprinting out the door to the hanger. As soon as she was gone, Nova sighed as she turned around, walked towards a terminal, and pressed a button to activate the intercom. "This is Nova," she spoke into it. "All hands, abandon ship! Repeat, all hands, aban-" she never got a chance to finished her sentence because she was knocked down to the ground.

When she got up, she saw that a boarding pod had breached the bridge and shifted her arm into a blaster. She and whoever was on the bridge opened fire on the Vehicons that exited the craft. Another craft breached on the other side of the bridge and Nova and a few other shifted their fire over there.

Suddenly Nova heard a large explosion take out some of the bridge crew She never got a chance to turn around as another explosion knocked her down. Fear rose through her when she tried to get up and found that both of her legs were cut off from above the knee.

"Nova!" She heard her ensign shout. "Don't worry I'l -ACK!" She heard another explosion and recoiled back when the body of her ensign fell in front of her, with smoke coming out of a large hole in his chest. She was then immediately kicked into the side of a terminal and a large hand wrapped around her neck and lifted her up. Her optics widened in shock when she saw who picked her up. Cold, hatred filled red optics stared into her soul.

"You are the captain of this vessel," Megatron stated more than asked. "You stole something that belongs to me."

"I-I'm sure I don't know w-what you'r-HRK!" Megatron tightened his grip around her neck.

"Do not play games with me! I am no fool!" Megatron growled. "You will tell me where the Heart of Cybertron is, or you will join the rest of your crew."

"E-even i-if I-I... tell you," Nora struggled to say, "Y-you'd kill-l me… anyway."

"So be it." Megatron placed his fusion cannon to her chest and fired, vaporising a large portion of her chest. Her limbs twitch for a few seconds until the color in her optics flickered for a moment before fading away as she ceased to functioned, with smoke pluming from her mouth.

"Megatron," Soundwave's cold, calculative voice played through Megatron's coms as he dropped Nova's body, "scans indicate that the Heart of Cybertron is on the move. It appears to be headed to a hanger. The Autobots will attempt to evacuate the energon crystal, most likely via a shuttle."

"Deploy a squadron of Jet Vehilcons and order them to not destroy any ship that leaves the cruiser, but to disable and board them. We're not risking anything that could destroy our prize." He responded before addressing his troops. "Decepticons, secure the rest of the ship! No survivors!"

"Yes Lord Megatron!" His soldiers shouted in chorus before moving out.

Arcee sprinted into the hangar where the shuttle awaited her. Two drones were loading cargo onto the shuttle. "Troopers!" She called out as she ran up to them. "How's the shuttle?"

"Fit and ready to go," one of the drones responded. "We loaded in a couple of crates of energon and supplies and the engines are already running hot."

"Good. Alright lets-" Their attention was immediately to the opposite end of the hanger as the doors blew open. A hail of blaster fire erupted from the doorway before the Vehicons were visible. "On the shuttle, go!" Arcee and the two drones hurried up the ramp while opening fire, trying to pin down the Vehicons. The second drone didn't make it as he was knocked off the ramp and finished off by the massive amount of gunfire as the Decepticon forces flooded the hanger.

Arcee rushed to the pilot's seat and started the takeoff sequence, with the drone standing behind her. The ramp retracted and the engines revved up, making the shuttle hover off the ground. Despite the hail of blaster fire, the shuttle was able to leave the hanger with very little damage.

"Yeah!" The drone cheered. "We made it!"

"We're not clear yet," Arcee said as the radar to her side flashed in alarm. "We have Jet-cons incoming." She turned on the afterburners and attempted to outrun and outmaneuver the seekers. She tried to lose them by flying through a debris field of destroyed ships from a past battle, but the Decepticons stayed hot on her tail. "Do we have and defenses or weaponry?"

"Negative. This is an old cargo shuttle. We didn't start building them with cannons until after Optimus came into-" He was interrupted as the shuttle violently shook, almost knocking him down. He got back up and looked at the status screen. "Scrap, we lost one of our engines! We're still moving, but..." He didn't know how to word it, but the implication was clear.

"No." For a rare moment in her life, fear welled up within Arcee. The balance of the war was fated on her success. She could not fail now. She couldn't. She… she looked over to the radar and saw that a Decepticon shuttle was flying in next to them. One loud thud followed by several softer, muffled thuds came from the side of the ship as the shuttle attached itself to their ship.

"They're going to board us." Sparks starting flying inside the side of the ship from the outside, moving in a circle to make a hole in the ship. Arcee shot up from her seat and readied her weapons alongside the drone. The sparks stopped and the hull exploded inward, but she didn't let it distract her and opened fire.

