Boss was walking just walking.

As he walked though the halls of the rebel base he walked over dead rebels.

He heard a voice over the intercom.


Boss then saw an alive rebel at the terminal laying against it.

Suddenly a red horizontal bolt went right into the rebel.

Boss looked behind him at the door.

He saw Sev Scorch and Fixer all standing behind him.

"Regroup Deltas" Said Boss.

All Deltas got in ambush positions as they all heard the reinforcements.

Boss tossed a thermal detonator.

Scorch fired his grenade launcher.

Sev readied his sniper.

Fixer hacked the nearby auto turrets to fire on the rebels.

The reinforcements stood no chance.

As soon as five rebels came from the corner Bosses detonator exploded sending them flying.

Scorches grenade hit someone's head and exploded killing 4 people.

Sev picked off anyone that came around the corner.

Fixers auto turrets killed groups upon groups of rebels.

In a matter of 1 minuet all reinforcements are dead and so are the rest of the opposition.

They walked until they reached the office of Kai O'Malley a leader of the rebellion and there he was in his seat with a knowing face.

"You have come to kill me haven't you".


Kai looks down.

From outside the palace the last sound of unified blaster shots can be heard.

Delta walks out of the palace talking.

"I soo got more kills than all of you" said Scorch.

"I think your mistaken my sniper killed any stragglers" said Sev.

"No gentlemen me and my detonators got the job done" said Boss.

"It was my turrets the that killed mobs of enemy's" said Fixer.

While they where bickering Boss got a call.

"Scorch holoprojector now" said Boss

Scorch complied and threw it down.

Darth Vader appeared.

Everyone kneeled.

"What can we do for you my lord" said Boss

"I need you to accompany my apprentice in taking down the growing rebel threat."

"As you wish my lord" said Boss

The hologram disappeared.

The Deltas quickly run back to their ship and take of to the coordinates Darth Vader sent them.

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