The sun disappeared from the sky, the orange hues of dusk slowly turning darker until finally they were pitch black with the only light coming from the millions of stars illuminating the sky.

Everything was silent except for the waves brushing against the rocks, it was a calming sound. A single person was walking barefoot on the sand, their cardagin swishing from the gentle wind.

Short black hair reaching the nape of their neck was being blown by the wind. Their eyes were focused on the journal they had in hand as they strolled along the beach.

They had a quill in hand, scribbling down what had happened over the past few years. It was quite the adventure.

Many shipwrecks littered the beach, but not a single skeleton was to be seen.

There was one ship, however, that stood tall and proud. It's figurehead was a lion's head and it's jolly roger was a skull and crossbones that had a straw hat on it's head.

This ship belonged to the infamous straw hat pirates, despite the fact they were pirates their sense of justice was better than any marines.

All that was on the deck of the ship though was three swords, a map of the world, all the poneglyphs locations and the translations of them, a book of every cure to every illness, a book with all the all the recipes used by the chef of the straw hat pirates and inside it it mentioned where the All Blue was, a tone dial that had the song 'Bink's Sake' recorded on it that was sung by the straw hat pirates, a black slingshot along with seeds for pop greens which were a powerful ammo and a straw hat that had a red ribbon around it...

The lone person who was walking on the shore closed the journal and put it on the deck beside the straw hat. They then returned to the beach and entered a cave.

Once they reached the end there lay a single jewel more beautiful than any sapphire, diamond or ruby.

It had all the colours of the rainbow on it and sparkled, it was the only thing that lit up the dark cave.

The person smiled and brought the jewel into their hands. They murmured something that the sound of the wind prevented anyone from hearing.

With a flash of light the person disappeared along with the jewel.

When he reappeared the person was on a small fishing boat with only a barrel. A small smile appeared on the person's face.

"Zoro, Nami, Usopp, Sanji, Chopper, Robin, Franky, Brook, Tra-guy, Kiddo, Ace and Sabo! This time around... all of you will be with me until I become pirate king!" The boy exclaimed throwing his fist into the air.

"This time around," he declared, "I won't lose anyone!"

eh I don't know what this is. I just started writing and well this is the outcome. aha. Should I leave this as it s or should I turn it into a story? Until people suggest something I'm just going to leave it as complete aha. I dunno what I'm going to do with it to be honest. *shrugs*

Well hope you enjoyed this lil random one shot!