A/N if you have not read wizards and seekers I suggest you do so before going any further.

Voldemort's POV

He was sitting in Malfoy manor just weeks after he returned to his body. He had been looking forward to getting his revenge on Potter for leaving him a bodiless spirit for twelve years only to find out that no one had seen the brat since the end of his second year. He had returned on Halloween exactly eleven years since his killing curse backfired. Now he looked like he was in his late twenties early thirties.

A knock came at his study door and he said coldly," Enter." Lukas Flint and his son walked in. The boy who just had his seventeenth birthday looked like he had not slept in days and was holding his arm like of pained him. Lukas bowed deeply but the boy stayed stubbornly straight. He wanted to crucio the boy but he had information he needed. It must come willingly not forced.

Marcus Flint crossed his arms over his chest and said," Lord Voldemort you honor me by your request for my presence. It could nor have come at a worse time though." Voldemort raised an eyebrow and gestured for the boy to sit. The boy sighed before sitting across from him. He said glaring at his father as he lifted his shirt to reveal a strange tattoo," Hogwarts is under attack again. With Wolf gone we are having trouble forcing them back and they know he's come."

Voldemort raised an eyebrow as he asked," Who is this Wolf?" The boy said defiantly," Wolf is the SA's leader. I can't tell you more than that. It's against the contract between members of the SA."

This was getting frustrating. He had no idea what that tattoo was or what the SA was. And this BRAT would NOT look him in the eyes! The boy dropped his shirt back down and got to his feet. He said coldly," My lord, I respect you as leader of this organization but I was left in charge of the strangest band of misfits Hogwarts has ever seen. You get in contact with Wolf and I will happily tell you everything."

Voldemort feeling his blood pressure rise asked through clenched teeth," Where can I find said Wolf?" He wanted to Crucio this child into next week but that wouldn't get him the answers he sought. It would likely turn the elder Flint against him as well. Marcus said," As guess is as good as ours. No one has seen Wolf since June. He wanted to get more information on a seal he gained then went dark. Not even his adopted has heard from him."

With that the boy left the room leaving Voldemort wanting to wring the little shit's neck. How was he supposed to find someone with so little information? That mark though... He wondered now if other members had the same mark. He would have to get Lucius on that immediately.

Harry's POV

A loud bang had me diving for cover until I realized that I was still in a library. I glared at the brown haired girl about the same age as myself. I yawned and said," There was no need for that Sophie. What time is it?" She said holding out her hand," Its six in the morning and I have school later and unless you want to run into Dante Vale later I suggest you get lost for a few weeks."

Son of a bitch! It was time for me to leave the country... again. It was only November and the Huntik Foundation had hunted me across seven countries and two continents. I packed my mission bag full of clothes money and a little bit of food. From what I read the next stop for me was Japan.

Sophie walked in as I pulled on my Huntik sweatshirt and pulled on my pouch of titans. She asked looking at me curiously," Your leaving? Where to next?" I said slinging my bag over my shoulder," Can't tell you. The less you know the less likely I will be followed. Thank you for everything Sophie."

I held out my hand for her to shake and instead she pulled me into a hug. I tensed at the unfamiliarness of the hug after it had several since my disappearance from the two crazy worlds. I said pulling away from her," I better get going. If you see Dante..." She rolled her eyes as she said," You were never here."

With that I left the Casterwill library and headed for the Venice international airport. As I entered the airport I had to duck behind a pillar to avoid being seen by Dante. Damn Sophie wasn't kidding when she said he was coming. Well he does have that flat here. I watched with growing sadness as my father walked out of the airport. After waiting a full ten minutes I went up to the counter handing the attendant my passport and requested a ticket to the earliest flight to Japan.