My name is Bart Allen, and I am the fastest man alive. When my parents disappeared after a battle with the forces of Darkseid on my tenth birthday, I took up their quest for peace. When I ran back in time to the year 2017, I helped bring together the Justice League. The War of Light is upon us, and Nekron is coming. In addition, my mother is pregnant, and my father is destined to disappear in three weeks. I must ensure I am born in two weeks, and I must prepare the League for Nekron. I am the Future Flash.

The Justice League stood in the hanger, divided into seven teams. Bound for the Red Lantern homeworld of Ysmault were Mick, Jason, Dinah, Rene, Arthur, Diana, and Cisco. Bound for the Orange Lantern homeworld of Okaara were Bart, Alec, Diggle, and M'gann. Bound for the Yellow Lantern homeworld of Qward were Bruce, Nanaue, Julian, Oliver, and Damian. Bound for the Green Lantern homeworld of Oa were Hal, Clark, James, Nate, Amaya, Barbara, and Jay. Bound for the Blue Lantern homeworld of Odym were Saint Walker, Barry, Kara, Dick, Sara, and Nyssa. Bound for the Indigo Tribe homeworld of Nok were Ray, Thea, Rory, Wally, Jesse, and Cynthia. Finally, bound for the Violet Lantern homeworld of Zamaron were Carol, Maggie, Alex, Curtis, Caitlin, Firestorm, and J'onn. Savitar then opened the door and walked in, hiding someone behind his back.

"Where were you?" Barry asked, brow raised.

"When would also be a good question, Barry." The voice of Leonard Snart came from behind Savitar. The Mirrored Flash stepped aside, revealing Captain Cold behind him.

"SNART!" Mick yelled, running over to his best friend. Leonard and Mick shared a quick bro hug, revealing that Snart was missing his right hand and half his right forearm.

"What happened to your arm, Leonard?" Sara asked.

"I had to cut it off so that his fingers could keep holding the Oculus." Savitar explained.

"Fortunately for me, lightning is a great thing to cauterize a wound with." Leonard added.

"Wait, Savitar. A week ago you asked Cisco, Ray, and me to make that arm for you and not tell anyone about it, even you, until the need presented itself. Is this the need?" Winn piped up.

"Yes, go get it." The God of Speed ordered. Winn then ran to a shipping container and grabbed a metal arm out of it, one that shared design cues with Snart's Cold Gun. He then came back over to Leonard, who held up his right arm for it.

"Fair warning, this is going to hurt." Agent Schott warned.

"Pain's an old friend." Captain Cold deadpanned. The technician then place the end of the mechanical arm on the bank robber's stump, and the arm began to bond with him. Leonard gave a short roar of pain, and raised his new appendage.

"How does it feel?" Cisco piped up. Snart replied by blasting a shot of ice from the top of his wrist before creating a blade of ice.

"Feels good." Leonard chuckled, retracting his ice blade.

"I figured the Okaara team needed some help, so I ran back in time to save Snart and tell Winn, Ray, and Cisco to make a prosthetic arm." Savitar explained.

"I also had a feeling the Okaara team would need additional manpower, Savitar Allen of Earth. So I sent for the aid of a friend of mine." Alec explained. The door opened again, and John Constantine stepped in.

"Morning, folks. Heard there was a problem that needed my help." John smirked, pulling a cigarette and a lighter from his pocket. He put the cigarette in his mouth and was about to light it when a water jet from a blaster in the ceiling hit it out of his mouth.

"This is a smoke free hanger, Mr. Constantine." Gideon chastised.

"Duly noted, love." Constantine deadpanned. Savitar then stepped over to the Qward team, whilst Leonard and John joined the Okaara team.

"Alright, people. Today, we don't fight alien invaders, metahumans, heroes and villains from across time and space, or forces of nature. Today, we are fighting death itself. Nekron is knocking at our door, and we are going to take the fight to him. Today, we are slamming that door in Nekron's face. Because in loving day and raging night. With hope, greed, will, compassion, and fright. When all seven colours of emotions unite, we shall show death the power of the purest light. And today is the day we show Nekron that pure light. The White Light of Life. But we can't do it standing alone. Nekron wants to send the Lantern Corps to war? So be it. Even if they fall divided, we will stand united. We will come together, rise up, and stop death. We don't just fight for our fallen friends and family. Martin, Malcolm, and Rip. We fight not only to avenge them, but to avenge all those who have died because of Nekron's schemes. Justice League, come together!" Bart spoke triumphantly.

"Nice speech, Junior. Now let's cancel the apocalypse." Mick smiled. Cisco, Bart, Savitar, Hal, Saint Walker, Cynthia, and Carol then opened portals to their teams' respective planets, and each group went through.

Mick, Jason, Dinah, Rene, Arthur, Diana, and Cisco emerged on a fiery world that oozed of pain and hate.

"We need to move quickly. We have to get a newly forged Red Lantern ring, a power battery, and a shard from the Central Power Battery." Cisco instructed.

"They'll still be licking their wounds, so we should have at least some time." Arthur added.

