My name is Bart Allen, and I am the fastest man alive. When my parents disappeared after a battle with the forces of Darkseid on my tenth birthday, I took up their quest for peace. To the outside world, I'm an ordinary high school student, but with the help of the rest of the Justice League, I carry on my parents' legacy. I am The Future Flash.

Bart and J'onn were flying through the sky, looking for a Parademon that apparently didn't know that its master had been defeated six and a half years prior. When the two heroes finally found the alien, he soared downward at an incredible speed towards Gotham City below.

"We need to catch him!" Martian Manhunter yelled. Bart's eyes flashed with electricity before turning to the Last Son of Mars.

"Keep up, old man." The speedster grinned before flying after the Parademon at super speeds, leaving a trail of bluish white lightning behind him.

The Parademon flew around the skies of Gotham, trying to hide from the heroes. Unfortunately for the minion, Flash saw him and began to grapple with the alien. The Parademon threw Bart into the Wayne Tech building, where the two continued to fight. J'onn finally caught up to the two, and he and Flash started knocking the evil alien back and forth. The two then opened up the Parademon's chestplate and held the armour in place. The two were about to hit the evil alien with their free hands when it was struck in its new weak spot by a sharp silvery black bat shaped object that then exploded. The thrower, a man in a black and grey suit with a black bat symbol on the chest, walked over to Bart and J'onn.

"Flash. Martian Manhunter." The man remarked.

"Batman." The other two heroes replied. The three heroes then turned back to the wounded Parademon. Bruce and J'onn then grabbed the evil alien's arms, and Bart hit it with his heat vision. The minion roared in pain before throwing Batman and Martian Manhunter off of it and running towards the hole in the wall. The Parademon was about to take flight when it was struck by a knife and arrow from Sara and Thea respectively. Nate and Rory then slammed their enhanced fists into the Parademon's exposed chest, knocking him back towards Bart, Bruce, and J'onn. Bart's eyes flashed with lightning as he took off at the speed of light, leaving a giant series of sonic booms in his place. The team of heroes braced themselves for the impact, and Flash came back milliseconds later and smashed his fist into the minion of Darkseid, blowing the alien apart with the power of the blast from his Infinite Mass Punch. The sounds from his initial sonic booms were then heard, shattering any and all windows in a five block radius. Nate looked at J'onn, shocked at the power of the Future Flash.

"J'onn, it's official. If Clark was here, you would be demoted from first place on his list of beings he would never fight to number two." Citizen Steel remarked.

"Correct. But I think he'd be hesitant to fight his cousin's son." Martian Manhunter added.

"You sure about that? Because he wasn't hesitant to fight her husband." Bruce deadpanned.

"Lesson learned then. If you want to get with one of Superman's relatives, you better have one of three superpowers. Super durability, super speed, or super healing." Sara noted. The group of heroes then laughed together.

"To be fair though, Uncle Clark did win some of their races." Bart remarked.

"Have we never told you the charity story?" Thea asked.

"Not that I can recall." The Future Flash answered.

"Okay, it was pretty great." Thea began.

Clark and Barry were racing across the ocean because Clark had just found out Kara was pregnant. Superman was in the air, gaining on the Flash running across the water. J'onn and Kara were flying not too far behind the male Kryptonian, trying to stop him from killing the father of Kara's child.

"Stop running, Barry! We've raced before, and I've even won sometimes!" Clark yelled at the speedster.

"Those were for charity, Clark." Barry replied before running at quadruple what he had been before, opening a portal to the Speed Force. The Scarlet Speedster ran in and the portal closed behind him.

"That's amazing!" Bart laughed, along with everyone else. The Justice League then felt a giant earthquake as Boom Tubes opened in the sky. A giant army of Parademons began to pour out and rushed towards the assembled heroes. The group stood ready to fight back against the alien invasion when a final Boom Tube opened in front of them, and a giant grey alien covered in bone spikes stepped out.

"Doomsday." Martian Manhunter gasped. The Last Son of Mars flew at the monster, but was swatted away like an insect. Doomsday roared at the rest of the heroes before beginning to attack them as well. Citizen Steel transformed his skin into metal and went to punch the monster, but it grabbed the hero's fist before ripping his arm off. Doomsday began to bludgeon Nate with the removed arm when Sara came to his aid with a stun baton to the Kryptonian beast, but was grabbed and smashed into the ground repeatedly. Doomsday then returned to attacking Citizen Steel, skewering his heart with his own arm. Thea and Rory ran at the monster, but Thea was grabbed by the throat while Rory was stomped on. The Kryptonian beast crushed the archer's throat at the same time as it crushed Ragman's chest in. Batman attempted grappling to a higher building, but Doomsday grabbed him by the cape before pulling back with more than enough force to rip the vigilante's head off. J'onn was finally able to get up and attack the monster with his psychic powers, to no avail.

"You have power, Martian. But not enough." Doomsday roared before returning the psychic attack and slamming Martian Manhunter into the ground over and over again. The combined physical and mental attacks began to overwhelm J'onn, and he roared in pain.

"Run, Bart! RUN!" The Last Son of Mars yelled just before his species reached extinction. The son of Barry and Kara then ran in the opposite direction from the monster. Bart's mind was not fully on his task, so he didn't notice the time portal he had opened. The speedster ran through the portal and ended up on top of a building in Central City in the middle of the night. The Future Flash sat down on the roof, pulled off his mask, ran a hand through his blonde hair, and let his tears fall.

Barry was sitting on the couch in his and Iris' apartment when his phone buzzed. The Flash checked the screen and saw that the text was from Cisco. The text read 'Get down to STAR Labs. We detected a Time Portal.'

"Could it be Eobard again?" Barry asked himself before running out of the apartment.