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"Mom!?" Tsuna exclaimed, standing up.

Nana smiled at her son, relieved to know he was alright. "Tsu-kun, I haven't seen you in a while!" Overwhelmed at seeing her son for the first time in months, Nana swiftly walks over to him and engulfs him in a hug.

When she lets go she sees Tsuna smiling at her, truly happy to see her, although she can see the worry in his eyes.

She puts her hand gently on his shoulder, "Let's talk, alright?"

"Alright," Tsuna says before asking Koro-Sensei, "Can I be excused for a moment?"

Koro-Sensei tries his best not to be surprised and nods his nod shakily, "G-go right ahead."

Tsuna and Nana walk out into the hallway and Nana immediately wraps Tsuna in another hug, "Tsu-kun, I'm sorry."

Tsuna, not expecting the apology, looks up at his mom, "What for?"

Nana's arms curl tighter around him, "I was oblivious all that time while you were suffering. I'm sorry."

Tsuna pulls away, confused and wary, "What do you mean?"

"You would come home with bruises and I didn't think that it would be because you were training to become a mafia boss."

Tsuna steps back, shocked, "Y-you know?" Tsuna had been hoping that his mother hadn't known, but she would have had to if she came here on the behalf of Vongola.

Nana sighs, "Yes, I know everything. Even about that time when you went to future." She hugs again, nearly crying. Tsuna simply hugs her back, not knowing what to say.

As soon as the door closes, the classroom erupts in commotion.

"Tsuna's mom!?"

"Wait, isn't she connected to Vongola?"

"—And Vongola is a part of the mafia!"


"So does that mean…"

"Is Tsuna connected to the mafia!?"

The class looks to Koro-Sensei with both bewildered and accusing looks, "Did you know about this?"

Koro-Sensei waves his tentacle in the air nervously, "N-no, I didn't know anything!"

"You're a sorry excuse for an alien."

"I'm human!"

"You're an octopus that talks!"

Tsuna looks at his mom and sees determination in her eyes. Just as she opens her mouth, Tsuna says, "I know what you're going to say. It's not like that."


"Vongola, it's not like that. It's not like a… regular mafia. Well, I mean it was, not in the beginning—not now." Tsuna tries to explain. His mom looks at him in shock.

"Just don't try to—to stop me from being Vongola Decimo. It's too late." Tsuna tells her.

Nana grabs Tsuna's shoulders, almost feverishly, "It's not too late, I don't care what your grandfather or father say! If you don't want to—"

Tsuna sighs and shakes his head, "That's not it. I've already decided to become Vongola Decimo—in fact, I kind of already am with the paperwork grandpa's been giving me." Nana's hands slide off of his shoulders in surprise and despair.

Tsuna notices this and sighs. Tsuna looks back at the classroom, "Let's talk later, alright?"

"Okay." She tells him, already deciding that it would be better to talk later. She needed time to process what her son had just said. She goes for the door handle and is about to open the door when Tsuna says, "Wait."

She turns around, waiting for him to speak.

"What are you doing here anyway? Why are you here? How did you even find out about—" Tsuna began, firing question after question at his mom.

Chuckling, she holds up her hands, "Well, overheard your father talking about you after an assassination attempt and—"

"Assassination attempt?" Tsuna exclaims at his mom, wondering how she could be calm.

Nana smiled softly at her son.

Tsuna stares at the wall nervously before looking up at her, his eyes almost glowing orange, "Just think about this: Being Vongola Decimo and being a mafia boss are different. For me, at least."

With that, Tsuna hugs her and says, "No matter what, I'm glad to see you, Mom."

She smiles down at him, sighing, "Me too." They would definitely have a talk later but just enjoying each other's company was enough right now.

Tsuna walks back into the classroom to everyone being suspiciously normal. Which wasn't normal. Although Koro-Sensei was sweating buckets and laughing nervously.

Tsuna and his mom stood in front of the class. Nana smiled brightly, already making the students warm up to her, while Tsuna was fidgeting, making sure not to keep eye contact with anyone.

"Hello, everyone, I'm Nana Sawada." She introduced herself and then put her hand on Tsuna's shoulder, "And as you all have probably guessed, Tsuna is my son." A murmur ran throughout the class before Irina loudly told them to shut up. Tsuna sighed and looked up at the class, facing all of their stares with a determined look. He had hoped that none of his classmates would find out about Vongola, now they could be put in needless danger because of him.

