Chapter 4

"Yato! Wait up!" Yukine called after his master as he was racing towards the docks.

Yato ignored the blonde's calls and the stray god started taking off his clothing as he was getting closer to the water. Hiyori's free spirit was hovering behind and she ended up dodging Yato's underwear flying into her face.

"Yato!" she exclaimed trying not to look as he was wearing nothing but his signature blue scarf now.

Without any thought, Yato quickly dove into the cool water of the ocean. Despite that he said to Hiyori earlier that he felt having a fishtail instead of legs was emasculating, he couldn't help but feel a good rush in diving into that water and transforming into a mer-god. Once he was submerged, his legs tingled a bit and swirls of bubbles surrounded them to float away and reveal a scaly blue tail with fins and all. Yato subconsciously took in a big breath of the water thus discovering that he could breathe under the surface. With albeit of clumsiness in kicking his new appendage- he swam to the surface to call for his regalia.

He popped his head up from under the waves to find Yukine standing at the edge of the dock, fully clothed and looking apprehensively at the water.

"Coming Yukine?" the mer-god inquired floating just a few feet away.

"Uhh, actually- I don't know… What good would I be as a weapon to you in the water like that? Would I even be able to change into weapon form when wet?"

Yato paused for a moment, then smirked as he had an idea.

"Only one way to find out."

Before Yukine could even react- Yato turned away from him and dove under- purposely flicking his tail upwards and splashing a huge wave of water into the air and on to his regalia. Yukine's eyes widened and he threw his arms up in a natural reaction to the wall of water coming towards him- not like it would actually shield him from it. Before he knew it- he was knocked backwards off his feet and his legs tingled. The sound of a bubbling and pop followed by his pants ripping to shreds arose to a bright green tail and fins sprawled out on the dock.

"Yato!" Yukine grumbled as he could hear Yato laughing next to him. He didn't find it funny that his clothing was now ruined. Sighing, he went ahead and took off his soaked green coat and white t-shirt to prevent those from getting any more damage.

"Guys, the ship!" Hiyori reminded them,

"Oh, right." Yato said finally done with his laughing at Yukine.

"Come, Sekki!" Yato called.

At that moment, Yukine's mer-form lying on the docks glowed bright blue and he shot into Yato's hand and took shape as a weapon. Yato looked surprised as he transformed and took shape. Normally, Yukine's weaponry would be a long sword, but he instead transformed into a lengthy silver trident.

"Huh, that's new." They both happened to say said outloud.

The ships horn caught their attention again as it was now dangerously close to the rocks.

"Let's go!" Yato said with confidence.

In the blink of an eye, the mer-god and regalia found themselves on the side of the ship's hull. The giant Phantom was still above it luring it to the rocks.

The mer-god halted in the waves as he heard a familiar voice from above.

"Kazuma, lock on target"

Quickly swimming to the rocks, he hid himself behind them as he looked up and saw the one God of war, he definitely did not want to see right now.

"Bishamon." he gritted his teeth.

Bishamon thankfully did not see Yato or Yukine in the waves as she was far too preoccupied with the phantom. She fired her two gun regalia's at the beast, but it proved not to do much damage- nor keep it from doing what it wanted to do to the ship. She reloaded and fired again but this only made it angry at her.

The creature lurched a long tentacle towards her and before she realized, she was trapped within its grasp. It squeezed her so hard that she dropped Karuha and Kazuha. The regalia's fell hard onto the rocks and immediately reverted into human forms upon impact. That drop left them unconscious.

"Karuha! Kazuha!" Bishamon gasped out in worry.

The creature curled another tentacle around her neck as if to silence her.

Her face was beginning to grow red as she gasped for air, her vision blurred as it was squeezing her tighter and tighter. Her body suddenly grew weak and limp its grasp and her hearing became garbled.

With not a moment to lose- Yato dove down deep and swiftly turned around, pumping his tail harder and harder through the currents. He breached the surface pointing Yukine's trident form straight upwards, leaping higher and higher into the air.

""This is the Land of the Rising Sun! Your desecration shall not be allowed! Hear me! I am the god Yato! I now lay thee waste with the Sekki, and expel thy vast defilement!"

The mer-god chanted while flying straight up into the air, powering up the regalia just before it made contact piercing straight through the phantom's core.


The phantom lurched and exploded from the inside out. Immediately launching a breathless Bishamon into the sea as it disappeared.

The blonde god of war was flung back into the waves and began to sink into the abyss. The last bit of breath in her was expelled as her back hit the water. She cracked an eye open as she was no longer able to breathe, watching the outline of sun above grow smaller and smaller as she sunk.

An underwater splash nearby was heard and she swore she saw a stunning figure she could not seem to recognize with a fishtail reaching out to her.

"He's…so beautiful." she thought just as her conscious drifted into darkness.

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