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"So, Captain, when were you going to tell me that Barnes is in Wakanda?" Tony asks, slamming his hand down onto the table. Steve looks up from his bowl of cereal and his newspaper. He swallows before answering.

"When I was sure you could be trusted," he replies carefully.

"We have to stop keeping secrets, man, that's what got us into this mess in the first place!" Tony says, finding his voice rising. He clears his throat and lowers it before speaking. "If we're going to do this, if we're going to be a team again, you have to trust me."

Steve sighs. "And I will, Tony, but I didn't want anyone going after Wakanda. They haven't done anything other than shield an innocent man and try and help fix him."

"Yeah," Tony says. "Yeah, they haven't. T'Challa's in on this, I'm presuming?"
"Where did you think we were during all that time on the run?" Steve asks.

There are several moments of silence before Tony speaks again. "I can get us on a jet with our medical team in two. We'll be to Wakanda by tomorrow morning."

Steve looks up. "Tomorrow morning?"

"Yeah, well, it's only been a few months, hasn't it? You want him in the ice a little longer?" Tony asks.

"No," Steve says. "Our… medical team?"

"Wanda and Vision think they can do something. We'll need a couple of days to evaluate, of course-"

"Tony," Steve says, catching Tony's wrist, still where it was when he slammed his hand down onto the table. "Thank you."

Tony swallows hard. "Yeah," he says. "No problem."

Because it isn't a problem.

Because he messed up bad, he messed up so bad, he sees it now, and he'll do anything to fix that.

"Honey, I'm home."

Clint slings off his quiver and sets it next to the little table by the door. He really should move that. Maybe he should redo the little entrance hall-

Laura enters and he gives a swift hug and a kiss.

"Where are the little monsters today?" he asks.

"Upstairs," she says, smiling. "How was the driving range?"

She spies the bow and arrows. "Or should I say firing range…" she says, her smile fading.

"I gotta keep my practice somehow, honey, I'll tell you if plans change next time." Clint ducks his head a little to look into Laura's eyes. "Is that okay?"

Laura looks up, shaking off bad memories. "Fine," she says.

There's a thundering as two children race down the stairs. Clint squats down to hug two-thirds of his little angels. Three days since the signing of the Revised Accords and Clint's return home, three months since the whole ordeal with hostages and convicts ended. Cooper has matured a lot, having hit a growth spurt, and Lila is still a little princess.

"What are you wearing?" Clint asks, standing up.

"I'm Hawkette!" Lila cries, punching a pink Nerf bow into the air. "And this is my trusty side-kick, Black Widower!" Cooper waves from where he's holding a blue Star Wars light-saber in one hand and a Nerf gun in the other.

"It's the closest thing we could find to Auntie Nat's weapons," he explains sheepishly. Clint and Laura exchange a glance; they've tried to keep their kids sheltered from the reality of their father's job, but details slip in every now and then, especially with Natasha practically living on the Barton farm.

"Our smart guy is taking a nap right now," Lila says.

"Smart guy?" Clint asks.

"Nate!" Cooper says.

"I'm sure Auntie Nat would love to hear that her namesake is the smart guy," Laura says. "Go play, kids, let's give your father some space."

Clint takes a deep breath, inhaling the smell of home. He looks at his wife and grins.

"It's amazing to be back," he says, grinning.

"Won't even compensate me for time lost," Scott mutters.

"At least we know that the Gi-Ant-Man version of the suit works," Hank Pym responds. Hope rolls her eyes.

"Whoever came up with that pun-" she starts.

"Don't you go hating on Luis!" Scott starts.

"How about we all take a deep breath and just calm down," Hank says. "Now that we know that this works-"

"We can start an army of giant ants!" Scott finishes excitedly.

"No," Hank says. "We can-"

"Start an army of giant spiders!" Scott tries.

"No," Hank says again. "We can-"

"Start an army of giant humans!" Scott practically yells.

"Absolutely not," Hank says. "I was going to say we can start training you in it so you don't get taken down again."

"Oh," Scott mutters, glancing down, slightly disappointed. Hope wants to laugh.

"Vis," Wanda breathes out. "Vis, come here."

Vis glances over. It's hard to see the little book by the dim plane lighting, but there's it's visible nonetheless.

"Does that say what I think it says?" Wanda asks, smiling.