The question now was how much he should tell them.

"Now, I'm sure you have a lot of questions. Firstly, I have have not been affiliated with the Vongola Corporation for a long time. I will be teaching you all how to cook as well as informing you about Italy and the Vongola Corporation. Are there any questions?"

Hands popped up and she pointed to Nagisa, "Yes?"

"Is it true that the Vongola Corporation is a part of the mafia?"

Nana bites her lip before saying, "Yes, anything else."

This time it's Karma that asks the question, "Why would Vongola take interest in this class? Do they know we're going to assassinate Koro-Sensei?"

Nana looks over to her son, asking him a silent question.

"In order to answer that," Tsuna speaks up, looking serious, "I'd have to break omerta. Of course, I could go around it and you guys can become a part of the mafia."

A heavy silence settles over the class. "So," Tsuna gestures, "Some things I can't explicitly say."

"So in order to understand why Vongola is interested in us and why you are here, we have to become a part of the mafia?" Kayano speaks up, looking straight at Tsuna.

Tsuna meets her stare, "Yes, but getting out of the mafia is near impossible."

Nana looks at her son trying to deter his classmates from joining the mafia and wonders if he feels trapped in a position he doesn't want.

"Okay, I want in." Karma says to Tsuna, smirking.

"What—no, you shouldn't, Akabane-kun!" Tsuna exclaims, surprised that his friend would agree so easily.

"Yeah, I wanna know your connection to the mafia." Kayano quips, smiling at Tsuna, "Plus, it could help with assassinating Koro-Sensei."

Many of Tsuna's classmates murmur in agreement. Tsuna nearly slumps down onto the floor in exhaustion. Why is he surprised that his crazy class isn't deterred by the mafia at all. Of course, having to assassinate their alien octopus teacher helped.

Tsuna sighs, looking at his class tiredly, "I don't think you really know what joining the mafia means."

Tsuna thinks of his time with Reborn and his friends. Joining the mafia was definitely not what he expected during middle school, especially the way it happened.

"Well," Kayano begins, "You can always get us out if we want to, right, Tsuna-san?"

Tsuna thinks about it. Only certain people have the power to invite people into the mafia. Either the boss or his trusted advisors can. Technically, since Tsuna is the next in line, he could make them a part of the Vongola family. Still, Tsuna always felt uneasy about how his friends got involved with the mafia and how it undoubtedly changed them.

Sometimes, Tsuna feels like he's the only sane person in an insane world. (But the world seemed intent in converting him to insanity—like some crazy cult.)

Tsuna sighs again while running a hand through his hair, "I guess I could."

"Um, would it be okay to explain the process?" Okuda asks, raising her hand in the air.

"It couldn't hurt." Tsuna mumbles to himself before speaking up, "The process in becoming a part of the mafia is to first have a higher up in the mafia approve of you while also having an extra witness connected to the Vindice. The Vindice are basically the mafia police. They uphold the omerta and secrets of the mafia."

"Although, while Vongola does follow the omerta, Vongola has become more of a vigilante group rather than a criminal organization. Right now, if you join, its more likely that you'll become a future employee for the Vongola Corporation than a part of the Family. Vongola is more of a business than a criminal organization." Tsuna says, remembering his conversation with Reborn. This was the only reason why he didn't outright refuse to let them become a part of the Vongola family.

Vongola was different.

("And it's all because of you, Dame-Tsuna.")

Tsuna pins them all with a serious look, "But that still doesn't mean you won't be connected to the mafia."

Tsuna expects them to at least think about it.

"If you don't want to join, then that's fine, you'll just be out of the loop for some things." Tsuna tells the class.

"Okay." Kayano tells Tsuna, "I'm in."

Of course, Kaede-san is the first to agree.

Tsuna looks to the class, scanning everyone's faces, "Is there anyone that doesn't want to be a part of the mafia?"

The class is silent. Tsuna looks at each of them carefully. Most of them look a little off put. While Nagisa and Okuda seem thoughtful, Karma and Kayano just seem amused. Tsuna looks back at Koro-Sensei.

Koro-Sensei's face was a completely white poker face.

I wonder if that's a good sign?

Tsuna then looks at his mom, who's been staring down at the floor with a thoughtful look.

Is mom already a part of the mafia?

Tsuna sighs again, "Why doesn't everyone think about it for a few days?"

Tsuna really does struggle to keep sane.

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