Ruru's P.O.V

There I was, getting ready to greet Yuzuki with one of my smiles, when it happened. I saw Yuzuki, however, he wasn't alone. There's a girl with him. And just not a any girl, a girl I haven't seen before. She had long brown hair, probably longer than mine. She also has brown eyes, and she looks like she could be from Westown. Which was odd? I go to Westown almost everyday, I don't remember seeing her. She definitely doesn't look like she could be one of Wayne's fans though, so who is she? And more importantly, why is she with Yuzuki?

Damn, I can feel my heart racing, the pendent inside my bag is trying to tell me something. I was planning on confessing, but I don't feel like it anymore. I feel hurt, he looks happy over there with that person. But again he's always happy. Even though whenever he feels down, he always manages a smile. That's one of the reasons why I-

Coming back to reality, I can hear part of their conversation. And is the girl laughing? I can't hear everything, but I wish I could. I want to know what's happening and I want to know now. Noticing my feet, I found myself approaching the two.

"Ah, good afternoon, Ruru." Yuzuki greeted me with a smile. Of course I returned it.

"Oh, hey I'm-" The girl started, but paused. She must've saw my glare towards her. Hm, she seems smart enough if she noticed a death glare. That proves it, she's not one of Wayne's brainless idiotic fangirls. I do have to give her credit for that, I have to admit. But still, who is she? "….I'm Shan." She managed to get out.

"Ruru." I said simply, dropping my glare. This girl got my hint just fine.

"….Anyway," The girl now known as Shan continued, "I should get going. I have a few more deliveries to make…." She stood up, going through her bag. Damn, she's taller then me too? "….One to someone named…..Hinata?" She asked curiously.

"Ah, yes," Yuzuki stood up as well, explaining where she could find Hinata.

"….D-delivery?" Either Wayne and Ethan hired more help or…..—I'm a idiot.

Seeing the girl off, Yuzuki brought me back to reality. "Ruru? Are you—"

"She was just doing part-time jobs, wasn't she?" I realized, a tear running down my cheek. "There's nothing going on between you two was there?"

Yuzuki smiled softly, catching a tear from my eye. I think he caught on, because he said he wants to speak to me alone.

The End