Those who said hope was the first step on the road to despair could not be more correct. Without a sense of belief that things would get better, that all the imbalances would be righted and all the wrongs expunged from this world, there would be no feeling of loss, betrayal, disappointment, and anger that followed when such thing never came true.

And indeed, they never did.

When Junko Enoshima launched her campaign to eradicate the world's civilization from existence, the state of the society could not have been sorrier. The economy was in free fall and discrimination and terrorism were more prominent than ever. Like a camel already overloaded, it only took a butterfly to land on the cargo to break the beast of burden's back. In this case, the butterfly that finally killed the camel was a video.

The video started with two persons, a boy and a girl in their late teens, in each other's embrace like a couple of lovers from a fairy tale. The boy wore a black suit and sported a ridiculously long black hair that looked as if an octopus was attached to the back of his head. The girl was dressed in a brown jacket and skirt and her hair the color light pink. She was dead. If her pale, lifeless complexion was not enough as an indicator, the copious amount of blood oozing from the various wounds that ravaged her pretty body gave away the fact.

The two of them together were like a devil in hell welcoming a fallen angel, one he had desired for so long, only to realize it was too late and the angel had chosen eternal death instead of damnation.

The music started. Classical. Romantic. And the dance began.

The boy's every motion was impeccable and spoke of either a huge amount of practice or a prodigious natural talent. His body moved with such fluidity and precision that would have put to shame even the Tsar and Queen of old Russia. The dead girl was little more than a puppet on strings, and yet, under the meticulous control of the boy, displayed an uncanny level of liveliness as though her spirit still dwelled in her mortal core. Every move, every twist, and spins, ever step to and fro, were executed to the point of perfection where one might doubt if this were even real and no CGI was involved in the making.

As the dance went on, the girl's body grew frailer as her life fluid flowed out until she seemed to have lost all weight and no more heavy than a pillow. The music grew louder and faster. A crescendo descended, and the two dancers' pace increased accordingly. Blood spilled in ample volume, painting crimson circles on the floor, tainting the boy's shirt. The color tone of the video as a whole also changed, from red to green to yellow to grey to blue to red to purple until there was no point discerning any pattern.

Then, abruptly, the music stopped. The girl, with not a single droplet of blood in her body, was laid to the ground gently by the boy. Two streams of tears flowed from his red eyes, but it was impossible to tell he was saddened by the girl's death, for his expression was as stiff as a cutting board. The boy placed a kiss on the dead girl's lips, letting some of her blood flow to his mouth, tasting its sweetness like a vampire, and the video ended.

The video was first broadcast in the Red Square of Moscow. Immediately, the area lived up to its name as many of the audience, in a fit of unexplained rage and hysteria, fell upon those that remained sane and viciously butchered them before turning to each other. They needed no weapon, for hands and teeth, unbridled thirsts for carnage and a complete lack of self-preservation, were more than enough. Some committed suicide on the spot, giggling madly as they ripped at their throat with their own naked fingers. There was no reasoning, no motivation, no humanity for any of their actions - they did them for the sake of it. They despaired for the sake of despair.

This event cumulated into the cruelest bloodbath the country had suffered since the end of the Second World War.

After Moscow, the video went viral. London, Tokyo, Berlin, New York, Beijing. Every time it was shown, the result was similar: total and utter chaos. Everybody killing everybody out of despair. Soon enough, society collapsed and Junko Enoshima's plan came to fruition.

Yet, even she discounted the fact there could be others as evil as she was, and how such villainy would be used against her. When the video finally reached Stryker's Island Prison where the lowest and most dangerous of what the human race could offer were held, a plan was set in motion by one of its inmates.

A plan for revenge.

Hello there, Danganronpa fans. I have been a fan of the franchise for a while now, but this is my first time writing a story in this website. I really like the franchise for its cheesiness in presentation with ridiculous character designs without making the sad and terrifying moments losing their weight. The whole thing about hope versus despair is also pretty interesting, which is also the theme I have chosen for this story.

My reasoning for writing this one is similar to why I wrote a human x Eldar romantic story for Warhammer 40k: there are many fanfics out there using the same concept, but they are not well-executed enough and the writers mostly abandon the story halfway. I know for a fact that there are many Danganronpa SYOC stories active, unlike Warhammer 40k romance which is pretty much dead aside from 2 stories, so that is good news. Nevertheless, I am here with the promise to make something that I hope will see the end. If you do not trust me yet, I have written quite a few stories for this website, so you can have a go at some of them to have an idea of what I have to offer you with this one.

Alright then, without further delay, let's get to it.