Author's Note:

Welcome all who have read the previous story called Past Transgressions! If you haven't read it, I would seriously suggest that you do as this story picks up not long after the other one ended. I am super excited for this one since it is a story that I never thought would even exist when I started writing the first one! It stemmed from an ending that I truly loved writing! Plus I also didn't think that I would get it out this quickly but it's here! I'm still working out the kinks in it, so if there is anything that seems out of place, please feel free to write it in the reviews or just send me a message! If you remember from before, I love hearing what you think of it! The title is a working title btw. I really like it but I may change it later on so keep an eye on it. Enjoy!


The man with salt and pepper hair threw a vase across the room, shattering it on the wall. He was a rather large and intimidating man so the two men standing in front of him seemed terrified of him, not wanting to look up.

"How did you lose them…again?" the man screamed. "All you had to do was get them and bring them back here to me! Just like in Geneva, you two let them get away and they still have my money! It's been four months! Why haven't we been able to capture them!"

"We're sorry, Mr. Powers," said one of the men brave enough to speak. "We didn't recognize them right away."

"Didn't recognize them?" William Powers yelled. "All you had to do was listen to them fight in public! They can't seem to stop, which is actually really quite funny, if you ask me. You know what, Townsend? Just shut up! I don't want any more excuses. I want my property and I want it now! You better hope you bring them in the next time or I won't give you another chance!"

"Yes, sir," mumbled the other man.

"Now, get out of here before I decide to make examples out of you for failing me again!"

The two men scrambled out of his office, thanking god that they have the chance to walk out. Another man came in as they were leaving and smirked at the two. Powers sat down in the chair behind his desk, rubbing his forehead.

"All I asked, Nathan, was for my possessions to be brought to me," replied Powers, behind his hand. "Is it that hard to ask?"

"No, sir, it's not," answered Nathan. He stood before his boss, hands behind his back.

"How is it that Frank Hardy is so hard to find? I mean, Geneva should have been easy for a snatch and go but I'm surrounded by morons who can't seem to get anything right! I should have sent you instead."

"I know, sir," replied Nathan calmly. "We will find them soon enough and you will have what you need to get back at the Network."

"You're right, my friend," Powers smiled, leaning back in his chair and staring at Nathan. "Use every resource you can to find them. And, remember, we can't have one without the other."

"Of course, sir," Nathan bowed. "Do you want me to take care of the two imbeciles who just left?"

Powers thought for a moment and smiled.

"Townsend irritates me."

"Very good, sir." Nathan left the room.

Powers turned to look out the window of his office. The city of Paris spread out before him, the Eiffel Tower in the distance. Cars and people bustled about below, not knowing that the largest crime syndicate in Europe was just feet away. He frowned a little about the events that transpired months before. Powers didn't anticipate the doctor being killed before he was able to deliver and he wondered who pulled the trigger. When he watched the streaming video of his acquisitions doing a number on not only police officers but their own family members and friends as well, Powers thought he finally got rid of all the Hardys except one. But when he received word that none of them died, Powers vowed he would take care of them personally. He could take care of them now but he wanted someone special to do it. The thorn in his side was beginning to annoy him, festering even more by constantly being able to get away.

"Mr. Powers?" replied Nathan at the door, interrupting his thoughts. "There is someone here who would like to speak with you."

"Tell him to go away," Powers said, annoyed. "I'm busy!"

"She is insisting, saying she may be able to help you with your problem."

"Oh?" he said, swiveling around to face the door. "Send her in."

Nathan escorted a woman into the room. She looked around nervously but didn't look directly at Powers.

"So, what do you have for me?"

"Well," the woman cleared her throat. She wrung her hands in front of her, keeping her eyes to the floor. "I have been looking for you for months, Mr. Powers. I heard your name mentioned in Chicago and asked some of my father's contacts to find you."

"Okay, so you found me," Powers said, irritated. "Get on with it. Nathan tells me you can solve my problem. Do you know where Frank Hardy and Nancy Drew are?"

The woman looked up at him finally, hatred in her eyes but not for him.

"I don't know where they are, but I may know how to find them."

"I'm listening. What are your terms?"

"Let me join your organization," she said with more confidence. "I have a lot more to give plus contacts that I can use throughout the States and Europe."

"I've got contacts already," he said, wiping the air with his hand. "What can you really give me?"

"Information about them and their families," she answered. "Things you may not know of."

"Okay, let's see if what you have is worthy of joining us."

"Oh, it will be," she smiled. "When Dr. Cox kept them at his house in Chicago, the police were not able to find out their location. That was until several emails were sent to a Detective Norris of the River Heights Police Department explaining everything including the location of the house. Those emails are the reason why Hardy and Drew were never sent to jail, even though they should have been."

"Okay, but what does this have to do with my problem of finding them?"

"The person who sent the emails is a close friend of Frank Hardy, even though they apparently never met." The woman smiled when she saw Powers become excited. "I have it on good authority that this woman, though still in the States, is constantly in contact with him. You find her online and you may be able to backtrack to him and his location here in Europe."

"That is genius!" cried Powers, clapping his hands together and rising. "Why can't my own men think of things like this? Nathan, get Marty on a plane and here now! My dear, how is it that you acquired this information? I would think that only a cop would have be able to get it and frankly, I don't like cops."

"Well, Mr. Powers," she looked directly at him and smiled. "I was disgraced by the police who called themselves my brothers. They put me through the ringer along with my father and destroyed our family. I got the information before leaving."

"Interesting. A former cop. How lovely. I think you may come in handy, Miss…?"

"Mitchell," she replied. "Anna Mitchell, former lieutenant of the Chicago Police Department."

"Well, Miss Mitchell," Powers smiled at her. "You seem to you know your stuff. Nathan will give you a place within our organization but I must tell you one thing. I do not like people betraying me. Nothing good comes out of it. Just a warning."

"Yes, Mr. Powers," Mitchell nodded her head in acknowledgment. "I have one more request if I may?"

"What is it?"

"I want Nancy Drew. She humiliated me in front of my men and my boss. She's the reason why I had to leave Chicago. I have a score to settle with her."

"We shall see, Miss Mitchell. We shall see."