Harry's POV

It was my first full day in Japan and already I was lost. Trying to find the national library and had gotten turned around. I was walking down a street trying to find my way back to my hotel when yelling in front of a chur made me pause. A black haired man was thrown out of a church archway heading right towards me. I made to run out of the way but was too late and the black haired man landed on me.

:Ow ow ow ow! Stupid normal! Get the bloody hell off of me!: I thought angrily as I felt him sit up. He yelled angrily," Damn it! I know he's in there you bastards! Give me that four toed rat!" A man in monks clothing said," There are no rats here you crazy man. Now leave!"

The gates to the church shut behind the monk. The man growled angrily," Damn it! That rat is the key to my freedom!" Another man walked up to him and said," Black you sitting on something."

The man jumped off of me and I rolled over. Green eyes met blue. Surprise filled the blue eyes along with recognition. The man said breathlessly," Harry," my eyes widened in surprise that this strange man had recognized me. My hand went for my titans preparing for battle. The man beside the black haired man I didn't recognize but something about him gave me a strange feeling of calm. Who were this guys?!

The black haired man called Black asked drawing my attention back to the one who landed on me," Harry do you recognize me?" Oh not again. This was another Remus Lupin I just knew it. But the only two that were friends with my biological father were either dead or imprisoned. :That meant!:

I jumped away putting more space between us watching for any signs of a wand. This had to be Sirius Black the convicted murderer. The bastard who had betrayed my biological parents. My eyes hardened causing the man to take a step back in fear. I said holding out my right arm," Murasame!" Off my arms came red tendrils what looked like a creature that was all muscle no skin. A black beak broke through revealing the black crow that was Murasame.

Instead of putting him into his sword form I kept him in his bird form. As annoying as he could be Murasame was insightful when he wanted to be. I could feel a sudden warmness in my pocket where I kept the beads of duty and devotion. I did not let Remus keep the bead of duty even though Murasame tried to convince me to. Ignoring the reactions of the beads for the moment to keep my attention on the two men.

Sirius had moved quickly away from me in almost what looked like fear. I smirked at him knowingly. Everyone was frightened or wary of Murasame and with good reason. He wasn't known as a cursed blade for nothing. The other man didn't seem affected though. Instead he looked curious and took a step forward. I changed my stance as he did so preparing for a fight. I would not use my magic unless absolutely necessary. That didn't mean I wouldn't use my seeker powers.

I caught a tattoo on Black's collarbone that I recognized almost instantly. I had the exact same tattoo on my left arm and Lupin

had one on the back of his neck. I folded my arms across my chest as I asked," Do you have a bead?" Black asked confused," Yes but what does that have to do with anything?"

I bit back a groan and asked Murasame," Is he the other half of the bead of duty?" Murasame made a snorting like sound as he said," No, no, Shino. Dog man is not the other half of Sosuke. He is the holder of the bead of loyalty. He's one of the eight dogs like you. Isn't that right, Dosetsu?"

Black looked at me confused but the other man said," I think we should take this elsewhere. Shino was it? Do you have somewhere you're staying at?" I almost fell over at the man using my strange nickname that Murasame called me by. I said halfway shouting at them," My name is not Shino! Its Harry Vale!"

The man said calmly holding out his hand," Benjamin Nott." As the man came within grabbing distance Murasame reacted. He said launching off my arm to peck the man," Fox boy is bad. Fox boy works for Ao the other half of the Sosuke's soul!"

I knew the name. His son was Theodore Nott a Slytherin who was friends with Draco Malfoy. I said to Murasame and pulled out Solwing," Distract them Murasame, Solwing!" The two birds began attacking to them so that I could disappear into the crowd of people.

Voldemort's POV

It was late in the evening when the floo at Nott manor in his study flared green. The Nott Lord stepped through and the first thing the man noticed was the deep scratches on his face. His lord robes were also badly damaged more that what could be repaired by magic or house elves. He raised an eyebrow and asked," What happened to you?"

The other lord said brushing off the dust from his robes," Potter happened. What is a Solwing? Do you know?" Voldemort shook his head and said," No idea. Wait did you say Potter?! You ran into Potter?!"

Benjamin said calmly," Yes the brat is in Japan. I was doing a favor to Sirius Black when the idiot got himself thrown out of a church. He landed right on the boy. There was something strange about the boy. He called a bird out of his right arm. The bird called him Shino and Black Dosetsu. Then it turned around and called me fox boy saying I worked for Ao the other half of Sosuke's soul." Finally some news. So Potter why are you in Japan? What are you looking for? What was with the strange names that don't fit with the person? Who was this Ao that Benjamin supposedly works for?