Five Vehicons rushed in. Two were gunned down before they made it inside. The other three rushed forward guns blazing with the intent to engage in melee combat. One was gunned down and the other was sliced in half by Arcee's arm blade. The last Vehicon tackled the drone to the ground. Arcee aimed her blaster to help, but the sound of a revving engine took her attention back to the hull breach.

A Decepticon in his alt-mode rushed in and transformed. Arcee only had the time to realize that it was the Decepticon named Barricade before he slammed into her. She grunted as she impacted against a terminal and fell on all fours. Barricade immediately followed with a hard hitting kick to her head, flipping her over to her back and disorientating her for a moment.

Barricade then stomped his foot down on her neck. She tried in vain to push it off when he turned shifted his arm into a buzz saw. "Say goodnight Autobot scum," He taunted with a cold demeanor as he raised his arm up, the buzz saw revving up.

"Get off of her! Raagh!" The drone rush forward and jumped on Barricade's back. As they struggled, his foot was taken off of her, allowing Arcee a moment to recover. She gasped when she realized that the cube containing the Heart of Cybertron had fallen off of her back. She quickly glanced over and crawled towards it. One side of the crate fell off, exposing the omni-pointed crystal, but to her relief it looked undamaged.

"Aaah!" Arcee turned around in time to see Barricade take his buzz saw out of the drone's head and discard the body behind him. His buzz saw then shifted into an smg and then he aimed it at her and opened fire. Arcee dodged to the left and shifted her arm into a blaster, but had to roll to the right to dodge another hail of gunfire. As she raised her arm to fire she paused when she heard a high pitched whistling to her left and saw Barricade's optics widen and jaw drop in fear.

She turned to the left and gasped. The high fire rate of the smg made it inaccurate and sent the bullets everywhere. He hit a crate causing it to spill liquid energon onto the Heart of Cybertron, which also had part of it chipped off, obviously by Barricade's fire. Covered in energon and damaged by gunfire, the crystal began turning to an ominous red color and started vibrating, increasing in intensity as seconds ticked by.

"Slag!" Barricade shouted in fear as he turned to run away. Arcee only had time to shield her face with her arms as as her vision was suddenly engulfed in heat and a white light. Soon, everything became cold and black.

Color slowly returned to Arcee's optics as she came out of stasis. She tried to move but everything hurt. She shook her head and fought through the pain. She rolled over onto her stomach and realized that she was lying in some kind of liquid.

"Water?" She questioned as she ran her hand through the liquid on the ground. Water was very rare on Cybertron, to the point where many doubted it even existed on the planet. She slowly pushed herself up on all fours and then on her two feet and looked behind her and took in her surroundings.

The shuttle has seen better day. There wasn't a part of it that wasn't dented or covered in some kind of debris. A crack in the ceiling allowed a ray of sunlight in. There were two crates of energon left, she assumed the rest were lost. To her dismay, the Heart of Cybertron was gone, with only a black scorch mark staining the floor where it once was.

She wasn't as bothered by that fact as she should have. Maybe it was because she was tired, or because the thought of it being destroyed meant that the Decepticons can't get it back thus technically succeeding in her task, or maybe it was because of what she was staring at.

The rear ramp was down she was able to look outside at the massive ocean of water. She finally realized that she wasn't on Cybertron anymore, but that left one important question. Where was she now? She turned around and walked to the terminals but she couldn't get a response out of them, the power was completely gone.

She then walked to the edge of the ramp and looked down at the water, staring at her own reflection. Her entire body was covered in dents and scratches, as if she'd survived and crawled out of the pits of Kaon. She leaned out and looked to the left, then to the right, and saw that the ship had crashed and probably caused a dent on a cliffside made out of gray rocks, making a small alcove.

To the left there was another large rock sticking out of the cliff, going out a fair distance into the ocean and blocking her from seeing the horizon. However, above the rock, contrast to the gray, was something green and yellow. This peeked Arcee's interest and she decided to investigate. Hugging the cliffside closely, she slowly inched her way across, not wanting to test how deep the water was, and climbed up and jumped over the rock. Her optics widened at what she saw.

She visited the Library of Iacon several times when she was just a little sparkling. There she read some stories about other worlds. One that peaked her curiosity was that talked about worlds full of other life, where living organisms called 'plants' would grow and help life bloom everywhere across the planet. Those pictures use to fascinate her, but to see the real thing…

Arcee shook her head. Now wasn't time to get lost in happy memories. Though she supposed that as long as she was here, exploring the surrounding area wouldn't hurt.

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