Dynera had already turned in for bed. The second bed was a welcome sight, she knew about the vision Hircine had given Vilkas when they first shook hands. "Bloody stupid of you old stag" she thought, in response the fire in the hearth swirled into the shape of the stag. "You know he won't fall for it" she spoke to it. "If he wants his severance from the beast he will." The fire spoke in response raging as if it was alive. Dynera stood up and pushed the basin of water over on to the hearth causing the flames to smoke out. She had she climbed into the bed and started her ritual to fall asleep. First she would lay on her left side and listen to her surroundings, then she would shift to her right side and listen to her surroundings. Before she could complete her ritual, she heard Vilkas having a conversation with the other members of the inner circle.

"She is Hircine's successor. He felt pity for her when he saw her injured and scared. On top of that it also turns out that there is an elder arsenal. The divines created a cover of sorts to hide the Daderic weapons from the Princes of Oblivion and their champions." Vilkas relayed the events to those standing in the tiny receiving room of Kodlak's, each listening to what he had to say. Aela was the first to speak going straight to the part of the elder arsenal. "This Elder Arsenal is it the same thing as the armor of Boethia, the mace of Moleg'bal?" her concern was written on her face but there was also a hint of wonder at the power one could wield. Vilkas responded his hesitation prominent. "No, these are much more dangerous. Not only does it lock the Prince associated to it away in Oblivion but it can also cause chain reactions in nature. A single swing or arrow from one of these weapons could wipe out the entire Whiterun hold in a blaze of fire or storms. Because of this the divines created the Elder Scrolls when combined or overlaid they reveal the locations of the weapons. But only individual ones that's why no one has been able to locate the Elder Arsenal because they are hidden in dangerous locations. One has been found already and that's Hircine's Blade." Kodlak was quietly stroking his beard when he stood up and asked the one question Vilkas hoped he wouldn't. "I know Hircine has shown you something son tell me what you saw".

Dynera awoke to the sound of the door opening and closing, sitting up she saw Vilkas standing at the foot of the bed. "I saw a young girl being attacked in my vision. But you're not young at all. Why is that?" Dynera sighed and pulled her knees up to her chest. Vilkas noticed she was wearing one of his shirts and that it seemed to almost reach her knees and that sent a jolt of warm pleasure to his manhood. Dynera was speaking but he only heard some of it. "The visions are seen differently by everyone you saw me as a small girl because I am not very tall, but your protective instinct also played a role. Aela would probably see it with Skjor or an elderly person. Farkas would see it as maybe two young siblings. It's not the same for everyone Vilkas." Her explanation helped to calm his frantic mind somewhat, but it did not help the fact that he was picturing Dynera straddling his lap in bed with the shirt grazing her thighs while he kissed her harshly and bucked up into her hips. Shaking his head, he proceeded to his own bed to get what little sleep he could. Divines know he needs all the help he can get when it comes to her.

Farkas walked out to the training yard early the next morning. The sounds of a dummy being whacked by a solid object caught his attention. Dynera was smacking away at a dummy with a sword sweat dripping down her face. Farkas walked over towards her determination on his face. "I have to wonder why I am afraid of you. Your super tiny, like Rila but your ridiculously strong." Dynera slammed the blade of her sword into the dummy's head stopping when the force died at the base of the neck, turning her head with one brow raised. "I don't know Farkas. I guess its because I'm an unknown to you. I'm an anomaly, something that shouldn't exist. What I don't understand is how Rila puts up with your mouth breathing." Dynera spoke harshly to the gentle giant knowing it was unnecessary. He was only trying to understand her in his own way. Walking away was Dynera's only option that wouldn't result in Farkas being an unfortunate victim caught in her line of sight. The market was just starting to open, stalls were being prepared with the wares that gave the owner's their beloved gold. Walking out of the city Dynera heard the telltale signs of an attack coming from one of the farms.

Vilkas woke up to an empty room, Dynera was no where to be seen. Starting to panic he was going to run out into the halls when he heard Dynera ad Farkas's voices muted from the closed doors. He decided to get ready for the day, while giving those two their privacy. He was glad they were talking, he knew it would take forever or it might be never given the fact that Skjor assaulted her in the underforge. That apology was never going to come from anyone at all. Shaking his head, he continued getting ready only to stop when Farkas burst into his room urgency on his face.

Farkas ran towards his brother's room armor and weapon ready to go. Vilkas was jut finishing his morning routine of getting ready when Farkas burst in. "Vilkas bandits are attacking the farms outside of Whiterun." Vilkas had just one question that was more important than anything else. "Wait Farkas, where's Dynera?" his brother stopped and turned around a look of pure shame at being caught. "Umm... she kind of left." Vilkas snapped his head up at those words. "WHAT!?"