Hiya everybody! I haven't posted any new chapters in my other stories since - well, Monday when my grandfather passed. :'( BUT! Now I feel like I owe everybody something new to immerse yourselves in, so here's a new story to keep you readers running! It just occured to me today that I should write this story, with the Titans with their powers switched. Not the usual way, too. Different ways (MUAHAHAHA). So, I hope you enjoy this chappie! I'll try to update the other stories soon.

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It was what seemed like a beautiful and peaceful day in the Titans tower. Birds were chirping happily outside, and the friendly bickering of Cyborg and Beast Boy was so familiar that it seemed to blend in with the Titans' lives as the two were at it currently. No one was truly worried.

But of course, that is how all sorts of tragedies happen. Everything seems so joyful, so enticing, and then - BOOM - everything goes wrong! Nothing and nobody is happy anymore! Chaos ensues.

However, the Titans didn't know that. How could they? It really seemed to them like a nice day with no villains wreaking havoc in Jump City - and that's saying a lot because they (especially Robin) are always tensed and anxious for when a villain is going to appear next. But back to the story!

"Friend Cyborg, have you seen Silky?" Starfire floated to and hovered near the couch as Cyborg hammered on the buttons of his video game controller. He was in the middle of a rematch with Beast Boy in a videogame, while the green changeling sat next to the giant Titan playing just as intensely as he shoved small squares of tofu straight out of the package into his mouth.

"No. Sorry, Star," Cyborg managed to reply before good-naturedly cursing as Beast Boy's character on its motorbike soared past his own. Beast Boy chortled and ate another square of tofu. Before the Tamaranean could ask him too, he also hurriedly said no.

"Okay, then. The luck of the good to you, friends Cyborg and Beast Boy." Starfire wandered off, most likely to the tower roof to try and locate her missing pet worm.

Meanwhile, Robin was in his room doing his daily workout goal - twenty sets of fifty pushups every day.

"Twenty-six, twenty-seven, twenty-eight, twenty-nine, THIRTY!" The Boy Wonder continued counting the number of pushups he performed, not even breaking sweat as he lowered his body almost all the way to the floor, his arms less than ninety degrees to the ground. Robin then sensed someone walking past his room outside even though the twin metal doors were tightly shut, pausing for just a second as he continued to stay aware of the person. However, the footsteps faded away and shrugging the best he could in his position parallel to the ground, the Titan resumed his workout.

Raven passed by Robin's room and went on to her own, clutching a thick spellbook in her pale arms in front of her chest. Typing in the password to open the doors meant for security purposes with a hand, Raven succeeded and entered her dark room. The doors shut behind her and Raven proceeded on to the center of a furry dark purple carpet in front of her bed, and began to float in a meditative position above it, her cloak just barely skimming the carpet below her. The empath then opened the spellbook she had brought and was soon immersed in reading about a spell used to create weapons from thin air with only the three words Raven enjoyed using.

"Azarath, Metrion, Zinthos," she muttered when she was finished with reading the yellowing and ancient page. Raven looked up in front of her and blinked, slightly pleased to see that she did summon a sword - which was floating in front of her within reaching distance of her arms while surrounded by the black aura that Raven always created when using her powers. With another mutter of Raven's three words, the sword blinked out of existence in a small pop of black tinged energy. Raven then turned back to her book and continued on to the next page as she mentally stored the useful spell away.

As mentioned before, there seemed to be nothing wrong with that day to the Titans. Peaceful, happy, and everything else positive that could be said about a good day fit perfectly with this one day, right then and there.

Well, until the alarm blared. Flashing red lights and the wailing siren cut sharply through the happy silence, and the birds flew away - the obtrusive sound was even heard from outside where the animals were roosting. The Titans abruptly stopped everything they were doing and met at the control room, where Robin began pulling up information about the current trouble in Jump City.

After reading for half a second, Robin straightened and fixed his team with a stern and confident look. "It's Mumbo Jumbo again. At the bank. Titans, GO!"

And then the Titans teleported away to their summoned location via portal made by Raven.

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