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My dearest readers, I am not dead. (In case you were wondering…) Okay, so I have a lot of explaining to do. So, first things first, AMBAAC (A Mafia Boss Attends Assassination Classroom). I haven't updated in a while and I just want to tell you guys what I'm going to be doing so it doesn't suddenly surprise anyone. I've decided to rewrite AMBAAC. I agonized over this since I've already written a decent amount of chapters. And to be honest it took one comment to realize I hated the story I was writing. So here are the upcoming changes: A rewritten story with more mature themes but with the same ships And that's literally it. I'll still keep the old chapters up but they won't be continued. I've also been working on a few other stories that I'm pretty excited about.

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Once, Kyouko had thought that Tsuna would have managed to have the courage to confess to her once they had all left for high school. Except now, she understood why that was never going to happen.

Hana sat with them on a park bench and scoffed before teasing her, "Remember when that pervert had confessed to you in his underwear in front of the school gates?"

"Hahi? Really?" Haru looked between them, settling on Kyouko, "Did you ever answer?"

Kyouko blushed lightly and stammered, "I think-" Brows scrunching, Kyouko wonders, "Wait... Did I?"

Haru exclaimed in shock, "Eh? You never answered it?"

"I thought the answer was pretty explanatory." Hana scowled and muttered under her breath, "Anyone would say no to a confession like that."

Kyouko gasped, "I never did! I thought I did but I guess I forgot..."

What if he thinks I hated him all that time because he thought I never answered? Kyouko slumps at the sudden thought.

Haru hums in thought before asking, "What would you have said?"

"Huh?" Kyouko looks up from her lap to the face of her friend, "What do you mean?"

"Would you accept or not." Hana clarifies and Kyouko's eyes snap to her. Kyouko's thoughts flounder for a moment. She can feel Hana's gaze asking her the same question.

Kyouko turns away from Hana to hide her blush, "Um, I think at that time I would have accepted it but..."

"Hahi?" Haru exclaims, "Do you have someone else you like? I always thought that if Tsuna-kun ended up with someone, it would have been you."

Kyouko's blush deepens and she sweats nervously under her friend's questions, "I just know that Tsuna-kun likes someone else."

For a moment, there was silence. A leaf may have blown by while Kyouko sat in nervous tension.

Hana beats Haru to the punch and asks, "Oh, he likes someone? Isn't it you?"

Kyouko, a little irritated, turns back to her friends and says firmly, "No, he likes someone else. I know for a fact." Jeez, I wish we could move on already...

"Really?" Hana presses, "Are you sure? Maybe you just misunderstood?"

Kyouko glares at Hana, Is it really that hard for Hana to see that I don't have a crush on Tsuna-kun anymore?

Haru sits awkwardly on the bench between the two, quietly eating a piece of strawberry cake.

"So, uh, who does he like?" Haru asks nervously.

Kyouko and Hana stop their staring contest to look at Haru. Mollified, Kyouko answers, "Well, I don't think I should say anything. I don't want Tsuna to get in any trouble."

"Eh?" Haru thinks for a moment before gasping, "Tsuna-kun isn't involved with a rival boss's mistress, is he? Or eloping with a Swedish underwear model?"

Hana stared at Haru with amusement while Kyouko couldn't think of anything to say.

"I don't think it's anything like that." Hana huffed and smiled softly at Kyouko. And in that instant, all was forgiven.

"Yeah. Nothing scandalous." Kyouko smiled before thinking, Although, I wouldn't be surprised if he didn't want anyone to know.

Kyouko stared at Hana and shared her smile.

After all, Kyouko had concrete evidence that Tsuna liked someone else. It had happened before he left for some prestigious high school...

While on most days, Enma preferred the indoors, he thought that today would be a good day to spend outside. The sky was a nice orange for a summer's day and it wasn't too hot. Enma sat on a park bench, waiting for his friend.

Ever since becoming the boss of Shimon, Enma he never thought that he would become friends with his enemy.

When he first saw a picture of Tsunayoshi Sawada, Enma sat at a table strategizing how to eliminate him. At the time, Tsuna had been Vongola scum that had taken away his family.

