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"LAW!" the desperate scream of the blue nosed reindeer doctor yelled as he reached out his hoof as it would help the current situation.

However, it wouldn't help at all.

The lifeless body of the surgeon of death, Law, had already hit the dirt floor with a thump.

The straw hat pirate captain, Luffy was just staring in horror at the body that hit the ground right before him.

"L-Law?" Luffy trembled slowly getting to his knees and extending his hand out towards the said person.

With all his focus on Law he didn't notice the approaching enemy. Before the enemy could reach him an orange haired woman snapped to attention as she ran towards Luffy and pulled him out of the way of the incoming attack. He had just narrowly avoided death.

Although the body of Law had sustained even more injuries than it already had.



The scene changed. It was the all too familiar grounds of marineford. Luffy had just uncuffed his brother from the chains and they were running back to whitebeard's ship.

They were so close to escaping from the navy base but the admiral, Akainu, began to insult whitebeard infuriating Ace.

As Ace began to charge toward Akainu, making him smirk, the desperate cry's of the whitebeard pirates and their allies called out to him to stop. Ace ignored them.

As soon as Ace reached him Akainu disappeared and reappeared in front of Luffy throwing back a fist covered in magma ready and was about to strike until Ace threw himself in front of Luffy.


"-CE! OW!" cried a straw hatted teen as he leaped up but because he was in a barrel banged his head on it and fell over.

"Wait what? Where am I? Why do I feel so... I don't know... Strange?" the person named Luffy questioned raising an eyebrow, "and ew my choice of clothing sure sucks, where's my norma- oh yeah I went back to the past, didn't I?"

"So isn't now the part where I'm supposed to jump out of the barrel on that ship, meet Coby and see those two weird people sleeping on the floor."

"Okay then... 3...2...1!" He cried as he jumped out of the barrel. He looked around. "Wha-?"

"This isn't a ship. How did I end up in the middle of a desert? Don't tell me I messed up the past already..." Luffy sighed. His stomach rumbled, "Now I'm hungry too. Great."

"Oh well. Time to find Sanji, Shishishi!" he laughed. "I'm so glad I get to see them again..." he murmured thoughtfully with a serious look that didn't belong on someone like him's face.

He saw a person walking a little way away. He ran away from the empty shattered barrel and began running towards the person.

"HEY!" he called out drawing the attention of the person- no multiple people, "I WAS WONDERI-"

Luffy froze as he saw who the people were.

"Ketchup head." he said simply.

"KETCHUPP HEADD!" He cried as he charged towards a tall red head with goggles and gave him a bear hug.

"Urgh! Who're you?! Get off now! And don't call me that!" the redhead growled. Luffy jumped off him and then realised that the Kid in the past obviously didn't know him.

"Oh. Wrong person. Sorry." Luffy made up, his lying skills had improved over the years so they people couldn't tell he made it up.

"Anyway where are we?"

"Are you seriously such an idiot that you don't even know where you are?!" Kid asked and gritted his teeth.

Luffy let out a soft laugh, this reminded him of those days before- Luffy's eyes widened. Don't think about it.

"Hey Kid? Did you scare him? He's been standing there staring into space for a while now..." a man with long wild blond hair asked awkwardly shifting from one foot to another.

Luffy snapped out of his thoughts, "Oh sorry I was daydreaming, so anyways where are we?"

Before Kid could answer the man with blond haired, Killer, answered Luffy, "We're on Suna in the south blue. It's the hottest place here, and it's not even that hot."

"Well crap. I was in the east blue the last time I checked." Luffy said with a straight face. "Now how am I going to get back..."

Kid snorted at Luffy. "You're an idiot. If you were in the East Blue then how did you get to the middle of an island in the South Blue without realising?"

"I dunno." Luffy replied shrugging his shoulders.

"Oh, I can try to do that to get back I guess." Luffy said his thoughts aloud. Kid raised a non-existent eyebrow and asked, "Do what?"

"Nothing. Mind telling me where any like tall structures you could put a small catapult?" Luffy asked.

"No, this island is uninhabited and there's nothing on it. Well there's our ship. You could use that for whatever you're going to do. You obviously aren't going to catapult yourself because you don't have any." Kid said.

"Kid!" Killer scolded, "Don't go inviting random people to our ship."

"Meh, he seems like a weak idiot, what's the worst that could happen?"

Internally Luffy was dying of laughter because he could easily beat them all while they're at their current power level.

The Kid pirates led Luffy to their ship. "Hey Cap'n. Who's that?" a kid pirate who Luffy didn't recognise asked.

"Hey! I'm Monkey D. Luffy! Nice to meetcha! Shishishi!" Luffy laughed grinning at the dude. It was hard for him because it reminded of the day that Kid-

Luffy gritted his teeth, this went unnoticed by the Kid pirates. I need to stop thinking about those things...

"Well what are you going to do to get back to the East Blue, anyway?" Kid questioned as he was quite curious of the stunt that Luffy would pull.

Luffy put his two hands on opposite railings and gripped them, then he began walking backwards his hands stretching.

"Wha-?" Kid asked his eyes widening slightly.

He then catapulted himself sending him soaring into the sky, "THANKS KETCHUP HEAD! SEE YA!" Luffy yelled and waved.

"Hmm... I wonder if I'll land on an island. Hopefully I will. If I don't and land in the sea. Well. I probably should've thought this through."

After an hour or two of flying through the air he spotted an island. "Finally! I'm hungry." Luffy exclaimed stretching his arms and grabbing one of the trees on the island and landing on it.

"Hey isn't that that one island gramps took me too before to see a marine base here... wait. That was in the West Blue."


Since Luffy's from a couple of years in the future his power has obviously gotten better which means his gum gum rocket might be able to make him fly for longer distances so that's how he got to the west blue.

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