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You are Bullshitting me

After parties were not usually my scene but we had them every race night. I usually would find myself a quiet place and just watch but tonight I was playing GTA in the middle of the living room while everyone flirted. I tried hard to focus on the game but I felt this stare and I looked over to see Dom sitting there with a couple of skanks just looking at me. I smirked and raised my eyebrows at him looking between the two skanks on each arm.

I rolled my eyes and went back to my game. A few minutes later I saw out of my peripheral vison Dom get up and walk towards me. I looked up to see him step over me and head towards the door grabbing his jacket on the way. I decided to follow him and confront him on his recent behavior lately.

He had been very secluded and not very talkative. Always looking at me weird and looking away once I looked at him. I played it off as nothing, until recently. The last few days had been tense for everyone. They were all cautious around him.

When I came out of the house Dom was leaning up against the stone wall in front of the house. I came up beside him and just looked at him for a minute.

"Okay, spill" I said moving to stand in front of him. He looked up at me and gave me that famous face of his, all stoic and hard "come on Dom quit being a tough guy and tell me what's wrong"

"Nothing is wrong Let, let it go!" He said pulling the cigarette he was holding to his mouth.

"Bullshit! I know something's wrong, I know you Toretto, I know your tell" I said grabbing the cigarette and throwing it on the ground.

"God Letty, why do you always do that?" He said moving towards his car. I followed him and when he got in the car I followed suit getting in the passenger. He didn't speak as he started up the car and drove.

The drive was silent and shorter than I expected, we made it to DT's and he got out of the car and made his way over to a car that needed to be done by tomorrow afternoon. Picking up a tool and then sliding under the car on a crawler. I sat there for a second and then came into the garage.

"You know you don't have to be like this," I said leaning up against another car. He continued to work under the car ignoring me.

I went over and sat down next to his legs sticking out of the car. "It can't be that bad." I sat there for a few staring off at the Other cars in the garage. I sighed and then got up looking back down at his legs

"Okay, well don't say I didn't try, Dom. You are one of my best friends, you know you can talk to me about anything. I'm always here for you" and with that I walked out of the Garage. I walked back down the few blocks towards the house.

By the time I got back the party had ended and the boys were silently cleaning up on the command of Mia saying she was not gonna clean up this mess.

"Hey Letty, where Dom?" Leon asked looking at me when I came into view.

"He's at the garage, something's bothering him, I think he needed a minute" I responded

"Yeah, he's just been acting weird lately, I see him at the garage and he totally like just blanks for a second, then goes all serious and shit. You should try and talk to him."

"I have you idiot, what do you think I've been trying to do for the past three days?" I said smacking Vince upside the head one.

"Damn, Baby Girl okay chill" Vince responded rubbing the back of his head. I smiled and decided to help pitch in to clean.

In the next couple days things went as they had been. Dom was still quiet and mostly kept to himself. He was at the garage a lot and constantly keeping his hands busy. I brought him lunch everyday he didn't go to the market and he rarely spoke to me one on one.

A week had past and I was done. I could not take this silent treatment anymore and I confronted him. We were the last ones left at the garage and Dom was under a car again. Angrily and came up to the car and pulled him out from under it.

"Okay, Toretto you are going to tell me what is going on right now. Why do you keep acting up like this?" I crouched down in front of him looking worried and put a hand on his shoulder. "This isn't you, now come on, what's on your mind?"

He just looked at me and sighed grabbing piece of my messy hair and putting it behind my ear. "I have no idea,"

I sat down on his legs and strattled them where his calf's were. I patted his knees with my hands. "Alright, Papa what is it that you have no idea about? Give me the deets babe. Let's figure this out."

He leaned back and against the car and just looked at me for a minute. I could see that look in his eye that he thought he was really good at keeping it hidden. I could see through it though something was up. He turned his head and looked out the door of the garage. It was silent for a while until I heard his deep voice speak.

"It has just been… different around here." He stated still not looking at me. I stared at his face looking at his emotions. He liked to keep a tough face for everyone, to let them know he was unbeatable and strong. But he was softer with me, maybe because I liked to call him out a lot of the time.

"Yeah?" I responded tilting me head "How so?"

He looked deep in thought for a couple minutes before I suddenly reached out and grabbed my butt off his legs pulling me towards his lap. I gasped and my hands involuntarily had grabbed the back of his neck. I relaxed after a second and caressed his neck gently our faces really close.

"Oh really?" I was finally catching on to all of it. I smiled and leaned towards his ear my lips close. I had been waiting for this moment forever. His hands roamed over my back lightly. So this is why everything had been going on. "All you had to do was say something, papa"

I kissed his jaw lightly and moved my hand over his head and neck. He moved and kissed me full on the lips pulling me closer to him. I gladly responded and pulled his head closer.

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