To love a monster.


A young woman comes through the ring of trees naked and standing under the moon light. Her sliver hair begins to grow longer as she drops to her knees as her bones break and reset in the position of long legs and arms massive white claws and violet eyes. The smell of a black hart catches the women's attention and she leaps off the ground in search of the creature. The creature takes her from one city limit to the next making her hunt difficult. The hart enters the fields of a hold called Whiterun home of the level headed. But also the home of a group of legendary warriors with a dark secret in tow, the Companions. Smelling the scent marks the young women quickly scratches over them signifying a challenge to the alpha who isn't the alpha but seems to be in charge. The young women releases a massive deep howl catching the attention of the semi-alpha who turns and runs towards her hackles raised. The two meet one bright silver wolf and one blonde sandy wolf twice her size. The other wolf is shocked to see a moon kissed beast but doesn't back down, she's invaded his home and scored the tree he marked and he will not let it stand.

Snarling is heard in the distance by a young man and what appears to be his twin they make eye contact and take off out of the city in the direction of the fight. Sheading their armor and shifting into twin black wolves the stop short when they see the silver wolf with her back paw on the sand ones throat crushing his wind pipe. The older wolf runs and slams into the silver wolf shocking her. The silver wolf opens her jaws and roars the pure force of it slams the wolf into the marred tree. The other younger wolf squares off with her while the sandy one sneaks up behind her dagger in his now human hand. He runs and grabs the she wolf sliding the silver dagger under her rib cage making her shift to her human form and fall to the ground unconscious. The wounded black wolf shifts back to human form as well and redresses himself before he goes to pick up the women. He takes her through the city streets into a massive mead hall before setting her in his bed and sending for the healers.