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"How did you find me?" I said continuing to look forward, refusing to take a look back at him.

He didn't say anything for a minute and just came up beside me and sat down. Very close, almost too close.

"You used to come here after we had a fight," he said casually. I could feel that he was looking at me but I couldn't work up the courage to look back at him in that moment. "You always loved the ocean,"

Over the past few weeks I couldn't capture anything familiar in these surroundings. They felt right but in my memory nothing came. Dom would point out things I used to do and say quite frequently. It was nice but also slightly irritating. I would wake up asking myself what the fuck I was doing here.

The first couple of times this happened, Dom would ask me what was wrong and then just suddenly he didn't. He just knew, he always did. He didn't even question anything anymore.

Dom was amazing and I loved him, but I still second guess myself.

I found it hard to act like things were normal when everything that anyone told me, whether it was Mia, Brian, or Han,
always felt weird. Hell even Roman and Tej told me things about myself and they apparently hadn't even met me before these few weeks.

They all accepted me, loved me, called me family, memory loss and all. The hardest part was accepting that without having all the memories. How can you look into someone's eyes and see everything but you don't know those things, share those things.

I bit my lip and looked over at him. He had been staring at me. I looked away and sighed.

"So," he started "are you gonna tell me what's on your mind, or are am I gonna have to wait all night until you tell me?"

"I'm just not the same person, Dom. I—" I said, he tried to interrupt me but I stopped him, "no let me finish,

"I'm not the same person I don't have the same memories that the old Letty had, I know nothing of our life together,

I don't think you know how hard that is for me, how much I want to be able to say the same things to all of you, every time I see the disappointment in your eyes when you tell me something and I don't remember, it's hard to be okay with that Dom,"

He grabbed my hand "you have me. You don't need to remember, just having you here is everything."

I placed my hand on the opposite side of his face. As I stared into his eyes, I could feel him staring into me. I could see all of the years we spent together and the love we shared. How it affected him and changed him. How happy I made him and how sad I made him.

But I could not see me. I was blank, empty. Not remembering all of the years we spent close together and grew together, changed together. I wanted to know why he loved me so much, I couldn't ask him that question though, it wasn't fair.

I sighed and dropped my hand, looking back at the ocean and squeezing his hand.

"We should head back home, it's pretty late" I said letting go of his hand and standing up.

"That's never stopped you from staying out before?" He questioned following me "you wanna go to the races?"

We started walking side by side toward my car, when we reached it I looked at him.

"Let's head home, I may or may not be turning into an old lady," I smiled slightly.

He chuckled grabbing my hand and squeezing it slightly, a faint grin tracing his lips, "I'll see you at home,"

I pull away and hopped in to my car, actually following the speed limits for once and keeping to my thoughts. I think something clicked in my head. Maybe I had been thinking about it for a couple months or even since I was in the hospital.

I know who I am, but do I really? I have people tell me who I am and what I do but do I actually know who I am exactly?

I knew deep in my gut that this feeling would nag me for days, months, years until I figured it out, what happened to me and why I lost my memory.

I knew if I asked Dom he would tell me , I know he wasn't hiding anything from me. He was letting me take my time and that's all I asked for.

But am I the same person? People change right, is Dom just holding on to the person I used to be or is this really me.

When it came time, I decided to sleep in Dom's bed that night. Of course he didn't mind, he welcomed it.

"You know you can always come in here Letty, no one is stopping you,"

"I know," I said bitting my lip "I just wanted to make sure you were okay with it?"

He pulled back the covers and looked at me for a minute, "why wouldn't I be?"

I climbed in after him, both of us looking at each other intently. It was strange but also flattering that I was the only person he was soft with. Everyone else he was just a tough guy, he let his guard down with me. It definitely made me feel special.

"Goodnight, Dom"

He grabbed my neck and placed a small kiss on my forehead, "Goodnight, Let"

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