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"Azarath, Metrion, ZINTHOS!" After the black energy around them slunk back into nearby shadows, the Titans looked around them.

"Where are we?" Beast Boy thought aloud. All around them were stone pillars, and pedestals alit with fierce orange flames. Floating candles gently bobbed up and down in the air above them, and beyond the waxy items was a cloudy sky in the ceiling. However, the clouds were moving, and that shouldn't have been possible on an inanimate panel of stone. Looking below, they saw four long, big tables with heaping platters of food and goblets of shimmering beverages. Seated at these tables were-



There were wizards, clad in robes and ties, sitting at these tables (including the one they were perched on). Said people were currently staring at them, shocked and suspicious alike.

"Who the bloody hell are you guys?" a ginger-haired male of about seventeen demanded at Raven's feet, peering up at them. (Sorry, couldn't resist his favorite term. :D)

"And please get off my food." A black-haired youth glared up at Beast Boy. The green changeling scampered off the food and promptly transformed into a green bird to fly onto Cyborg's large metal shoulder. This elicited gasps and small comments to neighbors from around the room.

"-did you see that-"

"-a frickin' green bird-"

"-an Animagus, I'm telling you-"

"-that's so cool, I wanna do it too-"

"-I'd wanna be a dragon-"

"-a peacock-"


"SILENCE!" A loud yet stern and authoritative voice was heard even over the rapidly rising volume of chatter. The Titans looked at the front of the stone room and saw- 'lo and behold, another long table with a speaking podium adorned with a glowing golden owl and melting yet flamed candles attached onto its wings in the front center. At the table behind it were obviously the heads of this area - grown, stern-looking wizards in black robes (besides the giant dude with a lot of hair) - and they were staring levelly at the intruders. Well, all of them except for a black, greasy-haired man with a long, hooked nose - he just glared very suspiciously at them. But what drew the Titans' eyes was to the aforementioned imposing wide-eyed owl. Behind this podium was a very old man of about seventy or so with a beard in some type of ponytail hanging in front of his long, musky blue robe. A small hat of the same shade of blue hung on his surprisingly full-of-hair head and spectacles were perched on the very tip of his long nose. Intelligent eyes looked out at them.

"Oh my god," Cyborg said, recognizing the figure immediately. "You've got to be kidding me…"

"I assure you, I am not," the wise man replied in an even tone. "There is nothing to kid."

"Is that…" Robin continued.

"Dumbledore?" Beast Boy finished, changing back into his human form while still crouched on his best friend's shoulder.

"Great, you know him," a cold, lazy voice drawled from the furthest table on the left. As the Titans turned towards the speaker, they noted that it was an eighteen-year-old (as it seemed) male with silky blonde hair so light that it seemed white at first glance and harsh grey eyes.

"Malfoy," Beast Boy gasped, totally fangirling (...fanboying?) over this entire situation.

"I do not understand. Who is this Dumblydore and Mafoy?" Starfire asked Raven, her light voice filled with both worry and confusion. She seemed oblivious to her pronunciation mistake.

"Dumbledore and Draco Malfoy," Raven corrected. "They're characters in the Harry Potter world."

"Dudes, this is so cool!" Beast Boy now fangirled wildly. He grabbed a chopstick from nearby and began waving it around wildly. "Wingardium Leviosa! Accio! Alohomora! Arresto Momentum! Ascendio!"

"You're a nerd about Harry Potter?" Robin asked rather placidly for such a situation.

Beast Boy nodded proudly. "I even bought one of those fake wands at Barnes & Noble!"

"Did you only watch the movies, or did you actually read the books?" Raven narrowed her eyes at the smaller teen.

"Um… only watched the movies."

"Okay, what the hell?" the same ginger teenager who had spoken to them first - now they recognized him as Ronald Weasley - now exploded. "First of all, how do you know us? And how the heck did you get into the Great Hall? Isn't there, like, magic that keeps you muggles out? And second of all! How do you know spells? Also, by the way, you can't use a bamboo chopstick to perform magic. And books? Movies? There are books and movies about Harry?"

"Shh!" A girl with brown hair and an intelligent air about her nudged Ron roughly.

"Ooh, that's Hermione, Hermione Granger," Beast Boy continued to fangirl despite Ron's questions. "HEY! Dude, Ron and Hermione married after the Deathly Hallows, right?" He looked to the other Titans for confirmation.

The two mentioned wizards-in-training blushed beet red as now the black-haired youth beside them stifled a laugh at their expense. He was wearing round glasses and had a lightning scar barely visible beneath his unruly bangs.

"OMG, IT'S HARRY POTTER, DUDES!" Beast Boy plows on without an answer. "Hey, Harry, you marry Ginny Weasley when you grow up! And you two have three children! Their names are James Sirius Potter, Albus Severus Potter, and Lily Luna Potter! Albus's best friend is Scorpius Malfoy! And they nearly get killed by Voldemort's daughter! But they keep traveling back in forth in time and create parallel universes! (Yes, this is a Harry Potter and the Cursed Child reference.) Like when Professor Dolores Umbridge was headmaster and she celebrated Voldemort Day! And-" A pale hand suddenly covered the changeling's mouth as the boy blabbed about what he knew about the Harry Potter world.

