Disclaimer: I don't own anything but the challenge idea

summery: while helping out with storing supplies in the underground club known as the lackadaisy speakeasy rocky and Calvin come across an old crate hidden in the back of the supply room upon bringing it out into the lobby the lackadaisy crew opens it up to find a film projector along with a whole bunch of monster movies along with a note and instructions on how to use the equipment, reading the note it turns out everything inside the crate was left behind by Mitzi's deceased lover atlas saying that when he was making lackadaisy he was visited by a stranger who gave him the projector along with the movies inside stating if he wanted to really draw people in he would use everything inside the crate, atlas claimed if he somehow died before he could use the projector he would like Mitzi to decide what to do with it, so Mitzi deciding to honor her lovers last wish claimed to have a movie night as lackadaisys new attraction and so the rest was history

rules: the monster movies are the ones like King Kong and Godzilla and other kaiju movies preferably starting with the old classic ones and then making their way up the more recent ones but you can also include other monster movies as well for example zombie movies or the tremors series, also the humans in the movies are all cats the the characters to better suit the audience, and the final thing you should know is that you have to make the fanfic because it's a challenge fanfic meaning you have to make it if you're up for it but no rush or anything I only ask that you do your best at making the fanfic so good luck to you (also if you don't know what lackadaisy is you should go to the webcomic online it's really good)