Chapter 2:

"What do you mean we're cursed?!"

Yukine exclaimed loudly as he desperately tried to make sense of the idea that his legs turned into a green fishtail. The regalia was able to climb out of the tub and flopped unceremoniously onto the large bathroom floor with a grunt and wet slap of fins on the cold tile.

"Just as I said." Yato explained, he himself attempting to push himself out of the tub as well, but it proved to be a little slippery and he ended up losing his balance a few times before getting a good grip on the edge and rolling himself onto the floor next to Yukine.

"That phantom we slayed earlier, wasn't any ordinary phantom. It must've been a mermaid's lost spirit."

"But mermaid's aren't real!" Hiyori blurted out behind them as she knelt to their level.

Yato and Yukine couldn't help but raise a brow at her.

"If mermaid's aren't real, then I guess gods and regalia's aren't either are they?" Yato couldn't help but state sarcastically. "I would've thought you would've believed in anything by now after meeting us." he teased.

"Oh, I suppose you're right." Hiyori realized. Then a lightbulb went off in her head-

"So wait, if mermaids are real, does that mean that things like and santa claus and the easter bunny are too?" She smiled with twinkles of hope in her eyes.

Yukine couldn't help but stare "I don't think either of those two things have ever been real Hiyori." the blonde said so bluntly that it deflated her excited expression.

"What!?" Yato yelled and quickly dragged himself over, completely ignoring and even forgetting that he was carrying the dead weight of a blue fishtail behind him. The mer-god tackled Yukine with tears of disappointment in his eyes and grabbed Yukine in a strong grip by the shoulders. "Santa claus and the Easter Bunny aren't real?! But, but! That can't be true! Tell him it's not true Hiyori!"

"Ugh! Get off of me Yato!" Yukine said dazed through Yato shaking his torso backwards and forwards.

In the middle of Yato's outburst, Yukine slapped him away with his tail, accidentally pushing him with such force that it made the mer-god slide backwards across the wet tile and bump his head against the toilet with a loud and painful clang.

Both Hiyori Yukine cringed at the sound. Yato's hands flew to the back of his head and he hissed before making sure to let out a few shouts of pain.

"Owwwww! Ow! ow! ow! ow!"

"Uhh, sorry Yato! I didn't mean to!" Yukine nervously tried to say over Yato's yells.

When Yato was finally done cursing due to his aching head, he glared at Yukine.

In his own instinctual reaction, Yato angrily lifted his own blue tail and slapped it so hard agains the tile that it seemed to vibrate the whole place and left a crack in the floor.

"You should be more careful with that thing!" he growled, completely oblivious to what he just did to the bathroom floor.

Yukine blinked. "Look who's talking." He muttered.

"You guys won't be stuck like this forever will you?" Hiyori couldn't help but ask with worry.

Yato and Yukine looked up with almost the same amount of anxiety in their expressions.

"I…Honestly don't know." Yato admitted.

Yukine's eyes widened at that statement. "What do you mean you don't know?! If you haven't noticed, We can't walk like this, let alone do our jobs!" Yukine gestured to his lowered half. "How are we gonna do anything now with these things!"

Despite Yukine being right, Yato tried to remain calm and already thought of a possible solution to this huge problem.

"I- I think we might change back if we dry off?"

"You think?" Yukine groaned out.

"It's worth a shot." Hiyori agreed and handed them some towels.

Yukine snatched the soft towel from her hands and began rubbing himself and his tail dry. The material felt strange on his newfound scales, but he rubbed frantically hoping and praying that it would work. He soon found that the fins were quite sensitive, so he had to be a lot more gentle in getting all the water off of those. Yato felt and did the same with his towel, but he stopped for a second when he glanced at Hiyori and realized a small detail in their plan to change back.

"Yukine, if this works- won't we be…."

The sudden sound of bubbling followed by a pop interrupted his sentence and a cloud of green vapor filled the bathroom for a second. Hiyori coughed a bit and waved some of the strange steam away from her eyes. That's when she saw Yukine's form stand up in the cloud. When the fog cleared, Hiyori's eyes widened and she let out a squeal, turning red as a beet and turning to run out the door.

Yukine sighed in relief when the fishtail change back into his legs, but he very soon realized that he was completely naked in front of Hiyori just now and he felt his cheeks burn in embarrassment. He quickly tried to cover himself with the towel he just had in his hand.

Before Yukine could even react further, a familiar bubbling sound and pop of blue vapor came from where Yato was, Yato stood up on his own two legs with the towel already wrapped around his waist as soon as it cleared. The god frowned when he realized his favorite pants were now in shreds as well from the recent transformation.

"Well, good news and bad news Hiyori!" Yato called from the bathroom.

"Good news, is that we changed back! Bad news is that we'll be naked if it happens again."

Hiyori was standing nervously outside the bathroom door with her hands in her blushing face.

"Y-yeah. I kinda got that." she stammered back.


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