Although, when he first met Tsuna, he was surprised to find that he was... like him. Shy, a bit paranoid and everything that he hadn't been expecting. He found himself doubting his will. Yet-even now-he couldn't truly trust Vongola. It didn't matter if he was friends with the heir to Vongola, they were rivals and bloodshed would be inevitable. That was what he thought even as he extended his hand towards Tsunayoshi Sawada.

Enma found himself admiring Tsuna's effortless determination. Tsuna himself didn't even know how confident he could be and how much trust people put gave him. People trusted him with their lives.

At least, Enma had been raised to be a boss. All Tsuna had was a mother that cooked the best food in the world-Enma would vouch for that-and somehow, someway, Tsuna had already had enough influence to start changing Vongola before he was even boss.

Like everyone else, Enma was pulled to Tsuna. His will, his determination was so magnetic-it made everyone believe in him. And when Enma had fought him, he had a front-row seat to his dying will. Looking back on it, Enma could still feel the warmth of Tsuna's flames and remember how he didn't seek revenge even though Enma had done something unforgivable.

Tsuna sought to be friends with Enma and his will found a way to reach him. Of course, learning the truth had been a slap to the face to everything he believed in. And instead of kicking him while he was down, Tsuna extended his hand to him and tried to understand.

Vongola didn't deserve Tsuna. Neither did Enma.

Although, Tsuna wasn't a saint.

Pausing, Enma looked up to the sky. He knew that Tsuna had already been exposed to the horrid doings of the mafia even though Timoteo, Vongola Ninth, had wanted to change Vongola for the better. Everyone knew that each Vongola boss was covered in some sort of sin. No one thought Tsuna had done anything unforgivable.

Which was probably why Tsuna thought Enma would understand. Enma had asked for forgiveness for hurting Tsuna's family and for betraying his trust. Enma thought Tsuna was a forgiving person but even kind people had limits.

So, Enma understood when Tsuna had told him he couldn't brush off what had happened. After all, Enma was no stranger to grudges.

"I just... want to be friends." Tsuna had told him and Enma nearly sagged in relief, "Yet I know that I won't be able to let go with what happened with Takeshi."

Tsuna turned to Enma with a look he could understand, "He's family."

No matter how much Tsuna denied it, he would always be a boss to his family-always be someone irreplaceable. And it showed in how much Tsuna cared.

At the age of 15, Tsuna had been forced to wake up and become an adult because he had been chosen to be a mafia boss. Which meant facing everything that the mafia was. Training had changed Tsuna the way it had molded Enma into a leader who would sacrifice everything for their family.

Not a lot of people got to see the darker sides of Tsuna-and no one seemed to realize that something ate at Tsuna. Even if it's for the protection of your family, the blood never washes clean.

Which is what made Enma think Tsuna saw him as still deserving because Tsuna could see his own struggle reflected in Enma's eyes. Tsuna fought with his guilt and relief at still being able to smile.

They were mafia bosses-official or not-and it took its toll.

Enma faintly wondered if he would ever be someone more to Tsuna than a friend who understood.

No matter how many times Tsuna tried to dissuade his mom from throwing a party for him getting into a prestigious school, she insisted on it-and along with inviting everyone they knew. Reborn had kicked Tsuna in the head, told him about how a good son respected their mother's wishes and the matter was settled. So, that meant the house was a bit rowdier than usual and Tsuna was starting to lose count of how many times he was congratulated. Tsuna was dying to get away.

When the party had died down and the three cakes his mother had made disappeared, Tsuna took it as a sign to go see Enma. He had been wanting to meet up with him for a while now but somehow, for not being in school, he had become busier. The damages to Enma's old middle school had been repaired but Enma had decided to finish out his middle school career at Namimori before heading back to Shimon. At least, that was what they both thought before Tsuna's grandfather had visited and offered them a mission.

Jogging and hoping he wasn't late, Tsuna found Enma sitting on a bench where they said they would meet. Enma seemed to be deep in thought and Tsuna walked up to him instead of disturbing him. Tsuna smiled when Enma noticed him approaching.

"Enma." Tsuna waved and Enma stood up, smiling.

