The World of Magic

Summary: After BEGA tournament, all the bladers went back to their lives. Thats when a ten-year-old Kai Hiwatari, who lives with the rest of the Blitzkrieg boys, receives a letter from Hogwarts inviting him to study magic in their school and thus a series of magical adventure begins for Kai.

Authors Note: Hey guys I hope you will enjoy my story. Please go easy on me since it is my very first story, feel free to share your ideas as well as what you think of my story. I will be waiting for your reviews.


There are many changes done for this story like:

Kai was never the captain of blade breakers he was just a member of their team.

Blitzkrieg boys won the first Beyblade tournament and they managed to provide police with the evidence which made the Boris and Voltaire guilty.

In Beyblade V-Force whatever happened to blade breakers originally actually happened to Blitzkriegs in my story and so they were the one facing team Psykick.

There is no Ian in my story.

In BEGA tournament Blitzkrieg boys defeated them but kai did got as injured as he was originally just that kai fought Brooklyn only once and defeated him using both Dranzer and Dreyzer (black Dranzer).

In BEGA Kai acted as a spy to help the Police catch Boris on the request of the head of police. None of the Blitzkriegs knew about it at a time or else they would not have allowed Kai.

Dreyzer is not evil, Kai only pretended that he was evil to fool Boris and his grandfather.

Kai is the youngest blader among all.