"It didn't have to end like this, Sasuke." Naruto said with a grim face. He stood above Sasuke, who lay on the soggy ground. The body below bled slowly, and quivered with every breath.

Sasuke spat out blood that rested within his mouth. He coughed, and opened his eyes to stare at Naruto. Red blazed from his eyes, but without the rage they once held.

"It is done. What has happened can't be changed." He said.

"That's awfully accepting, Mr. Avenger." Naruto replied.

"I've come to see death's door, and I realize how futile it would be to deny the Reaper. He already has his hands around my soul."

"You're incredibly poetic for a man who will soon close his eyes for a dreamless sleep."

Sasuke's eyes closed, allowing him to think as clearly as he could. His mouth then turned upward into an inconspicuous smirk. He opened his eyes back up, and looked at Naruto with anxious eyes.

"They don't have to, Naruto."

"I swear, if you pull some mystical almighty power out of your ass that saves your life I am going to kill you faster than before."

Sasuke gave a hearty laugh, as loud as his dying body could muster, and clarified his words.

"Take them with you. Use them as your own. My body will lie but my eyes will still look upon the world. They also have abilities you may find useful. Do this for me, brother."

Naruto's eyes widened a small amount, surprised by Sasuke's use of a term he supposedly dashed away many years ago.

"I suppose I could, brother." Naruto said with an awkward smile, "What kind of techniques?"

Sasuke took time to describe the techniques then sat there peacefully until death grasped the last of his life. Naruto watched his friends last breaths with a sad smile.

Naruto stood on top of a hill that was near the area where their final clash ended. He looked straight at Sasuke's sword that was stabbed into the ground, with a slashed headband tied around its handle. This was Sasuke's recently crafted grave, and Naruto looked at it through his new eyes. He turned away from the grave and walked away and towards home.

He had barely passed the main gate before he was immediately confronted by a frantic Sakura. He was suprised to see her, because she usually had work at the hospital at that time.

"Naruto! Quick, Hinata's been hospitalized!"

"What? How'd that happen?"

"She was on a mission that turned south, and the ANBU found her on the outskirts. She's in critical condition."

"What are we waiting for, then? Let's go!"

Tubes stuck into her and machines beeped around her in an annoying pattern. A mask surrounded her lower face and supplied her with oxygen. Medic nins surrounded the area around her, and Tsunade commanded them all.

"Lady, her condition is worsening!"

"Stabilize her to the best of your ability."

"Nothing were doing seems to be working. If she doesn't stabilize soon, she's not going to make it. "

Naruto looked into the room through the wide glass window. Worry ran through his body. He did not want to lose a second friend today. Especially her, he still had not responded to her confession of love for him. He just had been too preoccupied with finding Sasuke and rebuilding after the invasion.

Naruto swallowed air, and looked at Hinata's unconscious form on the operating table. This could be last time that he would see her alive.

He shook his head wildly after that thought, trying to launch it out of his head. It was no use though, as the outcome was not looking favorable for Hinata.

He was taken out of his thoughts by a firm hand on his shoulder. He looked up to see Tsunade with a serious face.

"I can't do anything for her, and her condition is getting progressively worse. She's awake now, and now seems to be the best to say goodbye. Her family and friends are coming soon, but you're already here.

Naruto walked up to Hinata bedside slowly, and looked into her halfway opened eyes. His heart sank. This girl never even had a chance. They never had a chance! The one girl who actually said she loved him was going to die, and Naruto acted upon nothing.

Naruto clenched his fists in anger, and searched for a remedy for the situation. There were no magical techniques that Sasuke was so good at pulling out of his ass here. Naruto paused his thinking and his eyes widened. He remembered one of the techniques that Sasuke had described to him earlier in the day. He closed his eyes and focused inward.

The fox say in its cage and watched the boy walk towards the structure, a fierce determination was shown in his eyes. The fox glared at his jailor's new eyes, and bared his teeth.

"Kyuubi, I'm going to need some chakra, please."

"How much?"

Naruto looked at the fox without a drop of fear in his eyes, and without hesitation said, "As much as you can give."

"All this for a girl you never gave the time of day to?"

Naruto stiffened from the jab, but his resolve remained.

"That is something I hope to remedy, if you would only help."

"I will, only because I wish to see the outcome."

"Thank you." Naruto said with sincerity.

Naruto became aware to the outside world again and saw Hinata still looking at his eyes. Her eyes then widened as Naruto felt a surge of power go through him.

"Hinata, I'm going to need you to look into my eyes. OK? Don't blink."

The world around them swirled out of existence, and both of them were surrounded by a calm red light. The ceiling gave way, and sky above then turned a dark red. They then stood alone, in a barren field.

Hinata, no longer constrained to a bed, looked around and back to Naruto.

"What is this?"

"A chance both of us never got to have." Naruto answered.