The Mermaid Phantom's Curse

Yato and Yukine get cursed after fighting with a mermaid phantom. Now they turn into merpeople whenever they get splashed with water. It's up to Hiyori to break the curse.

It was a day like any other at the god of poverty's place. Hiyori was helping out Yukine with a math problem, while Yato was chilling on the roof of the building. The god of war sighed and stared at his silent phone.

"It's been four days of nothing now. We need another job."

Just like an answered prayer, the phone happened to ring in his hands, making Yato jump slightly before excitedly answering the call.

"Fast and reliable, Yato God at your service!"

He furrowed his brow at the request coming from the other side.

"Huh? Really?! Oh no no, it's not a problem at all! We'll be right there!"

He clicked the phone shut and jumped off the roof, landing gracefully in front of the room Hiyori and Yukine were studying in.

"Yukine, we got a phantom slaying job. Let's go."

Yukine didn't bother to hide a groan. "Really? I was just about to finish this problem!" he whined.

Yato ignored his complaining and started off in the direction towards the park, Yukine sighed.

"It's ok Yukine," Hiyori reassured with a smile- "We'll pick up where we left off last time, I always enjoy watching you guys in action. I'll come with you."

Yukine's face lit up at the remark, and he nodded confidently before jumping off to follow Yato with Hiyori's spirit closely behind him.

Little did they know, this was no ordinary phantom-slaying job. It was about to bring a whole slew of problems for the god and his regalia.

A soft song was heard from the park's lake as what looked to humans to be a mermaid sitting on the rocks by the water. One guy in particular was entranced by the creature's tune and started to wade into the water. He didn't realize, he was about to drown himself by doing so.

"Not so fast!" Yato yelled across the park, flying into the guy and knocking him over. The guy looked confused as he forgot what he was doing. Slowly, he stood up and walked back to the grass.

The mermaid was not pleased her victim was released, a loud screech was heard from the creature as she revealed her true form to the god and regalia. Yato scrunched his face in disgust.

"You're not a real mermaid are you now? Mermaids are supposed to be beautiful, serene women with lovely breast and a soothing voice." he taunted as he imagined the naked ladies in a lagoon.

Hiyori's voice quickly stopped his daydreaming of such things. "Yato! Look out!"

The grotesque water creature lunged towards the god and Yato barely escaped her grasp by jumping out of the way not a second too late.

"Come! Sekki" he called to his regalia.

Yukine standing near them transformed into Yato's weapon, His form swiftly changed shape into the sword Yato was now holding.

"This is the Land of the Rising Sun! Your desecration shall not be allowed! Hear me! I am the god Yato! I now lay thee waste with the Sekki, and expel thy vast defilement!"

Yukine in the sword got ready to slay the monster before him with the guidence of Yato's hand.

However, this phantom wasn't going to go out so easily. In a defensive response to the slashing regalia, it made sure to spit out a ton of blighted water at them.

Yukine and Yato hissed and moved back a bit as the splashes of water burned at their flesh. Distracting them enough for the phantom to smirk and attack again.

The mer-phantom quickly devoured Yato's sword and bit up to his forearm. Yato screamed a bit in pain as Yukine was doing his best to stay sharp within the creature's mouth.

"Yato! Don't you let go of me!" Yukine thought as he felt he was in a struggle to keep the sword from being sucked down into the belly of the beast.

Yato only looked up angrily at the mer and did what he knew he had to in order to defeat it. He smirked slightly as he slashed the blade upwards in it's mouth.

"Rend!" he chanted as he sliced vertically through the phantom's face and head.

The creature's green blood splattered all over the place just before imploding into its own death.

Yato smiled in victory. "Good job, Yukine. Revert." he permitted. The sword changed back into the short blonde boy soon standing next to him. Yato hissed in pain at the blight that was all over his arm, but he cringed when he saw how much it got on Yukine.

"Yato! Yukine!" Hiyori cried out in alarm. She ran over to them to check on them but made sure not to touch them as she knew the blight would get on her too if she wasn't careful.

"It's alright." Yukine assured her, "we just need to be cleansed, then we'll be good as new- right Yato?"

Yato smiled at his optimism. "Right. Come on, let's go."

When they got back to Kofuku's place, Yato allowed Yukine to go to the bath first, as he had it much worse than him. Yukine sighed in relief when he knew he could finally get fid of this searing burning pain his skin was in.

He drew the holy water bath and took off his clothing, lightly stepping into the warm water of the tub.

The moment he sat down, he closed his eyes and leaned back, He felt a great sense of relief as the discolored parts of his skin were slowly being healed.

However, as soon as it was all gone- he felt a tingling in his legs. He opened his eyes and looked up when he noticed something felt off. That's when his eyes went wide and he screamed bloody murder that could be heard from miles away.


Yato and Hiyori both shot their heads up when they heard him from the bathroom.

"Yukine!" Yato cried in alarm. Seeming like it might be danger, Yato quickly shot up and ran into the bathroom to check what was going on. He slammed the sliding door completely open. But the moment he saw Yukine, his eyes widened in shock.

Yukine was sitting in the bathtub, but in place of his legs was a green fishtail. Scales shimmered in the water and fins hung over the side of the tub. Yukine had a look of horror on his face as he could not believe what was happening.

'Yu-yukine?" Hiyori breathed behind Yato.

Yukine finally found his voice enough to vocalize his freak out.

"Y-yato! What's going on!? Wh-why am I suddenly like this? This has to be a nightmare, please get me out! Get me out!" Yukine started flapping his tail against the tub anxiously, thus splashing a ton of water all over the place.

Yato blinked out of his shock and tried to calm Yukine down before he caused more damage to Kofuku's bathroom.

"Yukine, it's ok! Calm down! You have to cal…arugh!"

Yato was cut off as he slipped on the wet floor and fell straight into the tub with a splash. Before he knew it, his legs tingled as well and he heard ripping of clothing behind him.

"Y-yato!" Hiyori said in shock.

Yato sat up in the water and knew something didn't feel right with his own legs, he looked behind him and gasped when he found that his legs were now a blue fish tail as well.

"Wh-what's going on!?" Yukine shrieked, trying to make room for Yato's new fins as he scooted back towards the edge of the tub.

"It must've been that phantom." Yato muttered in frustration.

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