"This should be easy." Rene said with confidence. A giant red bull made of rage and lava then emerged from a pool and snarled at the heroes.

"You just had to jinx us." Dinah sighed.

Carol, Maggie, Alex, Curtis, Caitlin, Firestorm, and J'onn emerged on Zamaron, where a group of guards waited to greet them.

"Star Sapphire, welcome back. I see you brought two new recruits. One even has a ring already." One of them said, motioning to Maggie and Alex.

"Wait, me?" Alex asked.

"Yes, you." The guard said, opening a crystal box that held a Violet Lantern Ring. The ring flew to Alex's finger.

"Alex Danvers of Earth, you have great love in your heart." A beautiful echoing voice called out.

"For hearts long lost and full of fright, For those alone in Blackest Night. Accept our ring and join our fight, Love conquers all with violet light!" Alex yelled, materializing a Violet Lantern suit around her.

"You look good." Maggie piped up, kissing Alex.

"Thanks." Alex replied after breaking the kiss.

"Yrra, prepare the Corps. The War of Light is upon us. Miri, forge a new ring and power battery. I will get a shard from the Central Battery. We'll need them to face Nekron." Carol ordered two of the guards.

"This has been really easy." Firestorm noted.

"I wonder how the other teams are faring." J'onn replied.

"I'm sure they're doing fine." Caitlin offered.

Mick, Jason, Dinah, Rene, Arthur, Diana, and Cisco were not doing fine. Mick, Rene, and Jason were firing at the bull, but their flames and bullets merely bounced off. Dinah, Arthur, and Diana tried striking it with the respective staff, trident, and Godkiller, but the attacks were also doing minimal damage as the beast continued to heal itself.

"Mick, could you do your Ring thing, please?" Jason yelled. Mick then slipped his ring on and pointed it at the bull.

"It's not doing anything, Red Riding Hood!" Mick yelled back.

"Say the oath, you dumbass! And what the hell did you just call me?" Red Hood snapped back.

"You heard what I called you! And you think I remembered the oath?" Heatwave returned fire.

"You need that oath! You're our only Red Lantern!" The Rogue Robin shouted.

"Well, then maybe we should get another one!" The Fiery Rogue shouted.

"Fuck you!" Jason yelled. A Red Lantern ring then flew up from the lava and onto his finger.

"Jason Todd of Earth, you have great rage in your heart." An angry roar called out.

"With blood and rage of crimson red, we fill men's souls with darkest dread! We twist your minds to pain and hate! We'll burn you all - That is your fate!" The new Red Lantern yelled, transforming his suit into a Red Lantern variant. Jason then pointed the ring at the bull and created a spiked wall from the Red Light of Rage. The bull smashed into it, dissolving back into liquid rage and lava before streaming into the pit from which it came.

"Nice work, Jace." Rene piped up.

"Thanks. We need to keep moving." Jason replied.

Tim sat in the Cortex, feet on the desk and tossing bird shaped batarangs over it onto a dart board on the other side of the room. Jaime then walked in, helmet retracted.

"What's up, boss? You seem bored." Jaime asked.

"Yeah, I'm pretty bored. Gar and Rae are on a date, Vic is visiting his dad, and Kori is off doing her own thing." Tim replied, followed by alarms blaring. Tim took his feet off the desk before checking the computer.

"What are we dealing with?" Blue Beetle asked.

"Basil Karlo, also known as Clayface. Bruce has been fighting him since Dick was Robin. He has the molecular structure of clay, super strength, super durability, shapeshifting, and a whole mess of other powers." Red Robin replied.

"Sounds fun. I guess we're going in alone?" The Scarab's Wielder asked.

"Yes, we are. Think the Scarab can manage?" The World's Second Greatest Detective asked.

"It's you I'm worried about, boss." Jaime joked before deploying his helmet.

Carol and Miri returned to the rest of the group, Carol holding the shard, and Miri holding a ring and power battery.

"Awesome. We have everything. We should let the other teams know we're done." Alex said.

"Calling all Leaguers. The Zamaron team is done." Maggie said into her earpiece.

"This is the Ysmault team. We encountered some difficulties, but we're almost at the battery." Dinah said over the comms.

"Okaara team reporting. We've got a pile of rings and batteries around the Central Battery in sight. We have encountered any resist... And I spoke too soon. Gotta go." Bart added.

"Qward team here. We're dealing with a flood of Yellow Lanterns right now. If we need back up, we'll call." Savitar piped up.

"Oa team checking in. We've encountered a roadblock known as needless bureaucracy. We'll... Keep you posted." Nate sighed.

"Odym team. Kara's got a ring now too. Saint Walker's making another as we speak." Barry said, pridefully.

"Nok, Nok. We're there. We're trying to get through a jungle right now. We'll check in later." Ray said, taking amusement in his joke.

"Earth team here. Jaime and I are going to go kick Clayface's ass. Dick, we'll keep a timer. If we beat yours and Barb's time, you owe both of us twenty bucks." Tim joked.