"I see you finally got away from the clutches of your family." Enma teased before gesturing, "Let's go?"

"Yeah, sure." Tsuna walked side by side with Enma all the way to the amusement park.

Tsuna liked these small excursions with Enma. Even though he liked his friends and family, it was always nice to relax and get some peace and quiet every once in a while. Also, going out meant he could get away from Reborn's prying eyes.

What's changed, eyes ask and Tsuna can't bring himself to acknowledge them. Sooner or later, Reborn would find out. Tsuna just wanted to deal with it on his own. Although, that had been his plan for about two years.

Tsuna looked over at Enma, still talking about what flavor of ice cream he was going to ask the vendor. Tsuna smiled lightly and enjoyed the way the setting sun seemed to caress his features.

Tsuna looks away suddenly. Stop staring...

Sighing, Tsuna stares at the passing storefronts. He listens avidly to Enma excitedly explaining why milk flavored ice cream was underrated.

Tsuna loved this.

It was simple. Nothing strange. Peaceful. With Enma, Tsuna didn't have to be what everyone else thought he was. Enma understood that.

A few months ago, Enma had asked Tsuna for forgiveness. Tsuna already considered Enma his best friend at that time but the smell of Takeshi's blood still lingered whenever he stepped into a hospital room. Tsuna didn't think that he would ever forget it.

He wanted to, though. He wanted to forgive Enma.

But he couldn't fault Enma for doing what he did. Even if it all ended up being a misunderstanding.

Tsuna feels a sort of dark protectiveness every time he thinks about. Tsuna had no doubt that he would do everything to protect the people he now called family. He had proven it in the future.

Tsuna knew when his flames had engulfed Byakuran Gesso, he could never go back. His fate as a mafia boss had been sealed. Well, at least for Tsuna it had. He still protested about it to Reborn-not that he would listen.

Still, Tsuna was grateful that Enma understood. Enma had that same feeling towards his family and it had been a major factor in why Enma had fought against Tsuna. In many ways, they were similar.

Which is why, Tsuna had merely responded to Enma's request with an outstretched hand and with the words, "I want to be your friend." Although, to be honest, Tsuna tripped over the words.

Except Tsuna knew he was starting to change his mind. Tsuna missed Enma's company more and more every day. He tried playing it off, that maybe he was attracted to Enma's earth flames because Tsuna's own flames were his opposite. That is until he started to notice he wanted something completely different than friendship.

It was little things. Like the way Enma had a special smile for everything. One smile for a joke, another smile for a friend. Tsuna wanted his own special smile.

Nearly tripping, Tsuna feels someone gently holding his hand. Tsuna turns back to Enma finding himself looking right into his concerned eyes.

Tsuna blushes lightly but doesn't pull away, "What's wrong?"

Enma glances at their intertwined hands and says, "Shaking."

Feeling embarrassed, Tsuna thinks, Oh.

"Ah, okay."

They fall into silence although it slowly becomes comfortable as they continue walking. As they continue on, Tsuna doesn't mind that Enma doesn't let go.

The hand holding was a new thing and it usually ended up with Tsuna a blushing mess. Which made him even more embarrassed because it was only a small gesture of comfort. It was all Tsuna's fault, really.

Tsuna had a sudden mental breakdown while he and Enma were out. Tsuna's hands couldn't stop shaking as he remembered the way the wind scattered Byakuran's ashes like he once didn't take up some sort of space. It haunted him.

Even after two years.

Enma had helped calm him down. Enma didn't say anything, just held his hands until they stopped shaking.

Ever so often, when Tsuna's hands would tremble, Enma would hold them until they stopped.


Enma hated using that as an excuse to hold his hand. In fact, Tsuna hadn't been trembling at all.

These were the moments when Enma realized just how lucky he was. Here he was, somehow still alive, walking down a street with Tsuna by his side. As always, it baffled him-how something so simple meant everything.

Tsuna had every right to kick Enma out of his life and he didn't. Which only made Enma all the more grateful that he was still in it.

Yet, it was especially in these moments when Enma realized just how deep he had fallen. So, his pathetic self used their unspoken agreement to his advantage.

He really was just too greedy.

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