2 Days After Zero Hour.

The Rouge Shadow

Starkiller is training.

He had just killed another Jedi on Mustafar.

While Juno was piloting the ship he had been training with PROXY already gone through half of his programs.

PROXY stopped fighting and said.

"Master you have an incoming transmission from Darth Vader"

"Put him through" Said Starkiller

A hologram of Darth Vader swallowed PROXY.

"I have terminated the Jedi Master" Said Starkiller.

"Disregard that I have more pressing issues" Said Darth Vader.

"And that is Master?" Said Starkiller.

"A rebel threat is growing" Said Darth Vader.

"Then send a strike force" Said Starkiller.

"I have led by Grand Admiral Thrawn and he failed and let the rebels escape"

Starkiller looked at Vader in thought.

"I need you along with a Elite squad of Commandos to exterminate the rebels go to Yavin 4" Said Vader

"As You wish my Master"

The hologram faded and PROXYS form came to life.

"Looks like we have another mission" Said Juno from the door to the room.

Starkiller smiled And said.

"Yes we do my love" Said Starkiller as he walked to her and kissed her.

"Plot coordinates to Yavin 4"

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