"Don't spoil anything!" Raven hissed, but the wizards around them were already white with shock and now Harry and Ginny were blushing along with Hermione and Ron. (I keep typing Rob instead of Ron - too obsessed with Robin! XD)

"Okay, I say we leave now," Robin quickly cut in before more damage could be made.

"Yeah," Cyborg agreed.

Although still extremely confused, Starfire waved at everybody. "Goodbye, friends!"

"Azarath, Metrion, ZINTHOS!" Robin chanted again as he threw his hands up, and black power swept over the group again.

Dimly they heard someone say, "We're… friends?" and then they were gone.

Soon they fell on something hard. They quickly stood up and took stock of their surroundings.

A giant cave. And a big holographic computer. And a green couch in front of a TV. And short, metal tunnels that looked like alien tech. And not to mention the costumed people staring at them in anger, suspicion, and surprise - much like the wizards from before.

"Okay, where in the world are we?" Robin was extremely frustrated. When were they actually going to get to Titan's Tower?

"Actually, I think you mean: 'Where in the multiverse are we?'," Cyborg said.

"We're jumping dimensions?" Beast Boy said, surprised. "I thought it wasn't possible!"

"With my magic, it obviously is," Raven replied boredly.

"That is Friend Nightwing!" Starfire squealed, pointed at a young man with messy, shoulder-length black hair in a black armored spandex bodysuit with a bright blue bird emblazoned on his chest. He was clutching a pair of escrima sticks, and his face, covered with a dark blue-black domino mask, seemed to be glaring at them.

"What are you doing here?" the man, apparently dubbed Nightwing, demanded.

"Who's Nightwing?" Robin hissed to Starfire at the same time.

"He is your future self about twenty years from now! Although he does not have the long mullet anymore. His mask is different as well."

"Mullet?" A ginger in a yellow and red padded bodysuit with a lightning on his torso beside Nightwing snickered from behind a gloved hand.

"Future self?" Robin said in disbelief.

"I'm his future self?" Nightwing asked too. "What the heck? I didn't look like that when I was Robin!"

"Okay, where the heck are we!" Raven demanded to the other Titans, arms flailing about in frustration and - although she wouldn't admit it - a wee bit of panic. "We're supposed to be at Titan's Tower, not jumping dimensions! First Harry Potter, and now this strange place!"

"I'm sorry! Your dark magic is very hard to control!"

"That's true," Raven admitted, calming down. "I had monks in Azarath to help me."

"Oh, dudes, I remember this show! It's Young Justice!" Beast Boy suddenly said. Then he slapped his forehead. "Darn! I forgot to ask Harry Potter for his signature!"

Ignoring his last comment, Cyborg turned to the green teen. "Young Justice? Dang, Beast Boy, how do you know these shows?"

"Friend Beast Boy is a couch potato," Starfire said innocently and honestly. Robin snickered and attempted to shove it down.

"Beast Boy?" A young green lady with short red hair stared at the mentioned Titan. She had a blue cloak-cape looking thing over the black bodysuit she wore. The only decoration she had on the suit was a thick red X crossing over her torso, from each shoulder to the opposite side of her hip. Another strip of red stretched across her thin waist like a belt connecting, the two bottom parts of the X together.

Beast Boy (the Titan, not the YJ member) looked at her strangely. "Do I know you? Dude, you're green too! Can you turn into animals?"

The green lady shook her head, amber eyes shining with amusement. "No, you don't know me, because apparently you don't recognize me. I'm Miss Martian, otherwise known as M'gann M'orzz. I'm your… sister, in a way, in this world. And I'm green because, obviously - it's in the name - I'm a Martian. I can shapeshift because of this, but I can't turn into animals."

Beast Boy deflated. "Oh."

"Wait, you're Robin?" Nightwing Bat-glared at the Titans Robin. "Leader of the Teen Titans?"

Robin nodded.

"Are your initials… T.D.W. (Tim Drake-Wayne)?" Nightwing continued.

"No, it's R.D.G.W. (Eh, you should know this one)" Robin frowned. "With quotation marks around the 'D'."

Nightwing visibly relaxed a little bit, although still on his guard. "So you are me. Because you are… the leader of the Teen Titans, I thought that you were my younger brother because here, he is the leader of the Titans."

"I see," Robin said. "Okay, Titans, we should leave now."

"Wait!" The yellow-and-red-bodysuit due with ginger hair next to Nightwing who'd snickered at the TT version of Nightwing lept forward. "Is there a me in your world?"

"Judging from your suit, you are… friend Kid Flash?" Starfire questioned. At the named vigilante's nod, she continued. "Yes, although you are younger and, um, scrawnier. Also you are dating an ex-villainess named Jinx." Starfire beamed.

"There's no Artemis in your world?" Kid Flash asked, stunned, as he jabbed a finger behind him at a blonde female in a tiger spandex suit and mask. "But she's my girlfriend!"

"Well, obviously not in our world," Raven said. "And they are different dimensions…"

"Okay, we are done and we are leaving like I said, oh, FIVE minutes ago." Robin glared at his teammates.

"Bye!" Cyborg, Beast Boy, and Starfire waved to the other heroes in the room/cave.

After a farewell from the others as well, Robin raised his hands (again). "Azarath, Metrion, ZINTHOS!"

Blackness once again enveloped them as they heard Nightwing say almost jealously, "That world's Robin is a metahuman and I'm not?"

"You and I wish, but this is only temporary!" TT Robin yelled back, and then the Titans teleported away.

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