Hello! This is the sequel to All Wars Have Consequences, which I just updated so if you want to catch up you can ;). If not, you don't need to read that to understand this one- basically what happened was Secretary Ross used hostages against the fugitive Avengers and it ended in basically superheroes against Ross. Ross was arrested, yada yada. This is just the prologue, the same as the epilogue for AWHC, so expect more writing! For those of you not following my other story, my updates are erratic and usually disappointing (at least in my eyes).

Please enjoy!

Pt I- Prologue

"Bruce took off."

Tony glances up to see Natasha. "What?" he asks, not having heard her. He glances back down to the appeal he's writing to turn the fugitive Avengers back to just the Avengers.

"Bruce took off," Natasha says, louder this time. "I don't know where he went, but he's gone." Tony is disappointed- though it'll make his case easier if they don't have the Hulk, possibly their greatest liability, to contend with.

"I'm sorry to hear that," Tony says.

"The Bartons are back to their farm. Scott's doing his thing with his friends and family. Sam's back home, Rhodey's back home, I don't know where Spiderling is, and Wanda and Vision have been on their date for three weeks now. We're dropping like flies, Stark, and our names still aren't cleared."

"Your name was never on the table," Tony says.

"I haven't seen Steve in four days, Tony," Natasha says, the use of his first name showing how important this is to her.

"I'm working on it," he says eventually. "As soon as I get this sent in the UN is bound to clear your names. You never did anything wrong."

That's what he's been telling himself for days now.

They get the letter four days later.

Tony reads it seven times, just to be sure.

(He makes it eight, just in case.)

Then he has FRIDAY read it out loud to him, and makes sure she's seeing/hearing the same thing.

Wanda and Vision are called back from their vacation, Sam and Rhodey from D.C.. Scott drives to the New Avengers Facility and Clint is put on video call. Natasha and Steve join Tony in the same room the Accords were first read to them. Tony stands at the head of the table, the others sitting around it. The computer with Clint's face is at the opposite end. The letter is on the table in front of Tony.

"In summary," Tony says, clearing his throat. "Steven Rogers, Samuel Wilson, Clint Barton, Scott Lang, and Wanda Maximoff are officially cleared of all charges to their names. Though no criminal charges were pressed against them, Natasha Romanoff, James Rhodes, Anthony Stark, and the Vision are cleared of all charges as well."

Tony looks up, for once smiling. "We're no longer fugitives, guys!"

The rest of the team beams.